A Rational Fear
A Rational Fear
Dec 4, 2020
Foxtel The Foreign Broadcaster — Cathy Wilcox, Tosh Greenslade, Lewis Hobba, and Dan Ilic
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This week's show we cover Foxtel going offshore, Australia and China's meme warfare, Rudy Giuliani's crack legal team in Michigan and we interview two blokes who invaded the cricket pitch at the Australia vs India test match at the SCG.

Fearmongers this week:

Cathy Wilcox  (SMH)
Tosh Greenslade (Mad As Hell / The ScoMo Diaries )
Lewis Hobba (Triple J)
Dan Ilic (A Rational Fear)



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Gay Lewis.

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Hello, Daniel. How

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I look I'm well I'm feeling pretty good because we've got a whole bunch of new Patreon supporters including Maureen Morgan from the stand up school of hard knocks, they do. They teach people how to do stand up, Louis, that's what they do. We've also got someone called C 316801. For they've become the Patreon supporter.

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I'm giving away being funded by Russian bots.

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I think we're actually being funded by Elon Musk's daughter, I think Alex Thornton has also signed up Dylan Joel has signed up, Laura wells has signed up and a guy called Jared Morris now I'm pretty sure I know this blog when I was in LA I was when I first moved to LA in 2016. I was quite lonely. And I went to a bar just to go try out some really nice food because that's what you do when you're on your own. And the barman was jerem he was an Aussie guy and he recognised from the telly and he gave me a free whiskey. So thank you Jeremy, for joining up and giving to you. Jeremy is the bomb in the cape serving. It's fantastic.

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That's amazing.

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land Do you want also on gadigal land

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your nation, sovereignty was never said we need a treaty. Let's start the show.

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A rational fear contains naughty words like bricks cambro and gum and section 40 of a rational fear recommended listening by immature audience.

Dan Ilic  1:49  
Tonight after monster speculating the opposite US Attorney General bill Barr finds no evidence of voter fraud but finally finds evidence of a backbone and Prime Minister Scott Morrison hits back at full corners parliamentary sex scandal episode with a new initiative called knob keeper and gatherings of 50 people are now allowed on dance floors in New South Wales critics say this will just lead to an increase in murder on the dance floor. It's the fourth of December 2020 and we're holding the vaccine This is irrational fear.

Hello, welcome to rational fit. I'm your host former quarantine housekeeper Dan Ilic. Let's meet our fear mongers for tonight. She's one of the sharpest with featured daily and nines newspapers. She's also the newly elected President of the Australian cartoonists Association. Please stop the votes because it's the Walkley award winning Kathy Wilcox. Oh, sure. Do we have to call you madam? President now?

Cathy Wilcox  3:00  
Yeah. Only only Madam President. Mrs. President is all right to Boss Lady.

Lewis Hobba  3:06  
What are some of the roles of the president of the of your new your new position?

Cathy Wilcox  3:13  
I really don't know. I'm gonna have a minute all that. I suddenly I suddenly had to run the meeting the annual general meeting on Sunday morning, which was a frightening thing to have to do. I initially sort of said, can't the old President still run it? And he kind of said yes, but then, but then I kind of got a whiff of power and my my nostrils went Oh, what the hell I'll take over, rush them

Dan Ilic  3:36  
cafe crush them you would a little pencil.

Lewis Hobba  3:39  
I like to imagine that everyone. on the board meeting of the cartoonists associate. There's like 10 people and then there's 10 caricaturists on the outside at each one.

Dan Ilic  3:50  
And as well as being one of the longest serving comedy minions for Sean McAuliffe. He's also an author of one of the funniest books to start your Christmas stocking from the actor award winning mad as hell. It's touchscreen slide. Hello. Hi. Hello, touch someone.

Lewis Hobba  4:05  
Congratulations. Yeah, well

Dan Ilic  4:07  
done Tosh. Getting an actor. That's great. Yeah. Yeah, thanks. I had a baby a month ago, but you know that

Unknown Speaker  4:18  
you got an act.

Lewis Hobba  4:19  
Everyone's got babies. Is your baby in the business? We don't care. Not yet.

Dan Ilic  4:24  
Is it time to exploit? Isn't it time to exploit your baby to be in the business? Let's hope so. Cuz on my career certainly isn't doing much.

Cathy Wilcox  4:33  
And you you appear to be recording from from inside a cupboard. Is that correct? Yeah,

Tosh Greenslade  4:37  
I'm inside of my wardrobe.

Dan Ilic  4:39  
I had to put so I had to put this This isn't good. Good podcasting, but I had to put this shirt down off the hook just in case anybody saw because I've got to

Unknown Speaker  4:51  
have the same shirt.

