A Rational Fear
A Rational Fear
Aug 19, 2021
A Rational Gist — Rosie Waterland, Jacob Stanley, Adam Bandt MP, Lewis Hobba, Dan Ilic
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G’day Fearmongers,

Thrilled to present our crossover episode with the award winning Just The Gist podcast. Joining Dan Ilic and Lewis Hobba as guest fearmongers we have Rosie Waterland, and Jacob Stanley.

On this week’s podcast we chat:

  • BHP selling its fossil fuel assets.

  • Cash Me Outside girl cashing in on Only Fans.

  • The Serbian Caveman who wants everyone to get vaccinated.

  • Also on the show we press Greens leader, Adam Bandt MP, on the COP26 targets, IPCC, the Party Registration Integrity Bill and when the election will be.

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Dan Ilic


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Bertha Announcement  0:00  
This podcast is supported in part by the birth of foundation. Grey Lewis. Good afternoon, Daniel. How are you?

Dan Ilic  0:08  
I'm, well I'm well. I spoke to somebody this week and they said they are desperate to hear you play the piano by Billy Joel on your piano. They want to hear it. Is there any way we can hear it tonight?

Lewis Hobba  0:21  
Tonight? Yeah, absolutely. Of course. I'm so ready and so good at hitting me letting people who say that piano takes us to learn I radiance. It's taken me two weeks and I know the piano. That's it. It's that simple. Oh, I

Dan Ilic  0:39  
said about a friend to mention. I said, Man, you're just an overnight success. One day, consider the case.

Lewis Hobba  0:44  
Well, I'm sorry, I'm ready to pay to mention you know, I'm ready to get asked and put some leather pants on. I can do a lot of parody songs as well. I can do a lot of good parodies of Billy Joel's Vienna. I've got 10 or 15 great parody songs all about different German towns. Good stuff.

Dan Ilic  1:05  
Excellent, weird owl pub. They will call you from hell just eliphalet will will l L. I'm recording my end of irrational fear on gadigal land in the eora nation sovereignty was never seated. We need a treaty. Let's start the show.

Rupert Degas  1:19  
A rational fear contains naughty words like bricks. Canberra COMM And section 40 of our rational view recommends listening by image your audience.

Dan Ilic  1:33  
Tonight Alan Jones undergoes a major knee reconstruction after doctors say he's been leaning too far to the right. And Australia purchases 1 million finds of vaccines from Poland. We ask does the government put too much faith in polls and in order to prevent COVID outbreaks Queensland deploys 100 soldiers on the New South Wales border. Yes, Australia has its own Delta Force. It's the 20th of August 2021. And this is a rational fear.

Welcome to irrational fear. I'm your host, former president of Malaysia Dan Ilic. Let's meet our fear mongers for tonight. She smugly moved to Adelaide before the pandemic and she's still smugly there. It's the smug co host of the award winning just the GS podcast. It's Rosie Waterloo.

Rosie Waterland  2:29  
Daniel I wish I was still smugly there but I moved to Melbourne the day they went into lockdown. As we were driving into the city, they announced it at the presser so I'm not so smug anymore, my friend.

Dan Ilic  2:47  
Oh dear, and he's simply too handsome to ever consider being the host of a podcast but here we are. It's the other co co host of the award winning just the Jews podcast. It's Jacob Stanley.

Jacob Stanley  2:57  
Hello Dan. Funny I can be smug. I'm in Far North Queensland. I dodge all of the lockdowns but I'm just I'm not rubbing it in anyone's faces. I'm really not.

Dan Ilic  3:08  
Have you considered serving your state and getting down to the border to prevent New South Wales people from getting across the border? I

Jacob Stanley  3:14  
think they've got it under wraps without my help. I would be a hindrance I'm sure.

Lewis Hobba  3:19  
On the first time like Queenslanders have been going like Build that wall just

Dan Ilic  3:28  
and he's fully vaccin ready to play sax? Move that piano over? It's Louis harbour.

Lewis Hobba  3:33  
Now dude, bring the piano in. I'm throwing I'm throwing my I'm throwing my saxophone away in my constant search for like, because we're what nine weeks into lockdown now. And pretty much every two weeks I try to buy a new thing to keep me occupied. So two weeks ago was a piano. I learned a song this week. One of those like muscle pounding guns. muscles. So I got that on Monday. And

Dan Ilic  3:59  
the ones that make it look like you're you're gonna learn how to you're gonna like get your jerk off muscles really strong.

