A Rational Fear
A Rational Fear
Oct 20, 2022
Britain's anti-Truss campaign — Athena Kugblenu + Rick Morton + Bea Barbeau-Scurla + Dan Ilic + Lewis Hobba
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This podcast was recorded about 1 hour before Liz Truss resigned — but is well worth a listen.

Not only do with have a stellar Australian panel featuring comedian Bea Barbeau-Scurla and Journalist Rick Morton, we brought in the big guns from the UK to help us all understand what is happening in UK politics right now.

Athena Kugblenu unleashes a cathartic and hilarious rant, that distills the situation into a joyful 15 minute conversation. If you really want to know what’s going on in the UK — listen to this podcast.


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Dan Ilic
Deputy Senate Leader

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🐬  A Rational Fear is supported in part by Australian Ethical 

Bronwen Morgan  0:00  
This podcast is supported in part by Australian ethical. Hey, good evening, Lewis. Hello, Daniel.

Lewis Hobba  0:05  
How are you? Good, good.

Dan Ilic  0:08  
I'm just doing some stretches to get ready for the next 10 weeks of irrational.

Lewis Hobba  0:12  
It's so good to be back. I was just trying to think I know you've been squirreling away doing episodes without me, but I can't think of the last time I was on, like six months ago. So,

Dan Ilic  0:23  
I don't know. It must have been a bit at least three or four data breaches ago. I think.

Lewis Hobba  0:30  
I'm currently the victim of three separate data breaches.

Dan Ilic  0:33  
Hang on, are you a Medibank customer? Vina? A customer and an optics customer?

Lewis Hobba  0:37  
I'm a former Optus customer actually, no, my. No, I'm currently an optics customer. I am I was a Vito MoPhO customer. In fact, a real warning sign I had during the pandemic was when vino MoPhO the wine delivery company wrote me an email to inform me that I had now bought enough wine to justify my self as a VIP customer. And that was when I was like, oh, gotta stop this.

Dan Ilic  1:02  
That's that sounds like you're a VIP member at the RSL. And you don't have to go to that little room and play yeah,

Lewis Hobba  1:08  
I need that like facial recognition software that's tells me buying wine online. Also my deal, which was the other data breach, that's one of the Woolworths brands and I once bought some like dining chairs from them. So there is no data about me that you cannot buy for tuppence

Dan Ilic  1:26  
and I only know a whole bunch of stuff about you. I'm gonna go traveling and hire a car in your name. It does right that I'm excited about that. Louis, we have a brand new sponsor for rational fear strain ethical. We'll be hearing more about them a little later on. It's really exciting because it means Louis, you get paid.

Lewis Hobba  1:42  
That's some ethics I can get behind.

Dan Ilic  1:45  
I'm recording my end of a rational fee on Gadigal land into your nation's sovereignty was never seated. We did a treaty. Let's start the show.

Simon Chilvers  1:52  
A rational fear contains naughty words like bricks, Canberra, fed gum, and section 40 of a rational view recommended listening by immature audience.

Dan Ilic  2:05  
Tonight Lydia thought resigns as Senate deputy leader after neglecting dimension she dated a bikie. The senator will now take up the role as Chair of the Joint Standing Committee for being cool. And the cost of stage three tax cuts has jumped $11 billion, which is just enough money to bribe your own government for some tax cuts. And in order to crack down on businessman falling out of windows. Russian CEOs are moving their offices to single storey buildings without windows or stairs or in Russia. It's October 21. And we've dropped our fossil fuel sponsors. This is irrational fear.

Welcome to rational fear on your host former Deputy Senate Leader Daniel edge and this is the podcast that gives you the news but with a little bit of a tickle. Let's meet our fear mongers for tonight is packing up his city life and he's moving to the country with his mum, but he's still bragging the big stories from regional Queensland from the Saturday paper it's Ricky Morton.

Rick Morton  3:15  
Wow, I'm gonna have to go into hiding now. It's a status intro I've ever

Dan Ilic  3:23  
the biggest regional Queensland story you're gonna be bring into the country

Rick Morton  3:26  
damn levels and whether we need at least 100 More, and also local councils. I think the time is ripe to get into some dodgy, dodgy local government.

Dan Ilic  3:37  
Oh, I'm excited about that DVM,

Rick Morton  3:38  
it's time for you to run for what is that it's

time for me to make the money.

