A Rational Fear
A Rational Fear
Nov 3, 2022
Lions, Horses and Bombers, Oh my! — Osman Faruqi, Scott Mitchell, Dan Ilic, Lewis Hobba + Linh Do
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On the podcast this week we talk about

  • AUSTRAC investigating Bet365 and BetFair.
  • The Lions trying to escape Sydney's Toronga Zoo.
  • Elon Musk's Twitter purchase.
  • B-52's in Darwin.
  • And whether or not Australia will be welcomed back at the COP27 table.

Your fearmongers this week are Osman Faruqi (Nine) Scott Mitchel (7am) Linh Do (CANA), Dan Ilic + Lewis Hobba

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Dan Ilic  0:00  
This podcast is supported in part by Australian ethical. Good evening, Lewis.

Lewis Hobba  0:05  
Hello Daniel. How are you?

Dan Ilic  0:07  
I'm great. It's great to be in Melbourne. It's stupid old studios.

Lewis Hobba  0:10  
So beautiful. I'm really impressed with the stupid old studios. Obviously they do so much great work. And I know we both donated to the crowdfunding a little while

Dan Ilic  0:20  
ago. We night I forgot that. Why am I paying for this booking?

Lewis Hobba  0:25  
That microphone you're using? That's the memorial mine. Yeah,

Dan Ilic  0:30  
I actually met someone Off the Telly today. It was a bit taken aback. I'm like, Oh, we're famous person.

Lewis Hobba  0:35  
What do you mean? Oh, at the studio?

Dan Ilic  0:36  
Yeah. The people that come from,

Lewis Hobba  0:38  
we're just excited in general of having met someone from television, like, bumped into the cash cow on the street and you were like,

Dan Ilic  0:44  
speaking of cash, big thank you to Australian ethical for helping out the podcast for another few weeks. And big thank you to Andrew Carr and Chad Thompson, who signed up on the Patreon you'd not only get an ad free feed, you get access to the discord. And you can write jokes for the show if you want. That's good. You get early access to the big one on one interviews we have you also get access to early works in progress of sketches, video sketches, and rare recordings of live shows that are too defamatory to put out in public.

Lewis Hobba  1:12  
I love that your Patreon model is a lot like Elon Musk's plan to charge people for their blue check. It's like hey, if you give us money, you can also write for it.

Dan Ilic  1:21  
And we're gonna be speaking a lot about Elon Musk. In just a second. I'm recording my end of irrational fear on Wurundjeri lands of the Kulin nation, sovereignty was never ceded. We need a treaty. Let's start the show.

Simon Chilvers  1:31  
A rational fear contains naughty words like bricks, Canberra, fed gum, and section 40 of a rational view recommended listening by immature audience.

Dan Ilic  1:44  
Tonight lions escaped from a Sydney zoo but returned to their cages when they realized the city's nightlife is dead. And after tourism Victoria stepped up to sponsor the national netball team Gina Reinhardt insists on trying out for a position called own goal attack. And Dominic Perret J has hired Scott Morrison's election strategist hoping he'll curry favor with the people of New South Wales. It's the fourth of November and we're just days away from the final episode of the USA this is a rational fear.

Welcome to irrational fear. I'm your host former head of security at Taronga Zoo Dan Ilic. And this is the podcast that takes the scariest news and shoots it with a tranquilizer gun. Let's meet our fear mongers for tonight. They are the executive producer of the number one news podcast in Australia that doesn't do jokes. They are the they are also the former housemate of Louis harbor. Scott Micho.

Scott Mitchell  2:44  
Thank you so much.

Dan Ilic  2:45  
Scott. What is the one thing you know about Louis Harbor that nobody else knows?

Scott Mitchell  2:50  
Oh, my God, so many Friday, I'd

Lewis Hobba  2:52  
be like we should I don't think we need to do this.

Scott Mitchell  2:54  
I don't think we need to do this. So many Dan,

Lewis Hobba  2:57  
but also I know, Scott would be very afraid of reprisals.

Dan Ilic  3:05  
And the culture editor for nine and host of the drop podcasts and current flatmate of Scott Mitchell Osman for okay Daniel, how you doing? Well, I was What is one thing about Scott Mitchell that nobody else knows.

Osman Faruqi  3:17  
I'm not terrified of reprisals because I'm perfect as a housemate.

Dan Ilic  3:21  
It's pretty good to me.

