A Rational Fear
A Rational Fear
Feb 17, 2022
Dope BONGs - Georgia Hooper, James Fitzgerald, Maggie Mckeown, Lewis Hobba, Dan Ilic
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We're joined this week by fearmongers:

Georgia Hooper
James Fitzgerald
Lewis Hobba 
and Dan Ilic

And we cover:


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Bertha Announcement  0:00  
This podcast is supported in part by the birth of foundation. 

Dan Ilic  0:04  
Hello, Lewis. How are you?

Lewis Hobba  0:06  
Hello Dan. Yo, I'm okay. Yeah, I'm alright. Um, I missed last week because of COVID as loyal listeners would No,

Dan Ilic  0:14  
no. Yes. Yes, folks folks would know that for people who have tuned in. And how was your week back on radio doing doing actual work again? Was it was it Okay, could you get through the radio shows? Okay,

Lewis Hobba  0:26  
I'm genuine. I mean, obviously, as you know, I've been very outspoken on this show about how COVID is just the flu and is mainstream. So I really had to, I've had to make a lot of apologies that I got my face this week.

Dan Ilic  0:40  
I remember that episode of you when when you went on Joe Rogan. And you said that on Joe Rogan.

Lewis Hobba  0:45  
That's how we got our multimillion dollar contracts with Spotify. Thank you, Spotify. But yeah, it's it's genuinely ruined my brain. Like physically I'm done. I'm testing negative now. I'm Oh, good. But I haven't wasn't allowed back into the radio studio for my other job with Triple J. Yeah. And so I've been doing the show from here from this very bedroom. It has been okay. I've just been napping till like midday and then started the show.

Dan Ilic  1:12  
Well, thank you. Thank you for staying up to do this week's irrational fear. Really appreciate it. You know, we don't pay you any sick leave. So if you can walk away from this at any time you want,

Lewis Hobba  1:24  
thank you already pay. But yeah, I I'm thrilled to be back. I'm excited. I haven't read any news. I've just watched like six seasons of the office. And all of the all long nine hours of inventing enter the insufferably unnecessary and Adobe story on Netflix. So Oh, god, that's where my braids that.

Dan Ilic  1:45  
This is the moment you start a show. And then you're like, I guess I should finish it.

Lewis Hobba  1:49  
Yeah, honestly, this thing should be should be a 30 minute podcast. That's a nine hour extravaganza.

Dan Ilic  1:56  
Oh, well, speaking of nine hours extravaganzas this this podcast. I'm gonna tweak the format a little bit. It's gonna be a 10 hour Showtime. No, it's in a bit in a bit to try and make money out of this podcast. I'm going to split up the podcast a little bit. You know, for the regular listeners. So for the freeloader listeners, you will hear everything until we get to our interview tonight. And if you want to listen to the interview, you can continue by hitting subscribe on the Patreon feed or through Apple digital subscriptions. It's something Louis I'm inventing called extra fear. In fact, I'm gonna get asked Jacob brown to do a sting he can put put in there or something like that. Right. Do you have any recommendations for sting for extra fear?

Lewis Hobba  2:36  
Ah, Dan, don't make me riff.

Dan Ilic  2:41  
Big thank you to our Patreon subscribers who signed up this week, Sam Bateman, Megan, Nick, Charlie revive and also Fiona TaskUs, who is a fantastic cartoonist and comedian in her own.

Lewis Hobba  2:53  
What about ladies and gentlemen, lend me your fears. Because you're asking for money.

Dan Ilic  2:58  
Lend me your fears. That's good. That's better than extra fear. All right. Lend me your fears. That's the new segment on irrational fear. We do have live shows coming up. I don't know if you know, but we've rescheduled our Sydney Opera House show to June for St. Louis. Do you want to do Splendour in the Grass? Really? Yeah, they were inviting us back July 22 24th. So that's exciting. So

Lewis Hobba  3:21  
anyway, so you say

Dan Ilic  3:24  
that's what I said. I said, Well, Louis is going to be there. So that'll be fine. I'm sure Louis good. So yes, blender, grass and the opera house are coming up. So please check the show notes for details. All right. I'm recording my end of irrational fear. On Gadigal land in the urination sovereignty was never said we need a treaty. Let's start the show.

Voice Over  3:43  
A rational fear contains naughty words like bricks, Canberra, fed gum and section 40 of our rational view recommended listening my image your audience.

