A Rational Fear
A Rational Fear
Feb 25, 2021
Facebook, Dob In A Dole Bludger & A progressive Israel - Emily Johnsons, Omri Marcus, Lewis Hobba, Dan Ilic
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We’re back, just like Facebook news, and just like Facebook we’re giving out money to Australian publishers (if we feel like it). If you’re a major publisher of news content and want some coin, hit me up at dan[at]arationalfear.com, or if you’re an Australian Treasurer giving away pre-election grants for towing the party line, hit us up too, we’ll say what ever you want, it may come across as sarcasm, but we’ll give it a go.

On the podcast this week, we examine Facebook without news, we dob in some dole bludgers, we celebrate WA Opposition Leader, Zak Kirkup, conceding before he’s run and election. Also we interview Omri Marcus, the creative director of Israel’s only progressive party, Meretz. Omri gives us super interesting inside look of how broken Israel’s unicameral system is.

Fearmongers this week:

Declan Fay (The Sweetest Plum, and Crossbread)
Emily Johnson (@Howdoidelete1 on TikTok)
Lewis Hobba (From the ABC’s Triple J)
Dan Ilic (me, from this podcast)



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Bertha Announcement  0:00  
This podcast is supported in part by the birther foundation.

Dan Ilic  0:04  
Hey, Louis, how are you? Well, Dan, how are you? Excellent, excellent. We've got a whole bunch of new Patreon supporters this week. I want to give them a big shout out James Smith, who is a fellow board member at FBI radio with me, we started where were we started a rational for you. Thank you, James Ben Gittens, Rob Bartlett and Louis. Next week marks the first anniversary of us starting our Patreon. And we had we started with the goal of being able to pay for our editor, which is we've done which is great. Now like to see if we can get enough patrons to pay for a holiday No. To pay for drugs, no, no, no, to pay for a video producer to help us make videos with us. So if you are into what we do, please chip in on the Patreon you you may you may remember, back in 2014, we ran a possible campaign and we raised $50,000, to make 13 weeks of digital video content during the elections. And we spent every single cent of that

Lewis Hobba  1:05  
was great. It's doing that. It's the first time I've ever had a chance to go bankrupt. It was a

Dan Ilic  1:09  
thrill but it was like, Well, we've got this money, we need to spend it on making content on the internet. That's a good investment. Well, it's election season coming up and it would be great to do the same. But you know, video is way more expensive than audio. So if you've thought about becoming a Patreon supporter, now's a good time to chip in for as little as you like. $1 or $3. We have some guy paying us $500 a month, which is ridiculous. Big thanks to David Okada for that. Are you ready to start the show? Lois?

Lewis Hobba  1:34  
I'm ready, dad.

Dan Ilic  1:35  
I'm recording my end of irrational feet on gadigal land and the Euro nation's sovereignty was never ceded. We need a treaty. Let's start the show.

Unknown Speaker  1:42  
A rational fear contains naughty words like bricks can rub gum and section 40. a rational view recommended listening might emerge your audience

Dan Ilic  1:55  
tonight as an independent Craig Kelly says he will vote on his conscience. However, Kelly understands the word conscience means con science. And the first of April will say job caper increased by just $25 a week Scott Morrison hopes everyone on the program will enjoy his April Fool's Day joke. And at an International Women's Day event, Scott Morrison reflects on bungling the biggest scandal to come out of camera as a husband and as a father. It's the 26th of February 2021. We have struck a deal with Facebook. This is irrational fear.

irrational fear I'm your host disgraced former elite athlete Dan Ilic. And joining us tonight as some incredible fear mongers. He grew up komova in order to foster a look that says former scout leader but instead of cutting it off to he settled for a look that says reformed murderer. It's the CO creator of Ronny Chang, the international student and co host of the sweetest plumb Declan Fay, thanks for joining us.

Unknown Speaker  3:04  
I'm very sad if I hadn't known you were going to mention it I would have kept it it's gone. You know, when people went a bit strange during the lockdown when Melbourne hit that second lockdown, I thought I need to set a goal for myself. And I set a goal to grow a comb over and it's really hard to get it to get all the way across.

Dan Ilic  3:25  
My uncle has a comb over and you look just like

Unknown Speaker  3:30  
well, it combination of a lockdown not much natural light plus the comb overhead started to make me look like a very ill old man. And then my partner said to me at one stage, she said I'm just unconcerned. This is having an adverse effect on our relationship. So decided it had to be show it's going

Dan Ilic  3:52  
and our next guest has over 2.5 million likes on Tick Tock. We can't wait to ask her. What is Tick Tock? You may know her is how to delete one for the purpose of us boomers here on the podcast. We'll call her Emily Johnson. Welcome.

