A Rational Fear
A Rational Fear
Aug 19, 2022
The Morrison Cinematic Universe — Dan Ilic, Killian David, James Donald Forbes McCann
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In the space of 72 hours we saw the birth, the brightly burning and death of the Scott Morrison Many Ministry Meme. 

We have a new podcast from A Rational Fear featuring the A Rational Fear twitter key holder, Killian David, and one of the few conservative voices in Australian comedy that’s not Rowan Dean — James McCann from the James Donald Forbes McCann Catamaran Plan Podcast.




Dan Ilic  0:00  
Hello, irrational fear. It's good to be back. We are kind of easing our way back into weekly shows for the rest of 2022. Thing is, it's just been so exhausting. We've had the election, I've had to go on holidays, I then went on another holiday and you know, I might even go on another holiday. And you know what that means? It's just it's difficult to do a regular podcast. But good news is we're doing live shows we've got a big live show coming up for the Festival of Dangerous Ideas. September 17, at Carriageworks is all about Australia and how Australia is the most secretive, liberal democracy in the world. It's great. We've got a great lineup, Kate McClymont, from the Sydney Morning Herald Damian case for the New York Times Amber Schultz, who of course has done this show a few times before she's from crikey, Lewis Harbor, who you know, he's, he's the boomer that's on Triple J. Daniel, which that's me and David McBride, who is a whistleblower lawyer who was the guy who basically told the press about our war crimes in Afghanistan, he's gonna be doing the show as well. It's going to be an incredibly funny and strange live show all about secrecy. Who knows we all may go to jail, but you know, that's that's for the good of everybody listening. I'm recording my end of irrational fear on Gadigal land in the Euro nation, sovereignty was never ceded. We need a treaty. Let's start tonight's show.

Simon Chilvers  1:18  
A rational fear contains naughty words like bricks, Canberra, fed gum, and section 40 of a rational view recommended listening by immature audience.

Dan Ilic  1:31  
Tonight Scott Morrison reveals he was also secretly sworn in as Prime Minister of Australia, and the Labour Party has achieved what many people thought was impossible. They passed a bill that nearly does something effective on climate change, and unemployment hits a new low of 3.4% with the creation of 20,200 new jobs last quarter that Scott Morrison had to give up after the election. It's the 19th of August and with more jobs for the boys, the New South Wales nationals. This is irrational fear.

James Donald McCann  1:58  
I can't hear anything, I'm sorry.

Dan Ilic  2:14  
Welcome to rational fear. I'm your host, former Royal National Park Daniel edge, and this is the podcast that takes the news and gives it a nice warm blanket and a cup of tea. Let's meet our fear mongers for tonight. He's a comedy writer, improviser and as the key to the irrational fear Twitter account. It's Killian, David. Hello.

Killian David  2:29  
Thanks for having me.

Dan Ilic  2:30  
What have you tweeted lately, that's going to put us in jail,

Killian David  2:33  
something about Scott Morrison as some of the hype

Dan Ilic  2:38  
around it. And he's gonna buy a podcast with his Patreon money. It's the host of the James Donald falls McCann catamaran plan, James McCann,

James Donald McCann  2:47  
it's so nice to be here until I make a technical error and disappear once again. You would think two years of pandemic two years of pandemic I'd get it right

Alex Dyson  2:56  
you know, and you know, for people who are new to James we can James McCann has this podcast called The James Donald forms McCann catamaran plan, and he's been begging people to book him on their podcast to get rich for his podcast, because he considers himself to be a good talent of which he is.

James Donald McCann  3:13  
I tell you, Dan to smash into hurdle number one, so swiftly as promptly, right? There's no hubris about me being on mumbling with the 19th ranked comedy podcasts in Australia. I'm humbled. I'm so happy to be here. I'm so sorry for my burden that I bring to the show.

Dan Ilic  3:30  
Yes. And for people who are listening on the podcast, I'm sure the bit where you logged on and couldn't hear anything has been cut out. So that's what we're referring to. For people listening to

James Donald McCann  3:39  
it was the five minutes of racial slurs that

Unknown Speaker  3:44  
as well, we can't do that. Thanks

Killian David  3:46  
to the Patreon and your your crew.