Osman Faruqi  3:22  
No, I mean, there's nothing done they've done the things like I said it's got a lovely things. He's a wonderful housemate and a wonderful cook. You know, this

Dan Ilic  3:27  
is such born with me, call Santa lands we need him and he's already dusting off his Loki suit after his one episode of television aired last week. It's former flatmate of Scott Mitchell Louis harbor.

Lewis Hobba  3:43  
Yes, thank you, Dan. It it's true. The logos are calling the actors are calling. I assume the international Emmys are calling. I'm preparing several suits.

Dan Ilic  3:55  
Any lawsuits loose?

Lewis Hobba  3:57  
None yet. I mean, once people get into the Patreon I'm sure they'll be able to find some stuff in the old irrational fear episode.

Dan Ilic  4:04  
Coming up later, Australia is returning to the climate talks table as a fully fledged adult we're gonna be talking with lindo to see if the world will have us back. but first here's a message from this week's sponsor.

Unknown Speaker  4:19  
Oh no generic tradie What's that bloke man sports bet and bet 365 are being audited by austrac Oh, what are the odds are that pretty good according to austrac

Jess Perkins  4:29  
the Australian transaction reports and Analysis Center is bringing financial auditing to the palm of your hand stream every raid Live Trace every transaction be dockside for every judicial ruling. And you and your mates can bend together with a sane investigation multi.

Unknown Speaker  4:51  
I'll put a pineapple on aiding and abetting money laundering. Yeah, and I'll put a dame Nellie Melba on funding terrorism a lobster on them getting off scot free but didn't make it a tongue

Jess Perkins  5:01  
austrac bit put good pants or bad

Dan Ilic  5:07  
I should mention gamble responsibly there gamble responsibly. This week's first fear move over Melbourne there was only one animal based news story that stopped the nation for a short period on Wednesday. All eyes were on Taronga Zoo as the lions had escaped, presumably because like all of us, they'd had Jack have locked down. But they went back to their cages shortly after they after they when they realized they all forgot their masks. Taronga Zoo found out that they had basically what they called an integrity issue with the containment fence oz. What was the integrity issue with the fence?

Osman Faruqi  5:40  
Absolutely. My favorite part of this story was when Taronga Zoo was asked to explain at a press conference why they had let the lions out. And I think it's an example of how everyone even zookeepers is so media trained and terrified of saying a single thing wrong. When they're asked what what happened here. They said there was an integrity issue with the fence. Maybe some sort of iconic style investigation. And

Scott Mitchell  6:06  
I think there's like a rule in New South Wales that every press conference to get there eventually.

Osman Faruqi  6:12  
Eventually, when they were pressed, it was basically like there was a hole in the face. Yeah. Why don't just say that. This No,

Dan Ilic  6:16  
no, I liked the late putting it like that. It's like they were like, nefarious monkeys that were like run. Yeah, running security. And the like. So the lions gave them a banana. They open up and say, yeah, that's how it works. Yeah.

Osman Faruqi  6:31  
The other bit of story that I think was really, the media did, I think on one hand, an excellent job of covering this because even here in Melbourne, the ABC was just an effect all the channels which was broadcasting basically live helicopter footage of Mosman for like four to five hours. And it was a great day in Sydney and Sydney looked absolutely gorgeous. But there was so many fascinating parts of the story. So I did not know that Taronga Zoo has what they call a roar and snore program where families can sleep over at the zoo.

Dan Ilic  7:00  
Yeah. And at the time, they were like 20 kids doing this produce exactly. Next to the lion right

Osman Faruqi  7:05  
next to lions. And one of the one of the dads says they will woken up and the zookeepers are just yelling code one code. That's like, I don't know what that made me.

Dan Ilic  7:13  
Yeah. I mean, obviously, obviously, you don't know what it means. But for any of us who grew up in Africa, we do know, there's that old saying code free fun with you and me. Code to safety first at the zoo. code one line. We grew up with that.

Osman Faruqi  7:28  
Yeah, I didn't grow up in Africa. Well, and then as soon as I saw this story, I was like, Oh, this is very reminiscent of Jurassic Park. Right. But I love that one of the dads involved in this situation said literally, when I was huddled in his cabin after we were escorted out of our tents, all I could think about was this is just like being interested. Even me as an outsider was like making pop culture references. This dad terrified that his kids are gonna get eaten by lions just like, I'm basically saying, Neil, right.

Lewis Hobba  7:53  
And does that mean in like 10 years, there'll be a new outbreak, but the lions will be like, genetically bred to be smarter. Yeah, I

Dan Ilic  8:03  
always thought it was a shame that it was like male lines that escaped because if it was lionesses, at least the zookeeper could say, clever girl.

