A Rational Fear
A Rational Fear
Feb 2, 2023
Uncool Cabanas — Arts Minister Tony Burke MP, Antoinette Lattouf, Hanna Ferguson, Dan Ilic
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We’re back with the first A Rational Fear podcast for 2023.

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🎙On the podcast this week:

Minister for Arts — Tony Burke MP
Journalist, author, opinionista — Antoinette Lattouf
Gen Z’s voice of #Auspol — Hannah Ferguson from Cheek Media

We talk:

💸 Adani dropping out of rich top ten.
🤳 ACCC crackdown on influencers.
🎪 Beach Cabanas.
🎭 The National Cultural Policy.

Lewis was going to beam in from his beach airbnb — but struggled to find good enough wifi — he’ll be back next week!

Enjoy the pod!


Dan Ilic

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Dan Ilic  0:00  
This podcast is supported in part by Australian ethical, irrational fear. This is big news. Louis is a new dad that's why he's not joining us tonight he had bedtime issues with the new baby couldn't put together a baby and the podcast it just doesn't work for him. You know as a man, you can't have it all this is true. You can't have it all. Jacob round also had a new baby you might know Jacob Brown, he's the wizard who makes a sound so great. His baby is only a few days old. He hasn't got a name yet. But if you are not a Patreon supporter, and you're going to become a patreon supporter to help feed these children, if you become a patreon supporter, you can choose a name yes, you can choose Jacob rounds kid's name I haven't told him this yet, but he's gonna be excited cuz he hasn't picked one yet. We'll take one from the Patreon hit us up@patreon.com forward slash irrational fear. Now also letting you know around the country we are going to be performing Adelaide march for with ours Fraser Gabby bald Andrew Hansen, Dylan Bane for news fighters, Melbourne at the Comedy Festival April 2 hours Fraser Gabi bulk nats what I reckon Grace time Sammy SHA Vidya Rajan and any McClellan is DJing it is already 15% sold out. I can't wait for that room to be completely sold out. So please get along to Melbourne. Also, if you live in Brisbane, march 26. We're performing at World Science Festival with Mark Humphries Melbourne or Dylan Bain and a woman who lives in Brisbane but also works in NASA who worked on the James Webb telescope. Dr. Jesse Christianson. She is joining us at World Science Week and you want to discount to Melbourne and Adelaide. You can all you got to do is become a patreon supporter or sign up to the email list at irrational fear.com And you can find the discount code for Melbourne Adelaide there. I'm recording my end of irrational fear on Gadigal land in the Euro nation sovereignty was never ceded. We need a treaty. Let's start the show.

Unknown Speaker  1:48  
A rational fear contains naughty words like bricks, Canberra, fed gum and section 40 of our rational view recommended listening by immature audiences.

Dan Ilic  2:01  
Tonight Tony Abbott continues his record breaking streak of being wrong by saying that George Pell is the greatest man he's ever known and King Charles will not appear on the new $5 note. According to the Reserve Bank. The only requirement for the $5 note is to have a design that when folded looks like a whale is giving fellatio, and after being lost for 10 days a tic tac sized radioactive capsule has been found in the outback of Western Australia. Eastern states have expressed concern and are looking into how to manufacture tic tac sized radioactive capsules of their own. When will this Brickman ship and it's the second of February 2023 This is irrational fear.

Hello, welcome to rational fee. I'm your host former quarterback of the New England Patriots Dan Ilic Chen This is the podcast that takes the saddest headlines and eats them for breakfast. Let's meet our fear mongers for tonight. Our first fear monger is an omnipresent media maven, Author Activist Changemaker one of AFRs 100 Women of Influence. It's Antoinette Latif, welcome Antoinette.

Antoinette Lattouf  3:14  
Thank you so much for having me. I look forward to like think like scaring the shit out of everybody.

Dan Ilic  3:22  
I mean 100 100 Women of Influence What do you do to get on that list?

Antoinette Lattouf  3:26  
I look you as a man and you'd never understand. But the interesting thing is I can get on AFS 100 Women of Influence, but I can't influence my child to brush her teeth.

