A Rational Fear
A Rational Fear
Nov 24, 2022
Taylor Swift vs Ariana Venti — Bec Melrose, Steph Broadbridge, Jack Druce, Dan Ilic + Fiona Patten MP
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On the podcast this week we have a fun crew.

Bec Melrose
Steph Broadbridge
Jack Druce
Dan Ilic (me, I'm fun)

We cover:

⚽️ Animals correctly guessing the outcome of FIFA World Cup fixtures.
🎟 Ticketmaster and Live Nation's Taylor Swift Snafu.
💸 The $98 Billion Australians are giving their bosses for free each year.
👩🏼‍🍳 And we have a chat with Leader of the Reason Party in Victoria, Fiona Patten MP, about the broad mix of characters running for state parliament this weekend in Victoria.

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🤑 CHIP IN TO OUR PATREON https://www.patreon.com/ARationalFear
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🐬  A Rational Fear is supported in part by Australian Ethical 


Unknown Speaker  0:00  
This podcast is supported in part by Australian ethical. G'day Louis. Hello Daniel.

Lewis Hobba  0:04  
How are you?

Dan Ilic  0:06  
Good you're not doing the podcast and I because you're doing something else. Yes I am at the red carpet of the reo was Australian music's might have died. Oh my god. Oh my god you were just going from awards night to awards night on Yeah, yeah.

Lewis Hobba  0:21  
Although I don't think I'm gonna win anything at this one if I'm honest.

Dan Ilic  0:24  
Earlier this week, Lewis and I were at the Australian Podcast Awards and we we somehow managed to win again so big thank you to everyone who supports our show and listens including those who go do other award nights like you Louis Yeah,

Lewis Hobba  0:39  
thanks that sorry I'm just here with a deal at all caught he's trying to get me to I don't know. Get up to some mischief. I

Dan Ilic  0:46  
think he put him on the phone but what can we talk to him?

Lewis Hobba  0:49  
I will give him give me one sec.

Dylan Alcott  0:52  
podcast of the Year Award winner Daniel it

Dan Ilic  0:54  
is it is it is oh my god. I'm talking to multiple title award winner of the year doing all caught

up one of the one of the one of the red carpet flight right now

Dylan Alcott  1:11  
I kiss on the lips something

Dan Ilic  1:13  
good. Let me let me ask you this question. Now harbor told a story about you meeting Elon Musk and Splendour in the Grass a few years ago. Is that true? Did you end up meeting Elon Musk? That is a real story.

Dylan Alcott  1:24  
Oh, he wasn't doing photos. I mean, because Arizona took a photo of him. He had his T shirt on that made him like holographic so you couldn't say

Dan Ilic  1:32  
no way. It was a t shirt that was reflective.

Dylan Alcott  1:35  
Reflective t shirt. And it all laid out. Hey guys, I can't get near him. All because I wrote straight up like it like Make A Wish kid. And I wasn't that famous at this point. Yeah, yes. It was like, fuck you. He was furious.

Dan Ilic  1:57  
Sorry, Greg. Right. Put Louis back. saying oh, I just I just wanted to verify that Elon Musk story. Yeah, no, it

Lewis Hobba  2:07  
was true. I still think about it all the time.

Dan Ilic  2:10  
All right, we're recording our part of the podcast on Gadigal land in your nation. sovereignty has never said it. Let's start the show. A

Simon Chilvers  2:16  
rational fear contains naughty words like bricks, Canberra COMM And section 14, a rational view recommended listening by immature audience.

Dan Ilic  2:30  
Tonight the Wallabies are missing 40 of their best players due to injury sparking concerns of forced conscription. And it's snowing in Australia a few days out from summer or as climate change deniers are calling it. It's a Christmas miracle. And Barack Obama announces his tour of Australia for March. Unfortunately, he didn't make the cut off for a festival manage venue that is just for the people on the show tonight. It's the 25th of November we refuse to make any more iPhones. This is a rational fear, irrational fear.

G'day Welcome to rational fi I'm your host former crypto billionaire Dan Ilic. And this is the podcast that takes the news and pause it over ice. Let's meet our fear mongers for tonight. She studied jazz at a new but studied comedy at the coalface of open mics. Also known as you can you come it's Stephanie Broadbridge Steph when Scott Morrison took out the year gone 60 minutes were you annoyed that he was doing your bit?

