A Rational Fear
A Rational Fear
Oct 21, 2021
Squid Game In Parliament — Alex Jae, Harry Jun, Dylan Behan, Dan Ilic
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Joining us on A Rational Fear this week are fearmongers:

Harry Jun  (One Of The Good Ones)
Alex Jae (Laugh Out Of Lockdown)
Dylan Behan
and Dan Ilic

We talk about Billboards, Australia being a bad actor on the world stage, meddling with the IPCC reports, prosthetic limbs to be used for COVD19 injections, Squid Game in China, and Donald Trump's new social media platform.


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Dan Ilic  0:00  
This podcast is supported in part by the birth of foundation. Good evening not Louis Dylan good eye Dylan

Dylan Behan  0:07  
where's where's Louis at? Is he at one of those triple Triple J parties hanging out with Amy shark is he's too well, we got to make her we got to be at the comedy coalface while he's off partying. You said that last week? Yeah,

Dan Ilic  0:19  
that's what he's that's what he's doing this week. He's offered parties because he's got the week. He's actually holding holidays probably with Amy shark. His girlfriend Amy shark.

Dylan Behan  0:30  
Puppy not giving him paid leave is doesn't deserve it.

Dan Ilic  0:34  
He is away on leave this week, but it's okay. We've got home Brian Lewis. That is Dylan Bane. Welcome Dylan Bane.

Dylan Behan  0:40  
Yes, normally hobo Paul Shaffer an irrational fear today I'm hobo Louis harbor.

Dan Ilic  0:44  
How about Louis, how about well, man, I've had an absolutely massive week in the out of home buying billboard media. We're talking about it a little bit later on. I'm recording my end of irrational feet on gadigal land and the ordination. sovereignty was never stated. We did a trade eight Let's start the show.

Unknown Speaker  0:59  
A rational fear contains naughty words like bricks cambro. Gum, and section bought you a rational view recommended listening by emerge your audience.

Dan Ilic  1:12  
Tonight New Zealand's official wizard lost his job turns out he got fired after developing a few bad habits and invited me Joyce and system nationals won't be pressured into backing and net zero target by 2050. Saying Nobody puts us man babies in the corner. And with Halloween just around the corner. party goers wishing to dress up as Matt Canavan urged to not go in cold face. It's the 21st of October, and we've committed net zero billboards by 2030. This is irrational fear.

Welcome to irrational fear. I'm your host, former editor of The Sydney Morning Herald Daniel and this is the show that fights fire with fire which turns out to make things a whole lot worse. Let's meet our fear mongers for tonight. Our first guest is one half of the ladies guide to dude cinema podcast. Timeout magazine calls her self deprecating and irresistibly likeable. Well let's say that it's Alex Jay.

Alex Jae  2:18  
Hello, I suck but I'm really nice. They go Oh, well, it's so good.

Dan Ilic  2:24  
After 100 over 100 days of trying to quell his students in zoom meetings are next fear monger has battled his way back into face to face combat in the real life classroom of life. It is comedian and teacher harijan

Harry Jun  2:37  
hey, yeah, and I'm coming out swinging detentions for everybody.

Dan Ilic  2:42  
What are you doing to prepare to code go back to the classroom Perry?

Harry Jun  2:45  
Oh, lots of drinking. But that's pre class.

Dan Ilic  2:47  
I think that's an idea of what I'm looking

Harry Jun  2:51  
forward to is going face to face with the kids that have been mucking around over zoom. Just like you know, they just like being at the zoo and poking a tiger and not realizing that the zookeepers gonna stroll in and open the cage so

Dan Ilic  3:03  
let's say and he's the king of where he clips and home brand Louis harbor. It's Dylan Bay and you know get a coming up. We're gonna be asking Alfa among us, what will it take for them to join Trump's new social media network? But first here is a message from this week's sponsor.

