A Rational Fear
A Rational Fear
Nov 26, 2020
Qantas vs Anti Vaxers — Chris Taylor, Alice Fraser, Imaan Frank Hadchiti, Dan Ilic
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We have some old friends of the show and someone new. Chris Taylor (The Chaser) Alice Fraser (The Last Post) And Imaan Frank Hadchiti joins the podcast. Qantas’s vaccinations, The Magna Carta people of the UK, and Turkey Pardoning in the USA. We unfortunately didn’t connect to our guest interview Michael West on the crumbling of the Murdoch Empire, we assume he was assassinated mid-podcast by John Barilaro. 


We won the Best Comedy Podcast at the Australian Podcast Awards. Beating out such luminaries as Hamish and Andy and Tony Martin’s Sizzle Town.  I trust that last year’s winners Tony Martin and his producer Matt Dower will take the Australian Podcast Awards finding with good grace, and will proceed with a peaceful transition of power.  It’s what makes the Australian Podcast Awards great, we may differ on what we think is ‘humour,’ but we can all agree farts are always funny.

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This podcast is supported in part by the birth of foundation.

Dan Ilic  0:04  
Hello, Lewis.

Lewis Hobba  0:05  
Hello, Daniel. How are you?

Dan Ilic  0:06  
I don't know if you're aware, but you and I, we are now the award winning irrational fear podcast.

Lewis Hobba  0:11  
Yeah, I heard we're officially the funniest podcasts in Australia. What a low bar for the whole country.

Dan Ilic  0:17  
And anyone who's new to listening to this podcast, can I just say I just send some really exceptional bits in for the awards? So don't expect to be funny. straight off the bat.

Unknown Speaker  0:27  

Lewis Hobba  0:28  
what what do you have to send in you have to in like, 20 minutes or something, and we make a general podcast, that's about 0.01% of the waffle on an average podcast

Dan Ilic  0:37  
and show across the year, there's gonna be five minutes of really crappy stuff that's gonna have you in stitches. And that's what you can expect from us. Across the year, five minutes is gonna make you laugh.

Lewis Hobba  0:48  
If you're listening to this, think of yourself as a gold miner, going in, going under that going into the shaft. And who knows, maybe you'll spend five years of your life and it'll be for nothing. Or maybe within 10 minutes, you'll find a little nugget of gold, and you'll be able to check it in and you'll be you'll be happy for the rest of your life.

Dan Ilic  1:07  
People who have been happy for the rest of their life, and they found the gold include new Patreon supporters. Phil Thank you, Phil. Michael David lai adoos Frankie Lee has upped her contribution from 20 to 30 bucks a month. That's, that's like three standard subscriptions. Frankie, thank you very much for that. And a big thanks to James Shira, who dropped us a $10 support package as well. You can support us. We may be award winning, Louis, but we don't have many sponsors. In fact, the only people who sponsor us are our Patreon supporters.

Lewis Hobba  1:36  
Yeah. Obviously still not getting paid despite the award can't cast the award for money down and

Dan Ilic  1:42  
you can't you know what i did you see this clip of Kyle Sandilands, who double bass on tik tok and walked up to him and he was in sitting in his bed late, and some taco went up to and said, What do you do for a job in car sounds like a little bit of radio, I do a bit of TV. I'm a publisher. I have a music company, and I drive a Bentley. Well, it doesn't I drive a 2000 Corolla so you know that that's comparable. Incidentally, we bake Collin Jackie. Oh, what do you mean, they went in the category with Oh, no, we beat Hamish and Andy, but they have houses in Queenstown. That's fine.

Lewis Hobba  2:15  
Yeah, but also thank you all again to all the new Patreon subscribers, particularly thanks to the one who did it before we were famous and award winning, you know, your ones we won't forget.