Lewis Hobba  4:53  
held up an identical shirt, the one he's wearing and it's a surprisingly loud, Nike sort of tie dye.

Unknown Speaker  5:00  

Cathy Wilcox  5:01  
I liked it so much. You bought it twice. That's amazing. I

Unknown Speaker  5:04  
bought it too big.

Unknown Speaker  5:05  
I bought too big for the first time it was like it Look, I'm fat that's not

Cathy Wilcox  5:10  
yours. You're pregnant pregnant body and then you'll have one for afterwards when you snapped back to your post baby body.

Dan Ilic  5:17  
Tim Chima on YouTube says is that from the shag shop on chapel Street. It's a very Melbourne reference. And you've met him before. It's Louis harbour. Welcome, Louis.

Lewis Hobba  5:27  
Oh, Hello, sir. I forgot we're still doing introductions. Yeah. Hello. with you. Sorry, I couldn't be with you last week. But yeah, huge congratulations on being the officially funniest podcasts in Australia. Damn. Well, it is great.

Dan Ilic  5:39  
It's all of all of us as everyone who contributes so thank you. Coming up we speak to two people who are bringing back a much love Ozzy tradition, the cricket pitch invasion. We asked them if they didn't note and if they turn but their bowls, but before we get there, here's a message from this week's sponsor.

Unknown Speaker  5:56  
toit denied What do you mean I can't say the Joe Biden style the election by using North Korean fishermen sick of having your free speech trampled on trying to be anti semitic but that pro semantics semantics have got you down. You said it's censored by the political correctness Nazis for being too much of an actual Nazi. Exactly. Well, it's time to drop the fact checking fascist on Facebook and time to cut the truth telling Trump's Twitter introducing a place where you can say what you like when you like with people you're like, with no fear of coming across as wrong or batshit crazy because they're just like you it's haha the social media network by right wing nutjobs and conspiracy theorists Paula, a place where no Lives Matter and masks will give you COVID-19 and Donald Trump Jr. is the second coming up. Donald Trump the

Unknown Speaker  6:42  
media runs right away Russian disinformation wow

Unknown Speaker  6:45  
Can I say the moon landing was fine. Can I say COVID-19 was started by Bill Gates I would be forced to instal microsoft excel in our brains if that's what you believe. Can I say that? Would on Tuesday did a weird thing and that's why I'm not on this podcast. But you can on Paula, if it's wrong, awful unlikely to start a race riot. You can say it on Paula. Paula, where every day is opposite day and opposite day is not opposite day.

Dan Ilic  7:18  
Alright, let's get stuck into the fears first fear. foxtel is now a foreign broadcaster. According to Michael West in June newscorp saltbox tell to a news, another News Corp company and then sold it to another news called company and then sold it to another News Corp company based somewhere in Delaware, USA. foxtel is just like this tiny babushka doll in the middle of an American Fox called news Empire. It's like, like all babushka dolls as well. It's now foreign, opaque and spreads propaganda. What's interesting here is that a few months ago, the federal government had a $10 million no strings attached to foxtel. I assume that was spent on moving fees. Do you know how much it costs to ship 36 years of Simpsons tapes to another country, let alone, let alone You know, a state that has no corporate tax fee amongest shouldn't be concerned that foxtel is now an entirely foreign owned entity. Louis.

Lewis Hobba  8:11  
I mean, I cannot believe foxtail still exists is a truly staggering, I tried. I was one of the many people I think who you have flashes. I think during Game of Thrones, I was going through a particularly, you know like, I don't want to be a pirate, which I think is still true. As I you know what? Yeah, sure. I'll buy foxtel whatever. And then I it was so expensive. I was buying a box set of Spock of Game of Thrones each week. And then I'm like, well, that's fine. I'll get the other things and admittedly what they're like two or three good HBO shows. You get through those? Yeah, like what am I doing here? It's four times more expensive than anything else. You know where your money's going. It's going into, like foxtel It's heartbreaking. It is so wide. What does it offer currently, and it knows it too, which I guess is why it's just trying to like get as many freebies before at Fox off

Dan Ilic  9:03  
it totally Crikey has actually kind of done the numbers here. they reckon over since 2017. Fox has received $67 million dollars from the federal government. And considering that you know, it was once a billion dollar company that never pay tax. Should we be asking more folks Oh, have they become by default? Our third public broadcaster Kathy

Cathy Wilcox  9:23  
I can't even believe that they kind of weren't already foreign anyway because they're they are effectively foreign because because Murdoch is foreign now. Isn't he? Like he he gave up being an Australian didn't he?