Dan Ilic  3:41  
And she's a Gen Zed media mogul. And when she's not, you know, pushing words into her manuscript for her new book, she's pushing as many hot takes on the internet as a team of 1000 monkeys. It's the founder and CEO of cheek media Hannah Ferguson Hannah Welcome to irrational fears having

Hannah Ferguson  3:57  
me that's in my mother's never said that many nice things about me in a row so it's very beautiful damn thing

Dan Ilic  4:02  
what Hannah I used to consider myself prolific but you know watching you operate on the internet all day. I think I'm lazy. How do you keep up such a relentless hot take machine as checkmate?

Hannah Ferguson  4:13  
I've never considered them heartaches I've definitely consider them more of like a Pizza Hut buffet. We're getting very average and a lot of it. Like, let's just keep it pumping.

Dan Ilic  4:23  
And he's not here. Here's the Tom Brady of us broadcasting. It's Louis harbour he, he wished he could be here, but he's gonna put the baby to bed coming up later. We speak with the Minister for department infrastructure transport, regional development, communications and the arts. Yes, Tony Burke is joining us. We'll be talking about revive the 10 year arts roadmap, and we'll be auditioning for Poet Laureate. But first, a message from this week's sponsor.

Unknown Speaker  4:44  
Hey, is your bank balance to full Do you have a large amount of cash required through organised crime will come on down to your local clubs New South Wales club and will lighten the load with our state of the art poker machine. We will take your pension and triple it if you're lucky. And if it doesn't work, just Try again in a fortnight maybe you've got a suitcase of cash from the proceeds of pharmaceutical distribution needs a tax free origin story. Well, from now until March 26, you can put it all through one of our 9500 poker machines. That's more than Las Vegas, baby. And when you cash out, we won't ask any questions. Don't worry, no one asks any questions of us. And if they do, we'll find in Nazi photos. Everyone's got a Nazi photo. Come on down to your local clubs, New South Wales club. Everyone's welcome. Even Catholics

Unknown Speaker  5:30  
don't have I don't have any picture. I'm not aware of that.

Dan Ilic  5:36  
Firstly, this year, how do you lose $70 billion overnight through hard work and determination or if you're an activist investor, Gautam Adani, as India's richest man at the start of the year was the third richest person in the world. But he's dropped out of the top 10 richest people list because it's claimed is a little bit dodgy. Yes, a short selling firm delightfully named get this Hindenburg published an investigation accusing Adani of stock manipulation, account fraud and money laundering. Now, one of the allegations I don't know if you read this one of the allegations is that the Adani private family trust charged the Adani public company $100 million in licencing fees to use the North Queensland export terminal, which they own. That's really that's a big skim, that's a big family skim right there. They it also pointed to how other family companies covered the loss in value of other assets like the Carmichael coal mine and train line so the public company wouldn't look bad like he'd have lost the money. Allegedly. All of this is allegedly I should point out a Danny kind of hit back with a 413 page report which no one is going to read as Peter Dutton you know, knows as soon as the report comes out there were like hundreds of these weird pro Adani tweets that hit Twitter. I don't know if you saw this. Yeah, they all had like similar contexts, but some had just that the same typo. Hundreds of tweets that are like kind of backing Adani, but they all spelt nation wrong. That bot

Antoinette Lattouf  6:59  
needs Grammarly. Yeah, it really does.

Dan Ilic  7:04  
And like he's another one which is heads the heads like full sentences which are kind of copied and pasted the word allegations is spelt allegations, which I love. Just goes to show if you're an Indian company and you're outsourcing your tweets to Australia, you shouldn't be doing that we are terrible with with with language. Have you guys ever lost $70 billion in one day? No,

Hannah Ferguson  7:23  
I actually check my account before buying my own mocker in the morning. So I think I would notice if the books are changing that drastically. But yes, no, I haven't personally internet.

Dan Ilic  7:33  
I love these allegations because Adani of course is one of the hugest exporters and extractors of fossil fuels around the world. And so if they go down, that's great for everybody, pretty much. It's great news for everyone. How would you react if you were like the offspring of a billionaire and your parent dropped off the top 10? Would that be embarrassing?

Antoinette Lattouf  7:52  
It's probably grounds to never speak to them again. I think it'd be reasonable

Unknown Speaker  7:57  
and rational fear.

