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MAP IT Marketing
Aug 5, 2021
How to create engaging captions for social media
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Today we’re talking social media captions! 

Years ago, when I was a primary teacher, I discovered that the thing I was worst at teaching was art. And I was great at teaching PE. It was weird, because I love art, and creativity and PE? Well that’s not something I’m naturally good at!

I was having to learn as I taught, often only about three of four steps in front of my learners. I realised that’s what made me so good at teaching beginners! I was learning as I went as well, and I wasn’t missing crucial steps beginners need.

I realised that’s why I often find teaching how to write content so tricky. I’ve been a writer of content for twenty years, and it’s like breathing for me. When a client used to ask “how do I write a caption?” I’d be like “I dunno, you just write! Go for it!” which really wasn’t very helpful at all!

I was challenged to spend time working out exactly what to do after working with a few clients who just couldn’t put a sentence together.

It’s HARD when you haven’t written much before. 

I now teach a structure that helps nearly every small business owners write more engaging captions, and I’d like to share it with you too. It’s one I use almost by default, although, like most people who become fluent at a thing, I’m likely to cut corners in it.

I’m so excited to share this with you today! And, if you go to and click on episode 16, you’ll be able to get a download of a worksheet you can use to plan out your first few on paper.


Today we’re covering

  • Why captions are important
  • My favourite topics for social media content
  • How to find a bank of interesting industry-specific words
  • The five step structure to writing a great post
  • How and where to use this caption
  • How to become more confident in using this format
  • Plus you get my free caption writing worksheet 


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