Lewis Hobba  4:04  
Those ones the ones gonna shake weight. They're like I don't know if I can say that. I can say the brand. This isn't like a theragun but like a cheap knockoff theragun from Amazon, and they're amazing. They're really good. Yeah, right. They usually use if you go to the gym, but obviously all gyms are closed. So I'm just using it mostly on my weak bones now.

Dan Ilic  4:26  
I feel like this lockdown. I'm doing the same kind of thing. I'm just buying stuff to fill the void. I bought a wetsuit the other day. I haven't used it yet, but I've lived all my life. I don't know how to surf, I'm gonna buy the things that you need to do the surfing. So the wetsuits been hanging out there for you know, four days I've yet to go surfing. Do you have a surfboard? No, I got

Rosie Waterland  4:54  
five days ago. I bought $300 rollerblades and I haven't used them yet. So I feel Yeah.

Dan Ilic  4:59  
Oh great. Rosie and I we could we could go sporting do sporting things together. Coming up later we are going to be talking to the leader the greens Adam band will ask him why did the greens vote against the cprs on repeat until the year 2050 revolves around but first, here's a message from this week's sponsor

Rupert Degas  5:18  
in 2021, bhp is getting rid of fossil fuels and focusing on sustainability of our province. Our profits are fragile and we must do what we can to save them. And experts warn that our reputation will soon face a tipping point for an activist shareholders from which it could never recover. That's why we're selling our coal, oil and gas assets. So some other company can bravely ignore the problem of greenhouse emissions production that will continue unabated regardless, that bhp we believe the only way to clean up the planet is to wash your own hands first. We're doing it for our children and our children's children. Your children ours there'll be inheriting the profits. Yeah, bhp open cut and running.

Dan Ilic  6:15  
This week's first meet Now you may remember a Danielle bregoli. She got famous in 2016 when as a 13 year old she went on Dr. Phil and threatened to bash her mom outside the studio. She was the cashew outside girl. A few years later, she started performing hip hop under the name bad Barbie and she totally blew up. Well she turned out bad baby. Sorry, Bad Bad, bad bad. Well, earlier this year, she turned 18 and a few days after she turned 18 she got herself an only fans account and how long fair mungus do you think it took bad baby to make a million dollars? How long do you think it took bad baby to like a million dollars in her only fans account? Six months? No. Six hours. She broke the record for only fans. And she made a million dollars. She's now set to buy a $4 million house in Florida fear mongers. Is this the answer to how young people get on the property ladder? Rosie?

Rosie Waterland  7:14  
I truly think it is I consider her an enterprising Gen Z Gen Z feminist on par with Malala Youssef side she's really grateful representing for young women and you know what she mentioned in an interview with variety yesterday. Yes, she's big enough. Now she's getting interviewed by a variety that she's looking to buy a house in Florida in cash. Because she knows that Florida is a tax haven

Dan Ilic  7:41  
yet. This is incredible. reading this thing she's she's actually got the money smarts to back it up and she lives in Los Angeles is putting all of her stuff in Florida, so she doesn't have to pay tax genius. Incredible.

Rosie Waterland  7:57  
And example to young women everywhere.

Dan Ilic  7:59  
Louis, have you ever considered starting an only fans account for yourself?

Lewis Hobba  8:04  
Yes, yes, I have Dan. Of course. It'll just be mostly me naked playing Billy Joel's Vienna. And I really do think there's a market for it. Because I've heard that baby's music. It's actually quite good. Like she's she's genuinely, I thought she'd make money on that. But the only fans angle didn't say coming. I mean, yeah, good on it. Why not? Do you don't have you checked out the only fans specifically Rosie, do you know what sort of stuff she's doing?

Rosie Waterland  8:29  
I look, I can't say that I've had the chance to partake. But she does say that she doesn't do anything that she's uncomfortable with. It's mostly just scantily clad. Little Boomerang videos and photos. But you know what? All power to whatever she wants to do if she if she's making cash. Good on her.

Dan Ilic  8:49  
Jacob, are you backing bad baby in here? Look,

Jacob Stanley  8:54  
Sara Lee do so disagree with what she's done with the platform since she got her platform except for the fact that I just don't love the idea that there'll be a bunch of kids out there who want to emulate her by turning to a lack of crime in their youth so that they can end up on a show like Dr. Phil, and then launch themselves into the stratosphere as she has done so it feels icky to me.