Dan Ilic  3:45  
And according to a biography she has written about herself she has been described as manic unique, sharp, darkly funny and disarmingly beautiful. It's B by scholar. Welcome Bay.

Bea Barbeau-Scurla  3:58  
Hello. It's good to be back. You forgot to mention that the reason I'm disarmingly beautiful is because I'm secretly mixed race and that's like the most important part of it, obviously.

Dan Ilic  4:07  
Well, I was gonna ask you what's the secret to writing a great bio about yourself? And I think you've answered it.

Bea Barbeau-Scurla  4:12  
Yeah, I would say it's also five years of film school. That's definitely

Rick Morton  4:17  
five did you fail a few years? How do you do fine.

Bea Barbeau-Scurla  4:21  
I just I love hating myself

Lewis Hobba  4:23  
longer than it takes James Cameron to make an avatar movie.

Dan Ilic  4:28  
And in just under a week's time, our next guest will have his very own television show. But if you miss it, relax, there's only one episode. It's Louis Alba. Yes, well, it was why is there only one episode of your TV show?

Rick Morton  4:43  
Well, money Dan Money, money and the ABC not having any

Dan Ilic  4:48  
coming up a little later on what the hell is happening in UK politics UK comedian Athena Kulu will be joining us but first, a message from this week's sponsor.

Rupert Degas  4:59  
to outsiders The conservative party may look like it's a fucking Omni shambles. But to those of us on the inside, we're staying true to our promise to get Britain moving under the Tories, more British people than ever are moving to Europe. Thanks to the Conservative Party, the people of Britain are moving vigorously to keep warm, but the Conservatives are also walking the walk. As a party. We're all moving offices every day moving, moving, moving. In fact, there's so much movement at Downing Street. There's a shortage of movers. Even Prime Minister truss is looking at her poll numbers and having movements of her very own.

Unknown Speaker  5:42  
I am determined to deliver

Rupert Degas  5:46  
the Conservative Party getting Britain moving figuratively. And literally.

Dan Ilic  5:52  
I don't think about UK politics. So yeah, who joke that does the job. This week's first fear we're calling it a bomb threat. Yes, the bomb doesn't want to be called the bomb anymore. In fact, earlier this week, they updated their style guide for the media telling everyone that the bomb would henceforth be only spoken about in media circles as the bureau which is dumb because no Australian can spell bureaux. As a result for about 48 hours the bomb was relentlessly mocked online being told by 1000s of Australians that you're not allowed to choose your own nickname. And now in order to give the bomb the best chance have never been called the bomb again. They've had to change schools. But we are lucky enough to be joined by a member of the bomb squad right here. Rick Morton broke part of this story this week. Rick, how much did it cost the bomb to pretend to give itself a zone nickname? Well, and the

Rick Morton  6:42  
current figures $220,000 But I mean add on Saturday that is more than that.

Dan Ilic  6:49  
That a you that is a bombshell? Well,

Rick Morton  6:53  
it's a lot more than has been publicly reported. And it has been a lot more effort and resources put in behind the scenes all because the executive team felt a little bit embarrassing that they weren't being taken seriously enough. Because bomb is it's kind of like a tee to say no you must call me Mrs. Wimmer. Rather than Bob. It's so

Dan Ilic  7:13  
strange. They feel I feel like they've done this to themselves that the Bureau of Meteorology has an app that says bomb their website says bomb their social media sites handle say bomb why make the change

Rick Morton  7:23  
to its ego, ego and status. And it's like you have a roomful of nerds. And you're trying to make yourself sound like you're some kind of like spy agency. It's like, except your role in law. That's

Bea Barbeau-Scurla  7:35  
the first thing I thought as well. When they said the bureau I was like, Okay, this isn't like the CIA or the FBI. What are you trying to do?

Lewis Hobba  7:45  
You're probably the only person in the country who could eat up the spelling, you can basically be Bureau schooler.

Bea Barbeau-Scurla  7:52  
Exactly, exactly. Maybe that I shouldn't change my name to bomb if it's free.

Lewis Hobba  7:58  
I do think like if meteorologists want to be taken more seriously, there are a couple of things they could do. First of all, the right more. Absolutely. That'd be great. The Bureau of constantly fucking it up at the moment. Stop letting other people wear vests. You know what I mean? You just get these dorks invest. Most were the people on Australian television. Our football is girlfriends or former comedians. Like, you are not a science that we take seriously. Yeah, your spokespeople are big foods.