Dan Ilic  3:57  
Tonight the Prime Minister Scott Morrison claims the words I forgive you a harder to say then I'm sorry. Also, according to the Prime Minister, the hardest words of all are the federal election will be held on the and NCIS is coming to Sydney. Yes, I can't wait for them to investigate who killed Kings Cross. And a new report says land clearing in New South Wales has tripled leaving many species of birds and fish priced out of the real estate market. It's the 17th of February and we're hoping to be defamed so we can buy a house of our own this is a rational fear, irrational.

Welcome to irrational fear. I'm your host, former freestyle ski gold medalist Daniel itch and this is the podcast that analyses the news the same way. Kanye West types on Instagram in all caps. Let's make our fear mongers for tonight. It's the freshest year from FBI radios inside jokes programme, they self described as hot, young and queer. And they are here to solve all of the world's problems because they're in Gen Zed, and they have all the answers and they haven't yet to be beaten down by the harsh realities of life from FBI it's Georgia and James. Hello. Hello. Hello.

Georgia Hooper  5:20  
Thank you for having Oh, it's

Dan Ilic  5:23  
it's just good to have some like fresh young people on the show. We're just constantly getting geriatric Millennials on the show

Georgia Hooper  5:31  
you know I bring that bring the age median down a little bit for you. We're happy to open up doors to a new demo Exactly.

Lewis Hobba  5:40  
Shake it up a little you were the only one who didn't know how to use the internet you're

Georgia Hooper  5:46  
calling me out live on the early into the game. It is.

Lewis Hobba  5:54  
I've already I've already defeated like there's nothing else that can hurt

Dan Ilic  6:00  
you there's nothing left for you. Exactly. And he is 2022 RAF magazine's voted most handsome Where's Wally look like it is Louis haba

Lewis Hobba  6:09  
take that to Andrew Denton and Tony. Still got it.

Dan Ilic  6:14  
Yeah, I've got that copy Louis of rough magazine if you want it

Lewis Hobba  6:18  
this route still exist. That's

Dan Ilic  6:21  
bankrupt they went bankrupt. Later on in lend me your fears. We're gonna be talking to Wayne Smith from the Smart Energy Council and the newly formed smart voting Comdata you to tell us why he's been stickers bagging the coalition's climate action policies have put him in a sticky situation. But first, a message from this week's sponsor.

Bland Power  6:42  
Today bland Poway introduces the own new national party, where traditionally the National Party was created as a party for Famas. The old new national party now uses a brand new formula that's all about coal, but with the same great look, the National Party now comes with unbreakable ties to the mining sector and a stronghold over the Liberal Party. The old new National Party is the perfect party to ensure a coalition lead Australia will continue to put coal ahead of renewables, land power, helping you buy better,

Dan Ilic  7:11  
it's not recommended. Excellent. This week's first fear now we've been talking a lot on this podcast about Clive Palmer's Waratah coal and fruit which is primarily the main reason for him wanting to be in Parliament so he can have some influence about which coal mines get approved in the Galilee basin or which coal plants get up. Well, today in the Courier Mail, it was reported that the trademark for Waratah coal had expired. But the Queensland Conservation Council reregistered it. So now they own the trademark. And they after suggestions as to what to do with it. Now, before I take the fear mongers suggestions, we're actually joined by Maggie McEwen from the Queensland Conservation Council to tell us how did you pull off this incredible coup? Maggie tell us?

Maggie Mckeown  7:59  
I mean, it was one of those things. We've been campaigning against Clive Palmer, who wants to build a new coal fired power station in central Queensland, which we know is crazy. And when we were looking around his website that the cobwebs dusting them away, we thought, oh, wow, that trademark has lapsed. I wonder how much we could get it for. And we purchased it this week. Really, it was pretty simple. We noticed that Clive is yet to come in and water tacos yet to comment. So we're really anticipating the

Lewis Hobba  8:34  
reaction from Have you looked into whether or not he still owns the trademark for Titanic, too, because that could be a big.

Maggie Mckeown  8:41  
I mean, iceberg climate change is all related. Perhaps we can

Dan Ilic  8:48  
I think we should look into it. The trademark was kind of out of date for a couple of years was it? How did how did you notice that this this trademark was just kind of flapping in the wind ready for the day came?