Osman Faruqi  8:11  
The The other thing that the zookeeper said at this press conference that I found absolutely hilarious. He just he wanted to reiterate that. I just want everyone should be reassured that at no point did the lions leave Taronga Zoo. And it's like you had bro then there will be lions loose in the city. Like that would be saga.

Dan Ilic  8:29  
Lions parading the up and up and down. Mosman streets, that would be like an improvement. There's so many concrete lines already in Mosman.

Osman Faruqi  8:35  
That's a weird thing about Sydney and I guess the British kind of legacy that Brits loved building statues of lying everywhere. Yeah, I don't have any.

Dan Ilic  8:43  
Yeah, the insignia of New South Wales has lions night. Yeah.

Lewis Hobba  8:45  
What Yeah, what is the UK did have lions at one point, right? Like that wasn't out of nowhere. Really. Louis, the UK never had like lions, they must have brought some lions in right. They must have had some wire the roll. Like we have the way like the way we have Panthers. The lisco Lion, we have Panthers.

Dan Ilic  9:07  
Of course, I really enjoyed the zookeeper saying everyone relax. Within 10 minutes, we put up the emergency beacons in like 10 minutes. I'm not an apex predator. But I think it would take less than 10 minutes to rip open a school child. That's what that's what I think

Osman Faruqi  9:24  
I want to know at what point they called the police because they did call the police and that I also find hilarious. I get on one hand if something had gone wrong, terribly wrong here. And there was an investigation and they said why didn't you call the police? They could have saved this. Maybe the zoo could have gotten into trouble. But at the same time, what were the police going to do? situation?

Dan Ilic  9:42  
Yeah, right. Well, it's depends on a spinning like if you call them and say lions are coming their problem would probably do much of you said there's African gangs around Muslim.

Osman Faruqi  9:51  
People have escaped their cage.

Scott Mitchell  9:52  
And as if the least one officer who was called to site was going to shoot online I'm drawing straws down at the station who gets to take this call?

Lewis Hobba  10:04  
I also love the like, obviously you were talking about the Melbourne Cup, you know you love to hear so what about Bruce McAvennie or or, you know, Commentating the cup, but you want to hear anytime there's an animal outbreak. You want David Attenborough on the scene. Crossing right now to add burden Mosman I'm just going kind of the lions are escaping Toronto. They are going to a local campus.

Osman Faruqi  10:28  
We got instead of David Attenborough was an hour of Karl Stefanovic vamping on the Today show. It's quite extraordinary encourage anyone to watch that an hour of college is talking about how incredible it

Dan Ilic  10:37  
is. No, that sounds that sounds like daytime TV. Neil post put it on Twitter and the responses were quite rational. Slayer freak said did the Lions have COVID and Ryan Finnegan said government overreach, really enjoyed that. When the Herald Sun posted on Twitter, the top of the top six responses were a variation of the same theme, which was basically somehow this is Dan Andrews, this fault. And I thought that is a hometown paper well attuned to their audience.

Lewis Hobba  11:06  
Now that it's happened at Taronga Zoo. I don't think that the snore and roll program will be selling out that quickly. They get a need. If they want to keep them selling those tickets. They're going to need a pretty heavy reach.

Dan Ilic  11:22  
A goal that's what you need to do.

Lewis Hobba  11:25  
If you pitch it just to like thrill seekers as napping attack, cash,

Unknown Speaker  11:31  
emotional fear.

Unknown Speaker  11:33  
The rule in snow camping experience more broad than snore

Unknown Speaker  11:37  
for me was quite scary because a wine roaming around is like not my thing.

Dan Ilic  11:46  
This week second fear walking mean Elon Musk paid $45 billion for a social media site the tech journalists have been saying for 10 years is dead. Yes. Upon taking the keys to the site primarily used for creating people's a poster for use. Elon Musk tweeted, well, you get what you pay for. And well, pretty amazing. Immediately after completing the acquisition, Musk fired four of the top executives who were all hoping to be let go because they had incredible contracts with huge exit packages upwards of $50 million. If they were let go without cause Musk fired them because quote for cause this means you can avoid paying $122 million in severance packages. It feels like trolling. Of course it is because these guys will just

Osman Faruqi  12:31  
go to court. Yeah, when you spent $66 billion buying it you want to be honest make some 100 million dollars saving

Dan Ilic  12:36  
in a move that has outraged everyone who has their ego attached to their Twitter verification like me. He now wants to charge verified people. A fee to be verified initially was gonna be $20 But Stephen King complained, and then mass suggested aid to Stephen King, which I thought was fantastic. Likewise, similar reaction on Twitter to this, Alexandria Acacio Cortes said lmao the billionaire earnestly trying to sell people on the idea that free speech is actually $8 a month subscription plan. Elon Musk replied to her saying Your feedback is appreciated. Now pay $8 Oh my god, this is funny. This is kind of funny. Like Elon Musk is like now the landlord who can see what everyone's doing inside their houses. Before we

Osman Faruqi  13:16  
get too much into this. Can I ask each of you? Yeah. Are you guys paying the dollars a month for the blue team?

