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Feb 23, 2023
INTRODUCING NEWS FIGHTERS: Anthony Albanese goes to the tennis and the right can’t deal!
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Once a month on the A Rational Fear podcast feed and email list, comedy editor, Dylan Behan, will bring you News Fighters.

Dylan has been cutting wacky clips for film and television along side me for all of my careers. I first met Dylan when he was an assistant editor at Tracks Post Production when he worked on The Ronnie Johns Half Hour with me back in 2005. And since then he’s worked in the comedy trenches with The Chaser, Tonightly, It’s Not A Race, and of course regularly appearing at A Rational Fear gigs on stage and on the mic.

For the first episode of News Fighters for 2023, host Dylan Behan looks back on an oddly quiet summer of news, a lowlight of which was the right’s outrage over Anthony Albanese going to the tennis. Also why Peter Dutton is going to do everything he can to block the Voice to Parliament (hint: because Albo is in favour of it!)

News Fighters is a comedic look at Australian news, media and political hypocrisy from TV comedy editor Dylan Behan. 



G'day A Rational Fear listeners, Dan Ilic here letting you know that yes, you may have noticed I took the week off last week. That's because I'm currently in both amp amp amp and amp amp. Africa. Not Toto's Africa. But the Bertha Fellowship's Africa. Yes. They flew me out to Cape Town. After supporting the podcast for two years. They they got us all together because of COVID. We weren't able to get together before. But now we're all in one room currently. And who knows if I'll make it back? This was recorded before I left. I might have been mauled by a hippopotamus so impailed by the last ever North African Rhino. Who knows who knows, but in my place, I have a very special treat and once a month, coming up for the next few months, we've got the one and only Dylan bein, who's going to be delivering us a juicy news fighters on this feed once a month get a Dylan get a

Dan, thanks for having me. On your feed. I hope we both get to feed some sumptuous wacky clips.

Yes, yes. For those of you don't know, Dylan is a longtime collaborator of mine is TV editor. He makes wacky clips. He has this incredible podcast called news fighters, which is kind of like the monthly news in a blender. And it's drip fed, through snarky comments. Is that probably is that probably,

yes, yes, it's very much I take the months news in clip form. And I riff on the clips, and it's a very fun time to be had by all and then at the end of the show, I have an interview, which this week is going to be you.

Well, that's how convenient I'm right here. I'm ready to go. This is so amazing. So thank you for continuing on with supporting irrational fear. Your Patreon is actually helping Dylan as well. So we're gonna be getting Dylan some of the Patreon money so please, if you enjoy news fighters and irrational fear chipping in to patreon.com forward slash a rational fear. I'm recording my end of irrational fear. Well, news fighters on on Gadigal Land of the Eora Nation, what land are you on?

I'm also on Gadigal Land of the Eora Nation I believe.

There we go. There you go. This is a very this is a very you're a nation centric show. A lot of people have said that this feed is to your nation century we're gonna get some Naarm in here. Speaking of speaking of other nations, we're going to be up in meanjin. We're going to be in Brisbane on the 26th of March and we're going to be in Adelaide in two weeks. In March for so we'll see you then. Oh, of course. And we'll we'll be in Nam will be in Melbourne performing at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. April 2, so we're dealing with B there'll be a different DJ we hired out of pure convenience and cost sake. We found a DJ there was a DJ in Melbourne. Apparently there are no DJs in Brisbane, there are no comedy DJs in Adelaide and we had to fly them in

Andrew McClellan's a great mate of mine and will arguably do the job better than me. So enjoy that.

All right, here's this month's episode of news fighters.

Let's start the show.

This is News Fighters, where we fight the news so you don't have to with Dylan Behan.

Yes, G'day everyone. Welcome to News fighters. It's episode 121 for February 2023 News Fridays everybody loves it. Tiller on it. For those of you joining us for the very first time news fighters is a comedic look at the month in Australia news media and political hypocrisy hosted by me ex to nightly and chaser editor and 80s Rock Legend. Dylan bein. Yes. And news fighters, of course is now monthly. Here on the irrational fear podcast feed and if you love irrational fear stick around because my interview guest is none other than my new boss, Dan Ilic, who's here to talk about the New South Wales election amongst other things.