Maggie Mckeown  8:58  
Well, I mean, it's the it's a company that managed to find this antiquated, tiny backwards loophole in the local council approval process to push through this coal proposal, but it seems bizarre that they've been able to miss for five years. A trademark, but you know, it's not a very well known brand. You know, he's got a lot of other other advertising going on, as you know, we've all seen, but yeah, this one they really missed. Yeah, there's

Dan Ilic  9:25  
the column golf course with the Jurassic Park. You know, I'm sure there's a trademark there and protector away. So you're asking for people with suggestions for what to do with this trademark? What are some of the best suggestions you've seen so far? Yeah.

Maggie Mckeown  9:36  
I mean, it's a pretty simple competition from us. Right. And we thought it was really important to do because although lots of people know the Clive's loud and out there, they don't realise that. You know, he's pushing these projects to coal mines and a new coal fired power station, but it was just awesome to see the reaction today from people we saw some really wholesome ideas like warthog waterslide like wha hoo, that would be a wacky time, but it's a little bit more achy. Like you know, warthog colonoscopies. I'm not going there.

Dan Ilic  10:13  
It's it's pretty good to like though like water taco. That's good.

Maggie Mckeown  10:18  
Like my favourite so far has been war at our weddings where you know, after the speeches, you get a couple of old blokes coming out and they cover that version of Twisted Sister and everyone gets in trouble and real rowdy.

Lewis Hobba  10:32  
When to take Maggie's it hasn't been any consideration for you guys just opening a coal mine raising some money for your conservation education that way.

Maggie Mckeown  10:41  
Look, natural reread. That was the advice that we had to get from the lawyers right. It's like I you planning on opening a new coal power station? And we thought no, you know, that's not up our alley. Catastrophic. Climate change is our main foe aside from these coal billionaires. If someone can give us a good pitch, like we run the numbers and the profitability of a new coal power station is zero, like the Queensland consumer would be locked into really high prices. I think something like wartime waterslides is like way funner at this point,

Dan Ilic  11:15  
it seemed Mungus What are your suggestions? But what to do with this trademark,

Lewis Hobba  11:18  
if you wanted to stick in call you could just go like further down the line and just do diamonds.

Georgia Hooper  11:24  
Who does? Now that's an ID.

Unknown Speaker  11:29  
One of the ideas that did come through and harbour I think you'd probably have an inkling or some insights is like MC Waratah, like Waratah DJ dropping some fat tunes. Any thoughts? Oh,

Lewis Hobba  11:39  
that's interesting. That's nice. Yeah. Yeah, that's good. Does anyone in the Conservation Foundation have any skills on the deck, so

Maggie Mckeown  11:48  
we definitely have to outsource I'm only good at very cheesy memes.

Georgia Hooper  11:53  
That's actually a good idea. Because I actually saw on the article that you were looking to list the trademark under education, training and entertainment, and entertainment really stuck out in my mind. And I was thinking warthog call Oxford Street's hottest new gay club. Yeah. Conservatives into the game. We take them to a drag show, and then walk out saved cured if even, you know what I'm saying. I think it could be really

Dan Ilic  12:22  
well, you know, Matt Canavan always goes about his day in in drag cosplayers, a coal miner anyway, so you know, he could perform at that club. If you want to give your ideas to Maggie, head on into the show notes, and we'll make sure we have all the links to all the ways you can contribute to that. So Maggie, thank you so much for joining us on irrational fear. Thanks, everyone. Yeah, so our billboard campaign continues today, I took a journey to Sylvania waters in Sydney to see this one. It's, it's already up. So if you are in Sydney south, head on over to 259 Princess highway to check this out. It has a picture of a mum and a kid in the middle of a logged forest and it says visit the old growth stumps of Tasmania and that is that is currently on the Princes Highway in Sylvania. Sylvania waters, right opposite poles hamburgers, so you know, treat yourself to a hamburger. Go see our billboard, one of our billboards and there'll be more going up as we continue over the next month, which is great. So that was good to see that one going up. What

Lewis Hobba  13:29  
do you think it's gonna last longer? I just noticing where that poster is Tasmania's old growth forests or payphones.