Rupert Degas  3:21  
You live in a fast changing world. Today's Attorney General is tomorrow's backbencher. accountability is something that can only exist if you can see something to count. When you need a sense of mystery for your big pot of money, put your blind faith in orders blind trust, because whoever is paying off a public person's legal bills should remain private, at least until after the next election. borders blind trust is sort

Unknown Speaker  3:49  
of program should keep going in Australia essentially

Unknown Speaker  3:52  

Rupert Degas  3:53  
terms or conditions don't apply. If you're a member of the Liberal government. Check the PDS for details. No really, please check because I couldn't find any detail when I love.

Dan Ilic  4:03  
Hey, guys, in this week's first few it has been quite awake. Last week, we spoke about what would happen in New York City when we put up billboards. And I'd actually didn't believe it would happen. I don't know if you saw it at 945. A whole bunch of billboards went up in New York City shaming the Australian government action on lack of action on climate change. We did that there was all of us. So thank you very much for chipping in to make that happen. It's kind like a space launch. Like you just do a countdown to 945 and just kind of hope that it appeared on the webcam. It was a really exciting period.

Alex Jae  4:40  
It's just crazy. Congratulations. That's amazing.

Harry Jun  4:43  
You must be so stoked.

Dylan Behan  4:46  
Also, congratulations for getting every Ozzie I know in New York together in one place to look at my social media was full of it. Yeah.

Dan Ilic  4:55  
Did you see a lot of Australians like in on social media Yeah.

Dylan Behan  5:00  
Ron, I know he lives in New York all my friends were down there. Admittedly, they're all TV people who probably know you too. But, but yeah, my feed was full of amazing footage from Times Square. It looked incredible.

Dan Ilic  5:10  
Oh, yeah. Oh yeah. It's so good. It's so good. And now my friend Russell Crowe tweeted and said, I should get on Jake Tapper saying Jake Tapper, his producer reached out. It's like, Hey, you want to go on the show? And right? Yeah, show us thanks, Russell.

Dylan Behan  5:32  
Don't forget Studio 10 dan, that was an even bigger privilege and I'm sure yeah, that's

Dan Ilic  5:37  
it last Monday. Yeah, they had me on and then you know, by Ryan was hosting and he's obviously a big climate denier. It was really funny experience. Like it was really funny spirits calling like God calling into the studio 10 of his own. And all the technical directors and the producers were like, Oh, hey, Dan. It's great to have you on it's such an amazing thing that happened. Oh my god, that was incredible. It's so good to have you. And then it's like how Aidan Yes, it's the technical director here just incredible effort in new and senior mana. And then like by ride is like, yeah, mate. But if we're gonna if we're if they're gonna buy a call, we're gonna sell it. How come you're not in China doing it? Right? How can India testing on you in India and China protesting about it might well, yeah, and see, you don't say people in China protesting do yeah. And there's a good reason for that.

Harry Jun  6:37  
You could generate so much electricity just from the wind that just the wash that went over his head?

Dan Ilic  6:43  
Oh, man, it was wild. And yeah, it was just one of those weird things where it was two guys who weigh out of their depths on the issue. Anyway, it was great. Anyway, billboards aside, this is a reason why we did it to shame the Australian Government into action. And 945. At that point, Scott Morrison wasn't going to go to Glasgow by 245. He put out an announcement saying, Yes, he was going to Glasgow. Let's have a quick listen to that.

Unknown Speaker  7:11  
first of those is overnight, I confirmed my attendance at the Glasgow summit, which I'm looking forward to attending. It's an important event.

Dan Ilic  7:19  
Now that's bullshit, he would have confirmed that 1055 All right. Well, the reason why we put out these billboards was to kind of shame the Australian Government and the lack of climate action. And there was this incredible article that came out today to say that senior government officials and lobbyists have been in the IPCC trying to change the way language is written in the agreement, or, or, or references in the IPCC final text. A senior government official rejected, largely the uncontroversial conclusion that most important steps to reduce greenhouse gas was to phase out coal fired power. The Australia also asked the IPCC scientists to delete a reference to analysis of the role played by fossil fuel lobbyists and watering down climate action. And then this is a lovely bit of language that said Australian officials tried to water down language around the Green Climate funds, which is a gigantic fund where poor nations take money out of to kind of mitigate the risk against against you know, climate disasters to say oh yeah, there's other ways you can mitigate you don't need a fund to mitigate Oh my god, this is crazy. This is this is like evil villain shit going on right here and it doesn't surprise you at all that Australia is doing this fear mongers.