Steph Broadbridge  3:36  
Haha No, I actually got work out of that. Yeah, I did an ad to play ukulele in front of his house and tell him that he should keep it up and he'll get better know what

Dan Ilic  3:46  
it was Yeah, who was who was paying you to do that? It was for

Steph Broadbridge  3:49  
a soap. It made a lot of sense at the time.

Dan Ilic  3:53  
And he's one of Australia's sharpest and most original comedians expert and hilarious or So says the bio he wrote himself on his website is one of my favorite content kings Jack Druce. Jack you've been doing so much great video work lately on your Instagram. What? What's taking you so long to get to the medium?

Jack Druce  4:09  
I was just pursuing stand up comedy which I would recommend to no one goes. For everyone stuck doing it.

Dan Ilic  4:19  
And earlier this week. I got to sit next to her on the national broadcaster on Question everything as she completely destroyed the ABC audience with her tampon jokes. Tonight's co pilot back Melrose bello Bella, you seem to get a great response from those jugs. That was amazing. Yeah, there were

bec Melrose  4:36  
a couple that that really the audience went up but it was good fun. I really enjoyed it.

Dan Ilic  4:41  
Coming up later we speak with Australia's most despised politician according to spectator magazine about this weekend's Victorian election. But first, here is a message from this week's sponsor. The Emir of Qatar has come to his senses. It's true. I have come to my senses. All stadiums must go at the Qatar black Friday's sale eight barely used stadiums are going for next to nothing. Coincidentally, they're also currently standing next to nothing pristine seats, unused beer taps, mystery bones in the foundation. I don't know how that got there. Perfect if you're hosting your own World Cup ideal for creating an internment camp or if you're a New South Wales premier just wanted to buy a stadium to knock it down to get your mates to build your new one just like it. These stadiums cost $200 billion, but could be yours for a shipload of sheep. It's not a bad deal. Qatar's blackFriday stadium sale and opportunity like this one present itself until an autocratic regime bribes FIFA to make bad decisions again, egg is our culture. Please respect it. Yes, it's their culture. This week's first beer it is the World Cup time of course, which means sentient beings from across the animal kingdom are being forced to do their things that their little brains never had in mind. And I'm not talking about durables and 1980s film stars. No, I'm talking about octopi and now otters are being forced to play dumb games to predict the outcome of the winners of FIFA World Cup Now Jack Is there a problem with using animals for helping humans place bets on football games? I

Jack Druce  6:09  
like I really like it. I get I like I find that sports exciting, but this puts it to a next level to me like there's just a weird like Japan had an upset win against Germany. And it was predicted by this order this time. And it's this very cute Japanese order putting a ball in a bucket and I was just thinking like they've got the the Japanese flag and the German flag on different buckets. And I just liked that detail that they also like on top of us being expected to believe that the otter has sort of like godly supernatural powers. On top of that it also knows what Germany is like it's just got this understanding of geography and what flags mean. A horse racing I definitely feel like I'm I'm in exactly the demographic where every bit of media I consume is trying to make me do sports gambling. Like if anything I want to just like do sports bet spin on everything please. And I'm not interested in gambling at all. And then I see something like this happened and I'm like, Okay, I could maybe I don't know they get an octopus or something. This can be fun.

Dan Ilic  7:15  
I think it I think it definitely works with binary Right? Like it definitely works with one selection or another but horse racing you need like 11 buckets for the auditor put it in Japan also has Olivia the grey parrot, the grey parrot doesn't actually have that much of a good record. It's more 5050 Remember, we remember Paul the Octopus from 2010. I mean, I'm pretty sure all of us are old enough to remember that. Paul got eight games for that FIFA World Cup in 2010. That is extraordinary. He died last year. I think he was just over exerted. But he also died like the week after he got made the ambassador for the 2018 World Cup bid for England so maybe he was like no way. i There's no way I'm going to be an ambassador I'm out of here for

bec Melrose  7:57  
that's too much pressure when you're a gambler to make sure the kids are gonna get Christmas presents. That's too hard.

Dan Ilic  8:03  
When you're an octopus you got to buy eight iPhones per person. It's is ridiculous. pursues rational fear. The octopus with the amazing psychic powers has been found dead in a German aquarium

Unknown Speaker  8:17  
you made as many enemies his friends, campaigns to get pulled got personal. There were death threats, dark mutterings about calamari salads, who you are listening, very rational fear.

