The Proposed Capital Gains Tax Changes And They Could Affect You
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In this week's show Simon talks about the Chancellor's proposed changes to Capital Gains tax, which are being considered in order to help alleviate the strain put upon the economy by the COVID financial measures, and the impact that these changes could have upon you as a property investor.




  • Capital Gains Tax (CGT) is the tax you pay when you have a property that isn't your own residence, and which is sold for a profit. This increase in value is taxable.
  • You will have a Personal Capital Gains Tax Allowance each year, which is currently £12,300. If you have a partner, then you both get this allowance.
  • Sometimes it can be far more financially viable to hang on to a property rather that sell it and pay CGT from the small remainder.
  • The government are quite happy for you not to dispose of the asset during your life, as when you die, the Inheritance Tax your family will pay is far higher (40%). This is why it can actually be far more beneficial to never pay off your mortgage.




'Taxes do change, and it's important for you to keep up to date'

'If you never sell a property, you never have to pay Capital Gains Tax'

'Do you really want to pay off your mortgage?'

'It's so important to get your head around the way tax works, as it may influence the way you invest'




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Simon Zutshi, experienced investor, successful entrepreneur and best-selling author, is widely recognised as one of the top wealth creation strategists in the UK. Having started to invest in property in 1995 and went on to become financially independent by the age of 32.

Passionate about sharing his experience, Simon founded the property investor’s network (pin) in    pin has since grown to become the largest property networking organisation in the UK, with monthly meetings in 50 cities, designed specifically to provide a supportive, educational and inspirational environment for people like you to network with and learn from other successful investors.


Since 2003, Simon has taught thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners how to successfully invest in a tax-efficient way.  How to create additional streams of income, give them more time to do the things they want to do and build their long-term wealth.

Simon’s book “Property Magic” which is now in its sixth edition, became an instant hit when first released in 2008 and remains an Amazon No 1 best-selling property book.

Simon launched his latest business,, in 2014, which is an FCA Regulated peer to peer lending platform to facilitate loans between private individuals and property professionals.