Alex Dyson  3:49  
James, where are you at with your catamaran plan, how's how's the fundraising going for your catamaran you started the podcast in order to get it insanely popular. So you could buy a catamaran, we're at

James Donald McCann  4:00  
work? That's a great question. And you're not, we're the listeners growing the monetization hard, very difficult. So we had, we had about $3,000. And then I don't know if you're aware, but the cost of milk has exploded. Once I get my tax return back, I hope to get it back up to $3,000. Discreetly, maybe I shouldn't say that publicly, you know, I'm sure it'll be fine. And so make sure you can extort from yourself. So I'll pay myself back and then we have only what 490 $700,000 To go oh, this

Dan Ilic  4:33  
is exciting. Coming up later, we're going to be talking with Scott Morrison who's going to be taking over as host of this show. But first here's a message from this week's sponsor, a human washed up former leader of a minor political party and want a new job but you're worried that a life in Parliament has left you with no discernible skills or friends and simply log on to jobs for the boys.co.ck at jobs for the boys dot COC you'll find a list of well paid board placements in fossil fuels and defense as well as detailed instructions on how to start off farm in regional Tasmania and never be heard from again to make a profile simply upload your contact book to the platform and jobs for the boys will reach out to you for a quiet word in a noisy place in the middle of the day somewhere around Monica. And if you're a woman try our sister site. It hasn't been invented yet jobs for the boys dot COC is a sponsor of irrational fear. All right, this week's first fear Scott Morrison's many ministries Now we all know the story. He's a man of many ministries. During his time in Parliament, Scott secretly swore himself into two extra ministries at the height of the pandemic. So that pretty much telling anyone, and then as things got better, he was like, Hey, I like having these extra ministries. I'm gonna, I'm gonna sign myself into three more. He signed himself into resources, Home Affairs, possibly the most powerful of all the ministries and Treasury as well. He's doing well, you know, might as well be the man and be the money man, too. So what's going on here? Like? Should we be upset that Scott Morrison has gone ahead and secretly sworn himself into so many ministries? Kellyanne, let's start with you.

Killian David  6:01  
I think we should give him a bit of a break. I mean, he was sorry, Ben

Dan Ilic  6:05  
Ford, and we'll start with you.

Killian David  6:06  
Let's I mean, as he said, like he he was steering the ship in The Tempest. Yeah. You know, and we were all on the show. We were I mean, instead of walk in his shoes, as he said, in the, in his freezer, I mean, all this talk about being on the shore and walking his shoes that made me think that perhaps he was the next thing was going to say it was how he was walking on the sand. And there's only one step sort of footprints and, and then it turns out that Jesus was carrying him.

Dan Ilic  6:39  
Yeah. For a long time, I was followed by two sets of footprints, and all of a sudden, there was no footprint footprints. What happened there I swore myself in as Jesus. And then I carried myself. Yeah, I

Killian David  6:52  
like the way that he was talking about, you know, like, you know, how was it for me, you know, to be in my shoes. I'm sure that his empathy coach was on the sidelines going,

Dan Ilic  6:59  
Yeah, that's it. You guys don't know what it's like to be Prime Minister. It's hard out there. It's hard. The prime minister, not many people get to be Prime Minister. It's difficult. It's very hard. James. Look, you would you count yourself as a Scott Morrison fan. Oh, look,

James Donald McCann  7:14  
he's a loser. He failed to deliver that election. And that's a problem. From an ironic point of view, I'm strapped up all my, you know, good lefty, inner city mates. You jumping up and down, like they can't believe he's done it. This is like the proof that he was always an evil man. I'm trying to figure out a way to care about what he's done. I really like I bet I place up you can I'm allow information, humble, suburban father of two, he took on extra jobs at a difficult time. He doesn't seem to have abused that power at all. And it's so within the confines of what you're allowed to do as prime minister, he if he had done that, without the consent of the Governor General. I'm one of these absolute monarchy people I should say, as well. So all the stuff that we should sack the Governor General, this is insane. He's the Prime Minister. He's the first servant, and he decided to serve in an extended capacity. You know, there's a formality of cabinet consultation early on.

Killian David  8:13  

Alex Dyson  8:14  
Do you think the secrecy stuff is weird? Don't you think the whole thing about no either? Yes, I find it weird, like hiding, hiding the fact that you have undercut your ministers by also becoming an executor of those ministries as well. Totally undercutting the ministry in particular, when it comes to the coalition, right. Like to have resources Minister Kate Spade, who is a national being charged of, of such a strong ministry, which is part of the national agreement, they all about power sharing. And then to come through and go, you know, that nationals guy, I don't really trust him.