I don't mind getting a parking fine. It's in the app. I could I could see it. I can see how many points I've lost by going through that red light. I have any I haven't gone through any red LEDs.

 But first Happy New Year's everyone I don't know about you. But to me, it feels like it's the first year where we're not in 2020 anymore. Yes, it's the first summer in four years here in Australia that hasn't been dominated by deadly bushfires, COVID lock downs or scary new variants. Of course the upshot of that is the media has been absolutely scrambling for news stories to report on I mean, look, somehow this made the national news

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are making the most of their time here in Australia. It was a recent trip to a kebab shop that had the Hollywood couple wowing locals here

Nicole and Keith stopped by manly sucide kebabs for a tasty treat.

And for those of you who believe that long form interrogative interviews died when lease sales left 730 Well, I give you the most confrontational explosive interview since frost Nixon with Sunrise kebabs shop!

How exciting was it to have Nicole and Keith in your store? And most importantly, what did they order?

Is there any time of the day when a kebab isn't appropriate?

I've got to ask Do you have a specialty tasty dish is something that Keith hasn't tried yet that maybe he should give a go

may I'm gonna get him to try the lamb kebab.

What a story. How Good, good on you.

And thanks for the great kebabs. Oh, that'd be studying that interview a journalism school for decades to come. And in international news this summer there was almost a major diplomatic incident as a mysterious foreign balloon was spotted over America. 

Bluey the lovable Blue Heeler pup from Australia is making her debut in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. 

Yes, fun fact though. bluey was actually Australia's first balloon in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade since the Babadook. In 2015. Summer of course is also the season of sport in this country and the New Year's cricket test in Sydney gave us a telling sign that maybe COVID is finally behind us.

Matt Renshaw has actually tested positive to COVID. Now he will play but he's keeping a safe distance and he is in the starting 11 Of course he will play and it will play a full part. 

Yes, that's right at the third test against South Africa and Sydney. Australian cricketer Matthew Renshaw tested positive to COVID and played anyway. never even bothered to put a mask on well, that Scott Morrison would say Australia is literally

Taking wickets in the virus! They are indeed

indeed indeed taking wickets with the virus and batting with the virus and standing 50 centimeters away I'm asked from the other players during the national anthem at the virus. We now do everything with the virus someone else who's definitely over COVID is the today's shows Karl Stefanovic

As you know, I'm not a glowing ambassador for more than two shots I've just decided that I've had COVID A couple of times and I'm done with the vaccines

wow what a surprise a millionaire TV host with paid sick leave doesn't want to get vaccinated anymore. Well let's find by me all the more jobs for me if I get sick with COVID again I can't afford to pay my rent so I'd be happy to fight waning immunity with the job every morning with my coffee yum yum tasty vaccines Nom nom nom one country that isn't completely over COVID yet, though, is China which only just rip the band aid off its COVID Zero policy in December which led to Australia having to take some steps to protect itself.

The federal government has today acted on concerns about China's surging COVID cases, announcing that travelers arriving from there will be required to take a pre departure COVID test.

Yes, that's right. Incoming travelers from China were required to take a COVID test before coming to Australia. But why exactly if it turned out they were positive? They're legally allowed to do whatever they wanted here. Oh, I'm sorry, Mr. Lee, it appears as though you've tested positive for COVID. Well, on your way, enjoy your shopping trip. Oh, one more thing. Is there any chance you could just do us a favor and wear a set of cricket pads and bed in the test this afternoon? That'd be great. And if I saw one sign that the media has definitely moved on from COVID It was the site of the ABCs Chief COVID alarmist and do manga Dr. Norman Swan out doing fluffy lifestyle reports.

Welcome to the program. Later we'll see Dr. Norman Swan in an ice bath.

ARARAGH !Well, I can't pretend there's no cold. It is frizzy.

Jays a slight change in tone from his reports this time three years ago, don't you think 

If you let the pandemic go unchecked, huge numbers won't be able to receive treatment and will die! // It's not just the elderly who die. It's 30 and 40 year old with no obvious risk factors.

We're all Gonna die!

Well anyways, thank God we moved on and nobody is dying from COVID anymore. Thank God right.