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Any Other Business
Any Other Business
Rob Bence and Rob Dix from Property Hub
How we met: The formula for finding the perfect co-founder
Finding a co-founder for your business can be a challenge.    What traits do you look for?    Where do you find this person?    How do you make sure your goals are aligned?   The list goes on.    So today, Rob & Rob are sharing the story of how they first met, and how creating a simple podcast was the catalyst for starting several businesses and one of the biggest communities in the property industry - now known as Property Hub.   You’ll discover the (almost) cringe-worthy story of how they first met, how they navigated through the minefield of learning how to work together and they reveal the perfect recipe for finding the perfect co-founder.     In this episode, you’ll find out: All about Rob & Rob’s awkward first encounter. The businesses they launched, where they are now and the lessons they learned along the way. Why micro commitments are a good place to start. When to put yourself out there (and when not to). The very important question that Rob B forgot to ask... … and much, much more.  Tune in now! Make sure you’ve liked and subscribed to our YouTube channel - and don’t forget to hit the notification bell to be the first to find out when new episodes drop. You can also find out more about us here and here. And if you’d like to follow the journey of our businesses, you can do that here: Instagram:  Twitter:  Facebook:  Linkedin: See for privacy information.
27 min
The Property Podcast
The Property Podcast
Rob Bence and Rob Dix from The Property Hub
ASK269: I want to buy a home but I’m scared of a crash! PLUS: Do you contribute to your ISA?
We’re back again this week with another two fantastic questions from our podcast listeners.  First up we’ve got Arthur.  Arthur is looking for advice on purchasing his own residential property and getting a lodger to live with him. He’s thinking about leaving London and moving to Manchester where he can afford a two-bedroom terraced house.  However, he keeps waiting for prices to drop or for there to be a crash, but since this is going to be his residential property, should he not care as much? He wants to know if he should just go for it now, but is concerned that as soon as he does there will be a crash.  Hopefully Rob & Rob can help him with this one. Our second caller this week is Will who’s got a bit of a personal question for The Robs.  Obviously, Rob & Rob are massively into investing in property, but he wants to know if either of The Robs put money into their tax free ISAs?  Does Rob D just stick to property or does he do both? Tune in to find out.   Do you have a buy to let or property investment related question for Rob & Rob? You could feature on the next episode by giving us a call on 013 808 00035 and leaving a message with your name and question (normal UK call rates apply).  Or if you prefer, click here to leave a recording via your computer instead. The next question on Ask Rob & Rob could be yours.  Have you joined us over on the Property Hub Forum yet? Our online community is friendly, informative, and the members are waiting to welcome you with open arms. So get yourself over and introduce yourself. See for privacy information.
9 min
The Money Podcast
The Money Podcast
Rob Moore
How to invest £500,000 for the Very Best Return (Series)
Mark is joined by fellow co-founder of Progressive Property Rob Moore and together they discuss how you can get the highest returns when investing £500,000. Learn today how £500,000 could allow you to invest in 14 single let properties, why it would be a good idea to invest your money in a freehold block of flats and how you can make huge savings by purchasing your own office blocks.   WATCH ON YOUTUBE How To Perfectly Invest £500,000 |Property | Stock Market | Business SUBSCRIBE TO THE SERIES Watch Live On The Progressive Property YouTube Channel Every Monday At 7 PM Listen To Audio Recordings On The Money Podcast   KEY TAKEAWAYS Property: With a £500,000 property investment you can secure 14 single-let properties with a price range of £120,00-£130,00 and putting down a £35,000 deposit. These properties can be running simultaneously with a refurb scheduled every 6-9 months. It is a great strategy to achieve long term capital growth.   Many units on the high street have been battered and valuations have dropped in a big way and many are empty. There is a big opportunity to put a shop in the unit and convert the uppers into flats. There are a lot more of these opportunities to come; we are only at the beginning of this.   With £500,000 you can buy a freehold block of flats. The property may need a refurb and once this is done you are able to rent all the flats out. These are good investments because since you own the freehold it is similar to buying a house, you don’t have all the ground rent. There are really good opportunities since the values have dropped and there are currently plenty of tenants available.   It is a very good idea to buy your own office blocks for your company. By buying your own office building you are making a huge saving every year and the property itself will go up in value every single year.   Stocks and savings: Cars: If you are going to invest in classic cars it is best to start off with something cheap. Buy a low mileage, better quality car and in the end, you will make a better profit. Work your way up and build up your collection. Buy a ‘Classic Car’ insurance policy if your car is garaged which will allow you to keep your insurance costs down. Assets: Holding physical gold is a good investment. Buy the gold physically and put it in a secure vault and allow the asset to mature.   Whilst it is a possibility to buy a company with half a million pounds, you really do need the experience to know if what you are investing in is a viable business. People will usually try and sell you something that works for them and often it will not be worth your money.   BEST MOMENTS “You are going to end up with a great return on investment.” “You’ve really got to know what you’re doing.” “If you have a passion for something you are going to learn how to do it well, if not better than anyone else.” “Your timing of what you buy is really important and sometimes it is wise to wait for the market to come back down.” VALUABLE RESOURCES SUBSCRIBE TO THE A NEW INVESTMENT SERIES Episode:How To Perfectly Invest £500,000 |Property | Stock Market | Business Watch Live On The Progressive Property YouTube Channel Every Monday At 7 PM Listen To Audio Recordings On The Money Podcast ABOUT THE HOST Mark has bought, sold or has managed around 1,000 property units for himself, Rob, his family and his investors since 2003. He is a system and spreadsheet geek and has developed a complex, confidential deal analyser system of buying residential, commercial and multi-let properties. ABOUT THE GUEST Rob Moore is an author of 9 business books, 5 UK bestsellers, holds 3 world records for public speaking, entrepreneur, property investor, and property educator. Author of the global bestseller "Life Leverage" Host of UK's No.1 business podcast "The Disruptive Entrepreneur." "If you don't risk anything, you risk everything." CONTACT METHOD Rob’s official website: Facebook: LinkedIn:   See for privacy information.
