On Politics
On Politics
Aug 13, 2020
Before becoming running mates, Biden and Harris used same slogan
2 min

Even before Biden and Harris joined as 2020 running mates, they both framed the election as a "battle for the soul of the nation."

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Jordan River
Troubleshooting Common Grow Issues, KNF Talk, and More, with Doc Calyx
KNF enthusiast and GrowCast Grower's Slack Chat moderator Doc Calyx returns to the podcast for another episode about common problems in cannabis grows, KNF, and more! Doc and Jordan go through a variety of topics they observe in the grower's chat, including watering techniques, IPM practices, and more. Doc talks about the tendency for new growers to overwater, which leads to a larger conversation about soil composition and general watering tips. He goes on to talk about keeping calm during a grow and keeping your expectation and emotions in check, even when your plants aren't going exactly how you'd like them to- emphasizing that cannabis is still an organic and unique living organism. Doc and Jordan also talk about reframing the way they look at certain micronutrients like sulfur, calcium, and others. ---Proud partners of Delta Leaf Labs affordable, fast sex testing! STOP wasting time sexing! Visit www.deltaleaflabs.com and use promo code growcast for free shipping- AND Delta Leaf is giving away 10 free tests to two code users every month!!!--- ---Today's partner is Gorilla Grow Tents, the strongest tent on the market! Visit gorillagrowtent.com use promo code growcast for free shipping, and members of mygrowpass.com get 10% off their tents and free shipping! gorillgrowtent.com--- ---Monitor your grow room and receive alerts about climate from ANYWHERE in the world! Visit www.kokonaut.com and use code growcast for 10% off- get to know your garden better with Kokonaut!---
43 min
Brave New Weed
Brave New Weed
OffScrip Media
Episode 95 - Is Cannabis the New Chardonnay?
In The New Chardonnay author Heather Cabot followed the cannabis boom and bust. It isn't pretty. Heather Cabot is a fine journalist and a mom of a certain age. She is a part of a growing cohort of women that cannabis marketers call “Chardonnay moms.” These newly minted cannabists would use cannabis but abhor going to a dispensary to get it, prefer a discreet edible to smoking a joint, and are unlikely to tell their friends about their use. I enjoyed her recent book, The New Chardonnay, because it takes you on a rollicking ride through the boom boom days of the cannabis bubble, which has since burst. Cabot traveled the country with some colorful characters, including Snoop Dogg, who, she reveals on this podcast, refused to grant her an interview. She chronicles the illusions and delusions of people who were hoping to make a killing in cannabis and instead got killed thanks to some shady deals with some shady characters. Heather, who has never used the plant, learned a lot about it; still, at the end of this podcast she confesses that she would still be upset if her teenage sons tried it. That’s an interesting reaction, especially from someone who researched and understands the extraordinary safety profile of the plant. Old stigmas die hard -- even with this well educated chardonnay mom. On another note...Our friends at Sun + Earth are launching a crowdfunding campaign to create a certification program and educate consumers about regenerative organic cannabis growing. I support this organization and urge you to as well. While industrialized growing under energy sucking lights seems sadly inevitable, this Sun+Earth is promoting other regenerative sustainable models that can support small farmers and renew soil rather than deplete it. The crowdfunding campaign runs through December 20, 2020. To donate and learn about Sun+Earth, go here. Oh, and just a small $25 contribution will win you a bar of Dr. Bronner’s cannabis-scented soap, made with hemp derived terpenes and fair trade oils, which sounds like it will perk up any bathroom!
1 hr 14 min
The Dental Hacks Podcast
The Dental Hacks Podcast
Alan Mead and Jason Lipscomb
That Space in the Middle with Dr. Russell Schafer (DHS61)
The brilliant Dr. Russell Schafer joins Alan to talk about how he uses a 3D printer and digital design to find the middle ground between barely adequate treatment and the full Cadillac. Many times your patients have situations that don't allow for ideal treatment. Russell has found several situations where digital design and printing have made for a cost effective solution that works for his office AND his patients. Whether it's digital dentures, printed provisional crowns or short term orthodontics, in office 3D printing is filling a need that often goes unfilled in our offices. Some links from the show: NextDent 5100 Printer Blue Sky Bio Crown and Bridge module Microcopy Dental has always been the place to get the most amazing single patient use burs anywhere. But have you ever wondered why a person would want to go the "single patient use" route? Microcopy is offering 2 hours of free CE about this very issue at dentalhacks.com/freece! You'll see why dental burs should be single patient use for lots of reasons and you can pick up 2 CE's on infection control as well! Go check it out at dentalhacks.com/freece! It’s a weird fact of being a dentist...some patients don’t think they can come to the dentist without having some kind of insurance or benefits. Instead of lamenting this fact, why not lean into it? Why not give them benefits? That’s where our friends at Boomcloud come in. BoomCloud has been helping people create and run membership plans in their offices since 2013. You need to check out Boomcloud for yourself. Jordan and our friends have put together the “Ultimate starter guide” for membership plans at dentalhacks.com/boomcloud.
25 min
Autoflower Podcast
Autoflower Podcast
Chad Dulaney
Ep47: Basement Autoflowers - Growing, Stigma, Culture & Change
Huge shoutout to shout out to InkyCow and Ricardo for joining the Patreon community! On this episode we are chatting with Basement Autoflowers. He is a grower out of Canada with lots of positive energy who has a lot of beneficial attributes to bring to the table. We chat about how he got started, his set-up and how he grows. As we talked, cannabis stigma began to surface and we rolled with it, chatting about how it has been supressed and how the growers have been outcast into a dark, low-life category. We both have a calling and a mission to help usher in a new world for cannabis and to flip it back on it's feet where it belongs... among the earth and all her life forms, offering what we can benefit from. Be sure to follow Basement Autoflowers! YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/hulkwanted Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/basementautoflowers/ MERCH IS NOW AVAILABLE! Visit the link below to shop! Save 10% now thru the end of the month using coupon code '10OFF' at checkout! http://autoflowerpodcast.com/shop-merch/ Support the Podcast on Patreon Get exclusive content, FREE TESTER SEEDS & other perks! https://www.patreon.com/autoflowerpodcast Questions/Comments? Email me at AutoflowerPodcast@gmail.com Connect on Social Media Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/autoflowerpodcast/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/autoflowerpod Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Autoflower-Podcast My personal grow account: https://www.instagram.com/tourettegrower/ My YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/TouretteGrower Website: www.AutoflowerPodcast.com Credits: Intro/outro music: “Win City” from https://www.zapsplat.com. Soundbytes: Donald Trump, Jeff Sessions, Reefer Madness, Bill Hicks. Remixed by Chad Dulaney.
49 min
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