Unknown Speaker  4:05  
Hi, everyone. Thanks for having me.

Dan Ilic  4:07  
Now what is it like to be one of the most influential people on tik tok in Australia?

Unknown Speaker  4:12  
I mean, I don't think I'm influential. I think I'm, I'm just the anti troll of tea talk.

Dan Ilic  4:19  
And finally, it's a man who has yet to receive his free care. It's Louis harbor. Honestly,

Lewis Hobba  4:25  
I wake up every morning I run downstairs like a kid at Christmas. And I say Qian

Unknown Speaker  4:29  
here today.

Lewis Hobba  4:32  
Nokia. I mean, frankly, if it haymitch Blake can't get me a Kia.

Dan Ilic  4:37  
Who can? I emailed Hamish Blake throughout the week and I said thanks for doing the show. Sadly kid didn't give us any cares. And he said Oh, that's interesting. They sent me three so

Declan Fay  4:48  
it's gonna be harder for you to get one because key is have tried to go cool that they used to be the dorky family car that the guy would be like look if you can't afford a kind of toy or maybe you want to see the key He'd say it like kind of like you know he was showing you a dirty nappy but during the Australian Open they all kind of really cool and the ads are like they sort of the old doing like spins and kind of burnouts have tried to rebrand them. That's me.

Lewis Hobba  5:14  
I'm a bad boy on the bad boy. Family wagon.

Dan Ilic  5:19  
A very rich,

Lewis Hobba  5:22  
I'm dangerous. I break down emotionally. I'm just like,

Dan Ilic  5:27  
you're a guy that says I can do I can do burnouts with six kids in the car. Let's

Unknown Speaker  5:31  
do it. Yeah.

Dan Ilic  5:35  
Coming on the podcast, we talked with the creative director of one of Israel's longest running progressive parties, and we'll ask him what's it like to know you're going to lose another election? But first, here's a message from our sponsor.

Unknown Speaker  5:45  
This episode of irrational fear is brought to you by mykhailiuk caches dumping a dove ledger hotline if you know someone who is earning hard earned money from taxpayers and is refusing to do their job. Just call one $800 blood Joe

Unknown Speaker  5:59  
mykhailiuk cashes dog ledger hotline. Yay. Hi. I saw a man taking tax payers money and completely refusing to do any work. Yes. Do you have his name and a job? Yes, his name is Scott Morrison. He's the Prime Minister. He just gives all the jobs to the state premiers to the it is so unfair. Someone who actually wants the job could be doing the job heaps better. Right and what's your name? My name yet? Anthony L. Albert sneezy.

Unknown Speaker  6:34  
One 800 dove ledger because there's nothing more Australian than dubbing in your mates.

Dan Ilic  6:41  
Well, first fear it is sponsored related, but it's not exactly sponsored content. The government has announced this week they're going to be god damn heroes and increase the job seeker payment by $3 60 a day. Ah, good. Oh, that's almost a cup of coffee in a capital city. The government is establishing also establishing a hotline to dobbyn unemployed Australians who refuse job offers. Now this does not bode well for me. I had perfectly good reasons not to go on Celebrity Big Brother in 2012. I just don't have to explain it to my mom, and centerlink fearmonger Have you ever had a job offered to you that you didn't want to take Dec? I mean,

Unknown Speaker  7:19  
I've worked in the entertainment industry. So every job I've had to take a look. Take at some stage. I've done numerous jobs I didn't want to take anytime somebody rings you know what the you know what the big job is? It's not actually like a company offering it to you. It's when your mate rings and said are I just could you just help me for a few hours tomorrow move house. And you know that that few hours is you know, you know that that stretching into 678. We're going into 12 hours it's akin to can you pick me up from the airport, it's the two greatest pressures you can ever put on a friendship that's actually

Lewis Hobba  7:56  
a great like, mate for the doll would be a great scheme. Pick me up the airport helped me move house. All that like I need someone to help me move a fridge. Any of those things. Can you pick up a six pack for the party and just farm them out to door to door workers.