Dan Ilic  8:31  
This week second fear Ticketmaster and Live Nation on this week's anti hero. When Taylor Swift eras tour went on sale all hell broke loose. 2.5 million people were asking Ticketmaster a few million times over the day. Hey Ticketmaster, you got Swifty tickets. So what resulting in 3.5 billion system requests, which slow Ticketmaster to recrawl. Eventually, 2.4 million verified customers got tickets, but it took a long, long time stiff? What the hell was going on here? Should we be blaming Ticketmaster for being shit? Or should we blame Taylor Swift for being good?

Steph Broadbridge  9:07  
Ah, neither. Well, I used to work for Ticketmaster. So no way. The inside tracks. I have a literary inside. I don't know. I mean, honestly, it seems like what she was asking for. This isn't funny, but it seems like what she was asking for was not going to happen. Because you just can't have that many people getting tickets at one time. But also people who buy tickets are the worse, like as someone who sold it to them, I can tell you with absolute certainty, because like how tickets work, right? There's like good tickets, and everyone wants the good tickets. But there's only so many good tickets and people don't really get that they're like, but I want the good tickets. It's like yeah, but someone else already got them first. That's just how tickets work.

Dan Ilic  9:52  
Yeah, I understand. You know, this happens to be every Melbourne Comedy Festival. It has been one of the good tickets.

Steph Broadbridge  10:00  
Yeah, also why? I mean, okay, I don't want to get anyone in trouble but Taylor Swift like why do you want me like one time? Like, why is Why is she thing?

Dan Ilic  10:16  
stiff? Are you trying to get this podcast canceled? What's happening here? You're trying to turn us into the end here. Do you know what's gonna happen? Some Swift is going to hear this, clip it and put it on Twitter and we're going to die.

Steph Broadbridge  10:28  
Okay, well, I would say to that person, have you heard Billie Holiday? She's very good. Like, check out literally every other singer. She's not even the best one in the White category. You know? Like there's so many so many other singers. It's like, I mean, I saw an article in The Guardian where they analyzed her lyrics like they matted like it is disgusting.

bec Melrose  10:53  
Let's get the the otter on board and just pick a bucket and we gotta be canceled are we going to make it through to the end of the year?

Dan Ilic  10:59  
something interesting happened out of this whole thing is the Tennessee Attorney General was so inundated by people trying to buy Taylor Swift tickets, they'll furious they were hassling the Attorney General of Tennessee to do something about it. Now the Attorney General has then taken it up with Congress to try and break up Ticketmaster and Live Nation to make the whole system better. Isn't that bizarre? Like you put a show on sale and you annoy an attorney general so much that they've actually got to put laws in place to break up the company selling your tickets

Jack Druce  11:33  
so like brutal sorry, but just like the I know the minimal levels of envy I feel around like just comedians who are selling a bit better than I am like, if you like to be like, Oh, she's selling so well. She's like, the government is involved like the breaking down of how well she's selling.

bec Melrose  11:53  
The government was involved for me too, but for the opposite reason

Dan Ilic  11:57  
to think about Ariana Grande all she ever wanted to be was Ariana venti. Very very good. That's a Starbucks Jack. Thank you.

bec Melrose  12:08  
I read a thing that the tickets were going for, like 50 grand or something?

Steph Broadbridge  12:13  
Yeah, I don't know. I thought $35,000 to hit Taylor Swift sing lyrics such as sometimes I feel like everybody is a sexy baby and I'm a monster on the hill. Wow. Yep.

Dan Ilic  12:30  
But you know, she sings it stuff. She doesn't say it like that. You know? She's got some nice stuff around it.

Steph Broadbridge  12:36  
Like what like music Yeah, alright. Grandpa. This is how bad I think Taylor Swift songs are I actually wrote one. Okay, great if you want me to sing it if that's okay. Yeah, already wait write it just write one just based around what happened with the Ticketmaster incident? Yeah, just basically a bunch of words all put together that make no sense that sound like a Taylor Swift song. I brought my ukulele so again my fans were buying tickets got attacked by several bears. Crying Thompson made of pasta. You're a spoon. I am the man facing wall and sunlight sparkling in the sky like broken glass. I'm just saying random words that I pulled out my ass. They are.

bec Melrose  13:33  
Wow, that was really beautiful.