Unknown Speaker  7:59  
Not only will the investment community in India, but also around the world but most likely here in Australia. We'll be looking at the financial veracity of Adani in the wake of these clients a rational

Dan Ilic  8:11  
alright, this week second fear the a triple seat, Australia's favourite cops have got influences in their sights from now on. If you're carrying a camera or a bang energy drink, you have to have a permit otherwise you could get a fine for making an undeclared post. The a triple C won't have anything of it not at all. All sponsored posts must be declared. In fact, the a triple C chair Gina Cass Gottlieb said, people are looking at it thinking that they have the integrity of just an ordinary persons recommendation. Yes, an ordinary person with ABS lip filler full hair, and insatiable appetite for sharing videos of them doing back squats. Then when they tell you to buy a koala mattress you do just the ordinary person like that people could be confused, especially if they don't see ordinary people like me and I live in Bondi, Hannah you're one of the most powerful influences in the in the news and Australian politics space. Do you have sponsored posts?

Hannah Ferguson  9:01  
I honestly have no idea how these come in. No one has ever offered me anything really? And honestly like I'm just confused by why these influences why people can be duped by influencers who think the most interesting thing is talking about laxity of tastes like do you not realise these people are getting paid to make you shoot yourself to death like why is that surprising? But no i i Do not struggle with this. I wish more people approached me frankly.

Antoinette Lattouf  9:25  
I have I have something to disclose guys. I am an influencer. However, I would say Oh, it wasn't the ASR. 100 Women of Influence thing that kind of because after I was like listed, I was like, Okay, where are all of my teeth whitening deals Where's My Car? However, recently, I became an influencer. And so the people that I do sometimes accept money from like museums. I go to galleries and exhibitions and and I talk about public archives, like really sexy stuff like that. But I do disclose it. So I'm an influencer who doesn't have like really white teeth because nobody has come forward and sponsored me for I talk about museums but I you know, I do I do disclose if I'm an ethical influencer

Dan Ilic  10:16  
Oh yeah. So wait we are were ethical here too.

Antoinette Lattouf  10:20  
But you know what I do think the penitent penalty here because they're talking about penalties and cracking down on influencers who don't disclose that they actually pay I think the best kind of penalty would be to force them to make an NRL style apology but to be told that like no filters are allowed in your video apology

Dan Ilic  10:52  
Love is the HR was a reached out to his followers on Facebook encouraging them to delve in influencers who are doing the wrong thing and they said they got 1000s of responses. I'm like, first of all, what kind of narc is following the a triple C on Facebook?

Antoinette Lattouf  11:05  
Yeah, definitely a boomer it's differently someone's because nobody else is on Facebook. The other thing is RF in the a triple C can bet and find these influences themselves. All you need to do is put like search the terms heaps of people have been asking about my car like nobody fucking no one's supposed to be careful.

Hannah Ferguson  11:31  
They just need to go have the Instagram bio like I'm an empath or treat people with kindness and fucking bang they've got them going on about this like idea of its being particularly looking at micro influencers influencers or having like a more legitimate relationship with their audience. I'm like, Are you going off to like my grandma's 18 Facebook friends sharing one black one prayer posts like is that the accountability you're looking for? Who are you investigating with like 1000 followers?

Antoinette Lattouf  11:56  
I reckon they should just investigate every every former bachelorette bachelor Married at First Sight. Get rid of

Dan Ilic  12:07  
it. You know, of course people go on those shows just to boost their Instagram followers so they can have a career after the show. Looking to

Hannah Ferguson  12:16  
love genuinely, with the guy that's never treated a woman right ever. That's crazy stuff.

Tony Burke MP  12:23  
This is rad, rational fear. There's a history to this where the monarchs been on the lowest denominator. denomination. We should be proud of it incredibly proud of our British heritage. It's the underpinning of societies we not we shouldn't try and rewrite history.

Dan Ilic  12:43  
This week's third the cabanas cabana is everywhere but not a place to walk. The eastern suburbs have been invaded by people from far away as far away as five dark coming to Bondi and putting up their tents, putting in their tents and taking up all the space on the beach where no one can walk and get to the water. Ah, Antoinette Latif, you are so pro cabana decided to get paid by the nine media machine to write about it. Now tell us why are you pro cabana? And why am I wrong for being anti cabana?