Unknown Speaker  8:18  
It's actually perfect because this government is obsessed with those kind of Ozzie mate ship things. So if they put in a thing, where you suddenly get extra on your doll, like work for your mate on the dole, people would absolutely love that. But you could imagine imagine Scott Morrison just coming over that.

Dan Ilic  8:37  
Emily, have you ever had to take a job you didn't want to take?

Unknown Speaker  8:40  
Yes I did. After uni I was in a job network. And they got me to work at Kohl's. It didn't last very long. I remember I was in the deli it actually locked box myself in the deep freezer with a forklift. And I kind of stood there and I was like it's Tom believe.

Unknown Speaker  9:01  
Were you driving the forklift?

Unknown Speaker  9:03  
It was one of those. I don't even know what it's called. It's like a pallet jacks. His head controls to move it around and I'd maneuvered myself into a corner.

Dan Ilic  9:16  
So I worked at Franklin's which is another supermarket of a bygone era. And I remember being so driven to tears after every shift like if I if someone if my boss dumped on me for not turning up to work through this, this this phone call I don't know what I'd say. What do we explain to settling that it was crushing my soul and I didn't want to do it anymore. is can I please have $3 60 extra day

Lewis Hobba  9:39  
a lot of my like uni work was at a wider a lot of Italian restaurants in Melbourne. And the rumors are true that people who run them. They like having a cash business for whatever reason. If I had a dog, dog, man, I'd be in the ground like I'd be wearing concrete Yeah,

Dan Ilic  10:03  
I CTU president Michelle and Neil among other people are really concerned that this could be open to exploitation Can Can you see how this this Domino logic could be exploited on your own nefarious needs?

Unknown Speaker  10:14  
The government have been so fantastic at handling any kind of administration or bureaucracy if people are on centerlink I can't see this going wrong at all like Don't you think that after Robo debt after kind of multiple inquiries into this after all this stuff that Emily that wouldn't you just stay away from any kind of administering this?

Dan Ilic  10:36  
Well maybe Robo debt that's their new job maybe Robo debt is is on to the dole a phone call now so they they've been repurposed because every robot needs a job. When you call up you actually have to talk to Alexa. Dobby

Unknown Speaker  10:54  
isn't so much a job but I did when it's the on the same day that they announced it and they had that thing that you just said that robots to it centerlink to employ robots to check on admin or doll budgets. And it was the same day that Daft Punk retired. Well, that is a very odd career trajectory.

Dan Ilic  11:15  
Yeah, man I just want to dub on my worker he's a he quit because he couldn't stack harder, faster, taller.

Unknown Speaker  11:22  
Very good. Very, very good.

Dan Ilic  11:25  
What other hotlines Do you think this government should actually invest in? Maybe mishandled a scandal hotline, press one. to reflect on an issue like a father press two, to reflect on an issue like a husband press three to reflect on a scandal like a shocking fan?

Lewis Hobba  11:43  
or any of the politicians to answer it and it could be like an anti phone sex line. Like anytime you're horny and you want to make sure you're not horny. You just call like the government and just immediately This is a huge boner killer just like Oh, God. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  12:00  
irrational fear here with the hungry Jack's drives for continued as a vehicle lifted trial of black rubber. It's understood the driver ordered a soft serve ice cream and hungry Jack's, but when they didn't have any he was angry and did the burn out.

Unknown Speaker  12:16  
This is a rational fear.

Dan Ilic  12:18  
This week, second tier Facebook likes it looks like it's bringing news back to the platform, which is a complete shock to D radicalize boomers who are just adjusting to reading to the news on the printed page. Again, I don't know about you, but I've actually felt better. In the case of my Facebook feed. No news is great news. My friends from school, have kind of stopped posting about Pauline Hanson and instead posting about gardening and that is a net win for me. If you are confused as to what this whole thing is all about what is going on here, the winners and the losers. We've got a bit of an explainer on how the media bargaining code works put together by one of the Friends of the podcast.