Dan Ilic  8:34  
Louis, you've got a real good point there. I think you know, Phillip Neitzke should deliver the weather that I would take very seriously. If Dr. Das was telling me some hard truths about high pressure systems coming in from syphilis.

Lewis Hobba  8:47  
light showers with the chance of your dick falling off.

Rick Morton  8:52  
They also got a marketing research firm called EY sweetie to branch events, to do some sentiment analysis about you know what the mark this is back in March, what they actually understand, you know, how people relate to the Bureau of Meteorology. Everyone recognizes that as the Bureau of Meteorology at something like 51% know it as the bomb 15% recognize it as the bureau so like not even like they knew it. They knew it back in March, and they dodged a hole

that I thought like I can't believe anyone calls with that. That's just the staff of the media.

Bea Barbeau-Scurla  9:24  
already converted.

Dan Ilic  9:26  
Now, Rick, I don't know if you can tell me if this is true or not this screenshots been going around. This is meant to be the consulting firm that was going to change the Bureau of Meteorology to the bomb. It's this. This is what the website looks like. It's a sentence with a picture of something. It's built on WordPress. It doesn't even have like contact details.

Bea Barbeau-Scurla  9:45  
Let us see. And in a pile of water,

Rick Morton  9:48  
yes. Yes, it is, actually. And it's the person who is was the sole trader of this company. The theeword is obsessed with the word see.

Dan Ilic  9:59  
It's called the Sea It's C word consultancy.

Rick Morton  10:01  
It is called the C word communications agency. Okay, so it's the C bomb essentially is what they brand change was already afoot, right. But they get this guy in as a consultant that he know works by the way for the Bureau of Meteorology as a senior communications manager. And he there's a blog that he wrote on LinkedIn. And for my sins. As a journalist, I do occasionally have to go on to LinkedIn, I had to pay $600 for a yearly subscription, just to be able to message people, because life is sad, and I need help. But he's got his blog on there. And it's like, you know, what have we achieved at the theeword? It's like, we've done creative collaboration with cool cats.

Dan Ilic  10:47  
Which is so funny like he does so why don't he rebrand the the bomb as a suit with a C word is they got

Rick Morton  10:54  
a look, I've got to be careful here. But they got the guy with potentially the worst brand in Australia to come in, advise the the sum of $30,000.

Dan Ilic  11:06  
Well, allegedly a lot more, according to your article that will be coming out on Saturday. Yes.

Bea Barbeau-Scurla  11:12  
But I do like wonder why they think the bomb is not serious enough. You know, like, if I hear the word bomb, you know, especially in an airport. It seriously

Lewis Hobba  11:29  
must have been tough for them, because there would have been a time where they were like, alright, gang. Look, we need to find a time to release this report. And it's going to be tough, because we will need to find a time somewhere in the Australian weather landscape where things aren't so crazy that we can talk about the weather in a way that isn't intense. And over the last four years that is a very short window, but they couldn't have picked a worse worse time to release this information.

Rick Morton  11:55  
It is like wild and like tenure people take the minister's office had no idea they were going to announce it this week during major flooding when people have lost their lives. But also like this obsession, right and it's been years long but and so there's other words they don't like people using internally they haven't announced this publicly but the other words they don't like our forecasts for the meteorologists probably because they're not doing forecasts anymore. They don't like weather events because that sounds too heavy like an event. It's a celebration according to the internal people have. Yeah.

Bea Barbeau-Scurla  12:26  
Catastrophe then.

Rick Morton  12:29  
A weather happening a moment in time

Bea Barbeau-Scurla  12:32  
happening. Yeah, I'm not sure emmalin movie

Rick Morton  12:35  
Oh my god. Yeah, the trees are killing us.

Unknown Speaker  12:41  
Some savvy social media users were very quick to snap to the handled using the accounts to slam bombs timing.

Simon Chilvers  12:49  
This is a rational fear.

Dan Ilic  12:51  
This week. Second fear is Sydney's nightlife coming back, Sydney is Australia's largest inhabited quiet carriage and has had locked down for lock downs. We're cool. Now after 10 years of early nights and clean Livi Sydney is staying up past its bedtime. That's a reference to something that happened in 2014. A new town bar has been granted a 4am license for the first time in 100 years. b Why is this significant? There's 4am license.