Dan Ilic  13:38  
Well, here's the thing. I hate it. It's all of these new billboards on the back of payphones. And the reason why payphones exist is to hold billboards. Now let's see only that's the only reason why payphones exist. And so there's a whole whole big story about you know, councils not wanting payphones in because if they have payphones in they're gonna have advertising in a better so his whole business model is to make money off those pay phones with advertising. That's how we love capitalism. Capitalism. Feed number two, a big Happy Valentine's Day to the editors of the Daily Mail, who published a 2014 photo of grace time blazed and holding a bond with her foot a day after disasters interview with Scott Morrison on 60 minutes the headline said and forgive me I'm going to read it out the whole thing so this could take a while. Explosive Grace time delete social media picture showing her posing next to a giant bomb, as the ex Australian of the Year is criticised by Scott Boris's wife Jenny for lacking manners. Oh my god. The headlines are just so long

Georgia Hooper  14:42  
take Can you just confirm that bong was in all caps? Is that what it was?

Dan Ilic  14:46  
The bomb was in all caps bomb just in case it's almost like they weren't they wanted to hear the sound of a bomb being bombed when when you

James Fitzgerald  14:56  
when you read onomatopoeia yes onomatopoeia

Dan Ilic  15:00  
And the article continues to say the post was lifted deleted by time now 27 on Monday morning after questions from the Daily Mail about the image, it is not suggested that miss time used the bond, only that it sat on the couch in front of her in the picture, which makes sense because the Daily Mail never asked people what they do with the things that are in the pictures I just described. So far Mungus does this make her like? Well, for you, Georgia and James, you guys are in your early 20s. Are you now seeing images for future Daily Mail articles to be written about you?

Unknown Speaker  15:34  
Um, no. I think I want to post more. If anything, I've been inspired, if anything,

Georgia Hooper  15:40  
the goal, I think is to have the bonk Pichai in the daily man. Yeah,

James Fitzgerald  15:45  
exactly. I

Unknown Speaker  15:46  
personally don't see that as a bad thing. It's an iconic photograph.

Dan Ilic  15:51  
I feel like there's lots of stuff in our past that we've posted. You know, Louis and I in particular, that we're not exactly proud of now in our in our 30s and 40s. That we have to go through and scrub occasionally. Have you done a big claim Louis of your past social media pictures,

Lewis Hobba  16:07  
there's not that many thing, like, I think because I work at Triple J, there's very little that can come out that would be negative press, you know, for me and my and my like, essentially, if there was a photo that came out of me with a giant bomb, our ratings would increase and I would get paid more. Like if there was a photo of me at spider just like doing massive rails in like the green room with a bunch of bands. You know, they they put another level on my house. There's not Yeah, I don't have the same kind of responsibility as the Australian of the Year.

Dan Ilic  16:40  
And you might end up getting an invitation to like a WAG after party as well. Which would be great. Exactly.

Lewis Hobba  16:44  
That's right man. Not even tell $2.50 came up plates. Let's do this thing.

Dan Ilic  16:50  
How do you feel about this story? Is it a? Is it a weird one for you? Or is it something that you go? Oh, who cares?

Unknown Speaker  16:56  
I thought it was great. I loved it. I mean, honestly, what's more Australian if not Australian of the Year, then ripping a bomb on the couch with your mates. I think that the people who were complaining they need to look inside themselves and they need to know who we are as Australians and honestly if anything, I think it was a conspiracy theory theory after the whole Scott Morrison April time in Cuba events. I think it was brought up not by the daily noun, but by the band dragon who publicly came out against Scott Morrison and and hatred against his cover of this song. And I you know what happens? When a bad cover comes out? Your likes go down, your streams go down. Spotify wants to eradicate you from the app. So I think it was them. They said what are we going to do? How are we going to turn this around? Because if you look at Google at the moment what comes up when you type in April signing Cuba? It Scott Morrison Scott Morrison said personally, I think that behind this and we need to forgive the Daily Mail.

Dan Ilic  17:59  
Oh, this is something that people around trouble Jagang we should get him in for like a version.