Lewis Hobba  9:16  
Yeah, I prefer the old method of spending a life in like organised crime and then making your money by selling it to underbelly to just do over and over and over. Yeah, exactly. It's a tradition. Yeah, the old school way. crime.

Dan Ilic  9:35  
She makes a stack of money outside of only fans to she looks like she's got a $2 million product placement deal with her bad baby videos. she earns $40,000 per post on Snapchat. And Wow, she's she's she's looks like she's mentored. She's got so many cars. She also sounds rosy. She sounds like she actually might be a really good parent because when it comes to exposing kids to bad messages in her own music She said this, even cardi B. She turns off WAP when her kids come around.

Rosie Waterland  10:08  
I personally think warp is an inspiring song. But, you know, that's just me. I mean, I do like that recently a judge in a court who had a very naughty young girl in front of her while sentencing her said you don't want to end up like the cash me outside girl, do ya? And the video of that ruling went viral and Danielle bregoli saw it and paid that girl's fine and said to the judge, you know what, I earn more in a year than you'll ever make so so I think she's looking out for the kids TV. Oh, man,

Dan Ilic  10:44  
I've been doing Patreon all wrong, I should have started. Speaking of Patreon, if you want to support the podcast, you can go to patreon.com forward slash irrational fear. There aren't any nerds. But I tell you what, for our Patreon only subscribers, we will have a picture of Louis in his underwear.

Lewis Hobba  11:07  
Reverse idli fans, which is where you and I promise, if we get enough money to keep our clothes on.

Dan Ilic  11:16  
lucrative endeavour. Yeah, I actually have I actually have an only fan. So if you go to my only fans, you'll see one picture up there. I think it may. Without a beard, I put it.

Lewis Hobba  11:28  
I want to see you in that wetsuit, baby. Let's do it.

Dan Ilic  11:32  
That's gonna be the second picture.

Unknown Speaker  11:35  
I'm mustering the face case, she wouldn't get out my face. Either. I'm breaking down her door, she's breaking down my door. I don't stop. So I started seeing that. I ran out four times in one day. And because probably back every time, this is a rational fear.

Dan Ilic  11:53  
This week second fear in Serbia. a caveman who's been living in a cave for the last 20 years has come out of his cave to get the jab and encourage others to get the jab to before going back into his cave. In the words of the caveman. And when he was asked about anti vaxxers he said the virus does not pick it will come here to my cave to I want to get all three doses including the extra line. I urge every citizen to get vaccinated every single one of them. Now fear mongers. How can a caveman who's got no contact with the bottom world have more sense than people that spend all their time reading Facebook and telegram messages from Craig Kelly.

Jacob Stanley  12:30  
It's what he lacks in internet connection he easily makes up for in common sense. 20 years ago when he departed from society. It was common knowledge that vaccines were good and diseases were bad. And he's just maintained what we all used to know. But a lot of us seem to have lost our ways. And I'm very excited that he's the one to be sharing this message because I think he might be the one who can win over the hearts and minds of the people of mullumbimby because he's a white guy with dreadlocks. love nothing more than that. So he's bound to get their attention and he may be able to get through to them.

Dan Ilic  13:07  
You know, I've called a lot of anti vaxxers cavemen and I'm really sorry for that now. They have clearly caveman or above anti vaxxers it is absolutely disgusting on my behalf. I feel so sorry.

Lewis Hobba  13:20  
This caveman Do you know if he's like staying across the world broadly? Like, what was it kind of like, we just needed to tap you on the shoulder and let you know there's been this big outbreak. Oh, by the way, the Chicago Bulls cleaned up in like the next few days. Bill Clinton is no longer someone that we like, like how many things did he have to learn from the live in the early 90s

Dan Ilic  13:42  
wait till he finds out and learns about a guy called Donald Trump and his he found out about the pandemic because he like once a month goes to the supermarket. And he didn't like once every so often goes to the supermarket. He didn't know what was happening until he went to the supermarket and saw everyone wearing masks. And that's how that's how he found out about it. Yeah,

Lewis Hobba  14:05  
I hope this supermarket that he goes to once a week is LD and that his cave is just filled with the weird shit from the middle aisle. Yeah, this cave he knows nothing about the modern world. But he does have like a fishing line and very weirdly shaped pillow and a bunch of

Dan Ilic  14:25  
and you know what? If you're living in a cave, that's exactly what you need.

