Michael Cassel: Michael Cassel Group
51 min

Internationally recognised producer Michael Cassel is the Founder and Director of Michael Cassel Group, who produce some of the world’s best musical and theatrical productions. Before Covid19 put everything on hold, they were producing three of the biggest shows on stage: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in Melbourne, a global tour of The Lion King musical, and the blockbuster musical Hamilton, which was in pre-production in Sydney. Because of the sheer scale of the productions, they’d need to run at theatre capacity in order for their shows to be financially viable, so they’re waiting for the time when gatherings of 1,500 people are allowed. But Michael is optimistic and confident that staying focused on the future, being flexible and ready to adapt, and uniting as an industry will ensure that stage shows are back up and running in the near future. I ask Michael about the importance of human connection and community in a digital age, and how he’s working to ensure buoyant business on returning to stage shows, so that when a new normal returns they’ll have great new shows ready to put on.

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The Elephant In The Room Property Podcast | Inside Australian Real Estate
The Elephant In The Room Property Podcast | Inside Australian Real Estate
Veronica Morgan & Chris Bates
Ep 152 - Saul Eslake | What does top economist say on the current economic environment
We are honoured to have renowned economist Saul Eslake on the podcast to discuss all things Australian economy. Saul Eslake has worked in Australian financial markets for over 25 years, including several chief economist roles in Mcintosh, ANZ and Bank of America Merrill Lynch, and has worked in an advisory capacity with the federal government. Saul comes in with a wealth of knowledge and insight into the current state of affairs including how the various states have performed from one another, how net migration will change in the future and Australia’s need to shift from exporting raw materials to service based industries. Here’s what we covered: * What are some similarities between the economy post Spanish flu and Covid 19? * What's most likely going to happen nationally and globally? * Are we on the cusp of structural change? * How are capital city housing prices going? * How Sydney survived through Covid comparison to Melbourne? * Why have fixed rates historically been higher than variable rates? * How is the RBA trying to reduce the AUD? * What is the state of the current banking system * How will the US election impact the Australian economy? * What ways can Australia grow its economy beyond the exporting of raw materials? RELEVANT EPISODES: Episode 143 | Martin North Episode 132 | Mark McCrindle Episode 117 | Shane Oliver GUEST LINKS: www.bettercallsaul.com.au Saul Eslake - LinkedIn, Saul Eslake - Facebook Saul Eslake - Twitter Saul Eslake - Youtube HOST LINKS: Looking for a Sydney Buyers Agent? www.gooddeeds.com.au Work with Veronica: https://linktr.ee/veronicamorgan Looking for a Mortgage Broker? www.wealthful.com.au Work with Chris: hello@wealthful.com.au Send in your questions to: questions@theelephantintheroom.com.au EPISODE TRANSCRIPT: Please note that this has been transcribed by half-human-half-robot, so brace yourself for typos and the odd bit of weirdness…This episode was recorded in November, 2020. https://www.theelephantintheroom.com.au/podcasts/152
1 hr 20 min
The MindBodyBrain Project
The MindBodyBrain Project
Paul Taylor
How to prevent and treat Alzheimer's disease with Professor Ralph Martins
Today’s guest is a real trailblazer in research into Alzheimer’s disease - the one disease that scares the crap out of me.  Professor Ralph Martins is the Foundation Chair in Aging and Alzheimer’s Disease at Edith Cowan University in Western Australia and is also a professor of Neurobiology at Macquarie University.  Today we discuss the current knowledge in both the prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s, and talk about some exciting new developments that Ralph and his teams are working on that could be a real game changer in this area. There’s some pretty cool stuff, so stay tuned throughout. The major things we discuss are: Start - how Ralph started working on Alzheimer's disease 5:35 - defining Dementia and Alzheimer's disease 9:04 - early onset, familial Alzheimer's disease 12:07  - late onset Alzheimer's disease 15:10  - why drug treatments to date have not worked 16:09 - insights from the AIBL study  19:08 -  a leap forward in early diagnosis 26:18 -  an early detection blood panel 31:02 -  The APOE gene and Alzheimer's disease risk 35:45 -  cholesterol and Alzheimer's disease risk 39:10 -  lifestyle factors for prevention 51:15 -  blood sugar, Diabetes and Alzheimer's disease 55:15 -  lifestyle changes for treatment 59:50 -  benefits of a multi-modal prevention protocol 1:08:08 -  when we can expect a commercial blood test for early diagnosis
1 hr 13 min
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