James Donald McCann  8:46  
But I don't believe that the grips on Twitter, who are going ham are doing so because they so respect the National Party, and the role that they should have in the coalition. And this is the problem with Scott Morrison times. It's like something weird that our loser would do. Like he didn't even do if he'd done it right now. But it's like pulling your pants all the way down to the ground to take a piece at the urinal. He it doesn't appear to have been for any other reason than he thought it was appropriate at the time

Dan Ilic  9:13  
health and finance, housing finance, I totally understand, right, that was at the peak of the pandemic, but resources Home Affairs Treasury like those three like resources that's got nothing to do with the pandemic. Like we could

James Donald McCann  9:25  
have had a war with China at any point. And then we're gonna need to get that out.

Dan Ilic  9:28  
Yeah. Well, the one thing he did jibes as as as resources minister was canceled fossil fuel projects, which I'm very, I'm very much in favor of, I think that's fantastic.

James Donald McCann  9:37  
Go ahead. Judas. And so the Liberal Party should be furious.

Dan Ilic  9:42  
Yeah, we should we should be celebrating him for that. We should we should build a plaque for Scott Morrison because

Killian David  9:49  
I don't understand inadvertently.

Dan Ilic  9:51  
It's really quite offensive to all those other ministers who are on his team, who had no idea that he was also the CO executor of those ministries please another point of view,

James Donald McCann  10:01  
but they sack them like this. This is the third. This was the third batch. Abbott came in with some hot talent on that front bench. They all fucking went abroad where was hockey Where's Bishop second ministry Turnbull the moderates get to go there narrow fuckin gone where we're dealing with yourself. Yeah, I mean he

Unknown Speaker  10:25  
was Greg Clark was there James Greg Hunt was on the front bench. He was the

James Donald McCann  10:28  
Birmingham Whoopty doo. I mean, these people are not talent. This is

Killian David  10:33  
he was keeping Marcin was keeping these ministers at a distance not telling them because he needed to make room for the Holy Spirit

Dan Ilic  10:44  
the biggest stuff up with the with the pandemic was, was not replying to those emails from Pfizer, which, which was really quite a major fuckup Greg hands team totally is totally in the tank for but at the time, Scott Morrison was also health minister like he would have gotten those emails to Surely you know, like,

James Donald McCann  11:07  
yeah, I don't know that he's a big emails guy right

Dan Ilic  11:10  
here. Yeah, he's a Facebook guy that the CEO of the CEO of Pfizer should have put it on Facebook.

James Donald McCann  11:17  
If he'd reached out on LinkedIn, Scotty would have been there. Have you seen Comos LinkedIn

Dan Ilic  11:20  
is it isn't popping off?

James Donald McCann  11:23  
Well, I think elbow didn't even have a LinkedIn, which is why he didn't kill it with the, you know, like $150,000 a year. Equity bros. Yeah. Like the AFR, I think had an article about like, How could anyone run for high office without LinkedIn? Like, what fucking world are these people live in

Dan Ilic  11:42  
Scott Morrison and LinkedIn, the reason why he loves LinkedIn so much is really the platform for the unemployed. Because anytime you ever use LinkedIn, it's when you're unemployed.

James Donald McCann  11:49  
I've ever it's about making connections with people. I think he could do the religious. I mean, really, that's what he loves. Right? Is that the pinto hand in the air stuff. And he's clearly good at like, whenever there's a clip of him doing one of the pinto things. He's great. Like he is a much less guarded, when he's saying things like that. Trust that government. I've met these people, that's a better use of his faculties and what he believes all he can do is be a communicator, and you would never let him near a company again, but if all it is is like, who wants to show up in a room and listen to Scott Morrison, some people some not me, some people would want to do that. You could be a mega church leader

Dan Ilic  12:26  
saying like this. Yeah, the Scott Morrison mega church isn't is in the works like merchandise, self help, books, music. I mean, you can play the ukulele. This is great.

James Donald McCann  12:37  
He likes to sing. And he's these these hand people. He's got the hand of the so I'm like,

Killian David  12:42  
you can he can make his own crucifixions because he can chop down trees? No, no.

James Donald McCann  12:48  
They don't do that.

Dan Ilic  12:50  
James, can you give me just one good reason why this is a storm in a teacup why we should turn it out, turn our eyes away from this crazy secrecy.