52 min
The Disruptive Entrepreneur
The Disruptive Entrepreneur
Rob Moore
Allan Scott: The Queens Gambit Writer & Producer
Today on the show, Rob is delighted and privileged to be joined by Allan Scott, a screenwriter, producer and former whisky executive. Allan co-wrote and produced the infamous and hugely successful Netflix show The Queen’s Gambit, a coming of age drama centred around a chess prodigy who struggles with addiction in a quest to become the greatest chess player in the world.  Allan talks to Rob about the process of getting the series produced by Netflix after buying the rights of the book the series is based on in 1985 and the lessons he has learned along the way including prejudice and ageism. He also shares with the audience some amusing anecdotes.   KEY TAKEAWAYS   The Queen’s Gambit is not just a chess story, it’s a story about the orphaned girl central to the story, a girl who lost her mother, was put away in an uncaring orphanage and ignored. Ultimately, it’s a wonderful story about empowerment, chess is the instrument by which she does it. Use your power skills in the same way to reach your personal or professional goals.   The story had to be written and produced for an audience who may not understand chess. Garry Kasparov, ten-time world chess champion read the seven episodes and advised that the words check or checkmate would never be used in world-class chess. It had to be indicated to the audience somehow that the players were struggling or doing well. Don’t be afraid to engage the skills and expertise of other people to increase your knowledge.   The Queen’s Gambit was a long time in the making. The rights were bought from the writer Walter Tevis’s estate back in 1985. Eight or nine different studios were approached to make a movie based on the book, but there appeared to be prejudice over the idea of a movie about chess. Eventually, after meeting Scott Frank the director, he suggested expanding the story and approaching Netflix. A perfect example of perseverance. Be prepared for rejection and setbacks in your journey to success!   The Media very often discuss movies in terms of the Director. People undervalue the contribution that’s brought to a show by the set designer, the production designer, the cameraman. This is also true in all business - teamwork is key, it’s not just about the person at the top.   Social Media has changed marketing massively. The use of social media has helped spread the word and contributed to the ongoing success of the Queen’s Gambit - another indication the power of social media has in all areas of life.   Motivation shouldn’t always be about commercial gain. Do things so that people can share the same experience, this is very powerful.     BEST MOMENTS   ‘We all discover something we’re good at when we’re young even if it’s something trivial like juggling and we take a wonderful pleasure in this skill’   ‘There’s nothing I like more than watching an audience respond favourably’   ‘I couldn’t do the next movie unless I thought it was going to be the best one’   ‘Good ideas sometimes have continuing parallel, especially if the premise is good’   ‘Once you can see you have a value, you will learn how to handle that value’   ‘At the end of the day, if you’re not focused on the project and what the values of the project are, you’re not going to have any deals to deal with’   ‘I believe if you have written something good someone will find it’   ‘The best movies are about engaging the audience's emotion. You need four scenes where the audience gasps or admires or laughs; it just has to be an emotional high for a moment’   ‘You have to be slightly wisened and canny about money but at the end of the day, please concentrate only on the project’   ABOUT THE GUEST   Allan Scott is a Scottish screenwriter and producer and former Scotch whisky executive.  He was nominated for BAFTA’s Alexander Korda Award for Best British Film and a Genie Award for his 1997 film Regeneration.  He is the originator, co-producer and co-writer of the stage musical adaption of the 1990s film “The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert” opened in Sydney in October 2006 and has since become the most successful Australian stage musical of all time. More recently, he was executive producer and co-creator of the hugely successful The Queen’s Gambit, adapted from the Walter Tevis novel for Netflix. It was shown in 2020 and is an American coming of age period drama set during the Cold War era and centres around an orphaned chess prodigy who struggles with addiction in a quest to become the greatest chess player in the world.   VALUABLE RESOURCES     ABOUT THE HOST Rob Moore is an author of 9 business books, 5 UK bestsellers, holds 3 world records for public speaking, entrepreneur, property investor, and property educator. Author of the global bestseller "Life Leverage" Host of UK's No.1 business podcast "The Disruptive Entrepreneur." "If you don't risk anything, you risk everything." CONTACT METHOD Rob’s official website: Facebook: LinkedIn: See for privacy information.
54 min
B2B Sales Questions Show - Brutally Honest Answers - Sales Hackers Ideas
B2B Sales Questions Show - Brutally Honest Answers - Sales Hackers Ideas