Dan Ilic  9:35  
Yeah, he did. And he he so he registered to be in he did registered as a citizen of Delaware that's where he that's why he's technically a citizen what way

Cathy Wilcox  9:44  
in what way was foxhill ever ever Australian except you know, except Well, we know it would just import you know American American right wing politics and and do it this their way and so they just, they just sort of getting it back. But they do seem to be able to pocket quite a lot of cash on the way especially, as you say all these handouts plus plus note no taxes paid. So, I mean, if they would go to America and then stay there, and and not come back here, that would be quite a good way of

Dan Ilic  10:14  
doing it. To be to be fair to foxtel. I used to work about eight or nine years ago, I used to work in the foxtel call centre. Yeah, I used to work in the retention department. People would ring me up every day, no

Unknown Speaker  10:26  

Dan Ilic  10:27  
I would say, and we say to me, foxtail is too expensive. It's not very good. It's full of ads. Why am I paying so much for foxtail? And I would say, Would you want foxtail? If I could cut the price in half? And they would say yes. And then if I could get a lot of people to do that, I would get a commission for that, which would be

Unknown Speaker  10:45  
Oh, it is

Dan Ilic  10:47  
sort of capped out at about 20 $500 extra a week on top of my base wage. can't expect them to be spending that much money on people like me and discounts and also pay tax. It's not fair. Tosh. How much in like, comparatively, how much more did you earn as a foxtel employee than you do working for Sean McAuliffe? Well, I work for the ABC. We actually we don't get paid in money. The dry biscuits that I get as payment if I sort of converted them to dollars foxtel definitely wins.

Lewis Hobba  11:18  
I wonder if since Fox so when it was in Australia, screened predominantly American comm shows now that it's in Delaware, maybe it will screen predominantly Australian show like maybe Delaware will we'll be seeing that going? Why are you doing reruns of neighbours. We have great Delaware programmes right here.

Dan Ilic  11:38  
Yeah, and the maybe Australian artists who need to make it in America can just make it in foxtel. And we can celebrate them like we did with Andy Donner the other week getting on there. You're like, Oh,

Lewis Hobba  11:48  
I thanks to Fox so I made it big in LA you made it big in LA Yeah, del la. La.

Unknown Speaker  11:59  
This is a rational view.

Dan Ilic  12:02  
Let's move on to this week. Second fear Australia is at war with China over a meme on Twitter. When a low ranking Chinese official tweeted a photoshopped image of an Australian soldier committing violence against an Afghan child it caused the Australian Government to respond very quickly by denouncing the image publicly on Scott Morrison's WeChat. Not since Greg heartlands today FBI investigation after his Twitter account likes to tweet by BB w comm pumper 69 has the Australian Government taking action from a tweet so quickly? Incidentally, the way chat posts from Scott Morrison's account in return was pulled off the social media app because you violated way chats. Terms of Service WeChat said the post involved use the use of words pictures and videos that would incite mislead and confuse the public. We commonly know this in Australia as a Scott Morrison press conference. Fear mongers Is it time we bit the bullet and started a new division of the army solely focused on names. I like I like that in this situation. China is essentially the new Charlie Hebdo. Australia, Australia are the bad guys in this situation. We're the ones that have done the war crime. It was a meme about war crimes. We've done the war crimes. Our report said that we did the war crimes. And then they published a meme about it. And we asked for an apology. It is I think that hypocrisy is pretty strange. Kathy, you've got a different take on this.