Unknown Speaker  12:54  
So why isn't there any news on your Facebook news feed? Here's a quick explainer by me rupert murdoch left 10 on general of the news corp and assorted Expeditionary Forces. Now, Mark Zuckerberg owns a website, Facebook's and Google owns a website called Google. And their websites owns the data of all Australians who use which means they know what you want before you do. They're really good at selling advertising. I own a newspapers that are really bad at selling advertising. And those newspapers own the Australian Government and the Australian government makes laws. So one day on a whim, I thought Geez, Louise, we're bad at selling ads. Not everyone wants 60 month interest free deals for electrical computers, furniture, bedding and flooring from Harvey Norman. Some people want magnetic lashes meggings of make your bum pop and other bullshit. We have no idea. But then I said to myself, Rupert, you own a perfectly good government. It's just sitting there doing nothing. Maybe you can get them to force the blokes with the websites that are good at selling ads to give us money. Then I call the government to my house by private jet made them pay for it. And I said hello government man. I forget their names. I've had a lot of staff turnover lately. If you still enjoy being the government, can you do this? And they said we do still enjoy being the government boss. Yes. And yes, we can do that. Now the websites that are good at selling ads have to by law, give me money. And the best part about it. Googles and Facebooks give the money straight to me tax free and we wouldn't have it any other way of why start paying tax. Now, some journalists would say, oh, that there's no way to guarantee that money will be invested in new journalism. Well, none of those journalists work for me. I don't hire journalists. Oh, and news is coming back to your Facebook feeds very soon. Mark said to the government, he only wants to pay us money if he feels like, well, I respect that. At the end of the day, Facebook, Google and I all agree that we're not going to pay any money to the Australian Government. Because why would you? There are a bunch of cowards.

Dan Ilic  15:39  
So how do you folks feel about this? Emily, how do you feel about news coming back to your Facebook feed?

Unknown Speaker  15:45  
I'm ecstatic. I was devastated when it was all gone. What? Cuz it's, it's a part of what I do like to go like shuffling through the comments section for that. Perfect, like bigoted Bogan from Queensland, going off about you know, come out and be that rock and move and I'm like, this is gold for me.

Dan Ilic  16:07  
See, it's actually fuels your work. You're missing it because it actually the comments actually a fuel for your your creative over?

Unknown Speaker  16:16  
Yeah, and I mean, people like to turn a blind eye and say that Australia is so progressive this and that. It's like, take a look at the comments section on Facebook. That's Australia, right there.

Lewis Hobba  16:26  
You're warming your hands on just the garbage fire of democracy. I mean, I don't the only the only person I know who posts on Facebook is Dan. Really, it's the same as getting a text from Dan I'm

Unknown Speaker  16:40  
having. It was very peaceful for a few days. Like I kind of know that eerie feeling when you're at school, and you were like, nine in year 10. And the senior kids were away for some reason. And it's like there's this kind of eerie calm hangs over everything. And you know, it can't last you know your place in the pecking order. You know, your mommy's gonna start tagging you instead of cute cat photos from 10 years ago all over again. It was this. I really liked it. I won't be going back there. I don't need to I don't need to see that been fired for a while. But

Dan Ilic  17:16  
there are many there are so many other platforms. You can harvest comments from what is it about Facebook comments that you can't get from other social media because

Unknown Speaker  17:24  
it the the audience on there that I'm not trying to bash on people, but it's like the common people. Like everyone's just like random uncle or whoever that has an iPad plugs onto his Facebook. Like, that's the sort of information as well, so they're not very exposed to the media. So they just ate it up. Yeah. And

Dan Ilic  17:48  
you know, in 2016, when I hitchhiked from Hobart to Airlie Beach for the election and interviewed people in the car on the way. And I had to say people at the top of the country at the bottom of country were all heavily into Facebook and all got their information there news from Pauline Hansen's Facebook page. She was the main she was the main purveyor of information for that like that didn't didn't pick didn't follow any of the news service. They'd followed Pauline Hanson to get the news. And it's like, it's so strange. Like this is such a force. It would be such a shame to have that back, cause I mean, Facebook has been renowned for destroying democracies around the world, can I just do something right? Protect our democracy shut themselves down for the good of the country.

Lewis Hobba  18:29  
It wouldn't wait. Everyone's deed stopped going down. It was a bit of a kick. There was like a sense of popularity contests as well, like, the people who got taken down were important. And if you're if you remained you were a loser. If you had a Facebook page that reported to us, and you were allowed to like, what that said is you don't matter. No one is down to you. No one is listening to you. It was it was interesting, because people go Ah, I guess I'm still up. I guess I'm irrelevant.

Unknown Speaker  19:01  
It's the equivalent of the podcast that I do. We a couple of times have been worried about defamation, just because of things you say on the spur of the moment. And I asked my partner who is a lawyer and who has worked in defamation law, she would listen to it and I'd say what do you think is this defamation and she'd say, technically it is but people will need to prove a large reputational damage and there's no way that your podcast qualifies as that.