Jacob Stanley  14:32  
He every single one of the articles found it necessary to point out the fact that he's got a bathtub that he uses as his toilet. So there's every possibility that yes, he picked that up in the middle while

Dan Ilic  14:45  
probably they do sell bathtub sometimes. No I watched the video of this guy and he's got really beautiful eyes like he's He's good looking caveman. Huh?

Rosie Waterland  14:59  
Oh, are you thinking Maybe to the cave. Maybe Maybe he needs an only fans. four feet of marble that holds you up up high in this chamber of humanity who would you? Your time has expired. I

Dan Ilic  15:25  
think you want to join the party at Parliament House with your own political body. Think again. Soon it's gonna be easier than ever to keep parties out of Parliament who aren't already registered as a party. Yes, the Morison government introduced a party registration integrity bill. New parties will no longer require 500 members to register, they'll need 1500 members to register. And new parties won't be able to use a name that's similar to existing parties names. For instance, you couldn't use the word liberal labour or the greens even if you spell labour correctly, or the greens party was about vegetable consumption. You couldn't do that. And you're not allowed to register a party with annoying vexatious or frivolous names. fee mongers with an election coming up has thrown a spanner into the works for any of you who've may have considered starting your own party this election, Louis? Well, I

Lewis Hobba  16:11  
mean, I'm curious, I'm just sort of going back through previous names to figure out who like, what about, say like the sex party, would they have stopped the sex party getting through? Do you think

Dan Ilic  16:20  
it could be a frivolous name? Yeah, like sex can be frivolous? Sex can be frivolous. Yeah. I was thinking about like, like, wouldn't you be would like the totally normal party? Would that get through? Like, if you were like, Whoa, we have a very serious palette with I'm gonna start a party called the very serious party, would they count that as frivolous?

Rosie Waterland  16:39  
Well, I guess I mean, you know, how tuned into politics. I am Daniel. So I had to ask my partner Caleb about about what this story actually meant. And he explained to me that a big part of it is not trying to like tag on to someone else's name. So like, they can't get above you on the ballot and confuse people. So you can't kill yourself like liberal too, because then people might get confused and vote for you thinking they're voting for the liberals. Yes.

Dan Ilic  17:06  
Oh, this is what happened to the Senate election some time ago when the Liberal Democrats got in and they were first on the ballot. And that's how we get some idiots in the Senate.

Rosie Waterland  17:15  
Well, that's what Caleb said. Caleb said, but only idiots would have teach Liberal Democrats. And I said, Ah, would they though, because I probably would have done the wrong thing to maybe this is a solid rule. It may not be entirely democratic. But there are some people who would just look at that and go, Oh, that word looks familiar tick.

Lewis Hobba  17:36  
It should be we should start trading every political party name, like sort of Instagram handles, they should be like, there's like liberal liberal 69 like liberal compound. And then they should be like, Liberal Party official. And so you know that that's the real well, yes. But if they need to bluetick the party names. Yeah.

Dan Ilic  17:58  
I just think like, would it be nice if there was a Labour Party actually spelt labour correctly? And they were? Well, actually, if anything, there's more frivolous name is labour spelt without a you?

Lewis Hobba  18:08  
Yeah, maybe I'll start a party this next election called I'm putting the EU back in labour.

Unknown Speaker  18:15  
That's it. Oh, rational view. So I think we just have to live with Gladys berejiklian is absolutely right. We just have to learn to live with this disease. And we can't continue indefinitely in this stop stop life. Your fear is rational.

Dan Ilic  18:33  
We've got a very special guest this week in irrational fear. It's the leader of the greens, Adam bed. Adam, welcome to irrational fear. Hi there. And First things first, why did the greens vote against the cprs? In 2009? Well,

Adam Bandt  18:47  
what? voting for a carbon price. We did it for it. We got one up 2010. We got it up. And then the liberals and rupert murdoch and the fossil fuel industry came and tore it down.

Dan Ilic  19:02  
So we did have one. Adam, where did the greens stand on this? On this party integrity bill, registration integrity bill, the greens was registered, were registered off the back of 500 people in Tasmania, will you be backing the government's party registration integrity bill?