Dan Ilic  2:24  
Yes, yes. big thank you to those people who signed up in the very early days before we were good. Before we were award winning before before nobody actually whom I was gonna say before nobody knew names. Who am I kidding? Nobody knows. And David Lewis. You and I have had illustrious careers on national broadcast is another way they will

Lewis Hobba  2:42  
people either know who will know one of my names at a time. They know it's a Veronica and Lewis all they know, Hubbard hanger. They never know them both at the same time.

Dan Ilic  2:50  
I'm still convinced that we only one because people thought you were Tony Martin.

Lewis Hobba  2:56  
That's the dream. Yeah, I'm still cashing those get this checks.

Dan Ilic  3:00  
Another way to support irrational fears to offset the carbon emissions from your car with a go neutral sticker for every 990 dollars ticket go neutral by 3.5 tonnes of carbon, which is about the same as yearly emissions for a car and five bucks that comes to us, Lewis, you're not joining us on this week's show. But you'll be in Melbourne. I hope for you the best.

Lewis Hobba  3:17  
Thank you. Yeah, I've had enough. I've had enough. I was only in it for the awards. I've won the award. And now I'm retiring from this podcast.

Dan Ilic  3:25  
I assume you're gonna go and head off to three AWS and get that sweet, sweet, three IWA money.

Lewis Hobba  3:30  
Yeah, I won't be around for the rest of podcasts. And unfortunately, as we are recording this, I'm on a plane to Melbourne. I'm going to see my family who I haven't seen this

Dan Ilic  3:38  
Christmas. Oh, exciting. That's fantastic. I think that is a beautiful moment. I think there are there's plenty of Sydney, Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia wide readings happening all around the nation, which is absolutely terrific. Well enjoy that. I'm recording my end of irrational fear and gadigal Land of the urination sovereignty was never stated. We need a trading. Let's start the shock.

Unknown Speaker  3:57  
A rational fear contains naughty words like bricks. cambro fan COMM And section 40 of our rational fear recommended listening might emerge your audience. Tonight

Dan Ilic  4:11  
the death of Diego Maradona sends the world's football fans and cocaine markets into a tailspin. And Charlie Amelio becomes the first tik tok to reach 100 million followers with six hours of content or approximately the amount of time it takes the average Social Media Manager to explain tik tok to their boss and Scott Morrison calls the Cali more Gilbert business with around a miracle apparently doesn't know how governments work. It's the 27th of November 2020. And it feels like the last week of school but it's not. This is irrational fear.

Welcome to irrational fear the show that takes the scary news of the week and finds the comfy bits to rub our faces in. I'm your host for official photographer of the Prime Minister Daniel itch. Let's meet our female guest for tonight. Joining us from the free state of Melbourne. He's the host of Italy's Daily Show and The biggest name, the biggest smallest name and Australian economy. Economy. Why not? It's a man Frank che good I am on what's it like to walk the streets of Melbourne?

Imaan Frank Hadchiti  5:17  
It's fine.

Dan Ilic  5:22  
And she's one of the most in demand comedians on the podcasts today her boss as in her boss demands that she do at least a podcast. It's Alice Fraser get Alice what other demands is Andy Saltzman have for you?

Alice Fraser  5:35  
Oh well the the problem with Andy is he's such a delight to work with that we end up always working together though he demands to do the most puns that always have to do slightly fewer puns than him.

Dan Ilic  5:49  
And from the chaser, it's the multiple actor nominated Chris Tyler, Chris nominated for upright and at home alone together this week. Both of those are in the comedy category. What happens if neither when Chris

Chris Taylor  6:01  
if neither wins, it'll be a victory for comedy. Can I just say them and I genuinely surprised that you are humble enough not to raise yourself earlier. I feel very nervous doing this podcast this week with you because of course you won an award something much better than an actor award a a an Australian podcast award, the best comedy podcast in Australia and this puts pressure on on us tonight. A lot of people have been shooting in for the first time tonight and you know be their first experience of irrational fear of this shit. It's on us and so I just want to say no pressure. I notice Louis very strategically decided to have this one out.