Lewis Hobba  19:31  
Like a legal burn from a partner

Unknown Speaker  19:36  
there's no way to come back from it. It's you know, it's it's it's equal parts relief in equal parts of devastation.

Dan Ilic  19:44  
I really loved the week before Facebook Banned on Facebook, the top 10 posts that we're getting the most engagement top 10 over performing posts were Seven News seven news abc Bittu dot csps. The chaser abc news Seven years and then the next week the top 10 posts were the tuna tuna, tuna, tuna tuna the chaser, the chaser metoda Penrith Panthers.

Unknown Speaker  20:13  
We will have consumers who will miss out on accessing quality news journalism.

Lewis Hobba  20:18  
We understand that ICT Hill, Queensland Hill, South Australian

Dan Ilic  20:23  
dementia Australia's kids cancer project and bowel cancer Australia will be in effect a rational fear. Third fear for the weak opposition leader Zach Kirkup has done a candid interview with the West Australian in the lead up to the Western Australian election basically basically conceding the election, two weeks out before the election date. This is the headline splashed across the West Australian today. I accept 2020 is not my time, which is what I say to myself after I've pitched irrational fear to every TV network in the country this year. So theme mongers What do you think of this strategy Lewis to come out there and say basically, I'm gonna lose

Lewis Hobba  21:00  
in a couple of weeks. every politician does this in every election. It's just that this is the only time you believe it like that. Australians love the underdog. So before every election, everyone is kind of going no, I guarantee I'm going to lose. It's the opposite to every country. And I it's one of my favorite things about Australian democracy. No one wants you to believe in them. And and we shouldn't and then eventually disappoint us. We're like, well, we shouldn't have believed in you too big to begin with. But this is the first time someone has said I could I don't think this is my year and the like, but no one does.

Dan Ilic  21:31  
Emily, would you vote for Zach with a phrase like this?

Unknown Speaker  21:35  
Oh, I think it is. It's good. Like, reverse psychology. I've been like, you know, I'm not gonna win. Like you should pity me. Pity vote me.

Lewis Hobba  21:43  
Yeah. It's like a person, like the person who studies hates in year 12. And then goes, I haven't studied and so the exam like Oh, did I do? Well, I don't know. I didn't even try.

Unknown Speaker  21:53  
I didn't find it. Interesting. I mean, my two thoughts on this was one is that I follow politics. I'm pretty deep in politics. I've gone down some dark political rabbit holes on social media. I didn't know that. The opposition leader in Western Australia was cold. Zach cook up until you sent me this article. I swear to God, and Zach. No one's gonna win with the name Zack Kirkup. It sounds like the kind of noise you make when you're choking on something.

Dan Ilic  22:25  
Yes, yeah. The most famous West Australian should really run for this job. Hot Dogs should be running for the liberals. As a leader, hot dogs could get us get people's votes, election up light. I mean, it takes the pressure off, that's for sure. I mean, everything's kind of a nice surprise. Oh, we gained a seat. Not bad. You remember when I said it wasn't our time. But look, we did better than we thought. The current status is Labor has got 40 seats, liberals have got 13 so labor is pretty much entrenched. There. There's absolutely no way they're gonna move that he said this on a podcast earlier today. I'm throwing myself on the barbed wire so I can get as many of them across the fence as possible. Why is he Why is he even running? Oh, why is why is that cookie

Unknown Speaker  23:14  
even running? It sounds like he's actually kind of getting off on it. In a way. He's getting a kind of mild sexual thrill over how badly he's gonna look.

Unknown Speaker  23:24  
Bad. Tell me about that.

Dan Ilic  23:27  
One great clip of the week, I just want to play for you now. It is, it is a woman getting the first COVID-19 vaccine sitting next to Scott Morrison.

I just love that. The woman at Scott Morrison osuna do Viva vaccine, he does the pace on she tries to the pay sign. And then they move her hand around to the RPO sign. Then he immediately grabs her and tries to stop her from doing anything for the cameras long after it's far too light for those images that go viral. An incredible image for this week, that was the most perfect better visit.

Unknown Speaker  24:18  
The only way the only way that would have got shared more was if he hadn't grabbed it even a tiny bit harder and she had actually died as he grabbed. Can you imagine that's what I felt like she's quite frail. She's just had an injection. Everybody knows you don't want anybody within kind of 10 meters of you when you've had an injection. And he just wraps her up I really because she looks quite frail and her fingers are quite sort of, you know, they're just she's quite old and I just really worried for her she felt after he grabbed her.