Adam Bandt  19:18  
No, we don't like it. And it comes as a package of measures that does not just what you've spoken about, but also starts to put a bit of a handbrake on third parties that want to get involved. And clearly that's aimed at groups like get up and so on, that the government doesn't like so it starts to restrict their activities a bit further. And I think there is a place for smaller parties and independent voices in the in Parliament. And, you know, we'd meet the thresholds, but we don't think it's right. So we're opposing it. And there's a number of other crossbenchers who are with us on that and we're hoping that the opposition will join us.

Dan Ilic  19:54  
Do you think it will get in Do you reckon label will back it in?

Adam Bandt  19:58  
I don't know. I don't know. And I The I think there's every chance we can stop it. In the senate at the moment things hang on one vote a lot. And if labour decides to join with us and oppose things, often sadly, that one vote is Pauline Hanson in many instances. And so like putting your faith in working out what her party is going to do on it is not a great way to run a country. But that's that's where we're at at the moment until we kick her out at this election, but so i'm not i'm not gonna predict it. But I'm, I think there's a good chance it's not gonna.

Dan Ilic  20:30  
So if we kick her out of this election, and then change the law, so she can get back in I like it. Now, there's been a lot of talk about climate change this week. I mean, we hear so much about it, I'm sick of it, is it over?

Adam Bandt  20:45  
Certainly not. And it's gonna go for a while. And yet the talk over the last couple of weeks has not been good. And it's another, you know, I don't I don't know what happens what what the metaphor is for after alarm bells, alarm bells ringing

Unknown Speaker  20:59  

Adam Bandt  20:59  
you know, sign, I don't know what the next level is. And we're sort of running out of phrases to say what the scientists are doing. But they're basically saying, look, we're gonna, we're kind of got until the rest of this decade. And if we don't fix it, then potentially climate change becomes a runaway chain reaction, and we can't rein it in. And that's what worries me. And that's what's been occupying people this week.

Dan Ilic  21:20  
I really did enjoy the scientists using code read, I think, quoting a few good men is the best way to get people's attention. That was very, very good. Now, it's only 73 days away until we are at COP the Conference of Parties 26 in Glasgow, the big climate talks. I know you're not in government, Adam, but what would you hope this Australian government takes as a national target heading into cop

Adam Bandt  21:47  
75% cut our pollution by 2030. That's what has been the independent climate targets panel has said we need to do that, to do our fair share to limit global warming to one and a half degrees. And you know, above one and a half degrees, Pacific Island countries start to become uninhabitable. Right? You know, we start to see droughts that previously happened infrequently start to happen twice as often. So to do that, according to the scientists, we need 75% cuts. And you know, I didn't think I'd be in this position of saying, Boris Johnson is doing something good, but Boris Johnson is doing something good. And like we're now in this situate like he's, they're talking about nearly 70% cuts on air pollution by 2030. And Joe Biden in the US has come in and more than doubled their or effectively doubled their cuts to over 50%. And meanwhile, we're stuck with Tony Abbott's emissions targets of 26% by 2030, which are which are just woeful. So you've kind of got this situation at the moment where you've got Boris Johnson, Joe Biden and the greens on one side in Australian politics and the others, basically saying, Oh, no, look, everything's fine. We don't need to change our way.

Lewis Hobba  22:55  
The only more depressing thing about Tony Abbott's climate change is Tony Abbott's gosh

Dan Ilic  23:03  
oh my gosh, that's right. Yeah, they do it a podcast I totally forgot to listen to this week. Lewis

Lewis Hobba  23:14  
god no. I'm doing everything I can at the moment to like minimise the things that make me feel angry and sick like I'm whatever nine weeks at the Sydney lockdown I don't need I don't need to choose to listen to Tony Abbott. Now that I am not forced to.

Dan Ilic  23:30  
If you want a if you a if you want a good discount

to code Tony to get 20% off your next mattress and take it away Peter.

Lewis Hobba  23:48  
Apparently apparently the Introduction Music is a banjo. He just turns on a banjo for a while it's pretty well.

Dan Ilic  23:55  
What are they anyway? That could be better if it was a jeweller.

Adam Bandt  24:00  
And no disrespect to you guys. But I think you know john Howard gets invited on 730 and Tony Abbott start his own podcast.