Cathy Wilcox  13:31  
I will look there, there's quite a few elements of hypocrisy going on here. So for one thing, it was on it was on a tweet, Chinese citizens don't get to tweet, they don't get to put anything any old thing out. For another thing. It was supposedly a cat cartoon by a Chinese artist. And, and and in some of the coverage that artists you know, strongly held feelings about Australia and and our and our, our abominations in Afghanistan, you know, and needing to have, you know, do due consideration and and that's just his independent statement there that happened to be picked up by this I love the way you everybody says low ranking official that's gonna be rubbing into that low ranking official Hello ranking here. But look, if that artist were wanting to say something about let's say Chinese treatment of wiggers in in you know, in their camps and or whether tenement Square was covered up or you know, any number of other things what whatever was going on in Hong Kong, if that artist had wanted to do something about that, from within China, there would not be there would not be a cartoon, there would not be an image to see because that that image would not be able to come out so so this this image is only able to come out because it is a pro Cut Pro CCP line. That's the first thing or the second thing and and you know and then two Compare it to Charlie Hebdo, as some people have been saying, oh, how hypocritical of Australia wanting to suppress that, that cartoon when when they would have been no, just we Charlie and all the rest of it and wanting to have the the the Charlie Hebdo cartoons, you know, free and published. I don't think there is any equivalence to saying, we find this offensive like, okay, I disagree that, you know, calling for to have it taken down is useless. And that was no, no, there was no point in doing that on the part of Scott Morrison, but to say that you're offended by it is not the same as marching into the offices of a publication and gunning down the cartoonists? You know, it's just, yes, it's perfectly alright to be offended by something. It's all right to say that you're offended by something that doesn't stop the free speech. But there's no free speech in China anyway. So. So I just think that we've we've Suddenly, I think we we kind of reflexively turn on ourselves and assume that any kind of thing we might say against, you know, another country in another another regime is going to be, that's going to be racist of us to say that this is not about race. This is about the totalitarian regime that controls the message that does not have free speech. And that is currently playing us and playing Scott Morrison, like a bloody, you know, Stradivarius, and this was a this was just a, you know, this was a total, send out that send out the hook. And unfortunately, Morrison took the bait and was, you know, real real right in? So um, anyway, I think that I think that there is no, there's no argument to be had about free speech here, because there is not at all about free speech, and also to the people who say, We care more about being offended by a meme than we do about what happened in Afghanistan. Sorry. But the last couple of weeks, we've been talking about what happened in Afghanistan, that it has gotten a lot of coverage has got an awful lot of cartoons done about it by myself, as well, as, you know, many of my, my colleagues and and many, and many people in in, you know, high places and journalists, we've been saying, you know, plenty about that. And it is it is coming out because there has been an inquiry in this and there are going to be consequences, we hope.

Lewis Hobba  17:13  
But no one is saying that journalists haven't been signing up. I think that the goaling pot was was the fact that this is coming from Scott Morrison. I mean, I think that the division of response from him, was what people were saying was was insane. You're like, yeah, this guy won't, won't be strong against the armed forces, because it's a political minefield. But he's very happy to defend a fairly minor tweet from an irrelevant person. Yeah, it was pretty bizarre. I

Dan Ilic  17:41  
think that it's that the diplomatic incident is come is stemming not from their human rights abuses, but from the fact that they made fun of our war crimes. That's that's where we draw the line. It's like, Whoa, stop. And I think it's it's interesting that it sort of seems to be coming after the the trade sanctions have started to kick in. That's when we start to get shirty with them now that there's not a lot of money flowing into our country from them, we can start to go Whoa, what are you doing there?

Unknown Speaker  18:09  
Stop that you need to say you need to say sorry, to us. Whereas if if there were no trade sanctions, I feel like that that tweet would have gone under the radar. That would have been a I've had a private conversation with with President GE, instead of

Dan Ilic  18:23  
you need to apologise publicly. Well, I

Cathy Wilcox  18:25  
suppose the the trade sanctions as they've been, you know, progressively happening and all the various other little sort of warnings about how how they're unhappy about 14 things that we've done or something like that. But you know, one after another trade sanctions

Dan Ilic  18:37  
Yeah, I believe it's the essays called 14 things I heard about you. That's what?

Cathy Wilcox  18:43  
Yeah, so and that was as, as they were sort of becoming a little bit more desperate, and more and more desperate in trying to sort of sound like, oh, but we still want to be friends, you know, Oh, yes. They're unhappy about this, oh, we don't want to read too much into the fact that they don't want to Bali or they're, you know, putting slapping tariffs on the wine and stuff. And, and it's true that this that this meme is the point at which everybody goes, Oh, oh, so that's what they feel about us. Okay. Feels like it feels like we've we've finally understood that he's really not that into you, you know, after trying to see the nice side.

Dan Ilic  19:24  
Yes, it's so funny how they just don't care as well. They don't really care about this base, because, you know, they're China. They're the biggest economy in the world, and the kid in primary school with behavioural issues, who would not take his tablet and he'd be a bit naughty. And then the teacher would be like, come up to the front of the class and and say, Sorry, and instead he would just like whip his balls out and then climb up on the roof. Do not give a shit because they could destroy the planet. The days of Donald Trump are coming to an end. A rational

Unknown Speaker  19:55  
friend of mine who's very smart said you've probably you've probably been investing More than anybody else makes you probably the cleanest person in this country

Dan Ilic  20:05  
in US elections news now, it's been a month since the US election. And I don't know about you, but I am so thankful I no longer have to listen to us politics podcasts. So I know Well, I felt like I had to up until the election, but now I feel like I don't have to do that. No, no, no,

Lewis Hobba  20:22  
no one was saving like, guys. We need elections is gonna be won or lost on danila.