Right now COVID is putting 50 times more Australians in hospital than the flu and killing between 50 and 100 times more people.

Meanwhile, the ABCs Chief COVID statistician Casey Briggs has even been demoted to reading other boring news stories. Evening Casey breaks with ABC News.

Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd will soon be headed to Washington as Australia's next ambassador to the United States.

Dr. Rudd brings unmatched experience to the role.

Hang on a second. Dr. Rudd? Dr. Rudd? Wha what is he a doctor of backstabbing and handball? Anyways, it turns out Dr. road wasn't the only nerd that our prime minister had to contend with this summer.

One of the world's richest people. Bill Gates is meeting with Prime Minister Anthony Albanese at kirribilli. House

We haven't met before but I've admired your work.

Yes. Turns out Albert is a big fan of gates early work, especially Clippy the talking paperclip and of course, the Microsoft Windows calculator without which elbow never could have done the numbers against Gillard. True fact. It wasn't just all nerd talk. There were some actual policy announcements from the federal government this summer. Like this one, the federal government

is promising to usher in a new era of support for Australia's creative industries with a $300 million boost to arts funding. The five year plan includes the establishment of a poet laureate

Yes. And knowing Federal Labor I can probably guess who they're going to pick is their first poet laureate. I guess he's a certain ex Prime Minister 

(BEEP) (BEEP) This language! These dickheads in the embassy This bloody interpreter! (BANG)

Oh, what a beautiful way with words! Move over ,Carol Ann Duffy. Look her up. The liberals of course are absolutely incensed that Anthony Albanese would prioritize the arts. Of all things. He is Deputy Liberal leader Sussan Ley.

The Arts is important, but this announcement demonstrates the government's misplaced priorities. They're promised an art gallery in Alice Springs. And what Alice Springs needs. Is more police on the streets.

Yes. How dare the government talk about the arts when there's any other problems occurring. The Liberals have decided the current Alice Springs Crime Wave is Anthony Albanese is Hawaii moment that he must be hammered on. At every opportunity for getting Of course, last I checked, crime is a local issue, not a federal one. And Prime Ministers aren't Santa Claus and can't be everywhere all at once. Instead, the coalition and the Murdoch media are all asking How dare Albanese spend any time anywhere other than our springs, doesn't he know His job is to be fighting crime. 24/7 like Batman,

the Prime Minister spend a lot of time at the tennis having enjoying corporate hospitality. But there are pressing issues in relation to the safety of Indigenous Australians in Alice Springs.

So the prime minister should visit Alice Springs,

there are tennis matches that went longer than Anthony Albanese, his visit on the ground in Alice Springs.

You know, of course no sign of Albo. He's not interested. He did his couple hours on the ground off he went to the tennis to chuck back beers.

And as long at the Mardi Gras as he managed to spend, certainly not as long as he spent at the tender but that was just look at the optics of this look at this being at some massives colorful celebration in the streets of Sydney when the absolute mess that labor have helped contribute to both at federal level and territory level in the in Northern Territory and particularly Alice Springs has not been solved here

to have Sky News as our lucky you know, their coalition have been in power for roughly 21 of the last 27 years. But every current societal problem is a direct result of the last nine months of the Albanese Labour Government. Why haven't they fixed everything already? Also, don't you think it's funny how the liberals hate Anthony Albanese attending the tennis but never had an issue with all the time Scott Morrison attended the footy, even like say in mid March 2020 when Australia was facing its biggest crisis in generations, with COVID lapping at our shores. On the same day Morrison announced he was banning mass gatherings. He also said Of course, I'm going to the footy this weekend.

Welcome to the program mass gatherings of more than 500 people are said to be canceled from Monday as Australian authorities tried to limit the spread of Coronavirus.

Well, I do still plan to go to the football on Saturday as I said because this is a an arrangement we're putting in place for next week as a precaution.

Anyway, speaking of massive hypocrites this week we had Oh yes, you hear that? It's the honeymoon ending for the Albanese government.