Dan Ilic  24:10  
Adam ban only serious leaders get invited to come on podcast. So hey, look, I interviewed Chris Bowen today Chris Bowen is the is the shadow Environment Minister and in the same breath he gave this he gave this speech about Labour's cop targets what he would love to see not only the Austrian government had to cut it, but in the same breath, he said we need to put aside petty politics. And then at the same time, he said the greens don't have a transition plan for for workers in fossil fuels and they can't be trusted. I told him, I'm I'm pretty sure that's pretty sure that's wrong. Was I right and telling him that Chris was right and telling Chris Bowen that he was wrong.

Adam Bandt  24:48  
You're correct. I mean, I've introduced the bill to establish a transitional authority to ensure that we have a phase phase out of our coal fired power stations in coal mining In a way that looks after the workers in communities in those regions, and I've, I've actually travelled around to coal communities around Australia to basically walk in, you know, the greens are here, we want to phase out coal, but we want to have a discussion with you about how we do it and held public meetings at the, you know, lift muscle group workers clubs and head guys in, you know, high vis vests with arms folded and sitting down the front glaring, and it's all the way through the stage. And they come up afterwards and they say, look, you know, it's done. I agree with everything you say, but you're the only you're the only ones who are actually being honest with us about the need for a transition.

Dan Ilic  25:34  
Louis and I did a show at the hunter. Two months ago, I've been up in Newcastle. And it's so interesting talking to folks after that show, because, you know, they know, they know that fossil fuels is going to have a sunset time, they're just waiting for someone to put in the solutions to get them the next career. It's really strange.

Adam Bandt  25:53  
We've sent down really badly in this country, right, like we've seen transition happen and just come in slam communities. But we've also seen that done reasonably well. You know, the car industry was a really bad example, that they just shut it down overnight. And all of a sudden, people lost their jobs, and they didn't have anything secured and move into. But we know this is coming, right and the people in these areas now what's coming. So we can say let's make this the place that we are going to create green steel and build green hydrogen, let's make it an energy and a manufacturing power base. It's not it's within our weight to do it.

Lewis Hobba  26:27  
Yeah, as I say, it was really interesting when we were doing the irrational fear shows in, you know, climate, vulnerable communities, particularly communities that have a lot of fossil fuel industry. And we will be chatting to them afterwards. And so many people would say, like, no one is more guilty. They has this more sense of climate guilt than me. They're like, I go on the ground, and I know what I'm doing, but pays for my kids I get this is my life. It's what my parents did. And and the things that they like, I've got like, I couldn't have more solar panels on my roof. I couldn't have hobbies, having shorter showers, like everything I do in my life is about trying to mitigate this. But I also just don't feel like I've got a way out here. Like it's sort of what they would call the sort of golden handcuffs of that industry.

Adam Bandt  27:10  
And that's up to us to do it. Right. That's what government is for government is about saying, here's the change we need to make. And we've got to look after people along the way. And the good news is like in those places in New South Wales, in Queensland, like in many of those areas, there's a lot of sun, there's wind, we could actually use that to create electricity that we then use to create other products. And we could be creating zero carbon steel here in Australia, zero carbon products to sell the risk, zero pollution or other products to sell the rest of the world like we can start doing this stuff. But we we just we just need government to do it.

Dan Ilic  27:47  
Speaking of people getting in the way, I've been hosting the better futures forum this week, Adam and Matt Cain said at the forum, he said, if if you're if it gets in the way of climate action, get out of the way. He's a liberal minister, who was he talking to you? They

Adam Bandt  28:02  
are most of the Liberal Party. And he also said, you know, this is your opportunity send a message by voting and I couldn't agree with him more though brains. Gonna be doing our rights for us. But thank you very much,

Dan Ilic  28:17  
man. Well, I didn't let me ask you like if you could pick anyone to join you on the back bench could be from any party. Let's play a bit of fantasy back bench here. Who would you pick?

Adam Bandt  28:28  
So they go on the back bench?

Dan Ilic  28:29  
Yeah, you're on the front bench? Yeah. Or the front.

Adam Bandt  28:31  
Okay. Joe Fitzgibbon put him on the back bench. And then

Dan Ilic  28:44  
I lost bone about Matt canes quite about getting out of the way. And I said to Chris, that's a pretty decent sledge against Joe Fitz given, isn't it?

Lewis Hobba  28:55  
Like how what, how worried should we all be Do you think at about the fact that that doesn't really appear to be any sort of effective? Major opposition, obviously, there's the greens in their their parties, but in terms of a you know, whether it's liberal labour, the big two, neither of them seem to have any kind of desire to make any real changes or whether it's desire. They don't seem to have the spine for it.