Lewis Hobba  18:07  
Get again. Ah, there was obviously some chat. Yeah. We they don't normally cover all songs on like a version. But I don't think a prime minister has done it before. But let's be honest, last year's Hold on Hold number one was the wiggle. So all bets are off. I think when we look forward, on to what's happening next year, we're gonna have to get into Yeah, um, I don't think he refuses to come in to be interviewed by any of the journalists at Triple J. So it'd be it'd be the only way we get him on. I do think, though, that, like, if you look back, I wonder if she can't be the only Australian of the Year where there's a photo of her doing drugs, you know what I mean? Like, there's got to, like, the whole thing's got to be something like, I don't know, like, hurt again. I don't I mean, there's got to be some photos and like her to get in his, in his heyday, on to Tamworth Country Music Festival, right? Oh, like, Alan Botha was a Australian, like me. And thanks so much tears on television, there's just got there's no way that there aren't more. And I also think that like for going forward from here, there's no one under like, 40 who doesn't have a photo like this? So from now on, we just have to assume that anyone who is under 40, who gets any position of power has this photo and you probably just have it on them on the day they get whatever price they get. So if you're if you're a young Prime Minister, you're the first person who's currently under 40 to become prime minister. Like thank you so much. It's a real pleasure. Just want to get this out of the way here is a photo of me doing cocaine off a friend's but it was I was young. It was two years ago.

Dan Ilic  19:40  
Like a slideshow? I was a different person two years ago.

Lewis Hobba  19:43  
Yes. All the different drugs.

Unknown Speaker  19:45  
I feel like that was the thing is that it actually opened the doors for a bunch of like politicians to come out and actually say yeah, I'm a sterner, too. I saw that a lot on Twitter this week, which was which is fine. We like good to know that our politicians Get down.

Dan Ilic  20:01  
One of the more disturbing tweets is people like Dave Sharma who are desperately trying to humanise themselves at the moment Dave Sharma even tweeted saying I should I'm sure there's a photo of me like that somewhere. I don't think this stuff is remotely in the public interest.

Lewis Hobba  20:13  
I honestly I would I would eat my hat if Dave Sharma has done a drug.

Dan Ilic  20:20  
Danny drug Dave Shama has done his relentless pursuit of power.

Lewis Hobba  20:26  
Yeah, it was also it's also like people like Dave Schobert obviously keep voting heavily in favour of draconian drug punishments. So he's like yeah, that's cool for me know whatever arrest the white guy in 10 slack so yep. Oh,

Dan Ilic  20:38  
GA you brought up Dragon's response dragon also decided to repost one of the videos I made in response to the 60 minutes thing I made this video of Scott Morrison playing ukulele in a bushfire and they reposted it on their Tik Tok and now their videos had 100,000 views had three cents for every view. Wouldn't that be great? Yeah, 100,000 views isn't exciting as it used to be when you get all this doesn't actually

Lewis Hobba  21:06  
doesn't you realise it doesn't improve your life in any way in any tangible shape or form? That's profound.

Unknown Speaker  21:13  
I'd say this to treasure dick. The federal government have shown you this. Now you should show them yours. That's what the Premier said yesterday, if the feds do it, we'll do it. The feds have done it. So treasure addicts should do the same.

Dan Ilic  21:28  
A rational fear this week's the fear the Russians are revolting and doping as per usual now 15 year old Camilla Valera was done with a doping violation this week as for a test she took way back at Christmas time the test came back positive only this week for some heart medication which the Russian team is blaming. I'm mixing up the drugs with her grandfather's drugs I mean we've all been there many to grab like a handful of m&ms and you know, axes and poppy downs and Viagra happens to miss. The Cove Arbitration for Sport allowed her to skate regardless as they're still investigating it because the because Camilla is 15 years old and because she's young, she's got this like protected status. So fear mongers does this kind of exemption, just open the door for hordes of Russian teenagers or smackdown on their bowls on steroids to join the Olympics.

Unknown Speaker  22:22  
Okay, okay. I enjoy me some figure skating when the events are happening. So I know maybe too much about this. I hypothetically, like, if I like stabbed you in the face, should I like not get punished

Dan Ilic  22:37  
for it? I guess if you're a minor. I mean,

Unknown Speaker  22:42  
that's a good point. That's a really, really good point. But so you should get punished. But I should get punished. Technically, I don't think like, okay, we're just like not gonna have this ceremony. That's really really quirky. But like I also don't think we should like attack this 15 year old girl. Not to be radical. Not to be radical because she is coached by Miss Miss Thing a terry tuberous who if y'all don't know, she's basically like Cruella de Vil. But instead of poppies. It's like, Wow, 15 year old Russian figure skaters. Wow. Basically, for the last like 10 years, she's kind of been physically and mentally like abusing these little girls to get them to like break records and do all this fun stuff. So like, um, I really don't think it was her grandfather's drugs that she took. I feel like she didn't know what she was doing. But it was very much a terry being like you do this, or you're gonna suffer more than if you don't do this. Um,

Dan Ilic  23:41  
yeah. Yeah. I mean, that that that checks out is a story because Russia has this huge state sanctioned history of of taking drugs at the Olympics, like the Sochi Games, the ones that Russia ran, they actually had little doors, you could you could swap your urine for if you're a Russian athlete, so you could evade water and all the

Unknown Speaker  24:05  
time. I think at this point, we just have to assume that all Russians are on performance enhancing drugs.