Dan Ilic  20:30  
Well, one person who did care was Donald Trump, and he still is he still he really hasn't let it go, Louis, I don't know if you know, this event, Dano is still fighting the system claiming electoral fraud, fraud. And he's got these number one guy on the case, the high flying lawyer slash penguin from the Batman franchise, Rudy Giuliani and his team of hotshot lawyers have headed to the Michigan State Legislature to argue the case for voter fraud. Now, I've got a couple of clips here. I want to play them for you. The first one can be a hang on a sec. For folks who haven't played this before. If you want me to stop the clip, I just say Hang on a sec, if you want to chime in. So this is one of Rudy Giuliani's hotshot lawyers. And maybe she could be I don't know, a little bit drunk.

Unknown Speaker  21:13  
The code, the pullback, the pull book is completely off. completely off on that. I'd say that poll book is off by over 100,000. That poll book, why don't you look at the registered voters on there? How many registered voters are on there? Did you do you even know the answer to that?

Unknown Speaker  21:35  
No, I guess I'm trying to get to the buyer out here.

Unknown Speaker  21:37  

Unknown Speaker  21:39  
So my question then, is if yes,

Unknown Speaker  21:43  
how many Wait, what about what about? What about the turnout rate? 120%.

Dan Ilic  21:51  
Yeah, cafe.

Cathy Wilcox  21:53  
So it's so it's Giuliani who's actually going now Hang on, man. He's trying to real real hurry. He's like leaning over to go. You know, you're actually not coming across the same.

Dan Ilic  22:08  
Giuliani Giuliani is pulling, he's pulling the move in the pub where you go, Oh, come on, man. Come on, come on, and you put your hand, you put your hand on your friend's back just to be like, I'm here. You need to be grounded right now. You'll have very, very drunk. Representative Johnson ask us a question.

Unknown Speaker  22:24  
So the poll book number I get there's two things that could happen here. Either the poll book number, if ballots are counted multiple, multiple times, there's two options. Option number one is that the poll book numbers are not going to match. They don't the actual not by thousands and thousands of votes that we see right now.

Unknown Speaker  22:44  
You take them up again, take a look again,

Unknown Speaker  22:46  
option number two is that they essentially were we're filling in names of people who didn't vote that people too. So is that

Unknown Speaker  22:54  
Johnson asked his question, and then

Unknown Speaker  22:58  
my question is, Why 30,000? That's nothing.

Unknown Speaker  23:03  
What did you guys do take and do something crazy to it?

Lewis Hobba  23:10  
Oh, it's so hard to like, get a sense of what just happened if you just don't an audio only medium. But imagine someone who is losing an argument but thinks they're winning. And they get their arms across, and their chin goes up. And then right after they finish their sentence, their eyebrows, do a single pump. That's what it looks like. When someone is so wrong, that you don't know how to correct them. And they it's a beautiful thing to behold.

Dan Ilic  23:41  
And then when you hear other people laughing in the background doing this, this person has no clue what she's talking about. or she might be a few drinks in

Lewis Hobba  23:51  
Rudy Giuliani just met her at a bar like an hour ago. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  23:56  
Let me go. Let me go. Let's go her she's

Unknown Speaker  24:04  
shady. And Rudy. I'm going ahead

Unknown Speaker  24:08  
30,000 votes, so I know what they're feeling.

Unknown Speaker  24:12  
I know what I saw. And I signed something saying that if I'm wrong, I can go to prison. Did you?

Unknown Speaker  24:20  
Okay, well.

Unknown Speaker  24:22  
This this

Dan Ilic  24:24  
is just Jessie Sure. At this point, like this is just an MTV reality show. It seems like they've scripted that to be an MTV reality show. That's real housewives, real

Lewis Hobba  24:34  
lawyers of Trump, I would watch.

Dan Ilic  24:36  
I would watch that until I die. That's exactly what we're watching. Right. So anyway, so I've got a second clip. I'm gonna play it for you in for now, it's important that you have your headphones on and you're listening very carefully to this well considered argument from Rudy Giuliani.

Unknown Speaker  24:51  
The point of order, the answer that I gave you is they didn't bother to interview a single witness, just like you. They don't want to know the truth. Well, you probably We know the truth. Did you guys

Dan Ilic  25:07  
squeezes out of fog mid sentence? And he's our counsel looks at him like he just fired during a congressional hearing. Then she then she smells it at the end she clearly smells him and goes, yep, he did

Cathy Wilcox  25:23  
was one of his more compelling arguments.

