Actor Ato Essandoh of CBS’s “The Code” – Shredding for Scorsese
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Budgeting, Lindsay Lohan, reality TV, managing expectations in an entertainment career, a liquid surprise, socks, and an epic story on failing and succeeding for Martin Scorsese. Plus, an improv comedy game ranges from Nicole Kidman to Marvin the Martian, and much more!

Actor Ato Essandoh (The Code, Elementary, Blue Bloods, Vinyl, Altered Carbon, Copper – @atoessandoh) guests with hosts Marc Raco (@racomarc), Danielle Beckmann (@deebeck) and producer Elsie (@elsietheproducer) in the MouthMedia Network studio powered by Sennheiser.

In this episode:
  • Ato fills us in on his role in an upcoming CBS primetime drama, “The Code”
  • Danielle shares some nerdy finance tips for budgeting
  • Marc recounts his painful viewing experience with Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club, and the bizarre allure of reality TV
  • Marc and Danielle share their own appearances on some reality TV shows
  • Learning the hard way not to rest your hopes on every role you land
  • A round of “The Big Announcement”, a new game where it’s all in the delivery 
  • Ato’s path from working smaller roles in shows like Elementary to roles on Vinyl, Altered Carbon, all leading to being cast on The Code
  • How Ato’s work got him noticed by an executive producer to get on the shortlist 
  • The reality of being a working actor in primetime TV
  • Remembering what the job really is when you’re auditioning
  • The importance of confidence and composure
  • What Ato’s goals are for his career
  • The road from Ato’s audition to landing the role and playing guitar on Vinyl in front of Martin Scorsese
  • Plus, Elsie surprises everyone with a liquid edition of End of Show Food

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