Harry Jun  8:33  
No Look, do you know what it reminds me of when I was in uni and I had a group assignment with one other dude. And it was a 6000 word essay and I wrote the whole fucking thing. And then the night before he comes in is like all I've got a couple additions and I want to I want you to edit and delete some stuff. It's like, you weren't here the entire time. What he told me they can't take credit for this. You started a bit, James, I hope you're listening. I fucking hate you, man.

Alex Jae  8:59  
James, fuck you.

Dan Ilic  9:02  
James dad just did just James didn't work. A defect is that way.

Dylan Behan  9:07  
So Australia is basically trying to walk water down the memo of the conference or just the conference. Generally,

Dan Ilic  9:14  
there are a few bad actors. So Saudi Arabia, yeah, Australia and Japan. They're the three major companies that are trying to throw lobbyists at the situation.

Dylan Behan  9:22  
Have they done this at other conferences? Does Australia turn up at like the anti child trafficking conference? Can we have more child trafficking in this memorandum? Can we push like, what the

Alex Jae  9:34  
hell I'm not surprised that we're downplaying this at all because I think being like downplaying things is in Australia's blood. Like my dad is Australia, right? And his favorite thing is downplaying how much money he puts into the pokies to my mum, everything in our blood, do you know what I mean?

Dylan Behan  9:55  
It's not just those countries down I was reading the article and supposedly Argentina has taken offense at the word Meatless Monday

Harry Jun  10:05  
oh how it's alliteration guys

Dylan Behan  10:08  
know that what's next going to be gets Taco Tuesday

Alex Jae  10:11  
What? Never but that

Dan Ilic  10:13  
is funny Argentina the one of the world's biggest exporters of beef and the gauchos Do they have a Gaucho as president? Is that is that there is that their problem there?

Dylan Behan  10:24  
No idea what you're talking about. Listen

Alex Jae  10:28  
to me you take this one doing

Dylan Behan  10:32  
I know all I know is this steely? Dan album Gaucho.

Dan Ilic  10:36  
Gaucho is an Argentinian cowboy.

Harry Jun  10:39  
Oh, I thought you were saying gout like the medical condition show and I was like the amount of rot they've got there's probably a lot of gaps

Alex Jae  10:47  
in your reality TV Yeah.

Harry Jun  10:49  
Yeah, sure. That sounds sick. Yeah.

Dan Ilic  10:52  
Yeah, after a glass of red wine I also have a Gaucho it's not pleasant, irrational fear.

Unknown Speaker  10:57  
Russia, India and China accounted for 40% of global emissions. Do you think there'll be similar people in your position in those nations or the EU? You know, maybe for those nations a rational fear

Dan Ilic  11:09  
this way second fear. The fidgets spinners prosthetic arms are all the rage on a Facebook group called Victoria sell your stuff? Matt posted this ad prosthetic arm left or right using this for COVID vaccinations best water under a winter jacket to disguise your good arm available in various skin colors registered express delivery what is going on here is there now an arms race amongst anti vaxxers

Harry Jun  11:36  
gerawan I I looked at the prize very curious 15 out of box like that's pretty much money yeah, and you know we say like when things are expensive it costs an arm and a leg but now I know exactly how much

Alex Jae  11:53  
I reckon was having or whatever that guy's name is Roger or whatever for a Melbourne I think he's just I can just someone just like super overestimated how many people will suddenly want to like experiment with rubber fists during lockdown? Yeah, he's got like, he's got a huge surplus of everything.

Dylan Behan  12:11  
What if it does turn into an arms race? What if so many people antivaxxers were prosthetic arms that then everyone has to get the injections in that bomb? And then what if everyone was like bombs? That's just we're all just it's just going to turn into Dirk diggler territory. Basically.