James Donald McCann  13:01  
I would honestly say that I think of all the horrible abuses of power that were perpetrated, and lack of oversight that were done during the COVID pandemic. This is the one about which like, literally, nobody noticed. Like not only not only was it it wasn't just secret. And like it was deemed such as not a threat to our democracy, that people who knew about it, and were writing the book about him didn't blow a whistle. They're like, Ah, well, right after the election, we'll have a booker offer. Yeah, I mean, this is he's not even he's not even resigning. He went in. I thought he was going to when he gave that speech, right? The text message has been coming out and people are going Scott, he's gone. It's gone. It's gone. He came and he was like, oh, I want to I want to resign from the sea and the shock. He's not get up this year in the fall. It's like, he's sticking around. He's got his money. He's got his pension

Killian David  13:52  
around. We should all be ashamed of ourselves as well. Yeah. Even daring to insinuate that he was doing anything wrong.

Dan Ilic  13:58  
For my scenes. I did watch that entire press conference. It was an hour and six minutes, I think. And it was like reliving the hits. You know, it was just like,

James Donald McCann  14:08  
he's back baby. It's like

Alex Dyson  14:10  
this. Everything I did was totally fine. I know. I was never wrong. I apologize if you were offended. And

Scott Morrison  14:21  
that's a matter for the Queensland Government. I mean, that's a matter for the premier. That's a matter that I'll raise with other premiers and chief ministers. That's really a question to the brilliant. That's a matter of I'm happy to take up with the other premiers and chief ministers a rational

Dan Ilic  14:33  
fear this way. Second fear the climate bill, climate change bill passed a couple of weeks ago. What this means is 43% Cut blow to 2005 levels to reach net zero by 2050. And the climate change authority is back with teeth. It's there to advise on the target, which is exciting. Another thing that the bill in Thurs is that there's going to be an annual State of the Climate from the climate change minister. They're gonna do that every year. I don't know if that's enough. But yes, we're here at the Climate Change Minister once a year. Once a year, we're gonna hear from the cloud, how hot it's getting. That's exciting. And then a whole bunch of agencies are going to encourage everyone to be good boys and girls, and that is generally the gist of the climate change bill. There's also this thing called the safeguard mechanism that's been in place for some time. It was a little policy that James's friend Tony Abbott brought it into 2016. It had kind of it kind of had, like a punitive measures against business who didn't meet their emissions target

James Donald McCann  15:27  
was just admitted. It's a great it's a great measure and Tony Abbott's a great man. It's been long enough,

Dan Ilic  15:34  
Tony Abbott is a great man. Better than Scott Morrison, I would say he's better than Scott. Finally, who are these people, Tony Abbott, bringing in the safeguard mechanism, Scott Morrison canceling the pay pay. Fossil fuel projects,

Killian David  15:51  
brace the bloody hippies,

Dan Ilic  15:53  
I've had I've had these liberal Prime Ministers are wrong. These are climate heroes. These are people doing their best in a system. It's pretty kind of like a bit of a weak climate bill. But I still think it's going to be pretty good in terms of moving forward

Killian David  16:09  
with teeth is like, yeah, teeth that can be pulled out, one by one.

Dan Ilic  16:15  
And then in America, the inflation Reduction Act came in last week as well. So that was a $370 billion act with only $60 billion inside that 370 billion to do with climate action. The bill also includes a bunch of provisions, that essentially means the federal government has to allow auctions of oil and gas on federal land. So that was the big concession to fossil fuels. How do you feel about climate change? James, I don't, I don't really know your position.

James Donald McCann  16:41  
I mean, I'm broadly against you know, I like I like nature. I look up, my religion does not permit contraception. So my children keep coming. And I'm poor. So if I, if I say, can, I mean, like, if this was it, I would be lying. If I said this was a top 10. For me, it's like who's going to help me find a house that stops my children getting tuberculosis is where I'm at, I'm really at hand to mouth, I can't express to you how much of me having a technical issue at the start of this podcast, was due to like, very, very poor in an efficient technology on mine. If there's one thing that this sort of Bill can change, though, which I would like to appeal to my patriotism. This is not quite to do with climate change. But it is disgusting that all we do as a country is the shit out of the ground. Like that is what annoys me is that as a Australian, and I love my country, this bait, it's basically all we seem capable of doing. There's no like, proper Australia, there's no car industry, there's no fashion industry, we've got these big cities, I can't think of a good app that's come out of this country. I can't think of one app.

Dan Ilic  17:48  
I just don't think I just delete one this week, I just deleted the COVID Safe app, that was a good app that came out.