Bea Barbeau-Scurla  13:17  
I'm listen, I live in New Town and already the people coming in on Fridays and Saturdays causing a ruckus that I don't care for

Dan Ilic  13:29  
this nimbyism to come from you.

Bea Barbeau-Scurla  13:31  
I'm kidding. No, I think it is like quite interesting that like kind of Newtown has become this like new hub and stuff. Because when I was 18, and stuff, it was like Kings Cross that was a place and then like six months later, lockout laws were introduced, you know, so it's kind of interesting in a way because they've just completely shifted all of the interest away from Kings Cross. Like still some of the bars there haven't recovered, but yet they're, you know, going to try and have this sort of perimeter for 4am licensing and I just wonder how that will change the whole vibe of Newtown

Dan Ilic  14:08  
there's a whole there's a whole lot about this article. That seems a bit dodgy right first of all, the guy that granted the license, he has the title as the New South Wales 24 hour Commissioner, yet he's only granting a license beforehand. What about the other 20 hours?

Bea Barbeau-Scurla  14:24  
I thought that 24 hour Commissioner thing was so funny it was like it's kind of like this goal to like have Sydney's economy you know make money while we sleep

Lewis Hobba  14:35  
as a kind of like hard partying Jack Bauer

Dan Ilic  14:45  
there's also no mention of where this bar is actually gonna be. They only kind of tell you it's between two streets which includes the train tracks. It's a very it's a very weird thing. And this This so called Fun area has been given the label by the New South Wales Government as as the late night management zone have come on down. It's gonna it's gonna revive the teachers will be like patrolling it with loud hailers. Like,

Bea Barbeau-Scurla  15:14  
it's giving the exact vibe of my mom saying, Hey, you can have your friends over, you can stay up late. But then as soon as 935 comes across, she's yelling at us from her balcony.

Dan Ilic  15:26  
The other thing I feel I find disconcerting about this story is the CEO kind of sounds like a serial killer. He's quite an understanding was saying, We've been looking for a basement space in Newtown for a really long time. Because it's perfect sound attenuation and lowers the risk of getting noise complaints from the residents, but there aren't many in this area. I think you still

Bea Barbeau-Scurla  15:46  
tell us where the basement is. So

Lewis Hobba  15:48  
that's why Jack bow has been hired. That's

Rick Morton  15:52  
why we need to flood new tab.

Lewis Hobba  15:56  
It is good though, because obviously when the lockout laws came in, and everyone got pushed out of the cross and sort of Paddington and Surry Hills and all those areas, the one place you could go of course was Star Casino. That a good haven't they done well haven't they been a beacon a shining light on the Hill best management the

Bea Barbeau-Scurla  16:17  
best place to have some you know, some leg workouts because your feet really do be sticking to those floors.

Dan Ilic  16:24  
Oh my god, they did lose their license this week. But the New South Wales Government has graciously let them continue to trade business and I assume that means people still can leave their kids in the car with the windows down. I think that's what emotional fear

Unknown Speaker  16:39  
to the star casino has been found unsuitable to hold a New South Wales casino license, money laundering and

Unknown Speaker  16:46  
enticing people

Unknown Speaker  16:48  
to be armed nearly by gambling, organized prime links

Dan Ilic  16:56  
just stop with the program here to let you know that we have a brand new sponsor on a rational fee for the next 10 weeks I'm very excited about this Australian ethical is chipping in to pay the bills. And not only that, they kind of believe in stuff we believe in like your money is worth even more than you think it's because you can use it for a force for good. We've spoken about this in the podcast before when you move your money, you can make a positive impact. You can either be part of a system that is hurtling us towards our own destruction or we can invest in doing better and that's what Australian ethical is all about. So big thank you to Australian ethical for jumping on board and supporting a rational fear. For more information go to Australian ethical.com today Yeah. This week's third fear watching UK politics for the last week it's been like trying to catch up on a sci fi TV show you've missed a couple of seasons of the baddies is still in charge but all the characters have kind of changed you kind of don't know where the story is at. Joining us now to shed light on what the hell is happening over there is satirical comedian star of McTell week hosted the DMS are open podcast on radio for extra and a cracking Twitter feed. It's Athena Coupland, welcome to Siena.

