Comedian Shaun Latham – A Recipe for Comedy
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G.I. Joe vs. science fiction,  how Shaun became a comedian, a party RV,  learning on the road with a major comedian like Gabriel Iglesias, pushing past low moments, cooking meets comedy and the genesis of “20 Dollar Chef” and joining Bar Stool Sports, Shaun’s SiriusXM show, remarkable marshmallows, and an improv game features pitch one-upmanship.

Shaun Latham, comedian, host of the very successful weekly Barstool Sports show “20 Dollar Chef” as he shows fans how to cook on a budget, and host of ‘The Shaun Latham show” on SiriusXM, shares his story, humor, and wisdom.

  • Danielle gives some nerd tips on how to avoid spoilers as we prep for the release of the newest Avengers film
  • Some TV series recommendations, and how binge-watching shows can feel like a chore, and finishing a series or season can be a relief 
  • How choosing between G.I. Joe or Space changed Marc and Shaun’s trajectories in fandoms
  • An appeal to the comedy gods to get Tina Fey on the show
  • A round of “What If?” where we build off each other’s pitches for a movie or TV show
  • How Shaun’s trajectory in standup comedy started from a comedy contest at a work event
  • The way Shaun padded his early gigs thanks to a party RV his boss provided to employees
  • Moving to LA to break into the standup scene, and the struggles of having to start over in a new town
  • How selling merch and opening for Gabriel Iglesias helped Shaun build up his confidence and hone his skills when things were looking bleak
  • The invaluable lessons learned on the road with a major league comedian, from the business end to honing his act to be able to work in any room
  • The goal of your day-to-day voice catching up with your stage voice, to where it just feels like you’re talking on stage instead of putting on an act
  • Some of the stand up comedians Shaun has encountered over the years who have stood out to him
  • How important a unique perspective is to comedy, and how some comedians are wise beyond their years
  • Shaun’s “crying on the couch” moment,  how he overcame the feelings of despair and the harsh reality of poverty and found the will and hope to push forward and succeed
  • The importance of perseverance and “staying in line”
  • How a move to Indianapolis and meeting the right people led to Shaun being a member of Morty’s Pugs and getting more gigs
  • How 20 Dollar Chef, Shaun’s comedy cooking show, got started and his goals to help his viewers build character and not take the easy way out
  • The important relationship lessons learned by cooking together
  • Shaun’s SiriusXM show, The Shaun Latham Show, and how he built the team of personalities that make the show unique
  • What “making it” would mean for Shaun 
  • Shaun walks us through the process behind two jokes he’s proud of
  • Plus, Elsie brings in some squishy snacks for End of Show Food!

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