Dan Ilic  24:51  
This is a really interesting moment this week because all the leaders of the major parties were all meant to get their vaccine at the same time. That Day after this. So what Scott Morrison did was he called a press conference the day before everyone was meant to get it together, just so that he could be the first actually staged up this entire moment in a week where, you know, three liberal staffers are accusing, accusing somebody of sexual assault. Do you think this is a good look for a prime minister be grabbing an old lady Emily,

Unknown Speaker  25:25  
no way, I mean, shit. And the thing is like it was the whole sorority bolted. And now you just look like a total like aggressive creeper. And he's always grabbing people's hands, he can't stop reading people's hands. Twice.

Dan Ilic  25:42  
That is so true. I totally forgot about the bushfires where nobody wants to shake his hand. And everyone has had this aversion to Scott Morrison. And he's really forcing himself upon the electorate in a very literal way. The other part

Lewis Hobba  25:56  
of that story it to put into context, why he was looking so confused that this that he was grabbing your hands, is she did a follow up interview later on in the day. And they were like, they said, How was it to get your injection with the Prime Minister? And she said, Oh, the Prime Minister wasn't there. And then I said, No, the man next to you was the Prime Minister. And she went, Oh, Oh, right. Whoa, oh, I didn't realize that that they sent me around. But I didn't know who he was. And so she had no idea who this strange man grabbing her hand was?

Unknown Speaker  26:28  
Yeah, who did she think he was?

Dan Ilic  26:34  
In her in her defense, she still thinks the Prime Minister is Robert Menzies. So

Unknown Speaker  26:42  
this is a rational view.

Dan Ilic  26:45  
Joining us now is the creative director of merits one of Israelis, most left parties. And he's, he's kind of only a few weeks out from election. So we thought we'd take the moment to try to understand what is Israeli politics all about? Omri Marcus. Thanks for joining us on irrational fear.

Unknown Speaker  27:02  
Oh, sorry, I know that you will explain to me what all is well.

Dan Ilic  27:12  
Hoping that you could tell us, you know, Australian comedy podcasters in less than a sentence. You know, what, what, how does Israeli politics work?

Unknown Speaker  27:22  
Well, it's not that much of a difference from your system. It's also a correlation that is based on a couple of parties that are building a coalition and choosing the Prime Minister. And but it's not working that well in Israel. So for the last two years, we've been going to vote four times this is going to be the fourth round of elections in less than two years.

Dan Ilic  27:48  
Wow, you you have more elections than we have prime ministers. That's incredible.

Unknown Speaker  27:52  
I know and department um, we are also similar in the fact how important our labor parties are. And we are actually nurses, not one of the leading a left wing parties in Israel, we are the only Labour Party in Israel, and which is kind of like it's a pity when we're around 16 or 1717. A party's we are the only left wing Liberal Party. It's a dying species. It's us and the dinosaurs.

Dan Ilic  28:22  
So how do you I mean, how do I how do you try to cut through to kind of change people's minds on on politics in a place like Israel?

Unknown Speaker  28:31  
Well, listen, the only way we can win is that if they will switch the system from voting into raffle. So when

Unknown Speaker  28:42  
you're you must be an inspiration to your followers. You're more of an inspiration than the state labor puts the state opposition leader in who said he's not going to win, and no one should vote for him.

Unknown Speaker  28:57  
Yeah, well, I'm thinking that maybe there is kind of like a world pandemic that is happening to labor parties, that it's not like they feel like it's not the year even though you know, everything is collapsed. and still they are not able to show that they are the alternative. But you're so limited resources, we need to think outside of the box of how you can stand out among you know, 17 other parties out there. And we came up with a lot we call what we are mostly working on using free media. So we are creating a lot of standards and gimmicks. So we will be noticed. Our first campaign was about a we put a campaign on Tinder and we're a team of 80 of our supporters switch their profile pictures into a our slogan, which is you can count on us. We won't run away the morning after you remember your aggressive slogans and then we did the night thing where we put on a Amazon boxes of people where they used to get their boxes. And we put a nice sticker of us saying, you know what you're getting with us. And so everybody that got their Amazon package got it with a sticker of us on it saying you know what you're getting. Last week, we did something very nice. We put on the Billboard on the highway main highway in Israel, we put a picture of the Minister of Education with his mobile phone number with his extra mobile phone number thing. You know, he's so proud about what he was doing this failing clown. Give him a call. Tell him what you think about his work.