Fiona Patten MP  13:37  
Live Nation is trying to blame the ultimate popularity of Taylor Swift it's

Dan Ilic  13:47  
this week's third if you feeling overworked and underpaid and you feel like you're getting ripped off everywhere you go, it's because you are a rational fears. Favorite think tank the Australian Institute has crunched the numbers. And apparently, the average Australian worker is being ripped off by their boss to the tune of $8,000 of unpaid overtime. Since I'm my own boss, I can't wait to tell myself that I fucking quit. It works out to be about $93 billion a year. What are you going to do with all that cash? Well,

bec Melrose  14:15  
we can apparently fix the cost of living crisis is what the ABC is reporting today. And we need to like the cost of living crisis is so bad at the moment. That Keeping Up With The Kardashians, their latest series is just called the Kardashians.

Dan Ilic  14:29  
That's true. What's keeping

bec Melrose  14:32  
like, I mean, 7.3% There's no way we're catching him now and inflation that high. So we definitely could do with the extra $93 billion, I think but you know, it's just so much overtime as well. There's something like 2.5 billion hours that were giving bosses in overtime. And I know a lot of us are working from home. So about 2 billion of those hours have been spent just jiggling your mouse so it looks like you're active on Microsoft Teams. You know, that's why

Dan Ilic  15:03  
full timers are effectively donating more than six weeks a year to their employers. Six weeks is your boss worth an extra six weeks a year?

bec Melrose  15:13  
Most workers don't like their bosses, right? There are some great bosses out there, Dan, you're a great boss, you are your own boss, right? Like it's wonderful. But there are so many bosses out there that are not like my mates have got a boss that they call stitch, because he can fit his job description through the eye of a needle like you. We had a boss that we called shadow because he disappeared at midday. And if you saw him in the afternoon, he just be so strung out. It's like you're in a given time to these people. You don't be working for the one called vaccine either because you kind of rely on him, but he's an absolute prick.

Jack Druce  15:49  
Without the context of why I would love to have a boss named shadow that sounds like fun was had a job interview and they're like, this is the boss shadow. I'd be like, Well, hell yeah.

bec Melrose  15:57  
I mean, it sounds like the job is doing is definitely a black market job.

Dan Ilic  16:03  
It sounds like you're working for a villain in the Teenage Mutant Ninja. Yeah. That's comedians. We are entrepreneurs. We kind of do work for ourselves. Do you think we should give ourselves six weeks off? Yeah,

bec Melrose  16:14  
I reckon we should also start having Friday night drinks with ourselves too. I've been making that traditionally my Friday night drinks goes

Jack Druce  16:20  
off. I think I'm gonna reframe unemployment as just giving myself six weeks off. I'm just very generous with my holiday time this year. Yeah, you just a good employer, your employer. It's a good way of looking at it.

Dan Ilic  16:33  
Yeah, at my place of employment. I'm allowed to take as many holidays as I like it's great.

Steph Broadbridge  16:39  
I am definitely not working that overtime. I don't know. I reckon I work 20 minutes a day.

bec Melrose  16:45  
I think comedians are definitely bringing down the national average in terms of hours only.

Jack Druce  16:50  
Comedians we get people are mad at us if we go 30 seconds long at a gig like people think to work that if you do an extra 30 seconds

Dan Ilic  16:59  
that's very true Steph I'm so sorry for making it work 40 minutes tonight

Jack Druce  17:05  
when I was getting ready for this, I was thinking about times that I've like had to do extra work and there was so used to be a writer on the TV show the project and there was some kind of like just some sort of rostering issue where I had to come in early one time and I really didn't want to but I was just like that happened every now and then. But I was in there a lot earlier than everyone else was this day and I was just like cranky about it not happy just by myself drinking coffee and there's there was a TV monitor that was like used for live feeds of crosses and interviews and stuff. And I was just like sad alone in a room and the monitor just turned on and it was the musician shaggy was just it was a live stream to shaggy just waiting for an interview just not knowing anyone who was known as attended to him yet no one from the project said hello he was in early to do some cross from like his timezone I guess and I just got like a full minute of just shaggy not knowing anyone could see him just alone this is the best case scenario for coming in this early

bec Melrose  18:05  
yeah get a shaggy I know you're supposed to have a chaperone but it wasn't

