Property News: New Economy Plan & Will Landlords Pay Less Tax?
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A new Winter Economy Plan sees the Government try to support tenants and those affected by COVID-19 pay their rent in an attempt to combat the £437 million of lost landlord rental income. Predicted changes to Capital Gains Tax regulations could now be a net benefit to landlords as it is proposed that tax is only paid on capital gains above the rise in monetary inflation and more in this week’s Progressive Property weekly news update with your host, Kevin McDonnell.

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  • The Winter Economy Plan: The Government have announced at New Jobs Support Scheme and extension tp self-employment income support with over £1 million businesses also receiving extra flexibility in paying back Government loans. With the end of the furlough scheme predicted to cause many household difficulties in paying rents these measures will help to combat this as private landlords across England have faced rental losses of up to £437 million as a result of COVID-19. The Government should follow hardship loan schemes set up in Scotland and Wales to help support tenants to pay their rent as a result of the COIVD-19 pandemic and landlords are now seeking out Government-backed tenant income to ensure rent is paid through schemes such as supported living and housing benefits.

  • Landlord Today: Capital gains tax changes could result in landlords paying less, not more tax. Historically capital gains tax is not applied on all profits, only those that are above standard measures of inflation. If the Government is to reform capital gains tax regulations then they need to reintroduce a form of inflammatory relief, meaning a potential benefit for most landlords that purchased property in the 1990s and 2000s.

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  • What do you do when a property purchase is down-valued? There has been an upsurge in property prices due to furlough, people moving out of the cities, an influx of foreign money coming into the UK, stamp duty holidays etc, however, lenders who value the property are concerned about a downturn in the market in 2021 and are assessing the property from a safe loan to value metric, not simply how much is the property worth. Also, remember that if you’re purchasing a property and it is downvalued that is a net=benefit to you as the investor.

“The Government should follow hardship loan schemes set up in Scotland and Wales to help support tenants to pay their rent as a result of the COIVD-19 pandemic.”
“A lot of landlords are looking for Government-backed income through new schemes such as supported living and housing benefit tenants to ensure rent is paid”
“You’ve always got to have income coming in no matter what is happening in the current economic climate.”
“There are interesting times ahead with how the Government is going to try to recoup all of that furlough money.”


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Kevin McDonnell is a Speaker, Author, Mentor & Professional Property Investor. He is an expert when it comes to creative property investment strategies. His book No Money Down: Property Invest talks about how to control and cash flow other people’s property to create financial freedom.   