Dan Ilic  25:29  
I think the Michigan they should be wearing masks on their face and their ass as well. All right, let me play it again here because it's so good.

Unknown Speaker  25:37  
The point of order, the answer that I gave you is they didn't bother to interview a single witness, just like you. They don't want to know the truth.

Lewis Hobba  25:50  
The smirk on his co counsels face and she just hands up by going, Oh, man, that guy.

Unknown Speaker  25:58  
And why should we not believe the reported attempts of you to try to seek a pardon from President

Unknown Speaker  26:03  
I will ask that he be he be disciplined for that.

Dan Ilic  26:07  
Joining us now to blacks who are taking matters into their own hands when it comes to bringing back the great Ozzy tradition that has been missing from our cricket games, the pitch invasion, except that rather than doing it nude for their mates, our next guest did it clothed in the name of keeping fossil fuels in the ground. Ben burdette and Joshua Weinstock ran into the field last weekend during the india vs. Australia game and then join us now on irrational fear. Welcome, Ben and Josh. Hello.

Ben  26:34  
Hi, guys. Hi, Dan. Thanks for having us on.

Dan Ilic  26:36  
Oh, no, it's great. It's great. It's great to have you guys here. It's really great to have you guys here. Yeah. So tell us, why didn't you do it nude?

Unknown Speaker  26:43  

Josh  26:44  
we kind of we got on there. And we looked around and we thought, would we be more popular if we had done it knew? Like, we kind of thought, you know, maybe maybe we would be serving the tradition. But basically, we had no interest in being charged with indecent conduct.

Dan Ilic  27:01  
You can only get charged for one thing at a time. Tell us tell us why they hit you. You ran onto the field with a specific reason. Tell us why did you do that. And so

Ben  27:08  
what happened last week is all of a sudden the State Bank of India read its head again about and was making noises about maybe like learning the $1 billion that Dan is seeking to get the coal mine underway. In any way the planets all aligned. And there was this cricket match. And in the call went out for a couple of people silly enough to run out on the field to do this job. The call who

Unknown Speaker  27:34  
calls you who calls my job?

Lewis Hobba  27:39  
is really not take any gig I can get? Oh, it's a fine, I'll be fine. I'll still take it.

Dan Ilic  27:48  
You know, tell us about the fight? I mean, you do get fined for doing stuff like that. Right? How much did you get fined? And how did? How did you pay it?

Ben  27:55  
We're not entirely sure yet. It's still in the post?

Josh  27:57  
We will find out. We'll find that out in court.

Ben  28:00  
I got told five G's.

Josh  28:02  
I got told a few hundred, which could be them trying different psychological tactics on us or it could be them being confused. But we'll find out in court.

Dan Ilic  28:10  
I think it is about $5,000. Yeah. Have you got a plan in place to try and get that tight?

Ben  28:16  
Yeah, well, we've got to go to court. So hopefully that will get diminished quite a long way. And then we'll we'll see how that goes.

Cathy Wilcox  28:22  
Invest in renewables, they'll they'll have a good return payoff, you find.

Ben  28:27  
Exactly, exactly. I mean, at the end of the day, the story went very well in India with 1.3 5 billion people watching the cricket pretty much so you know, as good as his irrational fear is, you know, it's very successful podcast. You know, Josh and I are arguably the most famous people here this week.

Dan Ilic  28:47  
Well, I can tell you now by looking at the stream, we've got 12 people watching the stream right now. So yes, slightly more, slightly more famous, then pay for?

Ben  28:58  
Yeah, speak to stuff and Danny, they can help with your marketing.

Lewis Hobba  29:01  
Have you have you? Because I know some of the reception from maybe non politically minded cricket enthusiasts was a lot more negative. Have you received a lot of that feedback personally?

Josh  29:13  
No, I'm, I mean, in fact, like the reception we got on the day for one, we got some Indian cricket supporters afterwards who came up to us like we were celebrities, they got plenty of selfies with us. And our signs. On the pitch, like when we got out there. The crowd seemed kind of confused. They ended up booing, because like, but the first 30 seconds, we got some good applause.

Dan Ilic  29:36  
I don't know. Actually, I fought much cricket before and I would be thankful for the interruption.

Ben  29:44  
The funny thing is none of us really knew much about cricket. Like we sort of want to build a little bit but fortunately, Josh is dead. Brief this not whatever you do, don't stand on the pitch. So I followed that advice. And actually, there was a common there was a comment made by a lady A two GB commentator that actually said oh, well, at least I didn't stand on the hip. So I'd take that as a positive.