Athena Kugblenu  18:02  
Thank you for having me. How are you?

Dan Ilic  18:04  
Good, good, you know, full full kind of disclosure. Rick suggested this story. We all looked at. We all looked at each other. And we're like, none of us know what is actually happening. We need an expert What the hell is happening over there in the UK?

Athena Kugblenu  18:20  
The fact you've called me tells me how desperately important you are. The last I mean know even the politicians themselves that said last night they had a vote and you might not be aware but like in Parliament, when you have a vote you either vote on the issue or when your party is in crisis. You vote senators tentative vote on the party. That makes sense. So last night, they were going Do you like fracking or not but it because the party was in such disarray? The break was going to turn into do like the conservatives or not basically this is a bit Fisher Price politics. Right. So

Dan Ilic  18:52  
seriously, looking at your political system, it's like looking at Harry Potter. Like we didn't

Athena Kugblenu  18:57  
just say like, fracking is like a really important issue. Like it causes earthquakes, right? Yeah. No, that's not as important as Do you like me or not? Like, how is that?

Bea Barbeau-Scurla  19:08  
The equivalent? Yeah, it feels like a twist in like a reality TV show. You know, like, you know, you thought it was gonna be about fracking.

Rick Morton  19:17  
This tastes disgusting when they put

Athena Kugblenu  19:18  
in a contestant that's been evicted. So like. So genuinely, the politicians didn't know if they were voting for fracking, or for the party this morning. I was trying to find out what was it about in any case, they ended up voting for earthquakes because earthquake because we weren't on a top line. And it's not fair. When you own a city on a fault line, you get you know, you get quakes. And so why don't we Why don't we create a natural disaster so we can be on the news today? I mean, we're just not on the news.

Rick Morton  19:51  
You've got a natural disaster though. It's the Tory party.

Dan Ilic  19:58  
You know, The fracking here is how ITV said what went down last night.

Unknown Speaker  20:11  
It has been a night of astonishing scenes at Westminster with reports of jostling men handling bullying and shouting outside the parliamentary lobbies. In a suppose vote of confidence in the government. The deputy chief whip was reported to have left the scene saying, I'm absolutely effing furious. I just don't effing care anymore before he resigned along with the chief whip, but we've just been told they have now officially on resigned. The Home Secretary has however definitely got insurance. It is total absolute abject chaos.

Athena Kugblenu  20:49  
So this was that was supposedly your vote on whether or not the parties have voted, lose trust, let's just risk the vote. To even vote on herself. First of all, it was she wants fracking she picks it since he thinks it's important right into security. So she missed the boat on fracking.

Dan Ilic  21:08  
That's why she missed it. She was she was pumping gas into the ground. She was busy fracking data number 10. Yeah,

Athena Kugblenu  21:15  
so she missed that I wrote to say that I like me too. So

Rick Morton  21:18  
this is why this is why I chose this subject because I don't know anything about it. But I do know that it's very funny. And also I see a lot of myself in live traps like she's

understand how money works or market

right? I do love I love that like ITV at the at the end that like because my brain is working in like a music and radio station when I hear like total abject chaos with that thing underneath. I'm just waiting for like a dubstep drop to kick in.

Bea Barbeau-Scurla  22:00  
Reporters they seem to always have like such a sense of urgency that you could absolutely remix it and make it a sick club mix. Like

Athena Kugblenu  22:11  
I'm surprised it hasn't been done already. To be honest. And you have to do these. That's the reason why these things happen so they can go viral on the internet. That's what I think to be fair, I do think I'm being a bit cynical. I do think though they're ramping it up a bit. Just a little clip of them going crazy can go viral, because the good thing about this chaos is it was it's been chaotic for about four weeks. What we've got now if you've got pictures of MPs Ave Argy bargy in Parliament, but this has been this is the status has been the status quo. You know, this is not this is not this last night in many ways was unremarkable. It was just it was just funny because he wrote in Parliament you don't have bits to pay for you literally you vote with your body you go through a yes chamber or no chambers it's really you

Dan Ilic  22:52  
don't you don't have a button

Athena Kugblenu  22:58  
so that's all happening was

Dan Ilic  23:04  
please don't please don't think this is fisher price because we have literally no idea

Athena Kugblenu  23:10  
it's incredible so the chief whip said the chief whip says it's their job to get people to vote the quote unquote right way to vote with us not against us. But because you're not going to get paid for you have to physically move people into the right chamber right. So what was happening last night it was they were literally getting them by the next and or whatever. Like apparently there was a bit people were like saying it was like brilliant. Like they were

Rick Morton  23:31  
like apparently, Jacob Riis. Mog was one of the people manhandling which is like a noodle closet.