Dan Ilic  30:43  
And did you hear from him? If he got any calls?

Unknown Speaker  30:47  
He tried to call us but his line was busy most.

Unknown Speaker  30:53  
Omri, can I can I ask you honestly, what is your IP? Obviously, it's very funny what you're saying. And there's obviously a strong element of truth to what you're saying about your party and your role in the in the politics of the area. But what what is the aim for your party? Like when you get to this fourth Election Day in two years? What will you be happy with with the result? Well, there

Unknown Speaker  31:18  
is about that. underneath it, we won't get into the parliament, which is four seats. And if we will get into the parliament, that would be a huge victory. For me. It's, it's very easy for me to say because you know, we are supposed to be much more dominant, but it is very middle age and times and very dark era. And we are hoping at least to get into to the parliament in order to show the alternative. armory, what

Lewis Hobba  31:50  
are the like, what's the what's the main issue? Do you think that you wish your party could could connect with like in Australia, for instance, like climate change is a baffling one. All center parties, all right parties, everyone. No one wants to anything about climate change? The only people that want to do it are the sort of further left parties. what's what's that sort of issue for you? Well,

Unknown Speaker  32:11  
I know where we are standing about climate change. But this is because we are the only party that actually published a political platform with our ideas. So I can't really tell you in comparison, the topics, you know, it's a false round of elections. So I don't really expect to change anyone's mind. It's very identity politics is very dominant, and people knows exactly what they are in favor of and and everybody minds is very set. So my goal right now is just to keep my audience motivated, and to try and bite the other sides on painful places. So they would kind of like to get some new audiences but it's going to be marginal the amount of new audiences that you will get.

Dan Ilic  33:00  
Have you thought about Red Hat's with the text make Israel reasonable again?

Unknown Speaker  33:06  
Oh, yeah. Finally, you're asking, we did open a merchandising store with our with products because our goal is to do something very emotional. So we did nice socks with the one of them is written on it left and on the other one is written not left. And we did one a condom with our logo on it saying you will fill us for sure. And we did an umbrella thing this is not rain, what you are having all kinds of, you know, things like that.

Dan Ilic  33:35  
How does it feel to know that is the whole political party looking to you to come up with ideas so that you know that they can get into parliament? Have you? How do you feel about that?

Unknown Speaker  33:45  
It's it's hard Actually, it's quite. I would prefer to discuss serious topics in depth and to have a serious discussions but it became such a circus that you kind of like you need to stand out and buy we should check out our zoom call advertisement of cats, because obviously left wing liberal as they love cats, so we did a zoom call off cats trying to explain why you should vote for our policy. And I'm quite depressed because I would really like to have a serious political issues on the table and have a discussion about it. But unfortunately, that's not the situation.

Lewis Hobba  34:32  
Omri I've never heard of a political party having a creative director. What's your background? Where were you before you were with this party?

Unknown Speaker  34:40  
Well, it's it. I'm the creative director for the campaign. I'm not a great party, but it's a double campaign. For me. It's my first one and my last one. I'm a comedy writer in my background, but I'm doing many other stuff like developing TV formats. All around the world in dating shows in China and game shows in India. And I'm doing a lot of projects with a very dominant Australian comedian named Dan edit which word is very popular down on there.

Dan Ilic  35:16  
And I'm so popular, we got 10 people viewing the live stream right now. People 10 people have chosen to tune in to this conversation.

Unknown Speaker  35:26  
Now you can tell them about the crazy shit that we've done together done. like Trump impersonators, a conference in south by or the other stuff that we do owes to the United States that we did with the writers of The Simpsons and Family Guy and some other crazy stuff. It's part of Robert

Dan Ilic  35:47  
Murray's armor is this magical convener of comedians in a global space. He's, I Omri invited me to this conference in New York City when I was working in America. And I said, Oh, yeah, I'll go prepare a little presentation about Comedy and Comedy and how comedy can change people's minds and blah, blah, blah. I've got that presentation. I do it lots of different places, I'll probably go presented to 200 people get a sandwich and go home. And I turned up and it wasn't 200 people, it was 30 people in this boardroom. And those 30 people were the presenters and showrunners of every Tonight Show around the world. That was very similar, like john oliver. And I was like, holy shit, this isn't. This isn't like some jerks turning up to hear somebody talking about comedy. This is like, this is like the power supplies of comedy. I was like, I was completely blown away. I was like, What the fuck am I doing? Get this read?

