Making It
Making It
Oct 7, 2020
Breaking baladi bread with Zooba CEO Chris Khalifa (Ep 15)
44 min

Zooba sells taamiya, not falafel. When Chris Khalifa launched Zooba in 2012, the goal was to elevate Egyptian street food from cheap, delicious, everyday sustenance to a global brand. By 2020, Zooba’s value proposition had already shaped a loyal following at home and abroad with branches in Egypt, a franchise agreement in the GCC, and a New York outpost — opened just before covid-19 hit. 

Chris talks to us about what it takes to change people’s perception on how much street food should cost through the power of a strong brand. We discuss introducing new food to foreign markets, teaching Westerners how to say Taamiya, and how Zooba survives economic crises.


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CIB, Egypt’s number-one private-sector bank and the partner of choice for CEOs and leaders of businesses at all stages of their growth stories

The United States Agency for International Development, which has a 40 year history of inspiring Egyptian success in partnership with the Government and people of Egypt.

You can check out Zooba here:

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McKinsey Recruiting
McKinsey Recruiting
McKinsey & Company Recruiting
Jop on Environmental Sustainability
How does McKinsey foster an environmentally conscious workplace? What does a typical day as the director of environmental sustainability at McKinsey look like? Why is the topic of sustainability such a high priority for our clients? Tune in and find out answers to these questions and more in our latest McKinsey Recruiting Podcast episode with Jop Weterings, McKinsey‘s director of environmental sustainability. Jop, who is based in our Amsterdam office, works with clients in the energy and materials sector. He believes that if each individual thinks about how to include sustainability in their everyday decisions at work, it would be a game changer. # Before joining McKinsey, Jop earned an MBA from Columbia Business School in New York # Jop is passionate about staying active and loves to hike, cycle and play water polo # Prior to pursuing a degree in business administration, he contemplated studying forestry # Jop shares how he has been able to integrate his personal passion for the environment into a sustainable career # Jop provides valuable insights into the work of McKinsey’s Green Teams and how small changes in our behavior can have an incredible impact # He explains how COVID-19 has impacted the way we live, work and think # In our ‘Ask Me Anything’ section, Jop answers questions from individuals who are considering a career at McKinsey For more information on our podcast, visit: Read more >    Listen to the podcast (duration: 36:16) >
36 min
التجربة Tajriba - Podcast
التجربة Tajriba - Podcast
Youssef El Allali
#49 - Neta Elkayam & Amit Hai Cohen - صوت التراث المغربي اليهودي
فهاد الحلقة من البودكاست هضرت مع نيطع القايم و أميت هاي كوهن. بجوج بهم يهود مغاربة عايشين فالقدس. نيطع و أميت ربما كيعرفوهم أغلبية المغاربة بأنهم عاودو إحياء أعاني مغربية قديمة فحال أغنية زهرة الفاسية "هاك أ ماما". فهاد الحلقة من البودكاست هضرنا على بزاف ديال الحاجات من بينهم العلاقة الثقافية و التاريخية ديال اليهود الي فإسرائيل مع المغرب، و على الدور ديال الفنانين الجدادين فإحياء هاد العودة للأصل. الخدمة الي كيديرو نطع و أميت خدمة واعرة بزاف، و مؤخرا خرجوا 3 أغاني كيعاودو فيهم توزيع "هاك أ ماما" و "موحال ننساه" و "مويمة"، هضرنا عليهم تاهوما فالبودكاست. المهم كان حوار واعر و حسيت كأنني تعرفت على مغاربة من نوع أخر، كبروا بعادين علينا بألاف الكيلومترات و لكن ثقافتهم و إحساسهم ربما مغربي اكثر من بزاف ديال الناس كبرو فالمغرب.Neta Elkayam & Amit Hai Cohen - Moroccan Jewish Musicians
1 hr 15 min
PwC's accounting podcast
PwC's accounting podcast
Payments to customers? Receipts from vendors? Help!
The accounting is relatively straightforward when cash is received from a customer or paid to a vendor. But what if you receive cash from the vendor and pay the customer? When everything is reversed, the accounting is not as easy and it may be more common than you expect. In this episode, Angela Fergason and Jay Seliber, partners in PwC’s National Office, join host Heather Horn to help you think through the accounting implications. Topics include: * *0:44 - Overview.* Before we begin navigating the accounting guidance, we set the stage by talking about why this topic generates so many questions and share common examples of transactions when this might occur.  * *4:50 - Consideration paid to a customer (ASC 606). *Angela explains the vendor’s accounting when payments are made to a customer, touching on related judgments and the timing of recognition. * *15:59 - Consideration received from a vendor (ASC 705-20).* Switching gears, Jay walks us through the guidance for situations when a customer receives money from a vendor, touching on the different models and sharing illustrative examples.  * *29:52 - Final reminders. *We close by sharing helpful reminders, highlighting the importance of assessing all of the relationships involved and not merely jumping to a default model.   Angela Fergason is a partner in PwC's National Office with over 20 years of experience who specializes in accounting for revenue and employee compensation arrangements. She is  a frequent speaker on accounting and financial reporting topics and is a contributor to many PwC National Office publications, including our accounting guides on revenue and stock-based compensation. Jay Seliber is a partner in PwC’s National Accounting Services group with nearly 30 years of experience. He helps clients with their most complex accounting matters, particularly in the areas of revenue recognition, stock compensation, employee benefits, restructurings, impairments, and financing transactions. Heather Horn is PwC’s National office thought leader, responsible for developing our communications strategy and conveying firm positions on accounting and financial reporting matters. She is the engaging host of PwC’s accounting and reporting weekly podcast and quarterly webcast series, as well as periodic webcasts for the power and utilities industry. With over 25 years of experience, Heather’s accounting and auditing expertise includes financial instruments and rate-regulated accounting.
34 min
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