Athena Kugblenu  23:40  
If you let Jacob Riis, mog bad habit you get yourself to help still get some iron supplements. Protein shakes. You are withering away the cost of living crisis to doing something because Jacob Riis, mog makes us do it. She came home from school we said I'm being bullied and they've put in a kid and they're taking these Rob I would kick them out of the house

Rick Morton  24:11  
and being bullied by like one of those car yard like

Dan Ilic  24:15  
the inflatable. I love this loan from the chancellor Jeremy Hunt. He told a meeting of colleagues on Wednesday he said according to someone in the room, this is what Jeremy Hunt said this would be really interesting shit if I wasn't in the middle of it

Athena Kugblenu  24:29  
fundamentally, basically is because there's an Elisa that has no authority when she says jump they all sit down and pick their noses. And when when they do what she says the markets go What the hell are you doing? You're crazy. So they're in a weird place where they can't do what they've been told because what they've been told is horrendous but not doing what they're told the government can't function and so that's what we're saying we want general election which is horrible because no one likes elections. They're just horrible. You tell them the TV listen slow mo the child crying or whatever some would get it because video you It's just sort of very boring. I think we should just get the formality of a general election. And we should just just edit a coup, but in my school

Rick Morton  25:08  
we're just going for monarchy like now you've got the king.

Athena Kugblenu  25:15  
I mean, you know, I mean for the crack I mean,

Dan Ilic  25:19  
what about a reverse Monica, you could have our prime minister roll over you. It'd be great.

Athena Kugblenu  25:24  
Yeah. Your new ones Nice. We'd like that do

Rick Morton  25:28  
Undercover Boss but just to you know, live trust.

Athena Kugblenu  25:34  
You know, like a school exchange student trips, and you go to France to stay with the family. And they stay with you. Let's do an exchange.

Dan Ilic  25:43  
Right? Yeah. I don't think we want Miss dress.

Rick Morton  25:45  
It's such fun drama. It's real, like keeping up with aquatint Ian's energy

Athena Kugblenu  25:58  
you foresee like it was it just about work? It's very interesting. What's happened now is because and what people are forgetting is it. Boris Johnson two years ago, kicked all the reasonably smart people out of the cabinet because they were not on board this Brexit plan at all. If you're not with me or against me, and you fill this cabinet with idiots, I mean, I don't use that word lightly. He was he first came out with people who probably weren't very skilled at what they did. And that's a one by one we've lost anyone with a semblance of common sense. And now we're left with people who just like walking around and saying I'm important. And then you ask them to do something and they can't do anything because they're thick. And there's no one and no one in the backbench who might be good at it been in the cabinet wants to serve in it. So that's been run out of options. Yes, yeah. Read a book and get smart but that's not going to happen.

Rick Morton  26:48  
Well, that takes time and your energy crisis

Dan Ilic  26:52  
there's a real problem with the conservative party among many others, but you know, our conservative party date basically roll Prime Ministers whenever they want. They're like let's get rid of this guy. Next week. The next person in line we've had enough of this person but the UK Conservative Party has to wait 12 months before they can ever party motion to wrong someone

Athena Kugblenu  27:11  
you know something all of these things mean nothing. They really do mean nothing. They just they say that they'll just change the rules they'll change the rules and I hope they I hope they do because it's because nobody wants to talk for months. I won't lie right now looking for wind up torches. I'm telling you when you power power they're gonna they prepared with the press releases and the news bulletins say you're in the dark sorry about that or whatever. So I

Dan Ilic  27:37  
can recommend anything. It would be a solar foldout solar panel that you can charge in the UK it climate change is bringing trust down and climate change is bringing this podcast down.

Rick Morton  27:53  
It really was just leaves holding you all together, wasn't it?

Athena Kugblenu  27:59  
The crazy thing so we got rid of Boris that can it not? It can't get any worse. And now people are saying we need both shots of back. It's it's sort of it's sort of it for now.