Dan Ilic  30:08  
I've actually got one of the news stories up from YouTube, which one of the Indian news stories and it's so funny like listening and reading some of these comments from Indian people, and people in India with you. And it's it's quite surprising, like Indians hate Adani as much as people do. It's pretty great. Like, fully support your brother hope you drive this crooked businessman out of your country. We need such enthusiasms from Indians as well. I'm Indian, but I suggest you guys don't let a Danny into Australia, good citizens showing their responsibility for the future generation. If we send our political leaders there, they will divide Australia into religious grounds and weaken the real issue. These these are seriously engaged Indian. So also, Danny, this is amazing.

Lewis Hobba  30:53  
We need to send you to Delaware with a stop foxtail t shirt.

Unknown Speaker  30:57  
I will do it.

Unknown Speaker  30:58  
We'll do it. Yeah.

Ben  31:00  
We do it for the T shirts. And so yeah, I mean that that was that was kind of our objective was just to highlight this with the Indian people because the Indian people have a great history of social uprising. And yeah, we live by Gandhi, of course. So you know, now that they know about this, I don't think there'll be they'll be putting up with it.

Dan Ilic  31:21  
I love this comment from Peter Lola on our Twitter feed. He says it should only be $500. If you don't touch the pitch, I think better. As opposed to $5,000. As long as

Lewis Hobba  31:31  
you don't sandpaper, the bowl, you should be fine.

Dan Ilic  31:35  
This was much part of a much larger action. There were other people at the grounds also protesting with you there were people leading chants in Hindi at the front of the grounds. It did it did that kind of stuff get a good reaction from Indians and Australians walking into the ground.

Josh  31:50  
We've been told it did. They had a they had a big prop. wicket up the back that people could throw a ball that would like Donnie written all over it and who doesn't like throwing a ball at a big prop. Apparently, they got a lot of good responses from outside. A lot of people who had great fun though, and they actually there was that and then people turned up to the FBI offices earlier in the day. So it was a whole thing.

Dan Ilic  32:12  
All right, excellent. Now tell us like tell us the nitty gritty of deciding when to go out. How do you pick your moment to invade the pitch? Yeah,

Ben  32:21  
we wanted to do it in the first moments. It was the first few overs and you know, the the anxiety had been on since you know quarter to four in the morning for me. So just to get it out of the way was very good. We knew we had to be that

Dan Ilic  32:39  
you had like Dutch courage. You say you had like a half strength SCG beer. Yeah, yeah, exactly.

Josh  32:47  
What a full strength.

Ben  32:49  
And yeah, we went up to the top and to pretend we're going to the shop. We took a hamburger box props and we're staying there for a little bit and then lady was trying to move us on and then there are some Indian cricket fans at sorry, our placards which which were actually fake ones covering up our real placards.

Josh  33:05  
Let's go Aussie.

Ben  33:06  
Let's go. Yeah. And so we got, we got selfies with those guys. And then then all of a sudden yo try and concentrate on when when there was a break in the overs, and that's when it was go time

Josh  33:17  
trying to figure out where the cricket was at. Okay, so it was at the fifth bowl. Was that the six ball? What's going on? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker  33:23  
how does this work again? Yeah.

Lewis Hobba  33:25  
How did it end? How did you did you get tackled? Did you get to Did you discuss how far you would take it? Did you take a knee? Did you did you give up?

Josh  33:33  
And the short answer is it ended eventually. We were We were so prepared to kind of rip off our disguises and run out there before security tackled us down. It took such a long time for them to get out there. I was out there. I done I done my route. I was standing there with the sign of my head. It got to the point where I was thinking we just going to have to walk ourselves. Like does anyone does anyone mind us being

Dan Ilic  34:01  
if anyone saw the the footage of this? I'll chuck it in the show notes. But the security guards were a little on the look. Let's face it that we've all been we've all been a few kilos during lockdown. They just looked like it hadn't been been a proper security guide for a long time.

Lewis Hobba  34:17  
Taken sort of a parent parenting a toddler approach to like strangers with it. It's like look, if we chase them, they're gonna keep running

Dan Ilic  34:30  
slowly and take them traits.

Josh  34:33  
If we kept running there could have taken forever.

Dan Ilic  34:35  
Yeah, exactly. It How did it feel when you hit the centre of the ground? What did that feel like? centre, the scj knowing all the cameras are on you knowing that you're beaming out to a billion people in India.

Ben  34:45  
Yeah, the monkey was off our back the main the main fear I had was just not not pulling it off. So we're just pleased to be out there Really? Yeah. And yeah, that was

Lewis Hobba  34:57  
like that. It just felt like you were giving us a place Match speech. just happy to be out there.