The government has rejected calls for communications minister Michelle Rowland to resign after she accepted $19,000 in donations from a gambling agency before the federal election

I have and will continue to comply with the disclosure requirements of the ASC the register of members interests and the ministerial code of conduct

no need to worry the Communications Minister complied with all the necessary political financing rules, which proves our entire political system is corrupted by money. And nobody wants to do anything about it. But personally, I'm amazed nobody saw this coming when the sports bed app actually listed Michelle Rowland as the two to one favorite for being the first labour minister to resign in disgrace. Dammit, I knew I should have gone for a same sitting week multi. Anyways, back to indigenous reconciliation. And last week was the 15th anniversary of Dr. Rudd's apology to the Stolen Generations. And I'll give you one guess who couldn't be bothered turning up yet again.

Noticeably absent from the anniversary breakfast this morning. Peter Dutton says he wishes he made a different choice in 2008,

The Prime Minister's frequently able to point it out that I didn't attend the chamber for the apology 15 years ago. I've apologized for that in the past. And I repeat that apology again today.

Yes, make sure you don't invite Peter Dutton to your wedding or he'll boycott it on purpose and apologize. But Miss your 50th anniversary party on purpose again anyway, you know, like a normal emotionally stable and empathetic human being does.

I failed to grasp at the time, the symbolic significance to the stolen generation of the apology?

Yes. Peter Dutton says he finally grasps the symbolic significance of the apology. So you think it might be supportive of the even more significant voice to Parliament that's being proposed? Right.

I think the voice is not going to get up. I don't think it's going to be successful. I want an outcome that's going to bring an end to the violence this sexual assaults on children taking place in Alice Springs at the moment I want reconciliation to improve in our country. I don't want to see the escalation of domestic violence that we've seen. And I want a model that is going to help those kids enjoy the life that I would expect my kids to enjoy in a capital city. Yes,

that's right. Peter Dutton is basically saying is not going to support the voice to Parliament because it doesn't solve all the problems facing all indigenous people immediately, you know, like his government was famous for fixing. Anyways, it's quickly becoming abundantly clear that the main reason Peter Dutton and the coalition are going to oppose the voice is because Anthony Albanese is in favor of it. And for all their endless talk about wanting outcomes that improve people's lives, they've quickly forgotten that in their last decade in power, the only lives they seem to improve with the lives of landlords, CEOs and shareholders. Hilariously, people like Peter Dutton and indigenous Coalition Senator Jacinto Nampijinpa Price, have declared their opposition to the voice while simultaneously saying that what indigenous people need is for their voice to somehow be heard by political leaders in Canberra. Wait,

what if there was a strong indigenous voice coming out of the Northern Territory at the moment that they want the Prime Minister to lead to act, and to help them out that the Prime Minister is not listening to that voice? Then I think most Australians would say, Well, what? Why not?

We don't need a voice. We need ears we need we need our leadership to have to use their ears and to listen to community if

I want to make sure that those voices who have the ability to make the changes and the practical outcomes and the improvements for kids and women's and families on the ground that that's the voice that I want to hear.

Yeah, maybe done and price it right. If only there was some way indigenous people could be regularly consulted or listened to by our parliament, on the issues that affect them. What? Why isn't anybody thought of a way to do this? If they figure it out? Maybe we could vote on it in a referendum, maybe Donlin price would support that right. So in conclusion, it looks like the political year is beginning to take shape. We've got an opposition determined to set reconciliation back an entire generation just so they can score some political points against a popular new prime minister. We've got a new government whose modus operandi appears to be nothing more than appearing slightly less corrupt than the other guys they replaced and all the while the media is more focused on what kebab shop our Hollywood stars when to than holding any of these politicians to account. Good on you. And thanks for the great kebabs. I know it's only February, but right now the political landscape in Australia feels so mean and dirty. It makes me want to have a prolonged ice bath. Right, Norman Swan? Happy 2023 Everyone. All righty, welcome back to news fighters. And this month, our special interview guest I haven't had him on for two years. Believe it or not. It's an old friend of mine, the host of irrational fear Dan Ilic, the man with whom comedy would not exist in Australia. How are you going down?

That's very generous of you. Yes. I actually I actually, I actually made comedy. I invented comedy in Australia. Anybody who wants to do comedy in

half of the weekly last week was people you discovered.