Dan Ilic  6:42  
Oh have you know that tonight is is is shit on purpose. Because of that. We want to lower expectations so we can win again next year. It's not often Ubaid, Hamish and Andy a tiny mountain sounds like it's really exotic.

Alice Fraser  6:55  
I feel like it's very important if you win an award to prove that awards are worth nothing because inevitably you will just want to prove to everyone that no one really deserves in a world.

Dan Ilic  7:09  
Coming up is rupert murdoch going broke investigative journalist Michael West will be joining us to help put the pieces together. But first, here's a message from this week's sponsor Zurich

Mathias Cormann  7:18  
on camera. Wow, Madrid, Brussels. Wow. Birth camera. Wow, good eye. I'm former finance minister Mateus Coleman. Travelling during the pandemic can be hard, which is why I fly with common airlines on bypass flying a private jet across the world to prove your green credentials to European politicians to get a tax free job can cost over $4,000 an hour. But because I'm not an economic girly, man, I just got the audible I have to do it. So it's 100% free. That's right free. I don't even work for the Australian Government anymore. Somebody else buys for it. That's financed baby fly common airlines every seat is up business See, and a few on Australian stock in Europe trying to escape overnight been dry a chop off.

Dan Ilic  8:08  
Alright, let's get into the fears. Speaking of airlines angry customers have swore never to fly cuantas ever again after Alan Joyce said that COVID vaccinations would be mandatory on future flights. Although just like Qantas job security, it's only 70%. Effective. Yes, if you want to fly quanis, you'll be strapped in a chair and stabbed aggressively with a needle or as they call it, economy. And if you're willing to pay twice the price, you'll also be stabbed with the needle but with more leg room, which is great. And this is of course it's absolutely terrible news for any anti vaxxers for mullumbimby. Who will have to take their trips the usual way with acid. So is it okay that Qantas is demanding international customers get the jab?

Chris Taylor  8:50  
I'm okay with this. Um, firstly, from a health point of view, I think you've we've spent the whole year waiting for this vaccine. If one exists, then why wouldn't you have it? But the main reason I'm all pro This is because it will introduce more segregation in flying. You know, remember the old days where there was a smoking section and a non smoking section. Now actually divide anti vaxxers from vectors where there will actually be a curtain between people and in the same people to make it really obvious is that the moment you've kind of had to guess, or are they an anti vaxxer or not, by now if we just either just have a separate class. And I suggest, you know, there must be something worse than cattle classes. They're just a, you know, a needle prod class or just luggage hold will do. Or even a separate airline. I don't know what virgin is doing these days. But if they could pivot just to become the anti vaxxer airline. I think it could be very good

Dan Ilic  9:40  
for all Yeah, jab star becomes the airline that was frozen.

Alice Fraser  9:46  
Well, I have to disagree with you completely. Chris, I think this is a ridiculous infringement on personal liberties. And while we're at it, we should get rid of the rule that you're not allowed to fly when you're very pregnant. The rule that you're not allowed to fly when you're on fire or carrying liquids in bottles of more than 100 million I feel like the people who are anti Vax pre flight are the kind of people who defiantly drink half a litre of expensive shampoo with customs. Because how dare you tell them that they're not allowed to bring a bottle of shampoo and a wet goat on board?

Unknown Speaker  10:16  
What's this?

Dan Ilic  10:17  
I'm over 400 mils. All right, let me get rid of this right? on my head. A man you do a lot of flying? How do you feel about this?

Imaan Frank Hadchiti  10:26  
I don't know. I just wonder how they gonna enforce it. You know? Like, is it gonna be that sort of sneaky add ons? When you book your ticket? We're like, yeah, you know, if you don't click the dead stop box, you know, it's gonna cost you $70 to get the job at the gate, you know? Is it gonna be like that?

Dan Ilic  10:42  
It's kind of interesting, Chris, like you were saying how we were waiting for this moment to happen. We're kind of now putting our responsibilities because governments are so scared to do anything because of political pressure. It's up to now, corporations to actually do the moral take the moral high ground and show moral leadership. Yeah. Is there anything? Is it Do you?