Unknown Speaker  35:05  
credit to Matt Canavan, but I think we're better man on the

Cathy Wilcox  35:09  
right. Check it just taking one protest at a time.

Josh  35:15  
Yeah, all that

Ben  35:16  
you might not have picked up was you Josh and I both cop the longest wages all the way back into the into the into the sales in the stadium and the stadium has sales just for those who are interested. And glad to see if you're listening. You get get some better decorators on the new ones because it's a bit

Dan Ilic  35:37  
strange. Block walls. Ben and Josh, thank you so much for joining us on rational fit. Thanks, guys. Thanks. And

Ben  35:44  
now your follow stopper Danny.

Dan Ilic  35:46  
Yeah, we'll do it now. Tosh, you've written a book, The scomo diaries. Tell us a little bit about that book. So it's basically just a as a book of roasts, really, it's just a ripping on the government. But it's a comic retelling of Scott Morrison's first 18 months as prime minister, illustrated by Andrew Weldon. So he's done some amazing stuff in there. It really is just me ripping the government and everybody in it for a solid 250 pages. It's a really quite a good raid, though. I did mention to you earlier, I found it quite depressing, because I was just reliving that year and like reliving the year and it was it's accurate. It's accurate to the date. How did you actually write it? Did you actually write a joke every day as something was happening in the news cycle? No, no. So I just went back like it's all just there on the news websites. It's all archived forever until the internet stops and electricity stops after the fall of man. But the the it was so easy to write because it was just you googled the date and his name, or you Google the date and Australian Parliament. And it just gave you the entire day's happenings basically. And then I just made jokes about it. The book is called the scomo diaries. And we've actually reached out to the PMO to see if Scott Morrison would read us out of chapter. He sent us a response but he sent it on WeChat and it's been pulled down. rate so instead Rupert Degas who does all of our rates for us, did us a version here we go. Have a listen to this.

Unknown Speaker  37:14  
Ninth of may 2019. A little quote I read from Kristina Keneally today, Peter Dutton has been led out of his cave. He's been kept underground somewhere by the liberal National Party. Now first of all, Peter doesn't live in a cave. He lives in a sort of nest, Mike from rotting pieces of meat. These kinds of lies are typical of labour. I do however, quite like the idea of keeping Peter underground. I'm looking into the legality of it after the election, although we might need to be careful about how we do it. Given the tendency of potatoes to multiply when buried.

Dan Ilic  37:56  
Beautiful staff Tosh discovered ours is at Tao cafe.

Cathy Wilcox  38:01  
I was wanting to know if if Tosh is the author of the tweets of Scott Morrison.

Dan Ilic  38:07  
No, no, I've had that account on mute on mute since I started writing it because I didn't want any of that to sort of seep into my brain and accidentally rip it all off. So I don't know who that is. But they unfollowed me when I announced I was writing the books I think they don't like me but then I said that they unfollowed me and they re followed me. That is it for rational fear. Big thanks to Ben and Josh Kathy Wilcox toss green Slade and Lewis hapa if you got anything to plug Kathy

Cathy Wilcox  38:32  
please don't buy any more of my tea towels. I had a whole bunch of orders in the last couple of weeks when I had a bit of publicity and I'm just drowning under orders and I'm not going to be able to get them all up by Christmas and I don't know how how to tell people that so so you know if you've got any ideas about how to how to let customers down

Dan Ilic  38:50  
let me know I will put this video out and we'll tweet it out and then you can read it in the read nice passive aggressive way oh you just put on weight

Lewis Hobba  38:58  
definitely the most self sabotaging plug we've had on the podcast ever

Unknown Speaker  39:07  
Yeah, yeah

Lewis Hobba  39:09  
turn me off on Follow me.

Dan Ilic  39:12  
Louis tuna plug anything anything at all doesn't have to be anything you're involved

Lewis Hobba  39:16  
with? No, you can follow me on on social media and send me messages that I may or may not respond to

Dan Ilic  39:22  
Ben and Joshua in a blog anything before you go.

Ben  39:24  
I will wait we were actually part of extinction rebellion as well. And we've got a festival of love and rage coming up on the 19th of December so check them out on Facebook.

Josh  39:32  
Come to that all the grey phone.

Dan Ilic  39:34  
Excellent. big thank you to red marks the birth of foundation go neutral. Our Patreon supporters David bluestein Killian David Rubin Degas Jacob brown on the tabernacle timeline. Discord server has been going off this week. Big thanks to the Peters Phil ads COVID kisah and Maddie Palmer and all the contributions from the discord team. Until next week, there's always somebody scared. I was good night.

Transcribed by https://otter.ai


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