Antoinette Lattouf  13:17  
This segment has not been sponsored by core cabanas. I do not receive beach paraphernalia. I am open to it but I have not previously received any. But this is the great summer debates bizarre

Dan Ilic  13:27  
they did is a bizarre that didn't reach out to you after your article to offer you one for free. Now they

Antoinette Lattouf  13:31  
haven't. Like I'm doing something wrong. I gotta get on a dating show and sort that out. Anyway, this is one of the great summer of 2023 and if you use a cabana at the beach, are you an inconsiderate asshole? My answer is no. You've just heeded the warnings of public health campaigners for three decades you're getting out of the sun. And I know Dan, you have a different view to me on this but there's two things I want to put it out there. There's two things that aggravate me most about people and that's those who disagree with me and those who live in a nicer suburb than I do and you are both those things then

Dan Ilic  14:08  
I live in a nicer suburb Sure sure. outside my apartment is great but my apartment is a shoebox with fungus growing through the roof. It is it is the end of the best part about it is is the beach is the beach you know I drive home to spend three hours looking for a car park spot just so I can park my car near my house like the there are downsides to living

Hannah Ferguson  14:29  
to take out a mortgage to go to the beach for three hours in that area. I've only discovered moving to Sydney it's awful. It's so much linen I'm terrified.

Dan Ilic  14:38  
The cabanas on a busy day they're just they're awful but you know on an easy day we're not we're not many people are are there at the beach. It's totally fine but on a Saturday or a Sunday when it's 30 degrees and they're back to back. It just makes the beach impossible to navigate and when they put up like at nine o'clock in the morning. Not only do they take up the space of where the physical cabana is but they Take up wherever the shade lands. So throughout the day the shade moves, and the space of the cabana user actually takes up three cabanas across the day like the space use for one person under a cabana is absolutely disproportionate to the space needed. Selling a beach umbrella could do quite easily and not take up the same amount of space. Sorry, Hannah,

Antoinette Lattouf  15:23  
I think you need to probably weigh in here because Dan and I don't see eye to eye on this Vamana slick slop, but mainly slap him out of it.

Hannah Ferguson  15:31  
Brilliant. Oh, my God, someone should be paying you.

Antoinette Lattouf  15:35  
I mean, I think it's not been welcoming sunscreen sponsors. Anybody in the home and I'm happy.

Hannah Ferguson  15:40  
The TGA is not welcoming. You are welcoming.

Antoinette Lattouf  15:46  
Yeah, so where do you sit on this hand? I'm like, are we just being smart or being inconsiderate? And taking up too much space?

Hannah Ferguson  15:51  
I failed you Tenma so don't know how to weigh in on the whole geographic area of the shade thing? I think Sun safety's big thing for my generation. Not so much Danza. Yes, Dan, you're much older than me. But I also think maybe you just hate stripes. And you're a bit of an eastern suburbs elitist? What's going on here? Do you think it could be something else? Hiding behind this argument about a shave? I think I think overall good thing I think positive love the article.

Dan Ilic  16:16  
Right? Right. You you actually think the stripes are the problem. I have a problem with stripes. And what I wished for those cabanas is white linen. You're probably right. If they were white linen, maybe we'd let them slide.

Unknown Speaker  16:26  
So Sue's rational fear.

Unknown Speaker  16:29  
But there's one thing all cuckoo banners have in common. They're just about everywhere. 1000s of coca banners all the way online locals have posted cabanas our visual pollution.

Dan Ilic  16:42  
Hello, they're just popping into this pile of podcasters say that we are once again sponsored by Australian ethical, we don't want the a triple se to come and crack down on us. So I just want to make make sure everybody knows that. This part here is a sponsorship announcement for Australia ethical. So if you're listening from the a triple C, please don't arrest me. They put me in handcuffs. We're doing this ethically. This is the sponsorship announcement. Australian ethical, had been looking after us over the last Well, last year they did for 10 weeks. And now they're jumping on board for another 10. So it's very exciting to have them help us out. When it comes to investing ethically Australian ethical are the way to go if you want your money or your super to invest in things like renewable energy, clean tech health education, swap to Australian ethical, simple as that. All right back to the podcast. Well, he's a renowned musician, arts lover. And we are very excited to be joined by the Minister for the Department of Infrastructure transport, regional development, communications and arts. Yes, that is more ministers ships. Then Scott Morrison, welcome Tony Burke, hey, when you're in the opposition, you know, for the last decade or so did you ever think you'd ever become the Minister for the Department of Infrastructure transport, regional development, communications and the arts?