Dan Ilic  13:20  
I'm a Twitter blue member. You are currently your current? I'm currently Yeah. When they started doing and I was like yeah, I'm gonna pay because I need to undo my tweets. I need to fix my tweets. Um, I was really keen on you know, the ad free subscription articles that they're gonna offer.

Scott Mitchell  13:34  
But this is apparently potentially going to go live as soon as Monday and Dan Ilic. Will you be paying a deluxe but

Dan Ilic  13:40  
depends how many Patreon members we get this week. So jump on.

Lewis Hobba  13:44  
I've never been happy to barely use Twitter. It's such a sweet thing. Yes,

Dan Ilic  13:50  
you're out. You're done with Twitter.

Lewis Hobba  13:52  
I got out of Twitter about the same time I tapped out of watching Marvel movies. They both have best decision. You guys are fucking idiots. You're wasting your lives. And all over over here. The king of getting the fuck out at the right time. Scott

Dan Ilic  14:06  
Mitchell, what do you think about

Scott Mitchell  14:07  
this? Well, I I just it makes me wistful and and want to reminisce about the wonderful times about a month ago that Jack was the CEO and major owner of Twitter. And what I loved about Jack was just how absent minded he was and not really involved in anything. I mean, to the degree often he was offered a yoga retreat the middle of Thailand, well, Myanmar, he was so absent minded. He went to Myanmar for a yoga retreat, and didn't even realize there was a genocide going on in the country. That's the level of absence and not holding the wheel that I I want and I think, you know, I think the wider Well

Dan Ilic  14:45  
we all know the reason why that was because that genocide was sponsored by Facebook.

Lewis Hobba  14:51  
That reminds me of Do you remember, one of the great, untold and forgotten stories of the pandemic, was when Jared Leto was On a silence retreat for a month, and he came back and he had missed the first month of the hammock, and he, because no one had been able to talk about it.

Scott Mitchell  15:09  
Wow, incredible, incredible. I mean, it's interesting that at the beginning of this, Dan, you mentioned landlords, because I think that's sort of how we have to think of our social media billionaires is, is as landlords and that means that like, they are all terrible, but what I want in a landlord is an absent minded landlord where like, like, Jackie, like, you know, Hey, man, you know, like, the sink doesn't work. There's lots of Nazis in the house, can you do something about this takes them like too long to do anything, takes them way too long, and they don't really do it. But eventually you bug them and I send a bloke round and they kind of fix the sink, kind of reduce that. Whereas the thing you want least is a very interested who's really, really invested and he's like, can we break the seat more? Can we funnel more money? That's not what you want.

Osman Faruqi  16:02  
So he also in terms of him being absent minded, I think when the big controversy around whether Trump should be banned for when that sort of story was was written up, Jack at the point at this point was was on like Bora Bora. He was in some island in the middle of nowhere, and not really responding to his messages. Perfect.

Scott Mitchell  16:19  
And you want your first absentee if we're gonna have a landlord absentee. I feel

Lewis Hobba  16:24  
like he hardly tweeted as well, like he was totally on Twitter, which was kind

Dan Ilic  16:28  
of which is the only way to deal with Twitter, not tweet, never tweet Jack took it took the great advice of Twitter to heart. Musk is already seconded people from Tesla and SpaceX to come and work on Twitter 54 software engineers from those two companies. It's kind of weird that the brightest minds in technology which have been working on how to make Mars habitable, and now trying to figure out an $8 Payable, so you can identify someone who's bullying you. Isn't that? Isn't that just like mind blowing? What

Osman Faruqi  16:55  
is the Twitter code everyone's talking about? We need the software engineers from Tesla to look at it. It's a website where you post something and people read it. What else is going on?

Dan Ilic  17:05  
I don't understand the self driving Twitter

Unknown Speaker  17:10  
versus rational fear Twitter has become kind of the de facto count square. Really important that people have the perception that they are able to speak freely,

Simon Chilvers  17:21  
they see is a rational view.