Chris Taylor  11:01  
Do you feel weird about that? No, no, I'm kind of grateful. Because I've lost hope waiting for governments to show moral leadership on this. I What was interesting for this in me on a serious note was how early Joyce went with it, because we will see a lot of this not just in the airline industry, but anywhere where you know, where there's group sort of situations, they probably weren't like schools, churches, gyms, and so forth. I think there will be a stipulation soon, that unless you've had the backstay out, so from a sort of marketing point of view is a bit unsanded. A bit Todd Sampson, he was sort of surprised. Joyce came out so hard and early. But he did say in his comments, I think, didn't he that he'd been speaking privately with his counterparts at other airlines, and they're all going to do it. So any anti vaxxer who thinks they just won't fly quarters from now on? What maybe have a lot of other options if they're all on the same page on this? You did

Dan Ilic  11:54  
bring up branding and marketing. This is really interesting. This is bad news for anti vaxxers. They are now adding force on the internet complaining about this, and including this one who is a TV psychologist from the UK. Her name's Emma Kenny, she's got some suggestions for quarters

Unknown Speaker  12:09  
in 20,000 people are damaged by vaccines, meaning that compared to the amount of children that damaged by COVID, there is no comparison. Vaccines will damage more children. And they will help so cuantas are advocating for the willful harm of children. Is that what you want your next year strapline to be cuantas willfully injured children? Fly with cuantas. But we might just NGO kid. Oh, well,

Dan Ilic  12:41  
what do you think about that in mind?

Imaan Frank Hadchiti  12:43  
I'm for injuring children.

Chris Taylor  12:45  
So people forget, I mean, this is extremely on brand for cuantas. They they've been exploiting that Children's Choir for years taking the most places that are freezing cold, like the London Bridge at 5am to shoot an ad in the middle of a little room on top of the Opera House. I mean, the light shade has a load on that. So I think this is a good move for corners and very consistent. I just sort of want to know if they'll be you know, we talked about business class earlier, like, is there sort of like a deluxe vaccine and sort of budget version one is the one that you can lace with, yeah, you know, Bali, or Dom Perignon, or something. So it's a little bit more fun. Like how are the how the Jetson is gonna embrace this.

Alice Fraser  13:28  
One of the things that I'm I'm very sorry about about this conscious announcement is that they're now going to have to change their song because it's not true anymore. There are no cities that never shut down. His own backyard is a worst example of pork barrel and you can find

Dan Ilic  13:47  
this week's second fear. I like a turkey pardoning Chris you like a turkey pardoning in a tradition going back decades, President Trump is officially part of the turkey to save it from ending up as part of a Thanksgiving faced. Additionally, in terms of tradition, that's going back only a few hours, Trump also pardoned a chicken former NSA adviser Michael Flynn. Sadly, it's too late for Flynn to avoid all homies officially been roasted and devoured by the press, and on close inspection has revealed no sign of a brain spine or guts. Chris, Turkey patterning is a very strange cultural thing in America. You know, it's up there with Halloween and school shootings. How do you take a part of the celebration yourself?

Chris Taylor  14:30  
But I watch it every year with bemusement, because it's amazing how commonly this tradition comes along and a really bad time. Like I remember, during the Vietnam War, like there's always very dark stories going on. And the President has this one little window of this sort of novelty pantomime routine where they pretend the world's quite fun. And I think it went on when we were bombing Kuwait. Last year when Trump was in the middle of impeachment proceedings and came out to do the traditional fun bit. It's the company Bit of the presidency. And it's it's sort of naff, isn't it? And I it's also quite mccobb. I mean, because everyone goes Oh, Isn't it lovely we part in a turkey. What we don't forget is one of the turkeys doesn't get pardoned, like to be brought along, one gets its throat slit and is then roasted in the White House oven. As does every other turkey in America except the one that's chosen. How do we know why that one was chosen? Who's behind it? Did you vote? Did you see the counts? Were Republicans and Democrats allowed to watch the vote process to determine which 30 gets pardoned?