Tony Burke MP  17:54  
I'm only the last fit. I'm only the upstream. So I've got that the rest of my work in a different department, the Employment and Workplace Relations stuff. So but yeah, when I first got sworn in, and up until then, we'd had years where the word arts wasn't anywhere. So I was just glad to find it on a wall.

Dan Ilic  18:16  
On the podcast today, also, we've got Antoinette Latif and Hannah Ferguson. I don't know if you've met them or seeing them online. They're extraordinary people. So they're going to be chiming in with questions for you as well.

Tony Burke MP  18:26  
And I brought my prop, what

Dan Ilic  18:28  
was your prop? What prompted you bring, Ah, excellent, the revised document they revised,

Tony Burke MP  18:33  
every politician needs a prop. It's one of the things we do and I couldn't find a hat.

Dan Ilic  18:37  
Tony, the only prop that matters to me is a gigantic check made out to a rational fear. So I'm very excited you're you're the administer that

Tony Burke MP  18:47  
I'm working on the basis that everything we have announced is going to you

Dan Ilic  18:51  
so yes, the Revive policy was really exciting moment this week for people had reading kind of set every every kind of artists eyes, alight everyone was awake to it was very exciting. Could you could you tell us for you why this was personally important to you to kind of watch this now?

Tony Burke MP  19:07  
Yeah. So when I was lost arts minister, like Simon crean had announced a cultural policy. And two days later, there was a big blow up, and Simon was no longer a minister. So my whole role was to be implementing the cultural policy. And then after six months, we were gone. And it was replaced with nothing. Like I thought maybe Tony Abbott might replace it with something more conservative or something like that, but it was actually replaced with nothing. And so in the whole time in opposition, I just kept sort of imagining Monday, I guess, which was the time when we would have a cultural policy. Again, we'd bring it up to date. And we'd actually because the cultural policy, the concept of it, is it's you're establishing that culture matters to government and matters to the country. And so the language of it is, you know, while people go to show me The dollars and the dollars matter. But the fact that you're making that statement affects how government does stuff. But there were times during the pandemic, where I made passionate speeches saying artists are also workers that it had never occurred to me that I'd have to make speeches like that. Like, it's a bit of an obvious thing. And so for me, it was really important just to get to that moment, again, where you had the formality of a government saying, this really matters. And for those six years, I never knew what was going to be in it. I didn't know where the consultation would take us. And it took us in places I hadn't expected. But it was that fact of having the pm stand up. And actually just simply talk about, this is about the nation. So this really matters. Yeah, for me that march that finally the formality of the end of the culture was coming from government.

Dan Ilic  20:55  
Do you really think that's the end of culture wars from government? Well, government, yes. But

Tony Burke MP  21:00  
being backed up by the megaphone of government manage it that is like, you know, I campaigned for there to be a wage subsidy. And I was really glad when Job Cooper happened. But if you wanted to design one to exclude as many arts workers as possible, it's exactly what they do.

Antoinette Lattouf  21:14  
Minister, I know you've talked a lot about people suffering during the pandemic, those in the arts, and I wonder, behind the word revive, was it about reviving those careers? But what about careers like dance, which which tanked? Well before the

Tony Burke MP  21:32  
Yeah, look, I if you look at a whole lot of speeches I've given and Dan sort of feeling dog whistle to all the time. I've often said, we were we were vulnerable before the pandemic. And I guess that vulnerability encouraged me to come on tonight.

