Comedian Sam Jones – Raising the Collective Vibe
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Star Trek history and swag, furries, jealousy, a professional fluffer, growing up into comedy, Kris Jenner, a Food Network victory, and why it is OK to curse. Plus, an improv game allows reporting something from nothing on TV news.

Sam Jones (@therealsamjones), copywriter, comedy writer, and the director and star of At Home with Sam Jones; a Funny or Die comedy channel,  guests with hosts Marc Raco (@racomarc), Danielle Beckmann (@deebeck) and producer Elsie (@elsietheproducer) in the MouthMedia Network studio powered by Sennheiser.

In this episode:
  • Danielle’s nerd tip of the week turns into a deep dive into the history of Star Trek
  • Marc’s accidental run-in with a furry convention in his hotel’s convention center, and the ways social media has exposed us to all sorts of ways we let our freak flags fly and get through the day from ASMR to true crime podcasts to shark attack videos
  • Reality TV and the pleasure we take from watching people we don’t know go through the ups and downs of unscripted life
  • Learning to push through feeling jealousy when seeing other succeed (or pleasure when people fail) and being your own cheerleader instead of dwelling on negativity
  • A round of  “Meh News,” where someone announces uneventful events as if they were thrilling breaking news
  • Why Sam calls herself a “professional fluffer” (just not in the porn sense), as a writer/comedian who works in a variety of mediums
  • How Sam’s childhood (and present) relationships have influenced her comedically and serve as a basis for the show she’s scripting based on her life called  Indecent Exposure
  • Why Sam prefers writing over standup, and why she feels the stories she tells may translate better to that medium
  • How taking improv classes have changed Sam’s comfort with performing her own material
  • Sam’s process doing copyediting for brands, looking to find comedy through truth and authenticity to connect with viewers rather than alienating people by showing unrealistic ideals
  • Why some celebrities who have not accomplished anything other than being aspirations of wealth are seen as influencers, when there are everyday people with more to offer
  • Appreciating the marketing genius of Kris Jenner
  • Sam’s victory on a Food Network competition where two comedians (who can’t cook) compete to make Hanukkah donuts from scratch
  • How comedy and media should be uplifting and inspiring, and why Sam wants to be someone whose works makes people feel good
  • The importance of accepting the good and the bad aspects of life, and why it’s okay to curse (just maybe not around kids)
  • Star Trek: Discovery, and the backlash regarding the decision to only stream through CBS All Access
  • Marc impresses Danielle with some of his Trek swag
  • Plus, Elsie brings in another surprise for our end of show food!

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