Dan Ilic  15:36  
Well, actually, Chris, I don't know if you've seen this clip. This is from 2018 this is Trump explaining the process and how it actually works. This is from two years ago.

Donald Trump  15:45  
The winner of this vote was decided by a fair and open election conducted on the White House website this was a fair election. Unfortunately carrots refused to concede and demanded a recount and we're still fighting with carrots and I will tell you we've come to a conclusion carrots I'm sorry to tell you the result did not change it's too bad for carrots. Wow.

Chris Taylor  16:15  
credibly preceded and I love how jolly he is about carrots you're about to meet a teen I mean yeah guy that used to run what Miss University when he didn't when he you know when he crowned the winner? Did he then turn to the runner up and go off to the oven. I mean, it's it's it's so bizarre. And the one thing I was gonna say you sort of touched on this a bit the the actual news this week, because Trump sort of in a much more, I guess what you'd call grotesque pardoning chapter at the moment where all his mates who may or may not have been involved in Russian collusion are gradually getting pardoned, because he's got form pardoning really dodgy people. How do we know the turkey he pardoned this year? He's innocent. Like, I suspect this turkey may have been involved in collusion. I don't have evidence like this saying if Trump's pardon the turkey, who know that turkeys about Apple.

Alice Fraser  17:09  
So the turkey this year is called corn after the other and D percent of the American diet that isn't factory meat. But no one thinks about like the post pardoning life of the one free Turkey. I mean, does it just leave on in a horrifying, massive survivor's guilt until it's eaten by a wolf or regret. And if you listen to the speech this year, Donald Trump also called the turkey beautiful, which is the way he attributes value to anything. And as a satirical comedian, who's frankly tired of the lazy leftist denigration of Trump just because he's a brash, hollow showman with the vocabulary of a child. I refuse to maliciously misinterpret his harmless turkey compliment by suggesting that it indicates that he wants to fuck the Turkey. Turkey democracy.

Mathias Cormann  17:57  
I mean, you know, some states, you know, we're ahead. All right, stop counting overhead, and then other states were behind. So, you know,

Unknown Speaker  18:06  
Donald Trump is a genius. That's what the J stands for.

Dan Ilic  18:09  
This week's third fear. Remember the sovereign citizens that all that sovereign citizen bullshit we had to deal with during our COVID lockdown? Well, in the UK, people are trying to get out of COVID restrictions by quoting the Magna Carta to the police. According to one article, a salon owner has repeated violations and she's clocked up 27,000 pounds in fines, 27,000 pounds in Australian dollars, that's enough to get you a block of land in the leppington triangle that is significant. Now, specifically, this salon owner and many others have quoted article 61 of the Magna Carta, which was only enforced for a few months, over 800 years ago. Or was it I don't know, awaking up you shape or go read a book. Or you could read a book if books were invented? No, when the Magna Carta was written books got invented 200 years after the Magna Carta was written so forget reading books. You know, when conspiracy theorists say you know, do your own research, I just say fuck this one and try to a constitutional lawyer because it's so much easier. Alice as the only lawyer on the panel and as someone who's lived a long time in the UK, what's going on here?

Alice Fraser  19:13  
Well, the Magna Carta, or great big charter in English is a very hot document so hot, you might as well call it the Magna Carta, and so big you could call it the Magna Carta. Now it's a pivotal part of British legislative history and it's such a beautiful artefact you usually collect khaligraph at the hands of monks probably because back in those days, relatively few select people could read or write. Jeez, those were the days imagine Twitter if it were just a few chilled out monk swapping tips on how to go to D mediaeval baby Jesus badly, like really badly and have a look at some of the weird adult baby Jesus pics or mediaeval manuscripts at the time. But anyway, it's just such a specific legal nerd piece of legislation for these people to be waving around at their cell on doors. You think that if you knew anything about the Magna Carta, you know it's not relevant unless you're a 12th century Baron and I don't Don't want to question your lived experience, but I guarantee you have way too many people

Dan Ilic  20:05  
actually actually Christie's a 12th century Baron he is, as

Alice Fraser  20:11  
well Also, if you're citing the Magna Carta as a reason that you're allowed to keep your shop open during COVID restrictions, maybe you want to look at the regulations of that period on how people with leprosy or other illnesses the genesis of the term quarantine and easily during the play.