Dan Ilic  17:24  
This week's third there B 52. Bombers for fans of thermonuclear war this week is super exciting. A squadron of six B 50 twos are coming to Darwin. Yes, Australia is clearing the decks to make space for the huge 60 year old aircraft, which every news outlet has been careful to say is nuclear capable, but isn't really every aircraft nuclear capable. You know, if you've got a small enough I'm I'm pretty sure my 2000 Corolla is nuclear capable. Like

Lewis Hobba  17:49  
if you get five friends together, you're like, hey, the six of us

Dan Ilic  17:53  
probably carry this. Yeah, I'm sure the cast of Ninja Warrior and nuclear capable. This podcast right now is probably fear mongers. Pretend your G for a second. Which Australian targets would you take out first?

Osman Faruqi  18:06  
I guess we're the beefy wrongest. Loser. Like we're telling everyone where we're putting the most dangerous plane to Australia has right? Isn't that your number one target?

Lewis Hobba  18:15  
I think the most dangerous planes Australia has a quite.

Dan Ilic  18:20  
I asked this question to Twitter. And someone immediately came back and said I think the most strategic target would be Bunnings. And I thought that's a really good point.

Osman Faruqi  18:27  
A great way to lose the hearts and minds.

Dan Ilic  18:30  
It's kind of interesting. You think the Commonwealth was trying to think of a way to get rid of Darwin? They're like, Oh, yeah, you just put the bombers in Darwin? Yeah,

Osman Faruqi  18:38  
I had to look up whether these be 50 twos are the same pitch twos that you mentioned that the 60 years old. Yeah. Like this is what was in Dr. Strangelove the very old planes. Yeah. i My suspicion is that the US needs a way to get rid of these Australian like kind of military establishment are dumb enough to be like be 50 twos. This is incredible. I've seen. Yeah, we'll take

Dan Ilic  19:00  
the United States government is looking for Australia to help with their insurance. Do you reckon Australia has a choice in this too? Do you reckon we as a nation can actually push back and say yeah,

Scott Mitchell  19:12  
yeah. And I think the thing that is sort of been underreported, I think is like that. This is actually the product of like 10 years of Australian making that choice. Like we want American capabilities here for all kinds of reasons. And it's a slow build up of allowing, you know, this infrastructure to be built to host bigger and bigger, you know, capabilities and this is the result of that. It's a

Dan Ilic  19:35  
totally weird bipartisan wank fest as well. Like when this when this news dropped. Peter Dutton was first to jump on the news and say, so this is like an unbelievable service forever. Oh, we need we need the guns.

Osman Faruqi  19:47  
I was the first one to one.

Scott Mitchell  19:50  
Can you imagine what you would have to pay also in this news week for Peter Dutton to endorse government? Attack all week. I mean, he's came out so red hot for

Dan Ilic  20:01  
this. He saw his percentage points go up three points. Yeah,

Lewis Hobba  20:04  
I just I can't stop thinking about just the BPC tos and I know that's a really Oh surprise

Dan Ilic  20:09  
surprise a Triple J DJ can't stop thinking about the B 52.

Osman Faruqi  20:13  
Fun fact about the B 50. Twos Louis is that they're not in fact named after the bombers. They are named after the B 52 beehive hairstyle that was itself named after the bombers because of the way that the nose of the big plane looked like a beehive. The B 52 is when they first come out on stage would wear wigs reminiscent of the popular 60s haircut.

Dan Ilic  20:33  
Wow, were those wigs nuclear capable? When we come back, we'll be talking about cop 27. And if Australia is doing enough, spoiler alert, no,

Simon Chilvers  20:44  
this is a rational view.

Dan Ilic  20:47  
rational fear. Lewis Imagine if the $3.3 trillion dollars invested in Super in Australia was put to doing good I reckon we've been a pretty good place, don't you?

Lewis Hobba  20:59  
I already think it's doing great work, then I love the fact that we're investing in tobacco, international arms deals, local coal trade. I couldn't be prouder of the Australian superannuation industry.

Dan Ilic  21:11  
Well thankfully, we actually are sponsored by a good investment fund Australian ethical. They don't touch any of that bad stuff. They say fuck off to fossil fuels, gambling, tobacco, all that bad stuff. And they only invest in low carbon businesses and renewable energy it health care, education, and middling podcasts would say.

Lewis Hobba  21:34  
That's right. But you know what, they're getting it on the ground floor. We could be the next Uber.