James Donald McCann  17:53  
Thank you. Thank you, Scotty, you know, Minister for digital innovation, too, while you're at it. So if we can, like I actually don't mind as clamping down on these industries, if only because I find them to be extremely boring, like beyond whatever negative impact that I'm sure they are having on the environment. They just sack like they don't help anyone.

Alex Dyson  18:15  
Except for the shareholders and for the owners themselves. Yeah.

James Donald McCann  18:19  
Yeah. Who ever then use that money to do what buy another investment property? Yeah. And like, it's just holes and houses is that really all we're gonna do as a nation,

Dan Ilic  18:27  
I've got a sketch coming out next week. And it's all about gas and the gas prices. And some of the insane things the gas companies have done over the last 30 years is, is it's totally counterintuitive to helping out anything, helping out this whole situation with Australia and our gas supply. So 80% of the gas that we make goes basically overseas, and the largest user of that gas is the gas companies themselves. It takes about 8% of the gas to actually put it on a boat and ship it overseas. So that's, that's wasted gas. The gas prices are locked at 2002 prices from when John Howard was in power, he did this deal with the gas gas companies that they could they could sell at 2002 prices internationally for 30 years so that that deal is still going and so it's not in the it's not in the gas company's interest at all to sell to Australia at a cheaper rate. Because when because they need to sell overseas at this 2002 rate. Because the property

James Donald McCann  19:25  
stones know it takes a men with guns, match them into the office and get something done. That was the most exciting Whitlam thing with you know, is that we were going to we were going to nationalize industry. We were going to build pump pipelines. And I'm sure the progressive leftist today wouldn't be opposed to this because it would be very carbon problematic, but it's like so much money that we haven't touched because what we're afraid of the CIA killing us if we stop exporting that money and giving it to big companies like I think that's the reason we haven't nationalized gas right now.

Dan Ilic  19:57  
The reason why well the reason why the reason why we We don't have Gough Whitlam anymore or people like him is because the CIA got rid of him because they he wanted to get rid of Pine Gap. That was a military thing.

James Donald McCann  20:08  
I reckon. I reckon it's both. I reckon I was gonna he was doing a lot of stuff, and he was going to use that money to this is a different conversation. I don't want it. But it's like to be an independent power. We've got to get a nuclear bomb. I've said the only thing people remember from me saying this is I'm trying to buy a catamaran Jameson, of course became catamaran plan number two, can we get a nuclear weapon please, if necessary?

Dan Ilic  20:35  
Yes, fuck the subs, let's get a catamaran for jibes? Do you think this do you think Australia needs a catamaran plan, James?

James Donald McCann  20:43  
Well, look, I mean, that's one industry that I'm trying to put forward that we could do as a country. That's a little more exciting than just digging stuff out of the ground. Could we have you know, an expert? Can we have an ABC series that people want to watch? That's not miss Fisher's murder mystery? Or did you hear that podcast a friend? Kelly's getting tongue ballads? Oh, geek. What's going on with that? Yeah.

Dan Ilic  21:05  
Did you listen to the drop with as men for key? Did Oh, Kelly.

James Donald McCann  21:09  
God bless her. She's 105 years old. I don't know if people know that.

Dan Ilic  21:14  
Yeah, I mean, she's a great broadcaster. I think you know, people who watch the ABC love her. And I think that makes sense. Yeah, ABC perspective.

Unknown Speaker  21:20  
Let's find but you know,

Dan Ilic  21:22  
the average age of the ABC viewer is like 70. Like, it's not it's not young people. When I say young people were in our 40s and sci fi five.

James Donald McCann  21:32  
But even within the paradigm, even if you're just going to narrow well, right, we're going to have over 50s ABC presenters and we're going to use we're going to friend Kelly is not the one who you listen to and go. That's our that's Australia's David Letterman right there. Lee sales is out of a job. What do we do and she's sparkling She's witty, she's good on that podcast. Where's Lee, you

Dan Ilic  21:52  
should have the have you been having conversations with any musical theater people folks on this podcast? Because they are livid that AFL player has gotten a starring role in Joseph and Technicolor Dreamcoat

James Donald McCann  22:02  
offensive hiring of Shane crew are that's jazz hands up. Yeah,

Dan Ilic  22:07  
James, you've got this great podcast. It's one of my favorite podcasts. I listened to it. Whenever it comes in, I listened to it. It is a very vulnerable podcast, you share a lot of yourself in it. And you have hilarious production in it. The way you use music and repetition, and your post production makes me laugh, like a little boy, is very, very funny. And the whole premise of you going out there with a podcast to try and raise enough money to buy a catamaran is so stupid as someone who's had a podcast going for 10 years and hasn't made too much money from this podcast.