Dan Ilic  20:28  
That's absolutely true. Chris, what have you been quoting any obscure constitutional documents to places you've been going about your your lockdown experience?

Chris Taylor  20:38  
No, but I have noticed a trend with this. Like it was interesting in England where we've seen the Magna Carta quoted remember Karen from Bunnings in Australia earlier in the year, they seem to have a suspiciously very good knowledge of the the charter of human rights as she was trying to be convinced that Paul Bunyan stuff why she shouldn't have to wear a facemask. I don't know what it isn't Batman cases, or people who just don't want to pull their weight when it comes to public health and the public good. But they seem to have a love of arcane law, or very esoteric law. Now, I don't know if they've all been to law school before they go to Bunnings or wherever they just they've learned one phrase that they've learned are the you know, the Geneva Convention, and just sort of dropped that into a good discussion for the poor receptionist at Bunnings thinking that some capsule get out of jail free card but or I wouldn't give him the benefit of the doubt that maybe these are great legal scholars have arcane esoteric law. And maybe they right Dan and was wrong, Boris Johnson is wrong. And maybe we should be listening to these scholars who just have chosen to go into hair salon work. I mean, they could have been a barrister. They could have been a great eminent lecturer in law at Oxford or Cambridge, but they've chosen to come here because they're a person of the people.

Dan Ilic  21:52  
I just like the personnel sorry, beta police person or a bannings employee game. Oh, Geneva Convention. Right this way, ma'am. I am so sorry. No idea. A man what's your take on this?

Imaan Frank Hadchiti  22:07  
I'm just I'm just glad to see people in the in the West figured out that they're not as free as they thought they were. I mean, that's always fun to watch. You know.

Dan Ilic  22:18  
See, is this from your, your Lebanese experience.

Imaan Frank Hadchiti  22:22  
This this season like I struggle with, like, Oh my god, we're running out of toilet paper. What else in the world Jesus?

Dan Ilic  22:29  
Well, it's this time of year where TV networks roll out what's on offer for next year and surprisingly, a stack of new shows are coming out that are critical of the government. Television

Unknown Speaker  22:39  
has never been disgraceful, presenting all new 20 to one coach sandals.

Gabbi Bolt  22:49  
Remember when the whole country was on fire and the Prime Minister went on holidays to Hawaii and his office wouldn't tell us where he was. I was like, Whoa, crazy. It was like I'm a celebrity Get me out of here. But it was your the Prime Minister get the phone

Unknown Speaker  23:02  
back here. Hello. As you realise Noah is to be held responsible

Unknown Speaker  23:08  
for like two days the immigration Minister and the Attorney General the day they were accused of bullying and misogyny. I can't believe we forgot about that. I actually I can't Can you believe that?

Gabbi Bolt  23:18  
Yeah, everyone got distracted by war crimes which are cool, but not sexy.

Unknown Speaker  23:21  
Story. What

Unknown Speaker  23:22  
are we talking about?

Unknown Speaker  23:23  
I forgot cry. As you realise the general public don't care two words. Ruby

Unknown Speaker  23:33  
wrote a

Unknown Speaker  23:33  
French word or hair.

Unknown Speaker  23:37  
That's 22 um, coalition scandals, followed by the all new you can't ask that of a Federal Minister. Whatever happened to

Unknown Speaker  23:47  
Angus Taylor's water deals? Yeah, you can ask that. Whatever happened to paladins contracts have managed to turn out that either. And whatever happened to the bushfire recovery? Well, you can't ask that because doesn't exist.