Dan Ilic  21:50  
Thank you, this is this is a pity interview. I really appreciate that. You open the door. Let's talk about let's talk about minimum wage fraud. Is that something you you have been talking a little bit about in kind of Sly language that was kind of missing largely from this package? It was, you know, you did kind of say that will be mandated by the government that government would pay a minimum wage to artists working for the government. But what about the the business population generally? Or in general? Is there some kind of minimum wage set coming down the line? Or is there an experiment or conversations you're, you're having that are kind of kind of early days,

Tony Burke MP  22:30  
we've taken steps towards it, I just in seven months of consultation, I, I didn't want to find that I inadvertently blown something up that mattered on the way through because we went about it the wrong way. So there's sort of the steps we've taken as of Monday. First of all, government's guaranteeing minimum rates and anything that we contract. Secondly, in the review of awards that I announced last year, as part of the Workplace Relations reforms, when secure jobs better pay went through and we had a negotiation with David pokok. I've now said specifically, looking at the work of artists has to be included in that review of awards. And that's particularly important for visual artists, because they've been really held back there. But then the other thing structurally that we've established as a centre for arts and entertainment workplace, it's so a centre within creative Australia, where it'll be half workers, half employers effectively, and it's part of its job will be to start to come up with what should be some minimum rates. And so the next step after saying government or pilot, is to say, once we get those minimum rates, if you want to come knocking on the door, to get a government grant, you need to be delivering on these minimum standards. And so that's sort of the next step of dealing with it.

Dan Ilic  23:52  
Oh, you know, we're lucky enough to have a Patreon so we can pay our comedy guests a small honorarium. We don't ask people to come on for exposure, because quite frankly, we don't have that many listeners. So it's pretty, you know, it's a bit of a raw deal for anyone that comes on. So yeah. Well, that's exciting to hear. That's exciting to hear. I want to talk a little bit about quotas. That was the other thing that kind of as a TV maker that made me excited 20% of revenue from streams to be invested into local production. When you've got kind of players like Netflix, who kind of obfuscate the numbers, you know, they do the old double dutch sandwich with an Irish twist, they licenced the trademarks. They kind of kind of deflate their own real revenue to kind of lower their tax bill, do you think that that metric is going to work to to get more local production on screen?

Tony Burke MP  24:37  
So this is where the screen Producers Association and there's a campaign called make an Australian and it's aiming for 20%? We haven't signed up to the 20% yet, we've signed up to the deadline. So this six months is consultation. next six months legislation. first of July next year, the Australian the requirements for Australian content will have start are the things that we've got to work through because they all affect. So if you lay under 20%, or you scale up to it over a few years, you then also have to work out three other areas. First, is it new content only, or can old content before to, to get there? You got,

Dan Ilic  25:18  
of course, Amazon, Amazon just bought their neighbours. And that was largely seen as a way to kind of bolster the bolster the fight against content, local content, are we going to see a Toady? Spin Off on neighbours?

Tony Burke MP  25:31  
Exotic? Yeah, this is the risk of Skippy taking over everyone's screaming to get getting whatever you can. So we've got to make the decision on whether there's whether things that are old counted all or whether it's only new, we've then also got to decide how Australian does it have to be. So some of the streams have come out saying we're already doing 20%. And they're counting every Marvel film that's been filmed here, which often, let alone this country. And then the third thing we've got to work out is what we do for sub quotas. So whether we have a sub quota for children's content, scripted drama documentary, how we deal with that. So all of that affects what the final percentage means. We haven't given ourselves long. And I I'm sure for the streamers and everyone else are setting the deadlines has focused the mind,

Dan Ilic  26:20  
will it be a percentage? Or will it be our hourly kind of content kind of metric? Yeah, you can't

Tony Burke MP  26:26  
do it the way you do free to air so free to air because you know what time things are going to be broadcast, you can set an hour by hour metric. But ultimately, with streaming, the consumer decides what they're going to watch. Although there's issues of menus, where Netflix or whoever make decisions about what they choose to prioritise in their algorithm. So I haven't found a method other than a percentage of expenditure or revenue that actually works. I think expenditure percentage of revenue is probably the only way you can deal with a streaming service, but you can't do it. The way that you deal with free to air TV

Antoinette Lattouf  27:05  
doesn't run the risk of production companies and streamers looking elsewhere to make content thinking, well, Australia is a small market, we don't have to, we don't have to play fair game here. We'll just we'll go to New Zealand, or we'll go elsewhere, does it? Are you do you have any of those concerns?

Tony Burke MP  27:22  
I really don't, because they're making a heap of money here. So whatever, wherever the quote is that they'll still make money and a whole lot of the Australian content they won't only show here, they will make money out of it around the around the world as well. Other countries, Europe's it within Europe, there are quotas, France, Italy, there, there are other countries that have quotas. I'm confident that it's not going to cause them to walk, because why would you walk from a place where you're making money? If the rule is simply you've got to make more content from a country that produces really good content?

