Phoebe's Fall
Phoebe's Fall
Jul 29, 2020
Naked City: A true crime podcast from the makers of Phoebe's Fall
51 sec

John Silvester, Australia’s longest-serving crime reporter, will take you on a journey through his 40 years of dealing with the nation’s most dangerous criminals. Subscribe now and get all the episodes straight to your device the minute they are published.

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The Shinybees Knitting and Yarn Podcast
The Shinybees Knitting and Yarn Podcast
Jo Milmine
Ep 165 - Getting Rid of Moths in Knitwear
Moth infestation in knitwear is every knitter's worst nightmare. In this episode I cover some of the background of which kinds of moths chew knitwear in the UK and how to get rid of them. There are only two, but they do a lot of damage and they're on the rise. You can tell you have an infestation usually when there has already been damage and you find little holes in the knitwear. It's common for these to be in areas like the sleeve and neck. Moth larvae are the culprit (adult moths don't have the mouth parts needed for knitwear decimation). The problem you have with larvae is they're very hard to see. They are around 1mm long which makes it easy for them to slip into the knitwear unnoticed. Unless you have go go gadget eyes, you're unlikely to see them. There are ways to deal with the pesky blighters. The best way is to prevent them in the first place, which may not always be possible, especially if you live in an older property. Cleanliness is key, so vacuum inside the wardrobe regularly and ensure clothes are spread out on the hangers and kept off the floor. Adding natural repellants such as lavender, eucalyptus, laurel, rosemary, patchouli and cedar will dissuade the adults from wanting to lay eggs in the wardrobe. Keep valuable and out of season clothes in storage bags to prevent access. If you have an infestation, step one is to remove all the items from the wardrobe and clean them all. Either launder at a high temperature (60 degrees), dry clean or steam clean them, or clean them and put them in a freezer for 48 hours, which will kill eggs and larvae. Clean the inside of the wardrobe by hoovering right into all the crannies and removing dust. Wipe's the surfaces with a damp cloth with detergent, anti-bacterial spray or diluted white vinegar to remove dirt and eggs. Full show notes are at Music Credits: Adam and the Walter Boys, 'I Need A Drink' used with kind permission and available from iTunes.
30 min
Episodes - Canadian True Crime
Episodes - Canadian True Crime
78 The Mad Trapper of Rat River
NORTHWEST TERRITORIES AND YUKON The story of Canada's longest manhunt. In 1931 a strange man arrived at Fort McPherson in the Northwest Territories—and disrupted the status quo. Take my first ever listener survey! Survey closes December 16, 2020. Take survey now Podcast recommendation: True North True Crime  DOCUMENTARY: Arctic Manhunt: The Hunt for the Mad Trapper (focuses on the exhummation and DNA testing) Credits: Research: Cailen Swain Research and writing: Kristi Lee Audio editing and production: We Talk of Dreams    Disclaimer voiced by the host of True Theme Song: We Talk of Dreams Music credits: Other tracks, including the theme song, by We Talk of Dreams. Soularflair - Dark Somber Sad cue 5, and Dark Epic Deep Mancing - Cue 1b Chris Zabriskie - Cylinder five Swelling - Day II, Night I, Night II Trans Atlantic - Space Sailing Soul Sergey Cherimisinov - Fog Kai Engel - Aspirato Kevin Macleod / Incompetech - Dark Times Vitus Von Deg - Black Gloves Information sources: Arctic Manhunt - Hunt for the Mad Trapper Discovery doc: Mad Trapper of Rat River: A True Story of Canada’s Biggest Manhunt, by Dick North: Radio Canada International article: Mysteries of Canada, blog post: Long-form Maclean’s article, 1955: ATI article by Andrew Lenoir, historical researcher: Whitehorse Daily Star: 5-part series in the Ashcroft-Cache Creek Journal, by Barbara Roden RCMP Veterans Association article on Edgar Millen (includes firsthand account from Millen’s great nephew): (this includes multiple Globe and Mail articles),%20Murdoch,%20ca.%201795-1863%22?SESSIONSEARCH
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