Unknown Speaker  24:02  
Plus of ciders. Sports roads edition, where we go over the most sensational sporting roads of the week. Oh my god, did you see that? He wanted that right between the posts. 2021 is bringing you newer shows with the same old scandals unless we get raided by the FBI again.

Dan Ilic  24:25  
Now let me call my call to see if we can get him up. Here we go.

Unknown Speaker  24:28  
Please leave a detailed message after the time. I'm sick. Michael West. Typical.

Dan Ilic  24:33  
Well, due to technical difficulties, we don't have Michael West, but it was gonna be an interesting conversation. I'm sure.

Chris Taylor  24:39  
I mean, this is typical. This is this is Murdoch through and through where Murdoch just understands what he's about to be discussed on a very prominent award winning Australian podcast. And I wouldn't be surprised to be said West kidnapped, certainly muzzled. I'd like to look into this if only Michael West was here to look into it. To get to the bottom of this but it's very very suspicious

Dan Ilic  25:01  
Dan in mind if you could, please could you please be Michael West while I asked you some questions about rupert murdoch

Imaan Frank Hadchiti  25:09  
hang on let me just get some talcum powder first hang on

Dan Ilic  25:14  
all right a man just how screwed is the Murdoch business in Australia?

Imaan Frank Hadchiti  25:18  
Well I mean it's it's it is the screw that is screwing us it is not screwed I think it's um I don't know what does Michael with sound like who is this? Can I just add that this is the biggest fear that I've had is the fact that this is the best comedy Australia's got to offer a

Dan Ilic  25:41  
big thank you to Alice fries a man Frank Chetty and Chris Taylor and I guess Michael west to many cold but he didn't click the link. That's okay. Thanks very much, guys. Now do you guys have anything to plug? Man? You wanna plug anything got shows coming up?

Imaan Frank Hadchiti  25:56  
Yes, I'm gonna be doing a cheeky cabaret up in Brunswick heads in Brunswick Picturehouse. 12th on the 14th of December. So come check me in my tiny black keys. And I was

Dan Ilic  26:07  
Friday. You got anything to plug?

Alice Fraser  26:09  
Yes, indeed. This is coming out on the 27th of November which means tonight if you're in Sydney, I am at the Comedy Store doing an hour of comedy. And also I have a daily satirical news podcast set in an alternate dimension and it's called the last post and it's extremely silly.

Dan Ilic  26:24  
Does Michael West call you back on in that alternative dimension?

Alice Fraser  26:30  
No, he's been eaten by the octopus people of New Zealand.

Dan Ilic  26:34  
Agree Salah What have you got to plug

Chris Taylor  26:37  
I've just started a new podcast with Michael west where we just sort of spend an hour just talking about why we don't want to talk to daily lives ever again. You can catch that on wherever you get your podcasts good.

Dan Ilic  26:49  
Big thanks to rode mics the birth of foundation go neutral Patreon supporters Jacob round on the Kevin yankeetown line words you may have heard you've come from Maddie Palmer Diablos den James Colley, as well as many tidbits from our discord community. forces you may have heard from this episode include Wendy Harmer, Ben McKenzie bros a avadh. Gabby bot Robin McGregor and Rupa de gas Until next week, there's always something to be scared of. Good night.