That's it? Pretty much. Yeah. Yeah. Wait, yeah. Why isn't a weekly got me on I've been I mean, I've been doing this for so long. Go, oh, my goodness, this is the problem. This is the problem. No, you're welcome. You're welcome, Australia. I find I shot I polish them up and I let them go. That's what's my job. That's a job at irrational fear. No, we are very lucky to have a lot of funny people come through a rational fear and, and a lot of people whose careers are just coasting like my own. So, you know, it's just one of those things. It's, you know, they say you do irrational fear twice in your career. Unlike me, it's turned out to be my whole career. So they

normally I'd have you on to discuss a rational fear. But given that we're now on the irrational fear podcasts read, I think people are already subscribed to irrational fear and are quite familiar with it.

That's right. That's right. And if you're not, I'm really sorry, this is going to be this would have been a very confusing episode for you. Because this is news spiders, this, we're basically getting Dylan on to do the show once a month means one, I can have a week off once a month. And to Dylan has a place for his excellent show, and he can get paid to do it. That's when that's the great thing about this show.

So in lieu of talking to you about irrational fear, which everyone knows about, I guess we'll get to plugging the upcoming events at the end. But I figured we'd talk maybe about your a great news brand, your great politics brain. I thought maybe we'd look ahead of the year in news and politics and maybe a few, a few predictions. I guess. I guess first off, we're gonna have the New South Wales State election in March. You quite familiar with the tail movement at the last federal election? What's going to happen in the state election? We're gonna get some TEALS up are we going to, are we going to get rid of pyrrhotite? What's what's going to happen to you reckon?

I mean, there's a half which he was running. So it gets really tricky because unlike the federal election, there is no mandate for preferential voting. So there's no rules on preferential preferential voting. It's optional. It's optional. Yeah, it's optional. Yeah. So it gets really confusing. And so people will just go in there and they'll just put a one next to whoever they want and walk away. Whereas if they go through the whole ballot and label every single candidate box with a number, there are more chances that a candidate like an independent climate focus candidate, like the many of the climate 200 candidates will will get in. I reckon there's probably a lot of energy around a couple, particularly up in the northern beaches, Jackie screwby is running up there. It seems like she could probably pull together a really compelling campaign and find herself with a seat. So that's exciting. On the podcast, we had Judy Hannon from Wheeling, Billy Shire, and the Southern Highlands last week. So if you listen, if you listen to that, or if you're new to the podcast, go back and listen to that. Really interesting chat with her about how effective she might be able to be if she got a seat. And then there's a couple of others. Lane Cove has a couple of other North Shore seats that may that made her entail, but I think I think screwby is probably probably the most likely she's up and on the beaches. She comes from Sophie sconces campaign she was the Chief of Staff of Sophie sconces campaign back in the day. She is an ex Environmental Defense Lawyer. She knows climate back to front she is very much across Pep 11 which is the big fossil fuel project off the northern beaches. So there's a whole bunch of stuff that plays into her favor and not to say less she is benefiting from Sophie sconces huge grassroots campaign and a mailing list and volunteers. So that's a really interesting one. And that one will be I think I look, I think that'd be a shoo in. If she doesn't get in, I'll be very surprised.

but correct me if I'm wrong. I noticed the TEALS at the federal election, there was a big anti scomo Anti liberal movement, but I feel like Britain correct me if I'm wrong. Maybe I'm brainwashed here, but I feel like the New South Wales liberals are definitely wearing their green on their on their sleeves. They're trying to try and be a bit more green than than the federal Liberals. Is that a fair assumption? 