Unknown Speaker  36:39  
Dan, then there's a reason he didn't tell you that it was gonna be all those people from all those popular comedy news shows, because your brain would have exploded and you would have had a small stroke beforehand. So it was actually in your best interest in your welfare. No.

Dan Ilic  36:58  
We did. We did have some lovely sandwiches. Thank you. I'm ready for that.

Unknown Speaker  37:02  
Hey, Omri, can I ask we are labor but you've talked about the problems of labor parties across the world, our labor party here. Our Federal Labor Party suffers from a few issues with its with its image, and with a lack of sense of humor about itself and a bunch of other things. What do we have to pay you to come out here and sort out the promotion of the Australian Labor Party?

Unknown Speaker  37:29  
Wow. And since you know, you're on the other side of the world and right now to jump on a plane. That would be the challenge. If you have done I think Dan knows everything that I know. And he's one of the most creative people that I know is, as the head of the fan club have done in Israel. I think they can. Service Okay, Omri. So

Unknown Speaker  37:50  
now I'm working this out so we don't have a picture of you here. We just have a graphic. Are you sure you're not Dan Ilic doing an accent with a rich with a recording of his voice just praising him across a 12 minute interview.

Unknown Speaker  38:05  
And I can confirm nor deny.

Dan Ilic  38:09  
I think we should wrap it up there. That is it for rational play a big thank you to all of our guests. Thank you Omri Marquez from Israel Emily Johnson from Tick Tock Louis harbor From where are you from Louis? The radio the radio. Declan Fay from podcasts renowned. Do you guys have anything to plug Declan would like to plug anything? No, it

Unknown Speaker  38:29  
was a year. I mean, every white guy says this every day every few minutes but please listen to my podcast. It's called this way this plum or if you like fiction podcasts. I wrote one last year called crossbred about a Christian hip hop group that kind of blows up. Have a listen to that. I like that. That's my favorite thing.

Dan Ilic  38:46  
That's a really fun, excellent narrative comedy podcast. Emily Johnson. What would you like to plug? I mean, I

Unknown Speaker  38:52  
guess you can follow me on tik tok. If you have kik talk, do I delete one? I'm always responding to filthy racist comments. With skits or something hilarious hopefully.

Dan Ilic  39:05  
And Andre, what do you what would you like to plug?

Unknown Speaker  39:07  

Lewis Hobba  39:08  

Unknown Speaker  39:09  
vote for merit. Oh, and I want to say to my family in Australia, we're waiting for you over here.

Unknown Speaker  39:15  

Unknown Speaker  39:16  
Nick. You've only family in Melbourne.

Dan Ilic  39:19  
Well, you're gonna have to wait till I get the vaccine then I'm sure they'll fly over. Louis, how about you anything the flood?

Lewis Hobba  39:24  
I feel like I should plug my radio show since you forgot what I do every day. It's on Triple J it's called hover and you can follow us on Instagram at not harbor and hang official. Dan if you'd ever like to listen. That's what I that's where I am when I'm not here.

Dan Ilic  39:38  
It's marvelous. Thank you to read Mike's the birth of foundation jackin round of the tepanyaki timeline. This episode of rational v has bits and pieces contributed by Rupert Degas. brodmann Morgan Killian, David. Amanda Buckley ads paid Lola sheepy and everyone else in our Discord server Until next week, there's always something to be scared of. Good night.

Unknown Speaker  39:55  
This episode of irrational fear is brought to you by mykhailiuk caches dumping a dove ledger hotline. If you know someone who is earning hard earned money from taxpayers and is refusing to do their job, just call one 800 dole bludger

Unknown Speaker  40:09  
o R. Is that the old one to dolvin? obliger? Yes. A lot. dovin obliger Yes, come on Darryl. Darryl, who I think we need some more information there. We'll go on set last week after the job keeper thing ended off with him his job back at high five for three hours a fortnight in the bugger refused aerelon job seeker denied. Was he applying for the job? Well, I reckon he would have advertised it you haven't advertised to the job then? No, then the tax department would not right. So what are you gonna do about it? You're gonna ring him and tell him that he should take it that maybe I could I have your full name and contact number. Click to hang up you actually need to press the red button not say click Oh, thanks.

Unknown Speaker  40:51  
One 800 because there's nothing more Australian than delving in your mates.

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