Adam Bandt  29:18  
Well, this is what worries me is that we've got you've got the United States President Joe Biden, saying the climate crisis is an existential threat. You've got Boris Johnson and his government saying we've only got a short period of time to act. You've now got the United States, which is supposedly Australia's biggest and closest allies, ally, publicly speaking, saying Australia's targets for 2030 are not enough. We need to do something about it. And while the rest of the world is saying, waking up and listening to the alarm bell saying, right, we've only got a short period of time to turn around, and they're actually trying to do something about it. We're trying to hold them back. And it's a real real worry and like the grains are in there, trying to hold Scott Morris into account honestly, the end of the Scott Morrison government and the next election i really really do like he's the the climate deniers, they are increasing inequality in Australia and we've got to kick him out. But it's getting pretty hard to try and put the pressure on them and hold them to account when the others Labour's fighting with them to open up new gas fields in the beetaloo. Right, we should be keeping it all in the ground. And working out how to transition away from not working out how we can open up these new gas fields in the Northern Territory. And in those gas fields in the Northern Territory. There's about seven years worth of Australia's pollution there. So hearing, I'm glad that you know labour starting to take a small step towards the side of science. But what we really need to do is put the asset on Morrison in the lead up to that climate summit at the end of the year so that he goes there and joins Joe Biden and Boris Johnson instead of hanging out with Saudi Arabia and Russia, which is where we are at the moment,

Dan Ilic  30:57  
some of my favourite liberal democracies. Well, thank you so much. It was absolutely great to have you join us, Adam. Appreciate that. A big thank you to all of our guests tonight. Jacob Stanley, Rosie Waterloo, Louis harbour and Adam bandt. If you got it God's got anything to plug Jacob.

Jacob Stanley  31:14  
I suppose we should mention a little podcast, Just The Gist podcast you can check out just the gist podcast we release new episodes weekly ish. We share crazy wild true stories in a very easy to digest way so you'll be able to remember all the cool details and then share them at a dinner party.

Rosie Waterland  31:35  
That's the first time he's ever done a plug. Good job. just comes naturally.

Dan Ilic  31:43  
Rosie you wanna plug anything?

Rosie Waterland  31:45  
Um, I guess I will also just say plug just the just oh and follow Jacob William Stanley on Instagram get his own account.

Dan Ilic  31:53  
Oh, yeah. He's gonna get his money going. Outside go level cashola coming at him. Van. Would you like to plug anything?

Adam Bandt  32:03  
Yeah, the next election is going to be really close. chance to kick Scott Morrison at bright brains and I will go now seem frivolous. And lastly, firelight Shawn walk.

Lewis Hobba  32:17  

Adam Bandt  32:19  
Funny, funny guy. And model my look and my glasses. My

Lewis Hobba  32:25  
Ah, yes. All right. Adam, are you guys internally, you guys would be much more tuned in than we are you guys taking predictions on when the election obey? Yeah,

Adam Bandt  32:37  
based on the based on New South Wales and the current rate of vaccination rollout, probably going to be the start of next year. But you know, Scott Morrison, I think he does think he's the chosen one, I think is every chance to do tapings he can pull it off. He's here we'll do it.

Dan Ilic  32:53  
All right, well, I guess I guess it goes slow on vaccinations is this that's probably the wrong message this big thank you to rode mics our Patreon supporters. The rubber chicken comedy hub in South Melbourne has become a Patreon supporter, Maureen Morgan Simon nevel a new Patreon supporter, someone called Peter is a new Patreon supporter, Michael Madsen gubb from New economies joined us as a Patreon supporter, someone called m Gryphon. Thank you all so very much. And please head to patreon.com forward slash rational fear. We're trying to get some more money in so I can pay for an assistant and someone to teach. Until next week. Oh no, Louis, can we do you have the piano nearby?

Lewis Hobba  33:38  
Ah, honestly, it's gonna it's gonna be a bit of a clusterfuck I feel like we should let everyone go. Everyone he has much more important things to do that what do you plug a piano?

Dan Ilic  33:50  
I'll tell you what, next week, we're gonna hear Lewis play the piano.

Lewis Hobba  33:53  
Okay, I'll try to set it up. Otherwise you just watch me use my Thera gun.

Dan Ilic  34:01  
Thanks very much. Until next week, there's always something to be scared of. Good night.


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