Dan Ilic  27:54  
We are good content producers here at irrational.

Tony Burke MP  27:57  
And we that was another dog whistle to your dance.

Dan Ilic  28:00  
Well, this is the I look, I know, I know. You're currently auditioning for Poet Laureate of Australia, and it's really exciting. And Antoinette and Hannah and I have kind of, you know, we've we've shaped our little poem for you each to see you know what you think maybe we could be in the running to be Poet Laureate. Where are you happy to listen to these poems, Tony,

Tony Burke MP  28:19  
do what do I get rhyming couplets on the way through?

Dan Ilic  28:23  
You're gonna have someone have rhyming triplets who's to know I mean, how do you want to go first? I'm

Hannah Ferguson  28:29  
ready. Thank you Dan. I'm ready to win whatever I'm already placing myself there Dan is a firm third so I'm ready. Okay. The death of the Queen has flipped the lid on many secrets the monarchy hid. Our currency not featuring the king has really upset the right wing more than Prince Andrew ever did.

Dan Ilic  28:52  
Tony, keep in mind, culture wars are dead from government. What do you do?

Tony Burke MP  28:56  
I reckon the national poet laureate could reignite all of them.

Dan Ilic  29:05  
On that wasn't a great today Peter Dutton saying that say the Prince Charles, not on the $5 note is it is a direct attack on society. This comes from a government that created Robo debt who did an actual direct attack on society?

Antoinette Lattouf  29:18  
Dag, you've just, you've just provided the perfect segue because my Limerick is about done.

Dan Ilic  29:25  
Oh, let's do it. I have

Antoinette Lattouf  29:27  
you already when? I want to show you how to play dirty in a lab for Dutton. They once was a lad from Australia. He said let's maintain violent colonial regalia. He was extremely hot, and not very Luddite, which will ensure his continual destructive thing.

Dan Ilic  29:47  
Oh, oh, that's really good. I don't think mine can beat that structure. Yeah,

Hannah Ferguson  29:54  
that's a big word.

Antoinette Lattouf  29:57  
I should just wait for that.

Hannah Ferguson  29:58  
I was good once yellow Well, that's incredible.

Dan Ilic  30:02  
Mine's a little bit more suburban a bit more grassroots. Let me give it a go. There was movement at the station for the word pass around that the 3:25pm was cancelled. The Bankstown line was down. They all mustered on the platform frustration in their veins having already tapped on they brace for the worst over the speaker came, buses will replace trains

Hannah Ferguson  30:27  
was all in the voice Damn, that was 35% great voice.

Dan Ilic  30:31  
Well, you know the poet laureates got to perform to write. Tony What do you think?

Tony Burke MP  30:36  
I think Antoinette's poems get the one that keeps me in a job

Dan Ilic  30:41  
well, that is it for rational fear. Big thanks to antenatal tooth Hannah Ferguson, the Minister for arts Tony Burke. Let's get our plugs underway. Tony What would you like to plug? They'd revive Very good. He's holding up the for the people who aren't listening who aren't watching the podcast. He's holding up the policy documents video

Thank you, Tony Antoinette. Where would you like to plug

Antoinette Lattouf  31:06  
I would like to plug my book How to lose friends and influence white people. It is published by Penguin also, I'd like to point the fact that I have lost a few friends so there are some vacancies for anybody who's

Dan Ilic  31:21  
Anna Ferguson, what would you like to plug

Hannah Ferguson  31:23  
I'd like to plug take medias Instagram Chief media.co I had to add the.in Because when it was just take media co people and for me they were reading it is taking medical and thought I was a medical student and I was very

so I had to mix things up.

Dan Ilic  31:36  
Louis harbour regrets staying in an Airbnb with bad internet. He would like to plug our live shows we're going to Melbourne Adelaide Brisbane, Adelaide Fringe Festival Melbourne Comedy Festival Brisbane World Science Week tickets are irrational fear.com or comedy.com Dota you come along we'd love to see you big thanks to Jake roundup and Tepanyaki timeline Nico rock for his voice over today rode mics Australian ethical our Patreon supporters and everyone who listens Thank you

Transcribed by https://otter.ai

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