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A marriage license saga, communal living, an improv game reveals chimney sweeps and troglodytes, understanding lifestyle commentary and noting changing trends changing society, humor in a larger story, and breaking news interrupts the show. Plus---the origins of the poop emoji? Lifestyle commentator Robert di Mauro brings his energy, humor, and experience as he joins Marc Raco, Danielle Beckmann, and producer Elsie in the MouthMedia Network studio.

  • Elsie educates us on the origins of the "poop emoji"
  • Marc asks Danielle about the sponges, which are apparently used to clean NYC, especially the subway, and Danielle has an 85 year-old intern
  • Quick Nerd Tip : Adult education school “Brooklyn Brainery” in Park Slope
  • The Saga of Getting Marc’s Marriage License
  • Community/communal living - is it merely an extension of “Dorm Living?”
  • Improv Game - What If? A Chimney Sweep with Marc and Danielle, followed by The Place Where the Troglodytes Live with Robert and Danielle
  • Getting to know Robert - Understanding what a lifestyle commentator is
  • Robert talks about changing trends that have shaped the fabric of society
  • What are the different pieces of Robert’s journey that have allowed him to look at things through the lenses he does? Robert’s theater background, and his experience with MouthMedia
  • How does Robert see humor as part of a larger story that an industry has to tell? Robert bringing the humor in his own life
  • Why does Robert call so many people friends that we would recognize by name, as celebrities? He gives a lot of credit to his father, always a man of the community
  • Elsie introduces the snack, which is a very fancy chocolate bar. Many chickens are given
  • Danielle shares a feature in Chapman magazine which praises Danielle and FPT itself!
  • A very Italian sign-off

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