Dan Ilic  21:39  
They are a certified B Corp. and winner of money Magazine's Best of the Best for 2022. So big thank you, Australian ethical for supporting one of, if not the most ethical podcast in Australia.

Lewis Hobba  21:52  
I did not put my name today.

Dan Ilic  21:55  
And we're back. Well what a difference a year makes last year a cop 26 Scott Morrison had to be bullied by billboards in New York City to even consider making an appearance to utter the phrase, we'll meet and beat our targets and a cancer to an empty room. But to cut to this year, it's a whole different story. Next week, the at the UN climate talks Australia returns as a good faith actor after about a 15 year departure. Joining us now to talk through how Australia will be received at COP is friend of the show, co host of the greatest moral podcast of our generation and deputy chair of Climate Action Network Australia. Lindo, welcome back to rational view.

Linh Do  22:30  
Hey, Tom, thanks for having me back.

Unknown Speaker  22:31  
It's been a while where have you

Linh Do  22:32  
been long, long time, you know, and got COVID and then basically got knocked out for all of you

Dan Ilic  22:38  
said lion's share a very similar story to you. Yeah. So Australia is returning to the climate talks this year. How do you record Australia will be received at the cop 20 A cop 27.

Linh Do  22:49  
So you know, one of the things about being stuck in Melbourne during COVID Was you sort of forgot what Australians are actually like overseas. And we have this idea that everyone loves us. And we're the best and like, you know, everyone wants to invite us to the party. But I did get to go to Europe this year, during their summer, our winter. Turns out people aren't really ready to have us back in Europe. Turns out people have not missed us. And I don't think people have missed us at the UN. Do you

Dan Ilic  23:11  
mean like in general in the world? Yeah. In general,

Linh Do  23:14  
in general, like I think, you know, we just have this image of ourselves that like, we're all really great. And now that we've changed our government, people are ready to welcome us back. And I think that's what the Israeli government is really going to this cop. We're thinking that well, we're better than the last guys were in this job. So everyone will want us back. Right, right. Only so far, I think we should somewhat expect like crickets in terms of the Welcome back.

Dan Ilic  23:36  
The latest episode of outrageous optimism, and incredible podcast about climate change, and Christiana Figueres was kind of celebrating on one hand, but also wanting us to do more on the other. But it was it's interesting to think that the that the the climate community in the world kind of is remotely excited about us kind of coming back as good faith actors.

Linh Do  23:57  
I think it's better to have us back that not back at all. But I think if if the world sort of has been using this sort of like carrot and stick approach to Australia, you know, trying to dangle Hey, if you come back and you do good, we'll like reward you for it. But that just didn't work for a decade. And I think as a result, people are really ready to say, hey, Australia, we get that your back and we get evened out some things as part of your election. But when is the proof gonna come in? Why do you still export fossil fuels? Why are you still exploring new gas projects? Like there's just not a lot that's adding up?

Dan Ilic  24:27  
So what about what we're going to take to court this year? We'll like what, what are the things that haven't really been announced? We have a 43% target, which is pretty, you know,

Linh Do  24:36  
that is what we take into cop right. But unfortunately, is

Dan Ilic  24:39  
there anything else though? Is it like is it like a Steve Jobs? Oh, and one last thing kind of is there like a disc is Chris Bowen gonna have like something fun in an envelope he's gonna pull out.

Linh Do  24:49  
Well, hopefully they're listening to this podcast right now. And they're going to take a huge commitment to rejoin the Green Climate Fund. So a couple of years back just for listeners who aren't aware of all of the intricacies of the US.

Dan Ilic  24:58  
Oh, of course, this is We got we just opted out of the Green Climate Fund.

Linh Do  25:02  
Totally, we just opted out. So this was basically, you know, as part of the Paris Climate Change Agreement in 2015. Here's a short history lesson for everyone. All the governments of the world committed to 100 US billion dollars. That's That's how much we want to be contributing into, you know, fighting climate change, helping developing countries sort of transition, technology transfer, all of those sorts of buzzwords. But one, we haven't quite gotten there yet. And two, you then have governments like Australia saying, Hey, we don't want to be part of this anymore. Sorry, bye. And we still haven't rejoined yet. So I think if we want to be seriously Welcome back, and for people to take us, you know, in a way that is like, genuine and like, with good faith, not only do we need to rejoice, we need to be contributing some bigger dollars.

Dan Ilic  25:42  
Oh, excellent. Like, like, how much?

