On Politics
On Politics
Sep 22, 2020
Ruth Bader Ginsburg to lie in state at Capitol on Friday
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Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg to lie in state at U.S. Capitol Friday. Ginsburg, 87, died late Friday on the eve of Rosh Hashanah following a long battle with pancreatic cancer. 

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Caustic Soda
Caustic Soda
Caustic Soda
Fanfare Finale
Almost six years to the day of our first ever podcast, Mike, Toren, Joe and Kevin are bringing their journey through the absolute worst the world of science, history, and pop culture has to offer to an end. Veteran Guestpert Dr. Rob joins us for the first two hours of our massive farewell episode. We cover almost every followup we've got left, including Olfactory Reference Syndrome, necrotic cervix, decomposing corpse poo, toxic trucker pee, auto urine therapy, urine-repellent paint, helminthic therapy, synthetic marijuana, coffin-birth, outrageous anti-abortion laws, vagina potato, poop transplant, ancient viking shit, a creepy face transplant, compulsive-bad-joke-telling (more than our usual), a lethal silicone penis injection, self-amputation, elevator abandonment, an "autism cure" that rates on the Evilometer, the worst auto-racing disaster in history, a whale meat experience, ape answers, mite shit, a failed test of faith, a lethal posthumous snake-bite, crocodile guards, sword booby-traps, a bloody pillow fight, the 1904 Olympic Marathon, bouncy house dangers, a fire-boozenadeo, terrible gamer-parents, The Granny Ripper, and the very last Lesser of Two Evils! Music "Toot Toot Tootsie (Goo' Bye)" by Al Jolson "When You Go" by Jonathan Coulton "The Caustic Soda Show" by Toren Atkinson and Rowan Lipkovitz (of The Creaking Planks) Charity O' The Week: Rain City Badger Thanks Researchers/editors Cory, Dave E, Jonathan Snow, Kelly N, Mele, Raymond, Sheri, Teagan and Todd Dr Rob Dr Jenna Firefighter Allan Newell Mr Dr Greg Bole Gavin Pitts Steven Schwartz Yvonne Morrin Lisa Gemino Chris Pramas Chris Stewart from Kerberos Productions Fraser Cain from Astronomycast Nurse Katie Jordan Pratt, Warren Banks, Chris Woods from Horsetrack Hooligans Our amazing listeners, the Soda Jerks. Images Videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wd6qDBUP72g https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-7q3IeTawE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JEk85gKJN6k https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LKTNMbEoOKE
3 hr 30 min
The Field
The Field
The New York Times
On Election Day, 'Two Different Worlds'
This episode contains strong language. At the heart of one race for the Wisconsin State Assembly are some of the same political cracks splitting the U.S. as a whole. Some believe keeping businesses running is a priority during the coronavirus pandemic; others think keeping people safe and healthy should be given precedence. Rob Swearingen is a four-time Republican assemblyman and owner of a local restaurant. He challenged the lockdown imposed by Wisconsin’s governor and, since reopening his business, has taken a loose interpretation of the mask mandate. His Democratic challenger, Kirk Bangstad, has strictly followed statewide edicts, opening his restaurant outdoors in the summer and, when there were coronavirus infections among his staff, closing down until all could be tested. What do the different approaches reveal about Wisconsin politics and about broader American divisions? Reid J. Epstein, a politics reporter for The New York Times, and Andy Mills and Luke Vander Ploeg, audio producers for The Times, went to the state to find out. Guests: Reid J. Epstein, who covers campaigns and elections for The New York Times; Andy Mills, a senior audio producer for The Times; Luke Vander Ploeg, an audio producer for The Times.  Bonus Election Day special: The Daily is going LIVE today. Listen to Michael Barbaro and Carolyn Ryan, a deputy managing editor at The Times, as they call our correspondents for the latest on a history-making day.  Tune in from 4 - 8 p.m. Eastern, only on nytimes.com/thedaily and on the The New York Times iPhone app. Click here for more information.  Background reading:  * Here’s Reid’s story about how the virus has divided the conservative town of Minocqua, Wis. * President Trump and Joe Biden barnstormed through battleground states, concluding an extraordinary campaign conducted amid a health crisis and deep economic anxiety.
37 min
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