Dan Ilic  12:26  
It's a slippery slope. It's a slippery slope. I love this. This is actually from mentone educational.com.au. They're a Melbourne based company. You can actually buy this if you work in a hospital training facility. And here's that here's the description. the realism of this advanced Veni puncture and injection is truly amazing. The soft flexible fingers are molded separately with extreme attention paid to every detail right down to the fingerprints. Flexi on of the wrist helps students maintain manipulation skills. They're replaceable skin rolls is the veins of palpated and discernible pop is felt when entering the veins well

Alex Jae  13:07  
my second theory absolutely stands that is a product restriction for a rabid fist have ever seen one and I've seen many obviously

Dan Ilic  13:16  
it says under normal use hundreds and hundreds of injections may be performed before the veins or skin need to be replaced complete replacement kits are available is used and a five year warranty This is great news for junkies

Harry Jun  13:28  
yeah yeah you got to get the practice in it's about you know refining the chops get that aim up I can't believe I what I really liked was he stressed that it's available in various skin colors like when we're fighting for diversity and representation I'm not sure this is exactly what we were looking for all the different skins are

Alex Jae  13:51  

Dan Ilic  13:52  
Yeah, I really enjoyed that too. was what is right it says like the initial description is um beige also available in dark skin

Alex Jae  14:05  
I live like somewhere on the ad it says like like recommended that you wear like a long winter jacket to like hide it from the nurse and I can't remember the last time I got an injection through a jacket.

Harry Jun  14:18  
Yeah. hold you down and

Alex Jae  14:24  
eventually bloody cashmere is killing

Dan Ilic  14:28  
the ad said the headset to do that to to hide your good arm. Why are you hiding a good arm? Should we die?

Harry Jun  14:36  
Do you know what would have been a better than they should have sold? Like a really oversized coat and then a full mannequin that sits on top of your shoulder like this? Yeah, you know what I mean? Like that's, that's more effective.

Dan Ilic  14:50  
You took about two little kids on top of it. Yeah. And the one below is the one that's already got the vaccines. There's also a bit of a story going around about on on Instagram there are these fake digital vaccine certificates that can be loaded onto your digital wallet that have been advertised on Instagram, from a cut from a company called fake card au. This sounds like a pretty good racket like for a 10 year old who knows how to use Photoshop? Is this what the new is the new idea to get into the bar is it

Harry Jun  15:27  
just I was so disappointed in the preview of the on the actual ad it look like it was done in Microsoft Paint or even the Instagram story tool? Yeah, I couldn't have done that you're trying to sell a product, but make it look good.

Alex Jae  15:42  
It's just got like stickers on it. Instagram font to

Harry Jun  15:47  
handle like

Dylan Behan  15:51  
hard to believe Instagram, promoting something unhealthy.

Alex Jae  15:59  
body image issues come from. I just like to say Nice try, because that has nothing on the forgery I used to do with my mom's signature in your tend to get off. So classy. Yeah, I've got some notes. Yeah.

Harry Jun  16:16  
Did you ever do that? I would get a pen that was a bit out of ink. And then like kind of like scratch a bit, gentlemen, like, genius. It's about the little embellishments that Yeah,

Alex Jae  16:29  
make it authentic

Dan Ilic  16:30  
hesitate. Do you say your fair share of forged signatures?

Harry Jun  16:34  
Honestly, I reckon I've approved 99% of the four signatures like Jonah, I don't even share

Alex Jae  16:44  
a fallible system.

Harry Jun  16:45  
I mean, the whole point is you have to see the first actual authentic parents signature to be like, that's what it looks like. But we're taught I teach like 200 kids a year, whatever. I'm not going to be going back to my file, like Oh, the L is a bit curlier than normal. Now going on the Easter show, mate,

Dan Ilic  17:01  
Mr. Johnson, I have some queries about your signature that was developed over the last three years. Exactly. A friend

Dylan Behan  17:07  
of mine in school, learned to forge the teacher's signature perfectly, and then would add in his sick notes with the teacher signature. And the teacher would never know.