HOW TO DIFFERENTIATE YOURSELF IN SALES AND NOT ACT LIKE YOU ARE IN SERVICE - Get Your Free E-Book on How Companies make Decisions. FAQ: * 1 YEAR ACCESS, PAY MONTHLY OR ANNUALLY NOT A SUBSCRIPTION * OFFICE HOURS EVERY  OTHER WEEK VIA ZOOM * UNLIMITED 1-ON-1’S  ARE FREE AS LONG AS THEY CAN BE SHARED IN THE COURSE * FULL ACCESS ON DAY ONE   Video Emails by Covideo =       — SAMPLE EMAIL TO EXPENSE THE COURSE MGR,   I have been listening to the brutal truth about sales podcast for X months and it speaks to the issues we face.   They current offer a course that includes video instruction, group Q&A and One-on-One coaching. I’m committed to my own personal development and would like your help in expensing the course.   It would pay for itself if I closed only one new deal of $X value.   Please let me know by Friday if I can move forward with this 1 year course.   Thanks, ME ———————————————————————————————————— Audible 30 day Free Trial:     Check out my YouTube channel and watch my Free Sales/Social Selling Course.     Listen to The Sales Questions PodCast:     Listen to The B2B Revenue Leadership Show:     Join The Gaggle and Spread The Brutal Truth:   LeadFuze Coupon = SALES20 - to get 20% more leads       Use Find that Lead to get anyone’s email:   Get a 30 day Free Trial of Pipedrive with “BRUTALTRUTH” coupon at       Twitter: @briangburns LinkedIn: Brian G. Burns Facebook: Brian Burns YouTube: Brian Burns SALES PODCAST
12 min
The Progressive Property Podcast
The Progressive Property Podcast
Kevin McDonnell
7 Ways Property Investors Can Make The Most Money in 2021
In this week's episode, Kevin will share with you the seven areas he will be focusing on to monetise in property throughout the coming year and areas where he feels all property investors should be looking at to make money throughout 2021 and beyond.  There are various areas you could be looking at to maximise your profits, from raising money to build up your portfolio, reaching out to other local businesses who may have struggled through the pandemic and conversions from one bed to two-bed flats and/or commercial to residential property. KEY TAKEAWAYS Converting 1 Bed Flat to 2 Bed Flats Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic there has been a drop in the value of one-bedroom flats in a lot of the major cities in the UK. The reason is simple, a lot of these properties are owned or rented by people who commute to work but live in another part of the country and these people may now be furloughed or working from home - the demand may no longer be there after Covid-19 if people lose jobs or continue to work from home. This could be the best time to purchase a larger one-bedroom flat and convert into a two-bedroom, you can add a really good margin in an uplift from a one-bedroom to a two.   Raising Money There will be a huge opportunity in 2021 for raising private finance to build your portfolios. People are trying to get their money out of the banking systems with low-interest rates and potentially negative interest.   Joint Ventures Some investors will want a joint venture and not just make an investment, ie a share of the pie. However, be careful. Make sure you’re only working with sophisticated investors and do your research on the FCA Regulations to make sure you stay compliant.     Buying Businesses Look to collaborate or go into joint ventures with other local businesses who may be struggling in the current climate. Also, you will be able to buy businesses for very little in 2021;  buying an existing business makes it easy to scale up in the coming years.   Creative Strategies Think about lease options, exchange with delayed completions, vendor finance. These opportunities will be massive in 2021 and onwards. Landlords will be looking to sell portfolios due to Section 24 as well as the impact of Covid. Rent to Rent Where you control other people’s property on a rent to rent agreement but on a profit share basis, not guaranteed rent. The landlord gets the property taken care of and an income and you will make money from the profit with none of the downsides. This is a great way to scale a business and create cash flow.   Commercial Conversions There are empty commercial buildings all over the country at the moment and this creates a huge opportunity to convert these buildings to residential. However, don’t just think about commercial to residential conversions. What about commercial to a different commercial use? With the government relaxing laws around permitted development rights, there has never been a better time to purchase a commercial property for conversion to residential.   BEST MOMENTS “Use the 3’ rule - everyone within 3’ of you, no matter where you are, needs to know that you are in property and that you are looking to do deals in property. “ “Not everybody is going to just want to lend money for an interest rate return, some will want a joint venture - a share of the pie” “The biggest opportunity has come in the middle of Covid when the government announced a relaxation in the Permitted Development Rights” “Keep an eye on all of the changes the Government are going to be making to try and incentivise developers”   SUBSCRIBE TO THE A NEW INVESTMENT SERIES Episode One: How to Perfectly Invest £10,000 | The Best Stocks | Property | Gold & Classic Cars Watch Live On The Progressive Property YouTube Channel Every Monday At 7 PM Listen To Audio Recordings On The Money Podcast   ABOUT THE HOST Kevin McDonnell is a Speaker, Author, Mentor & Professional Property Investor. He is an expert when it comes to creative property investment strategies. His book No Money Down: Property Invest talks about how to control and cash flow other people’s property to create financial freedom.    CONTACT METHOD   See for privacy information.
17 min
Cash Chats Money & Personal Finance podcast
Cash Chats Money & Personal Finance podcast
Andy Webb
#163 Paying less for your TV and streaming bills (Money Makeover)
This week it's another in my occasional money makeover series, this time looking at your TV bills - from premium satellite and cable services to the TV Licence fee to streaming subscriptions. Potentially you could be saving hundreds and hundreds of pounds every year. Read more: * Please do leave a review and rating if this saves you money. * ABOUT CASH CHATS Cash Chats is presented by money blogger and broadcaster Andy Webb. In 2020 the podcast was featured as one of the top finance podcasts by publications including Apple, Good Housekeeping, The Sun and the Independent. In 2019 it was awarded Best Money Podcast at the SHOMOS - the UK Money Bloggers community annual awards. On each Cash Chats episode you can hear Andy share ways to get the most from your money. He's often joined for friendly and accessible conversations by a friend from the UK Money Blogger community to cover topics as diverse as freebies and investments. Andy also runs the award-winning website Be Clever With Your Cash, presented Channel 5’s Shop Smart Save Money and founded the community To contact Andy email ANDY ON SOCIAL Andy's handle is @AndyCleverCash and you can follow him over at: GET ANDY'S WEEKLY NEWSLETTER You'll also get a free Quidco bonus for signing up MUSIC The music is Easter Island by Lonely Punk and provided on a creative commons licence
30 min
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