Dan Ilic  18:15  
when we come back we're gonna be talking to Fiona patent Victorian MP all about the Victorian election in just a moment. irrational fear. I've met children that were named off my songs, you know, fancy companies. Okay, this is Carla's bombastic Johnson irrational fear just interrupting the podcast with Louis Harbor on the red carpet of the area's now you are about to see a whole bunch of award winners aren't you? Yes, I am. I think I am. Well, let me tell you the in terms of sponsors, our sponsor is an award winner they won money Magazine's Best of the Best in 2022 They are awesome. Australian ethical. Put your money there if you want to. They only invest in low carbon businesses like renewable energy it health care and education while telling companies that do stuff like fossil fuels and gambling and tobacco to go and get fucked. That's kind of our kind of people. Speaking of nefarious activities, Louis, are you going to be doing any gambling or, or human trafficking while you're the

Lewis Hobba  19:13  
area's I might do some Wilkins trafficking, there's there at least for Wilkins is here. I can see Christian at the moment he's looking at he's looking beautiful. I saw Richard before. I assume there are several other sort of unclaimed members of the Wilkins family wandering around.

Dan Ilic  19:31  
What I want to know is we're not going to they're going to start their own reality TV show on the Kardashians. It's a great question.

Lewis Hobba  19:37  
It's a great question. I would watch it. In fact, I'm watching it right now.

Dan Ilic  19:41  
So big thanks to Australia to go. Let's get back to the podcast.

Simon Chilvers  19:45  
This is a rational view, rational fear

Dan Ilic  19:49  
and we're back last December our interview guest won the prestigious Australia's most despised politician of the Year from spectator magazine. And this weekend she goes head to head With a whole spectrum of people who are not just despised, but utterly, thoroughly hated, it's in the Victorian election. She's the leader of the reason party, and it's with great pleasure we bring Fiona Patton to the podcast. Welcome, Fiona.

Fiona Patten MP  20:14  
Thank you, Dan. And, yeah, I'm not sure it's a title that I will be able to keep after this weekend. But

Dan Ilic  20:23  
would you who would you bestow it upon? Are you a person of good character you wouldn't even dare

Fiona Patten MP  20:28  
look? I you know, I feel like if I utter their name, then I'm just giving them extra extra media. But, you know, to be honest, their supporters may not be watching you guys. I know. That might come as a shock. But they'd say, Adam Sami reckon Bernie Finn have got to be neck and neck for for that title. But there's lots of people running in this election. Who could get that title if they got elected?

Dan Ilic  20:55  
Let's just talk about that. Because it strikes me as someone who's traveled to Melbourne quite a few times over the last six months. Every time I'm in Melbourne, there appears to be a protest, and those people are often requesting their freedom. But obviously, they've been free for some time. What the hell is happening with this group called the cookers?

Fiona Patten MP  21:15  
They're starting that rhetoric now where they're going? No, you are? No, I'm not a cooker. You are? You're a cooker.

Dan Ilic  21:23  
Yeah, they're like hipsters that don't self identify.

Fiona Patten MP  21:25  
No. So you know, they're calling Dan Andrews, a cook cooker. I'm a cooker. We're all cookers. But I don't know that particular origins of it. But I recently had an operation and I've bloody nearly lost my stitches because people keep posting cooker videos. And seriously, like, there was one today where they're, they're chasing this guy who's just gone out for a sneaky cigarette. No going, Are you a Freemason? Are you a free nation? This guy's going no, man. I don't even know what Freemasons are like, what are they? These guys March every Saturday, they close the tram lines. Go and yell at the when the Christmas Windows outside David Jones and Maya. And now they're running for election. So we've just actually left a pre poll booth just a just a half an hour ago, and the police had been called, I think I'm aware of about 10 times the police have been called to polling booths in pre poll so far. And we've still haven't even hit Election Day. Well, the Freedom Party is getting pretty loose.

Dan Ilic  22:29  
cookers aside, what is at stake this this weekend in Victoria for the Victorian election. What are the what are the main fault lines we're looking at?