James Fitzgerald  24:10  

Dan Ilic  24:13  
Well, this is why the Russian Federation isn't actually isn't actually playing in these games. They're they're like, playing under.

Georgia Hooper  24:22  
I mean, look at Putin. He's on something.

Lewis Hobba  24:26  
He's on like, the whatever the magical drugs that like Hollywood celebrities are on because he looks right. Like he is. Yeah, he's good. He whatever, magical young blood like him, whatever, like Brad Pitt's getting, you know, he's getting Vladimir Putin's onto that.

Unknown Speaker  24:42  
Exactly. And James, I want to say I hear your point. That she she's that she's like 15 years old, and she's got this like crazy coach. But um, you know, we got to watch out for these kids. They I think, I think they're onto something. I think they're smarter than we think. And we need to watch We need to watch out for them. I think they're all They're all innocent. I am a few years older than her. Uh huh. But um I could still manipulate my way to the Winter Olympics if I wanted to. So I think we got to keep one eye open on this.

James Fitzgerald  25:15  
I have faith that you could Georgia Thank you emotionally manipulated

Dan Ilic  25:20  
me emotional, passive aggressive manipulation all the way to the gold

coming up in extra fear, or what's the what's the new the new rate limit your fears?

Lewis Hobba  25:40  
Yeah, I mean, I'm not married. I just my brain isn't like 30% At the moment that's the best way to come up with it short notice coming up

Dan Ilic  25:46  
in lend me your fears. We're gonna hear from Wayne Smith from the smarter voting Comdata you as to why he's been stick as a band. But before we do that, let's hear some plugs. George and James, do you have anything to plug?

James Fitzgerald  25:57  
Are you can listen to all episodes of working out with Georgia and James on Spotify now. Yeah.

Dan Ilic  26:04  
We just one of the funniest things I've heard or year I got to mentor Georgia and James on FBI and they just absolutely killed it. I'm really excited to, to for people to listen to your podcast. I think it's fun. It's a fun time. All right. Since December last year, the Smart Energy Council snapped. They lost the plot with this government, ignoring renewable energy sector and continuously rubbishing the whole industry and propping up coal. So they decided they would go into battle against the with some stickers you could put on your beam in council grain with pictures of Barnaby Joyce and Scott Morrison holding call with the phrase bin them and chuck them out, which is kind of not the kind of behaviour you usually see from a pig industry body but it was quite fascinating. But last week, the Australian charities not for profits commission advised this mad Energy Council that that if they continue to sell their stickers, they would lose their tax status as a not for profit, which is a kind of a big deal away from this bad Energy Council is here to tell us what happened. And if you want to hear that, you'll have to listen in on extra fear. Hit subscribe on Apple podcasts, or sign up to a rational fear on Patreon patreon.com forward slash irrational fear.

Voice Over  27:17  
Extra Extra fears extra level of fear, Extra Extra Extra fear extra.

Dan Ilic  27:24  
Big thank you to all of our guests as well, Georgia and James, thank you for joining us on irrational fear as well.

Unknown Speaker  27:30  
Thank you.

Dan Ilic  27:32  
Thank you. And Louis, thank you for joining us in irrational fear despite your COVID

Lewis Hobba  27:38  
Thank you I don't know if I did I feel like this might be one of the things where I wake up tomorrow and be like this was all a dream.

Dan Ilic  27:43  
That's okay. You never listened back to the podcast anyway. Big thanks to red marks the birth of foundation our Patreon supporters Jacob brown on the Tepanyaki timeline Dave Bluestein ads on the discord and our also our other patreon supporters this month Sam Bateman, Megan Nick Celli Ruby and Fiona TaskUs thank you so much for joining us on Patreon please go to patreon.com forward slash irrational fear to chip in help the show stay on the road

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