Comedian Vanessa Hollingshead - Standing Back Up
Play • 1 hr 21 min

The laughing subway woman, choreographing at the Pride Parade, making up songs, a near miss with Drew Carey,  overcoming many life challenges and becoming a comedian, working on a cruise ship, a 5-year old takes LCD, and how comedy can transform lives. Actress, writer, and stand-up comedian Vanessa Hollingshead joins Marc Raco, Danielle Beckmann, and producer Elsie for a wide-ranging conversation, and improv game, and an unusual end-of-show food!

  • Danielle discusses her post-pride parade quinceanera porcupine piñata
  • Danielle’s nerd tips include some pop culture items used in the kitchen
  • Marc talks about a recent subway experience with his wife where a woman laugh uncontrollably for 45 minutes. Vanessa and Danielle follow-up with weird interactions with other people on the streets
  • Danielle talks about her very long Pride Day where she had to teach people a choreographed routine. Vanessa talks about getting caught in the middle of the Pride Parade a few years ago
  • The group plays the improv game “Mish Mosh Mix” where they come up with songs on the spot using suggestions
  • Vanessa recalls an office job she had that led her to thinking she had a talent for comedy and by seeing things sarcastically has led to her style
  • After turning down doing the Drew Carey show, Vanessa talks about struggling to get past thinking she missed her chance to do comedy full-time to getting the chance to perform on a Royal Caribbean cruise line ship that turned things around, as well as developing the right material for a cruise ship
  • Vanessa later discusses how she struggled with abuse substances, getting clean and why it was important to help her friend who faced substance abuse issues
  • Vanessa talks about dropping LCD at age 5 after her father supplied the drug to many high profiled celebrities and her feeling pride about being a survivor despite her early childhood issues at home
  • Vanessa discusses the joy of being able to turn a room around after a couple bad jokes and being thanked by people for putting on a great show
  • End of show food features a Lays Beef Noodle Soup chip

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