Cartoonist and Comedian Jason Chatfield – Ginger Meggs, Bathing with Scotch, and Star Trek Password
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A Starfleet captain, Australia, strange cereals, loving rice, Star Trek Password,  cartoons vs. comedy, Ginger Meggs, a podcast about creating comedy, stories about old white men, the “scotch and a bath” ritual, and why being an immigrant in America can be funny.

Jason Chatfield, Australian cartoonist & comedian and Australia’s most widely syndicated cartoonist, producing the iconic comic strip Ginger Meggswhich appears daily in over 120 newspapers in 34 countries, and co-host of the podcast “Is There Something In This?”, joins Marc Raco and Danielle Beckmann in the MouthMedia Network studio powered by Sennheiser.

In this episode:

  • Danielle fills us in on her upcoming role in the Shelter theater company production of , where she plays an actor playing a starfleet captainQuantum Attraction
  • A nerd tip about some interesting cereals, some of which you’ll want to avoid
  • Danielle’s lifelong love for rice  goes under the spotlight
  • We play a round of “Star Trek Password,” where someone gives clues while we try to guess their Star Trek-themed word
  • Jason’s road to comedy and being a cartoonist, and how going to school for drama shaped his approach
  • The difference between “word first” and “picture first” cartoonists, and how Jason developed his creative process for the page and the stage
  • How having a writer partner has shaped his workflow and led to his own podcast
  • “Ginger Meggs” the syndicated comic Jason is now the cartoonist for, which has been running daily since the 1920s
  • The approach Jason takes when handling a comic strip with a long history versus The New Yorker or his own standup where he can more freely express himself
  • Why single panel comics are harder than one might expect
  • Jason’s “scotch and bath” Sunday ritual 
  • How Jason’s standup routine has evolved over the years, and how he uses his status as an immigrant in 2019 America as a way to connect with his audiences
  • The process of working through tough material and knowing when you leave a joke behind
  • How Jason keeps an open mind for the future of his career

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