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This week it's another in my occasional money makeover series, this time looking at your TV bills - from premium satellite and cable services to the TV Licence fee to streaming subscriptions. Potentially you could be saving hundreds and hundreds of pounds every year. Read more: * Please do leave a review and rating if this saves you money. * ABOUT CASH CHATS Cash Chats is presented by money blogger and broadcaster Andy Webb. In 2020 the podcast was featured as one of the top finance podcasts by publications including Apple, Good Housekeeping, The Sun and the Independent. In 2019 it was awarded Best Money Podcast at the SHOMOS - the UK Money Bloggers community annual awards. On each Cash Chats episode you can hear Andy share ways to get the most from your money. He's often joined for friendly and accessible conversations by a friend from the UK Money Blogger community to cover topics as diverse as freebies and investments. Andy also runs the award-winning website Be Clever With Your Cash, presented Channel 5’s Shop Smart Save Money and founded the community To contact Andy email ANDY ON SOCIAL Andy's handle is @AndyCleverCash and you can follow him over at: GET ANDY'S WEEKLY NEWSLETTER You'll also get a free Quidco bonus for signing up MUSIC The music is Easter Island by Lonely Punk and provided on a creative commons licence
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The topics, stocks and shares mentioned/discussed include: Menphys Charity / Just Giving page / TwinPetes Challenge Guest on the Twin Petes Investing podcast Kingfisher / KGF / Screwfix/ B&Q Franchise Brands / FRAN RBS now NWG Book recommendation, "Free Capital: How 12 Private Investors Made Millions in the Stock Market" ISA Millionaires Compounding Investments Sylvania Platinum / SLP Passive ETFs Mining stocks Healthcare IHCU Healthcare ETF Aviva / AV. Morrison Supermarket / MRW Gamma Communications / GAMA Commodity Super cycle Blackrock Worldwide Mining Trust / BRWM Rhodium / Catalytic converters Robert Walters / RWA SAP Software company SThree / STEM Emerging markets JPMorgan Emerging Markets Investment Trust / JMG Over confidence Stress Position sizing Compounding dividends Legal & General / LGEN Twilo / $TWLO Buy when others are fearful Psychology Polar Capital Holdings / POLR Oakley Capital Investments / OCI British American Tobacco / BATS Wireless / Telecoms Page Group / PAGE Empresaria / EMR Cloud Computing Software as a Service / SaaS Trading & More WE HOPE YOU ENJOYED THIS PODCAST. IF YOU DID PLEASE SHARE IT ACROSS SOCIAL MEDIA & WITH FRIENDS/ASSOCIATES YOU KNOW THAT HAVE AN INTEREST IN INVESTING OR TRADING STOCK/ SHARES. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE FOR FREE TO THIS PODCAST
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Property Magic Podcast
Property Magic Podcast
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The 7 Excuses That Could Stop You Investing
In this week's show Simon discusses the seven most common reasons or excuses he hears, for people not wanting to begin their property investment journey, and why with just a little insight and re-framing, you can overcome any of them! KEY TAKEAWAYS Many see a lack of capital upfront as a stumbling block, but there are many creative strategies out there that require no money to get going. Deal sourcing on behalf of others is a superb way of making money for yourself, building relationships with investors, and helping to build a more robust knowledge base for yourself. Everyone has 24 hours in a day. If others can find the time to create wealth and others can't? It all comes down to making the decision to take action, and making this action a priority. Work with motivated sellers - finding them is key. Only buy properties in areas with strong rental demand. Only buy properties that can provide you with cash-flow today! And remember that you're buying for the long term, and always have a cash-buffer. BEST MOMENTS 'These might seem like very valid reasons, but they're really just excuses' 'There are creative strategies where you don't need to put in a lot of money' 'It boils down to a lack of knowledge, and a lack of mind-set and belief' 'Learning how to find really good deals is one of the best things you can do'   VALUABLE RESOURCES Property Magic: How to Buy Property Using Other People's Time, Money and Experience by Simon Zutshi To find your local pin meeting visit: and use voucher code PODCAST to attend you first meeting as Simon's guest (instead of paying the normal £20). iphone: Android Register at Mindset For Property at -  ABOUT THE HOST Simon Zutshi, experienced investor, successful entrepreneur and best-selling author, is widely recognised as one of the top wealth creation strategists in the UK. Having started to invest in property in 1995 and went on to become financially independent by the age of 32. Passionate about sharing his experience, Simon founded the property investor’s network (pin) in 2003    pin has since grown to become the largest property networking organisation in the UK, with monthly meetings in 50 cities, designed specifically to provide a supportive, educational and inspirational environment for people like you to network with and learn from other successful investors. Since 2003, Simon has taught thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners how to successfully invest in a tax-efficient way.  How to create additional streams of income, give them more time to do the things they want to do and build their long-term wealth. Simon’s book “Property Magic” which is now in its sixth edition, became an instant hit when first released in 2008 and remains an Amazon No 1 best-selling property book. Simon launched his latest business,, in 2014, which is an FCA Regulated peer to peer lending platform to facilitate loans between private individuals and property professionals. CONTACT METHOD Contact and follow Simon here: Facebook:  LinkedIn: YouTube: Twitter: Instagram: See for privacy information.
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Karl Morris - The Brainbooster
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Doug Lemov – The Coach’s Guide to Teaching #160
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43 min
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