Transcribed by https://otter.ai

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Ep 153 - 2020 Best Of List
Trudging towards the end of 2020, Crabb and Sales come together one last time. Ordinarily this end-of-year reckoning would occur on stage at the ANU amid low-grade insults directed at vice-chancellor and Bundt-auteur Brian Schmidt, but as with many pleasurable events in 2020 it was binned. Screw you, 2020! With their remaining nanoparticles of neural capacity, the pair recap what they can remember of what they read, watched, cooked, and listened to in this plague year.  Film Sales and Crabb (1.40) Hamilton Movie on Disney Plus  Sales (2.20) The Gentlemen | Trailer Fiction Crabb (4.00) A Lonely Girl is a Dangerous Thing by Jessie Tu **Crabb’s Choice Honorable Mentions (3.00) Rodham by Curtis Sittenfeld (3.20) Sorrow and Bliss by Meg Mason Sales (5.30) A Room Made of Leaves by Kate Grenville Honorable Metion (5.40) The Living Sea of Waking Dream by Richard Flanagan Non Fiction Sales (7.00) Dear Mr You by Mary-Louise Parker Honorable Mention (8.10) More Than A Woman by Caitlin Moran Crabb (9.20) Hoax by Brian Stelter TV Sales (13.00) The Last Dance | Netflix | Trailer (13.20) The Bureau | Trailer | SBS On Demand Honorable Mentions (11.30) The Morning Wars | Apple TV | Trailer | Based on the book Top of the Morning - Inside the Cutthroat World of Morning TV by Brian Stelter (12.00) Love | Netflix | Trailer Crabb  (15.00) Succession Season 2 Trailer (16.40) Reputation Rehab | iView | Trailer Honorable Mentions (14.00) The Last Dance | Netflix | Trailer (14.20) The Great | Trailer | Stan Podcasts Sales (20.00) Strong Songs Podcast - Episode - "Tightrope" by Janelle Monáe Crabb (26.30) Rabbit Hole Podcast by Kevin Roose - New York Times Honorable Mentions (24.00) Debutante: Race, Resistance and Girl Power by Nakkiah Lui and Miranda Tapsell  (25.20) The Eleventh Podcast by ABC - Website - Apple Podcasts (25.40) Trace Podcast Season 2 with Rachael Brown Internet Stuff Sales  (27.00) Nats What I Reckon  Cook Yourself - A Ratbag’s Rules for Life by Nats What I Reckon (28.00) Hamish Blake Instragram Crabb  (28.30) The Tape | Sarah Cooper: Everything's Fine - Sarah Cooper  Sarah Cooper: Everything’s Fine - Netflix Cooking Sales (30.00) Cook and The Baker by Cherie Bevan Crabb  (31.30) Ligurian Focaccia by Samin Nosrat  Honorable Mention (31.00) To Asia, With Love By Hetty McKinnon  Produced by DM Podcasts These episode is brought to you by the film Nomadland. Check out the trailer here.
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Bang On
Bang On
Double J
#155: Inauguration Day, Phil Spector, Sapiens
Hours after US President Biden is sworn in we’re giving our hot takes on the important moments of Inauguration Day: the brooch, the coats, and Melania's kaftan. Speaking of fashion, US Vogue has been criticised over its cover image choice of history making VP Kamala Harris. We dig into the discussion around it. And convicted murderer and known abuser Phil Spector has died; we reflect on the “lone genius” myth, and the industry that allows certain men to make others suffer for their art. Meanwhile Myf is relating to childhood spew bowls (!), and we’re banging on about Sapiens and Louis Theroux’s podcast Grounded.   Show notes:  Inauguration Day memes: https://www.teenvogue.com/story/2021-inauguration-memes-bernie-sanders-lady-gaga-and-more Vogue releases new Kamala Harris cover: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2021/jan/19/kamala-harris-vogue-cover-controversy-limited-edition Laura Snapes on Phil Spector: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2021/jan/18/phil-spector-toxic-svengali-music-industry Ronnie Spector interview: https://www.theguardian.com/music/2019/dec/12/ronnie-spector-i-love-metoo-and-times-up-because-mens-time-is-up Family vomit bowl memories: https://www.pedestrian.tv/news/family-vomit-bucket-bowl-memories/ Sapiens: https://www.ynharari.com/book/sapiens-2/ Grounded: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p089sfrz/episodes/downloads You can also find show notes here: https://www.abc.net.au/radio/programs/bangon/ Email us: bangon.podcast@abc.net.au   Bang On is produced by Double J and is recorded on the lands of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nation. We pay our respects to elders past, present, and emerging. We acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the First Australians and Traditional Custodians of the land where we live, work, and learn.
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