Linh Do  25:45  
Maybe $400 billion. I feel like the budget just came out. I'm sure we've got some wiggle room. But it needs to be something that's really proportionate to the fact that Israeli is one of the biggest fossil fuel exporters in the world, our sort of per capita emissions is like, enormous and it's not even sometimes mathematically feasible to think what we're emitting is just like everyday Australians compared to someone from Fiji. So we need to be doing what's equitable.

Dan Ilic  26:09  
Speaking of Pacific Islands, Australia, is making noise that we want to host our own cup in 2024, which is, you know, I think it's exciting. But then we want to do it with the Pacific island nations, what do you reckon? Are they going to welcome us back a day? Are they going to want to run this cup with us,

Linh Do  26:26  
or they're going to want to run this cup with us or run out with the government of China, right? Like, I think at the moment, our Pacific Islander neighbors and family

Dan Ilic  26:34  
are gonna say that Jay is going to start his own camp and the Pacific Islands are gonna go and it's gonna be

Linh Do  26:38  
a bidding war. I think like, everyone recognizes that there's a whole bunch of countries that you want to get onside with whatever your sort of climate messaging and framing is, and whether it's going to be us first China or like the US, we just need to be doing a lot more than sort of this show and tell thing where we're not really demonstrating anything new.

Scott Mitchell  26:56  
And so far, as you say, like Penny Wong, did a big tour of the Pacific and put like, tried to sort of say, I think reset the relationship after the coalition and go, we put climate front and center because we know that you all care about climate. But there's been so far, at least, very little, in practical terms to prove to those leaders in the Pacific that this government really is going to be a part of that bidding war, as you say,

Linh Do  27:23  
exactly. And I think it's really great when you know, the climate school strikers and people from like the activism movement say that they care because they also aren't responsible for billions of dollars in like sort of taxpayers money that could be redirected into some of these efforts, I think until Pacific countries actually start to see like hard results, not tied into like all of our geopolitical interests. Why would they turn up to the table as well?

Dan Ilic  27:45  
What about like sending bone as opposed to elbow is that a good or bad decision?

Linh Do  27:50  
It's interesting, because I think the world would actually welcome elbow in a way that you know, Scott Morrison was it was just much more about like pressure than anything else. But in some ways, hopefully, that means the Chris Bolden is going to be ready to talk about the nitty gritty and like, get into the details rather than just have like big grand, sort of fanfare

Osman Faruqi  28:05  
is it? Is it a bit weird though, because like, Rishi Sunak is going there was pressure when he said he wasn't the Prime Minister of the UK, Joe Biden is going and if this really is Australia, saying, Hey, we're back, baby. But we're sending this weird guy that you've never heard of. If you're not following surely politics,

Linh Do  28:22  
are we are we back? Well, that's the thing maybe always gotten the message that we're not back. And that's why he doesn't want to rock up to the party because he knows he's going to be shunned. So we sent Chris Baldwin and as a decoy.

Lewis Hobba  28:32  
I think if you want elbow to go you just got to make sure Paul Kelly isn't playing in. You double

Osman Faruqi  28:39  
down the animal theater for a couple of weeks.

Dan Ilic  28:43  
When they were they ran our renegotiating the contract for manners for the security menace. I realized that elbow followed me on Twitter and I sent him a DM say, hey, elbow, I'll give you my tickets to the Whitlam to the Enmore if you don't, if you don't sign a new security contract. Sorry for filling out roads. You don't cybersecurity,

Scott Mitchell  28:58  
crazy low down and learn on this thing of elbow not attending. Like I feel like every other developed country in the world, when even like King Charles is not the Prime Minister, but he's not going cause like huge, multi day coverage and public outcry and like,

Linh Do  29:16  
not letting him go anymore.

Scott Mitchell  29:19  
No, totally. But like, just he's not going cause like multi day outcry. And like, elbow just goes, I'm not going and because he's a progressive Prime Minister, it sort of seems like you just like escapes scrutiny. And yeah, this isn't like How is this not a five day story?

Osman Faruqi  29:35  
Only someone was in charge of a daily news book. For five days in a row make it a five day story.

Dan Ilic  29:41  
Oh, I love this dynamic because because I'll start at 7am and turn it into an award winning daily national podcast and Scott's running it into the ground.

Scott Mitchell  29:53  
It's not what I'm saying. It's interrogate how I took her husband's job and we now live together. deeper into that.

Dan Ilic  30:01  
Now this is true because Scott Morrison didn't go last year. And I got so annoyed. I put billboards in New York City, but I'm not doing I'm not doing the same for elbow because I think Chris Bowen is is so across his portfolio and he's such a energy nerd. And he's so across every facet of anything to do with climate change is eons ahead of anyone like Angus Taylor, it makes sense for Chris to go because he's the biggest fucking climate nerd in power right now.