Fiona Patten MP  22:37  
You know, I mean, the lower house is interesting, and I think many of the independents who are running kind of community, independents, they're progressive. They're chasing liberal seats. So most of them if they are successful, they'll be knocking out liberal MPs. But I'm not hearing it as much in northern Thatcher in the North Melbourne, where I'm from, but in some of the southern areas that there's a fair bit of, you know, Daniel Andrews, hating so the polls are tightening, I still think that the Labour Party will win this election and still will hold a majority. It's the upper house that we could, you know, at the moment, there's 11 crossbenchers in the upper house. And it makes for pretty interesting conversations. And but we've managed to get quite a bit of progressive legislation through and it's been quite effective. That might end after this election, we're in the upper house, we could see a really hostile upper house, and you'd, you might have a progressive lower house with a bunch of good independents trying to change things on climate change on equality on reproductive rights, and then you've got the upper house, blocking everything. And certainly, you know, with the people that the Liberal Party have pre selected to the absolutely winnable Upper House seats. It's not looking like it's going to be that much fun on those red velvet seats. Now, you've got for many of you from Sydney, you've got Fred Nile. I mean, Bernie fan spreading to shame. I'm afraid that I you know, he will maybe Fred before he was wearing his pajamas to the council board, brought in his wife slash care into the counts into the parliament. But yeah, we've got some pretty crazy ones and some pretty crazy females coming in to the upper house.

Dan Ilic  24:27  
There's only a cooker candidate here the Liberals you're talking about that they've been pre

Fiona Patten MP  24:31  
selecting evangelical Christians who don't believe in climate change, who don't believe in abortion, who don't believe in equality, who believe that you know, women should be men should be obeyed. Yeah, they will be sitting on our seats and representing Victoria and Victorians. And it is it is actually pretty frightening and it's hard to even understand why they're making these decisions, but I think they still seem to think that religion is a vote winner and So it's not.

Dan Ilic  25:01  
And we saw last federal election that that's the case. You know, like so many folks have kind of turned away from religion and like dumped those evangelical candidates. Yeah, that's so strange. Well, I also want to ask you about the Labour Party tactics for a second. I mean, we're interested in know where you kind of stand on the Labour Party had been running a whole bunch of attack ads, a grunt against the grains, and they've run this, this website call to action called green fat. Yes. Just kind of spreading these rumors about the greens. What do you think about that kind of like election tactic? That doesn't seem good?

Fiona Patten MP  25:35  
Yet, it's a radical theory. But if I get reelected, I do want to kind of push on it is like truth in political advertising. Why not try this? Because it's ridiculous. And in actual fact, I think it backfires. I actually think it actually sends more people to the greens, looking at some of their other ads against the Liberal Party. They seem to do one negative, you know, math, you guys terrible. And then another one. Look how great we are looking at all the, you know, hard hats we're wearing and look at all the cool stuff we're building. But yeah, I don't actually think they're not building it themselves. We know that but yeah, but they pretend like they're heading down to work to build the tunnel.

Dan Ilic  26:24  
But do not. I do think it's funny. Every time the Labour Party tweets about how many railway road crossings ever removed, I want to see them tweet every time they hand at a tampon. We've handed out 24 tampons.

Fiona Patten MP  26:39  
Yep, yep, I'm look, I'm excited for that too. We've had free per tampons at Parliament House for quite a few for a few years now. They also brought in pads that whoever was buying them wasn't female. continence pads not

bec Melrose  27:00  
that is the most Australian Government thing I've ever heard. In the men's room.

Dan Ilic  27:10  
And Fiona, how you sitting this weekend? How's your seat? Oh,

Fiona Patten MP  27:13  
my seats, always precarious. So like, if I lose it, it will probably be to a guy could add him so Mirek, who is a disgraced Labour Party minister, who's lives down in the south of south of Victoria. He's running in the north of north of Melbourne, he could pick up the seat because there's, you know, many people Yeah, when

Dan Ilic  27:35  
when my grandmother died, he came around the house and asked for her ATM cards.

Fiona Patten MP  27:45  
He can work with cards.

Dan Ilic  27:46  
He cited like she she was dead for a week or two but and he she like he signed it in power straight up to the to the liberal party. It was amazing.