Rick Morton  28:07  
I even heard Theresa Mays name resurfaced

Athena Kugblenu  28:11  
where everybody Rolf Harris I think he's got

Dan Ilic  28:28  
some, allegedly, Rick,

Athena Kugblenu  28:31  
I'm aware of what he did. But he was just because I don't know why he was on my mind. I regret saying that. Were just shuffling cards. It's like, we're just Oh, no, no, no. Like, there's nobody, and I don't I don't think we should get someone who's done it before. Because we've got rid of them for a reason. You know, it's like so I think you're an ex back and then you get back and it's like, oh, you're an asshole like so we just need a fresh start clean slate. It's like Eat Pray Love. Did everything we need to go away?

Rick Morton  29:05  
Spain, but you can't do that easily. Yeah.

Dan Ilic  29:09  
Well, it's been a good luck. And if you get stuck for solar panel, come to Australia. We'd love to have you here. Oh,

Athena Kugblenu  29:14  
I'll tell you. I'm gonna go I'm coming right now.

Dan Ilic  29:19  
Oh, look, this is viral clip that keeps going surfacing every now and then whenever Jeremy hunts name comes up. It is fantastic. is a compilation of people miss pronunciate. Oh. It's a couple of people not pronouncing Jeremy hunts name correctly.

Rupert Degas  29:34  
Well, first up after the news we're going to be talking to Jeremy come and hunt the culture Secretary Abed

Unknown Speaker  29:39  
and the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt. Jeremy Hunt is also expected to apologize circumstances

Unknown Speaker  29:43  
change Mr. Kent Mr. Hunter. Jeremy counter cute. Jeremy Hunt. Secretary Jeremy Hunt says he's the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt as described. Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt according to the

Rick Morton  29:58  
Health Secretary Jeremy Taylor. said the NHS friends

Unknown Speaker  30:03  
looking after the health service

Unknown Speaker  30:04  
somebody somewhere in government perhaps Jeremy Kent the the Jeremy I'm not gonna pronounce his surname because I might mispronounce it deliberately.

Dan Ilic  30:21  
Just comedy, just comedy. I love that. Hey, I seen it. Thank you so much for joining us on irrational fear and that is it for rational fear big thank you to be Rick Cena and Louis. Let's do our plugs. And he could do you have anything to plug bait?

Bea Barbeau-Scurla  30:35  
Oh, just follow me on Instagram. I gotta get that clown. That Queen bay with a K W E N underscore B EA it's the most confusing way to spell it.

Dan Ilic  30:48  
We'll pop it in the show notes. Rick Morton, you've got a fantastic new substack

Rick Morton  30:52  
Oh, yeah, I joined I joined the crew. So I've got a sub that could nervous laughter which is basically how I go through life. It's good. You should read it.

Dan Ilic  31:01  
Yeah. Oh, subscribe. Louis harbor. Are you you plug in your TV show?

Rick Morton  31:05  
I am Yeah, I thought I finally have something to plug other than my dumb radio show. I have a television show. Coming to the ABC on Thursday night. It's called Australia's best competition competition. It is where I enter a bunch of weird competitions around the country with my friend comedian Michael hing and and then we rank them and we find the best competition in Australia and it's really funny and I broke my knee doing it so

Dan Ilic  31:33  
medical bills to pay Yeah. I seen a cuckoo

Athena Kugblenu  31:38  
What would you like to blog Oh, just my just my Instagram and my Twitter. And the fact that you guys want that Rachel itself doesn't mind.

Dan Ilic  31:48  
Big thanks to rode mics our new sponsor Australian ethical Thank you Australian ethical Jacob round on the Tepanyaki timeline. Our new patreon supporters Michelle Brian, Mac Benny drew mayo, Anthony Bell dune and Gabby bolt has also become a patreon supporter. They're gonna be about became a Patreon supporter because she realized the opera house show she was in for rational fear is actually behind the paywall on the Patreon she wanted to hear. So if you missed out on the Sydney Opera House show, head over to Patreon you can become a member and listen to that show. Until next time, there's always something to be scared of by

Unknown Speaker  32:23  
it is total, absolute abject.

Unknown Speaker  32:28  
I have been in office for just under two months. I am a

Unknown Speaker  32:35  
I just don't care anymore object.

Simon Chilvers  32:40  
This is a rational view.


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