Comedian Gina Brillon – Up and Come and Gonna Do Some More
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Liquid cats, ferrets, loving horror, healing with comedy, dissecting New York accents, good vs. bad crowds in comedy and dealing with hecklers, and feeling like you’ve made it. Plus an improv game that puts the players in charge of the world, and a possibly perfect marshmallow treat.

Fast-rising actress, stand-up comedian and writer Gina Brillon (@gbrillon) , guests with hosts Marc Raco (@racomarc), Danielle Beckmann (@deebeck) and producer Elsie (@elsietheproducer) in the MouthMedia Network studio powered by Sennheiser. Find Gina at .

In this episode:
  • Danielle shares some helpful tips for anyone who works a 9-5 desk job
  • Marc brings in some weird science to the group, are cats solid or liquid? Is .999999 equal to 1? Is math broken?
  • Some long-misheard song lyrics, and our tendency as a society to shorten things excessively
  • A round of our new improv game, “If I Were In Charge of the World,” where we take turns solving everyday problems in big ways
  • A (very brief) look into Elsie’s world, which involves an ill-advised pet playdate that also involves Gina and her pet ferrets
  • The joys and pains of being a ferret, and dog, and cat owner
  • Some of Gina’s favorite horror movies and TV shows, like V, Beast Master, and the Puppet Master series
  • The need for true passion and commitment to make it as a comedian
  • What draw Gina to comedy as a young child, and how comedy can help us heal in rough times
  • A quick rundown of the difference between accents in the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens
  • What inspires Gina’s material and the importance of using comedy to bring people from different backgrounds together
  • The types of mentalities that make for a good crowd vs. a bad crowd
  • How Gina deal with hecklers, and why it’s unfair for some comedy clubs to expect the comics to deal with people interrupting their act instead of policing their own rooms
  • Two moments in Gina’s career that felt like she had made it as a professional comedian
  • Plus, Elsie brings in some marshmallow-y surprises for this episode’s end of show food which approach perfection!

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