Fiona Patten MP  27:55  
Yeah, well, well, you know, the, he's joined up with Bernie Finn, the disgraced liberal member who got kicked out of the Liberal Party, which, given the people that they pre selected must be really bloody hard to do to get kicked out of that party for being to right wing. I think they're now regretting it, because the people who've replaced him are probably even more right wing. But yeah, those two are running together. So that will be one of my threats. And, you know, on on the, on the booths, I've got the socialists who are, they're kind of telling me that, you know, if they get elected, they will increase the pensions, they will lower the lower taxes, and they will save all of the refugees, which good on them. Excellent. If it was a federal election,

bec Melrose  28:42  
that's like there's a school captain speeches where you promise chocolate milk in the bubblers and water slides. It's like, Yeah, it sounds good. But actually, you can't control that.

Fiona Patten MP  28:53  
Do any of that. But it's, you know, it's yet today, I had the sort of socialist salary and the Freedom Party yelling at me, so I felt like I was in the right place. That then we're kind of yeah, really going a lot of hate on me. And I was like, alright, this must be, I must be in the good place.

bec Melrose  29:11  
What a terrible sign that you're in the good place. Is that the worst part of campaigning? That sounds awful feared.

Dan Ilic  29:19  
At least you're not in the Big Bang Theory. Yeah.

Fiona Patten MP  29:22  
That's right. That's right. Well, yeah, if I actually listened to the freedom fighters, that that may actually be what they were telling me that if you're worried about what the government will do to the weather for election day,

Dan Ilic  29:35  
well, it's snowing in the Alps. And it's only it's about to become summer. So climate change isn't a thing, Fiona. This is what I'm going to be telling people about Christmas barbecue,

Fiona Patten MP  29:45  
but those floods the government did that.

Dan Ilic  29:49  
Well, Fiona, good luck this weekend. Thank you for coming on irrational fear that is it for rational fear. Let's get our plugs underway. Steph Broadbridge What would you like to plug

Steph Broadbridge  29:58  
I have nothing to plug but thank you If

Dan Ilic  30:02  
that is not true back Melrose, you're gonna plug anything.

bec Melrose  30:05  
I think you should follow Steph Broadbridge you should follow me back Melrose on Instagram

Dan Ilic  30:12  
Jack dress you've got a big show coming out on YouTube this way yeah

Jack Druce  30:15  
I did a recorded my Stand Up Show from last year I guess which got more than last year I got Cannes like three or four times during the pandemic trying to film it so I finally got it out there it'll be up on my YouTube channel just searched actress and that'll be out for free on YouTube on next Tuesday November 29. And I've also as Dan mentioned the beginning been making a bunch of just sketches and that kind of thing that are also on the YouTube if you want to check it out and subscribe but that would be great.

Dan Ilic  30:44  
I thought you're gonna say I've been recorded my show which got I thought he comes like five stars. Like no shutdown got shut down. And Fiona anything you'd like to plug

Fiona Patten MP  30:55  
state election? Don't miss it pop down. I'll be saying my name like 60 times a minute. Hello, I'm Fiona Patton. Hello. And handing out pictures of myself which all becomes quite surreal.

bec Melrose  31:11  
Festival. I really fear I know that's something we're very familiar with.

Dan Ilic  31:15  
Yeah, you're talking to Yeah, you're talking to a bunch of comedians who do this day in day out so that's totally fine.

bec Melrose  31:21  
And Dan, you've also got a plug out question everything watched in English on Question everything absolutely killed. Oh, yes. Watch

Dan Ilic  31:27  
back Melrose and myself and Wendy Harmer on questioning everything on iView. And I want to shout out to all of our Patreon supporters who signed up this week Irene Thank you are Paul Kidd joined us one of my favorite people on Twitter joined us. Diana joined us and also Carmen champion also joined us thank you, all those people and please a big thank you to everyone who was who may be a judge on the Australian Podcast Awards. I've got the big trophy right here. Fantastic three in a row. We absolutely didn't think that we would have won again because we thought Tony and Ryan might have won because they got millions of dollars from Spotify to do their show. They hey you know we get hundreds of dollars from Patreon so that's great. Thank you to roadmaps, strain, ethical who also support the show and all of our Patreon supporters Jacob brown on the teppanyaki timeline big thank you to Luis until an all caught at the beginning of the show. Calling in that was terrific. And yeah, until next week, there's always going to be scared of good night


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