Health Hacker
Health Hacker
Jan 17, 2021
If you breathe this way it could be harming your health, but you can fix it
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After one weird day in a yoga studio that left him drenched in sweat, science journalist and author James Nestor then spent years researching and experimenting breathing which culminated in his book, 'Breath'. Adam and James hack into his book on how we should breath and what will change in our body as a result and just scary, how bad it is for us if we don't change!

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Dyl & Friends
Dyl & Friends
#81 Emma Murray - High Performance Mindfulness
Emma Murray is an accredited Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher, NLP Master Practitioner and Clinical Hypnotherapist with a Bachelor degree in Communications, majoring in Psych. Her High Performance Mindfulness methodology, strategies, exercises and daily practices help people to deliver best performance execution through advanced present moment awareness, improved emotional regulation and enhanced focus sustainability. Emma is well known for the impact she’s had in the AFL over the past decade, particularly with the Richmond Football Club. Emma’s influence on the incredible success down at Punt Rd cannot be understated with a host of players commending her mindfulness methodologies and practices to the point where she is commonly referred to in the media as “The Secret Weapon”. Emma has a remarkable story to tell, both personally and professionally, that has led her to where she is today and it was a blessing to have her come in and share her journey. *Emma Murray * Instagram - High Performance Mindfulness - Website - *Patreon - Dyl & Best Friends * PS. If you love the show, and want more... join Dyl & Best Friends on Patreon!! ILY xxx *Contact* Email - Instagram - @dylbuckley @dylandfriends Youtube - Facebook - Twitter - Dylan & Friends is produced by Dylan Buckley & Sam Bonser. Damon Jackman of Creative Edge Films is responsible for video production. *Doctor V Energy * This episode was proudly partnered with Doctor V Energy. DoctorV is a 100 percent natural energy drink formulated by specialist doctors and naturopaths, there's no artificial ingredients in sight! It’s 100% natural and made with wild herbs and berries that have been used for centuries to heal and protect the liver and kidneys. Doctor V Energy is now available at EzyMarts, Independent IGAs or online at, *Use promo code #dylandfriends for 15% off online store! *
1 hr 5 min
Talking with TK
Talking with TK
Tristan K'Nell
Kyle Flanagan - Canterbury Bulldogs 2021 season and NRL fantasy preview
Canterbury Bulldogs 2021 season and NRL fantasy preview featuring Kyle Flanagan Episode Guide: 2:12 - Welcome Kyle Flanagan 2:20 - The attraction to the Bulldogs 3:02 - Preseason under Dan Ferris 4:12 - Why he added some weight to his frame 5:11 - How he found the new rules in 2020 6:14 - How he became an elite goal kicker 7:33 - What a dominate half locks like in Flano’s head 8:33 - The mood around the team with all recruitment 9:28 - Nick Cotric 10:09 - His combo with Jake Averillo 10:55 - What Jack Hetherington is like at training 11:26 - Luke Thompson 11:55 - Corey Allan 12:18 - Fastest over 40 metres  12:56 - Strongest pound for pound Fantasy Analysis: 13:30 - Kyle Flanagan 16:09 - Raymond Faitala-Mariner 18:08 - Adam Elliott 20:50 - Luke Thompson 24:00 - Jake Averillo 27:05 - Will Hopoate and Josh Jackson 28:10 - Thoughts on Matt Burton 29:43 - Jack Hetherington 30:25 - Matt Doorey You can be part of our weekly Q&A podcast. Call our fantasy hotline on 02 8405 7947 or leave us a question on social media. Join the Talking League tipping comp - Join the Talking League Fantasy comp - Be sure to follow our daily player and team analysis on social media: Instagram - Facebook - Twitter - Online - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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