Harry Jun  17:19  
Yeah, that's a step beyond Yes. So Instagram, whoever's making those certificates, you got to step it

Dan Ilic  17:24  
up, and that man now is Christian quarter.

Dylan Behan  17:30  

Unknown Speaker  17:32  
allegedly. When the Prime Minister arrives in Glasgow in a fortnight's time, will he tell the meeting electric vehicles within the weekend? batteries to store renewable energy are as useful as the big banana and the big prawn. And renewable energy targets are nuts. It's just simply not many eyes on

Unknown Speaker  17:53  
my left morphia is rational this week's

Dan Ilic  17:55  
30 year Netflix grid game is a hit in China but here's the problem Netflix is banned in China How the hell is Netflix taking off in China Harry john I just

Harry Jun  18:09  
love I love the fact that a show that's so transparent about criticizing capitalism is just hit the biggest business booming in China and they're like oh my God, we hate capitalism but let's fuckin make some money boys like fired up. And I feel like I did read the article it said that the government's really upset that people were you know, circling around their little firewall there and they're trying to take some kind of action against that piracy and I can think of one really entertaining way they could do that. Like just you know, rally them all up in a room that's it like and the reward can be a lifelong subscription to any VPN of your choice like

Dan Ilic  18:55  
I you saying that China's already doing this in shinjang province

Harry Jun  19:02  
Come on. Yeah, they know this shit.

Dan Ilic  19:04  
I think it's so funny because the article goes on to say that if it was actually legal in China it would be completely ripped apart by sensors Yeah, since the sensors like strip screwed game have any meaning whatsoever. Yeah.

Alex Jae  19:22  
It's just a nice show about friendship. Really? Yeah,

Harry Jun  19:25  
models they play marbles and then he goes on a camp and as far

Alex Jae  19:29  
as I love has a lovely time. I have to say guys, I'm so sorry. This is really embarrassing, but I do I do know how China has been watching square game. What happened was, it was actually made China and I used to date for a while and I gave my Netflix love. Totally forgot and I'm so embarrassed

Harry Jun  19:49  
Alex. You know how? I know once

Alex Jae  19:54  
you move on, you just want to forget And anyway,

Dan Ilic  19:58  
you know how it is dating. billion people and then

Alex Jae  20:03  
like this admin you have to go through after it is too much too much

Dylan Behan  20:08  
I understand why it's popular in China though because all the characters are in debt right? This is the thing this is why they're all in the battle royale type thing. Well of course everyone in China is going to relate to this they've all lost all their money to this real estate company. evergrande

Dan Ilic  20:25  
Yeah, yeah, this is the list of the story of high highly good well to do Chinese people they're worried

Harry Jun  20:33  
that they'll think it's a documentary and it's well over

Alex Jae  20:38  
right in this

Dylan Behan  20:40  
I just named one of the main characters the boss character looking like Winnie the Pooh and then everyone

Dan Ilic  20:47  
and finally to say is that Donald Trump is set to launch his new social media network is called truth social fear mongers what is one feature you'd like to see on truth social.

Alex Jae  21:00  
I would like to see him just go full ball on truth social and just make it an only fans and I'm not proud to admit this but I would pay for that I would absolutely paid for that.

Dan Ilic  21:13  
But if it was, it was Trump it would be called only 10s

Dylan Behan  21:19  
Trump said one of the reasons he's setting up the social media platform is because the Taliban is all over Twitter so I think what he needs to do is get the Taliban on truth social

Dan Ilic  21:31  
media even though they've got a community they can move right over

Dylan Behan  21:34  
Yeah, but I did read that they're actually this is the first step he is going to be launching a subscription video on demand service so I reckon we get irrational fear on there What do you reckon

Dan Ilic  21:47  
this cuz we're being silenced. We're being silenced. I can tell you how we've been times you know, I tried to put a billboard in Times Square with the rational field logo on it and they said yes

Alex Jae  21:59  
cancel cancel culture is going to

Dan Ilic  22:03  
they said we could only do it for 10 minutes I said I wanted an hour

Alex Jae  22:07  
like we need more money like I don't have it I'm being silenced

Dan Ilic  22:11  
yeah that's that's how America works. I looked into the privacy terms and conditions and that the bottom there is a address Can you guess what town truth social is going to be based out of? Florida? Bay Palm Beach Florida. Nailed it. Yeah,

Alex Jae  22:32  
that's awesome. Everyone over 60 and no one under

Dan Ilic  22:38  
it is destined for just boom it's it's just it's there it's ready ready to go just move the demographic over.

