Robert Galinsky - Off the Bench
Play • 1 hr 41 min

Robert Galinsky (internationally acclaimed coach, author, and actor (The Bench) who gets to the heart of: confidence building, focusing messages, developing stage presence, driving listener activation, and creating unscripted leaders) joins Marc Raco, producer Elsie, and guest host actress Kathy Searle to talk food poisoning, reacting to MAGA hats, living out loud, Lenny Bruce, reality TV school, a one-man play about the homeless, truth in comedy, and activism. Plus TWO improv games, and an End of Show Food that salutes a return to NYC!

  • Why Kathy was carrying 9 IV bags with her
  • Kathy’s story of getting food poisoning
  • Greg discussing acting on stage and honoring the stories of the people he’s on stage for
  • Kathy tells a story about a seeing a man wearing a MAGA hat on the subway and the reaction people gave to him
  • The Funny People Talking crew plays two improv games; What’s The Buzz and Jingles
  • Robert talks about living out loud and why a recent date told him his activism was too performative for her
  • Robert explains why the system is the reason why he feels he’s more Lenny Bruce than John Lennon or Timothy Leary 
  • Discussing the reality tv school and the opportunity to fight another system that hurts people
  • Empathy was a big reason behind Robert creating The Bench, which he wrote back in the mid 80’s
  • Taking inspiration from people Robert met in real life and using them for The Bench, his fear in inviting those people to the show
  • Staying focused on the truth is important to help navigate through a tough, true moment and why it takes discipline
  • The Bench is a personal show that won’t be something performed by others due to the nature of the content
  • Becoming close with his stage manager has helped him with the lonely part of doing one-man shows
  • The end of show food: a salute to Robert's return to NYC

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