James Donald McCann  22:48  
I don't know how to I Yeah, monetizing. It does seem to be hard. Everybody does have a party. But that's so nice. That's really nice for you to say, I love doing it. I mean, look, I think it's the best podcasts that I'm currently making of all of them. And it is nice to just have a but again, I think I think I'm mentally ill. I don't want to get into the vulnerability, but it's just it's nice to have like one overarching thing of like, all right, it's all for the boat. When I'm doing a book of poems at the moment that I wrote of last fortnight we had an ad auction. I'm like, I'm selling mugs to people. But it's like at what point do you go I you know, you look back at yourself and you take stock and you go oh my perhaps I'm not well, you know, how long can we pepper over this with a boat ambition? Yeah.

Dan Ilic  23:30  
So you're doing all these things. You know, you're doing the the art auction, the poem book, which is 911 and Marlon Brando.

James Donald McCann  23:40  
Yeah, Marlon Brando. 911, beautiful poems that everybody will love. Here's the thing about the poetry, I don't understand why people go, Oh, you can't make money selling poetry, you should be able to make the most money out of poetry, because it's very few pages. And it's not doesn't take very long to write because I've only got a couple of words on each page. So really, you should be able to churn them out and you charge the same amount of money. That's the crazy thing. The profit margin on a book of poems is through the roof. It's just that people hate poems.

Dan Ilic  24:04  
That's about it for a rational fear this week. Big thank you to our guests, James McCann. Thank you, James.

James Donald McCann  24:11  
Dan, a pleasure. I'm sorry if I just shared it. That's okay.

Dan Ilic  24:14  
I think we're having a very robust, it's good to have a robust discussion. James. I'm

Unknown Speaker  24:18  
glad we're having this rope and I say anything. cancelable No,

Dan Ilic  24:21  
no, you didn't say anything canceled. I think we might lose some Patreon supporters, but hopefully they go to your podcast. Julian, very nice to have you on we'll have you on properly another time. Lovely. Yes. It's great to be on. Thank you. Do you guys have anything to plug killing? Do you have anything plugged? I'd like to

James Donald McCann  24:37  
plug James's podcast. I want to take this opportunity to plug this podcast irrational fear. I want to say when I was I did your podcast long before I have my own podcast and you were at the cabaret festival. And you were kind enough to have me on. And Daniel, your work ethic is singular. In this business. I don't know anyone who has your work ethic or Your understanding of the industry to make it work. It's it's kept.

Dan Ilic  25:04  
I haven't. I will talk about it.

James Donald McCann  25:09  
I don't think we're ruthless ambition for power cancers and mental illness is sort of strength. I hope Fran Kelly gets on the phone to you and gets you in charge of that show. Dan. I think you're the only man with the experience running a show of that kind in Australia. pram. Kelly, pick up the blower Get this man working again.

Dan Ilic  25:27  
That's very kind I don't I don't do producing anymore. I just I'm just telling James. I'm just telling you these days. I've drawn a line. I'm like, I'm not I'm not I'm not on the tools anymore. Okay. Well, Fran

James Donald McCann  25:36  
Kelly do the right thing. Resign and allow the ABC to hire Dan for your job. There we go.

Dan Ilic  25:42  
Exactly. Or give it give it to a young person kombucha young Daniel Young. Used to be it used to be we all used to be ABC standards. I was really I was really hoping to get that TV show when I was a young person. Now I'm an old person. That ship has sailed give the show to a 40 year old white man demand a demand it's not very fashionable anymore Is it? Please if you are in Sydney on in September come to rational fear at the festival Dangerous Ideas September 17. Came a climate Damien cave The New York Times. Amber shields from crikey Louis harbor myself, David McBride is also going to be there. Deelen Bay is going to be DJing it's going to be great for some dangerous ideas. September's emptied big thank you to rode mics, also to our Patreon supporters for sticking around hanging hanging around still paying the Patreon even though he didn't give a show last week last month. I've been busy. I've been busy trying to try to feed feed my family. And also big thanks to Jacob brown and a big thank you to James and Killian as well for joining us tonight.


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