Dylan Behan  22:44  
Well, given how good they are qR coding they'll be all over how to put this on their smartphones surely.

Dan Ilic  22:51  
That is it for rational fear this week. It's a short one, but a good one big thank you to Harry john, Alex J. and Dylan Bane. What would you like to plug

Dylan Behan  22:59  
news fighters or news fox news? news fighters, not fighters, some people. My podcast I was going to cover Christian Porter this week, but I don't want to get sued for defamation. So tune in. For all the latest on Melrose Melbourne's Freedom Day which is happening Friday tomorrow.

Dan Ilic  23:17  
Excellent. harried you don't like anything?

Harry Jun  23:19  
Yeah, I am doing a show a comedy show for FBI radio called the past notes, which is a school based comedy show where I interview guests sharing juicy stories about school and I've also got a stand up comedy show on the fourth, fifth and sixth of November. You can find all that if you look up Harry Jordan comedy, J un or get on all socials.

Dan Ilic  23:41  
Excellent and now how is that how's that that comedy show on FBI going he's got a pretty good pretty good convener yeah yeah

Harry Jun  23:48  
he's he's great he's pretty famous Russell Crowe knows him it's I'm hoping to get in exchange

Alex Jae  23:56  
or a blog or anything I Yes, I've got a podcast called the ladies guide to do cinema that I co host with back childhood we watch all the movies that do to have told us we have to see and I've also got a comedy shows coming out for the same festival Harry's in the life out of lockdown festival I'm on the 11th 12th and 13th of November with Daniel towns and Luke ag

Dan Ilic  24:16  
ah excellent painful on that one up anybody good Hey, and I want to plug something to please go to Apple podcasts and leave us a review we we had we had Joe Hildebrand on last week. We made fun of him to his face for half an hour but a lot of people who don't normally listen this podcast listened in and really complained about Would you like me to read what out because they faster faster, faster, faster, faster, faster, faster. When it gets to three star, the Hildebrand circle jerk. And then it goes to one Star News Corp paid comedy. You have Joe Teeth scrubber on your show. You're the teat of News Corp all caps, but also ergy Yeah, we say rude words, but we are live voting Corp shill rats. If I could vote, I would vote. News Corp rats mouth and you might get a good rating daddy Rupert spend money on you? Yeah, one star that was from a guy called Greg's penis.

Alex Jae  25:24  
That is a perfect one star review. I love that. It's nonsensical. It looks like there was a lot of quotation. Just beautiful.

Dan Ilic  25:32  
I mean, I'm pretty sure Greg's penis has already signed up to truth social so there's never gonna be logging on to go to Apple podcasts and give us a review. If you regularly listen this show we'd love to hear from you. And also a big thank you to all of our new Patreon supporters. We've got 15 more we lost five last week. I think Jeff caught it because of Joe said some some good turnover and abatement Sean g Russell Wyden Kerry James hiring a deal and Debbie Jeffrey Jody Fitzgerald, Mary joy Roy, Amber rubber D'Ambra, Karen advertsing, john sharp and Luanne Cotta, Michelle Dinah Fannie Fitch, Alex tight and Trudy council A big thanks to red Mike's and the birth of foundation and of course Jake brown on the tepanyaki timeline. Big thanks to you my fear mongers appreciate you joining us for irrational fear tonight.

Harry Jun  26:24  
Thanks for having us.

Dan Ilic  26:26  
Until next week, there's always something to be scared off.

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