Krishna Das: The Power Of Love
57 min

How open is your heart? Discover what’s possible when you let love guide your journey in this special episode with ‘yoga’s rock star’, the musician and spiritual teacher, Krishna Das. In this intimate conversation, Krishna Das and Sarah Grynberg, explore the endless possibilities when we open ourselves up to love, the importance of devotion and how to overcome life’s challenges. If you’re seeking transformation, love and freedom, this episode will open your eyes and heart to a new, deep and meaningful way of living.


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Seize the Yay
Seize the Yay
Sarah Holloway
Lucy Kate Jackson & Nikki Westcott // HAPPY HOUR WITH THE WILD ONES
If you’re a regular podcast listener, today’s guests probably need no introduction but if you haven’t already tuned in to *Happy Hour with Lucy and Nikki* I’m sure you will be after this. Their banter is absolutely UNMATCHED, I don’t think I’ve laughed as hard in an episode for a long time and it’s absolutely clear why they’ve grown a cult following across their joint account *We the Wild Ones** *started in 2015 to follow their festival adventures, *Jagger and Stone* their booming fashion label kicked off with a bang in 2018 with an iconic shoot at Joshua Tree after Coachella and of course, their podcast that just took home silver at the Australian Podcast Awards. Lucy and Nikki have such a refreshingly different take on work/life balance to many of our past guests taking the party wherever they go but also building highly successful careers and businesses at the same time. Their straight-up approach to self-doubt and worst-case scenarios is also the example we all need of people who don’t let fear control their decisions and a reminder that two can achieve far more than one can alone. I had SUCH a great laugh - Lucy and Nikki are an absolute breath of fresh air with the perfect blend of self-deprecating and no f***s given and after a very serious year. Amazing reminder that life is far too short not to enjoy! I hope you love them as much as the rest of us already do! + Follow *We the Wild Ones** *here + Announcements on Insta at *@spoonful_of_sarah* + Subscribe to not miss out on the next instalment of YAY! >>> *JOIN THE SEIZE THE YAY FB GROUP* <<<
1 hr 11 min
Lady Startup Stories
Lady Startup Stories
Mamamia Podcasts
The Woman Who Manages Australia’s Biggest Celebrities
Michael Bublé, Delta Goodrem, Guy Sebastian, Jules Sebastian, Fleetwood Mac, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Human Nature. What do all these famous musicians have in common? They are just a small fraction of the talent managed by today’s guest, Jennifer Fontaine. Jennifer started her career at Sony Music Entertainment Australia, before moving on to Warner Music Group. But then, like so many women, she decided she wanted to do exactly what she wanted to do. She wanted to work for herself. So in 2007, she founded Private Idaho Management, and began to look after the careers of Human Nature, and Guy & Jules Sebastian. But with offices in both Sydney and LA, Jen was travelling a lot. All while taking care of her son and trying to grow her business.  So how did she do it?  And how on earth does she find time to lift weights 6 times a week?  THE END BITS: You can find Private Idaho Management here - Follow Jennifer on Instagram here - Are you busting to start your own business but you don’t know where to start? Get info about The Lady Startup Activation Plan here... Want insider tips and tricks for your business direct from Mia Freedman each week? Get the free Lady Startup newsletter here... Want to help lift other women higher and maybe get a boost for your biz? Follow us on Instagram… Looking for a community of kickass Lady Startups (and other women who want to start businesses)? We have a free one for you right here... Need more lols, info and inspo in your ears? Find more Mamamia podcasts here... Feedback? We’re listening! Call the pod phone on 02 8999 9386 or email us at CREDITS: Host: Mia Freedman, co-founder of Mamamia and founder of Lady Startup Guest: Jennifer Fontaine Producer: Leah Porges See for privacy information.
35 min
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