Linh Do  30:29  
And I think what's exciting about that, right is as much as I as I just slammed the Australian government for not doing enough, this cop, in many ways is like, what's considered a technical cop. So the idea isn't that there's going to be a lot of big fanfare anyway, there's not going to be huge announcements for most of these other countries, because they made a ton of those in Scotland last year, and they haven't sort of followed through these cops all about what are the details? So can Chris Bowen come with the details that, you know, sometimes when you have a head of state or government, it gets lost, because

Dan Ilic  30:54  
it's like, every five years, right, every five years, they have a big cup, and then they have like, you know, a few small ones. And they have another big one. Exactly, which

Linh Do  31:01  
is sort of what's exciting is If Australia does end up being successful, in our bid to host a cup, we'll be hosting a quote unquote, big one local, we'll be hosting one of the ones that already, but we're gonna be hosting a cop that is going to bring a whole level of scrutiny to the Australian Government that I don't think we're prepared for with this sort of offer of, hey, we're interested

Dan Ilic  31:22  
in global scrutiny,

Linh Do  31:23  
and it's scrutiny over everything. You know, right now, the story in Egypt isn't just oh, this climate thing is going to happen. Also, there's a big security crisis right now, like people shouldn't leave because there are human rights abuses in different parts of Egypt. Like, I don't know if the Australian government is ready to have our offshore processing. So we're happy for exactly climate

Osman Faruqi  31:41  
meeting, but we don't want the torture inspectors.

Linh Do  31:45  
That's right. Yeah, exactly that so you can't have it both ways. And it's not just about climate, right. I think we'd now really recognize with the floods that happened in Pakistan this year, and obviously on like the eastern seaboard of Australia, all of these issues are intersectional. It's not just like us in like Sydney, Melbourne, etc. That is suffering, various other parts

Dan Ilic  32:03  
of the world. I look forward to cop in 2024, hosted by Australia and all the Pacific island nations except for Nauru. I'm looking forward to big thank you to all of our guests for irrational fear this week. lindo. Thank you, Scott Mitchell. Thank you, Jasmine for Ricky. Thank you. Luis Hubbert. Thank you. Let's get our plugs underway. What would you like to plug Lin?

Linh Do  32:25  
Oh, wow, I forgot about this moment. Maybe if elbows following you on Twitter as well just maybe send him a little DM before your blue texts expire. Asking him to commit some dollars for the Green Climate Fund.

Dan Ilic  32:37  
I can do that. Scott Mitchell at

Scott Mitchell  32:39  
7am Subscribe best daily podcast in Australia. And my secret to 7am is that I don't talk on it. Today. As an EP of this show, you've taken a very different time. And I'm interested to see how that's worked out. Wow,

Dan Ilic  32:56  
what shade Scott Mitchell. Oh my god.

Osman Faruqi  33:00  
Oh, he really stepped on mine because I was gonna I was gonna back 7am

Dan Ilic  33:06  
to two plugs to plug. Oh, as you got a great podcast the drop?

Osman Faruqi  33:09  
I do. But it's not you know, it's not actually that great to plug your own podcast. Scott, if you want to take some notes. Since you brought it up. I do have a weekly contra podcast. It's the best in the biz. Drop, follow it. Subscribe.

Dan Ilic  33:20  
Listen to a great interview with Howie from formula of coolers and the other day. Excellent Louis about what do you want to play?

Lewis Hobba  33:27  
I'll just I'm gonna replug the TV show. We'll go and watch it on iView it's called Australia's best competition competition. And it's very good. It's very good. It's very

Osman Faruqi  33:35  
good. I think it's so good. I put it in the newspaper. It's a great Oh, Roo

Lewis Hobba  33:40  
palace. Power. Thanks.

Scott Mitchell  33:42  
Great addition to the Friday night slate as well.

Lewis Hobba  33:46  
Scott Mitchell has asked me at 7am

Dan Ilic  33:48  
Wonder ratings a tank surely there's like there's like some kind of third one Turkish wrestling. You can kind of do a cross over that's not bad. It's not bad. Yeah. Big thanks to Rhode Mike's stupid old studios Australian ethical our Patreon supporters and Jacob round on the Tepanyaki timeline. He Thank you also to the Do GO On Podcast who lent their voices to the sketch at the top of the show. Another great Australian podcast they're speaking of podcasts. Until next week, there's always something to be scared of. Goodnight


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