No, that is an accurate assumption. And they've played that card really well. You see a lot of great initiatives from New South Wales and partly because, you know, the New South Wales actually minority government right now. So they need to, they need to collaborate with a whole bunch of the other parties. So mainly the independents people like Alex Greenwich, and the greens so by it's kind of funny because the Liberals are forming coalition's with the greens in New South Wales so they can so they can go against labour that is kind of that is kind of that's kind of the fun, weird coalition we're in right now. Another interesting thing that passed was not only on climate, stuff, like raise the renewable energy zone up in north eastern New South Wales, which got passed. But stuff like really interesting social stuff, like the end of life stuff that was going on. For euthanasia in New South Wales that got passed as well. This is all because despite having an open estate Premier, who is personally morally against it, they ended up voting for it, because they are in minority government. So that's, it's kind of a interesting position that they're in right now. So realistically, it's the, it's the other groups in the in parliament that are holding the Liberals account to kind of get stuff done. So they can go about their day pretending that they are grain, but really, the grain has been pushed upon them upon the grains by the grains and the independence. So it'll be interesting to see kind of how that how that changes. Should the Liberals get out like, they're gonna go against the renewable energy zone, they still are processing a whole bunch of coal and gas projects, and they're still going out the door and, and also, when it comes to development, they're still over developing precious habitat for chlamydia free koalas. So there's this interesting case in southwest Sydney, where they've moved a whole bunch of koalas or they're trying to move a whole bunch of koalas out of Southwest Sydney, and move them to a sanctuary in the southern highlands, which happens to be owned by the same land as the developer for the development of the land development. So this is a whole bunch of stuff that when it comes to the environment, they weigh the flag and say, hey, yeah, we're super green. But really, when you look at it, it's get down to brass tacks. It's it's it's not as green as you think. So it'll be interesting to see kind of how that how that plays out. I don't know if the till movement can mobilize the same amount of anger back to your question against Dominic ParaType. And Matt Cain along those same lines. It'll be interesting to see I, you know, they're they're passionate, they're fired up. And when you've got brains like Jackie screwby, who know, climate back to front, I wouldn't be surprised if they're successful.

You mean so after 12 years in power, and on our fourth Premier, do you think that The Liberals could could could win again or will will, will people think of elbow when they vote for Labour at the state election and labor cuts across the planet? So it's hard to say it's going to be a quite honestly,

I honestly don't know, for me, it feels pretty ephemeral. Like I can't get a grip, I can't get a grip on it at all, in terms of what the electorate is feeling because here's the thing, anyone who's lived in New South Wales for a long period of time knows what life is like under a Labour government. A lot of particularly around infrastructure, what liberals have done have delivered huge amounts of infrastructure in 12 years, they've, they've made the best use of at the time, low interest rates, and they've digitized the entire they've completely revolutionized service New South Wales digitize services. It's actually a joy to interact with the government.

We all love US dollars on the app that we scanned and got free bowling.

I don't mind getting a parking fine. It's in the app. I could I could see it, I can see how many points I've lost by going through that red light. I've only I haven't gone through any red lights. But it's so I can see my working with children. In the app, everything's on the app. And it's such a joy to do that. And you know, that's something they've delivered. I'm sure a lot of governments over the last 10 years have done that. It's the exact same thing, but particularly it comes to infrastructure. You know, 12 years ago, there wasn't a metro. There wasn't a new, it wasn't open cards. There were there wasn't Opal cards. Yeah. And remember, labor trying to bring those things in. It was a real ball like it took forever. The disputes were off the chain, where where the Metro is going to go was off the chain was all dreadfully political. But somehow the Liberals managed to pull off a huge amount of infrastructure. In 10 years, the state feels almost a little bit different. But you know, the the dawn talking about Sydney? Of course, not talking about outside of outside of Sydney,

People outside of Sydney will talk about lots of problems with the hospitals and healthcare and stuff. So it's very difficult. Sydney.

Yeah, it's very different outside the metro areas, that's for sure. But yeah, it's pretty. It's pretty interesting. I don't know it could go either way. And yet, is New South Wales ready for a Labour Government? is probably how I would word it if I were running an attack this week.

It's interesting. Seems

he looks like a male model.

But can he be trusted with a budget? I think most people in New South Wales New South Wales is the least parochial state in the country. I think we care the least about local pot state politics is anyone so I think most people don't even know the elections on and when they do go to vote. They'll be like, well, I like the new tunnel. So I might vote for that. Who knows?

Yeah, I like paying $10 driving through the new tunnel. It's wonderful. Thank you.

We'll see what happens. Yeah. And on the world stage, we've got two big things this year. We've got the king Charles's coronation in May. And cop 28 is in Dubai. Let's get the Patreon funded up and go to these. I'm all for it. What are your patreon.com/irrational Fear everyone jump on it? What do you reckon?

Dylan? Let me tell you this. When the Queen died, and everyone had to replace their portrait of the Queen with the king, we bought two from the Australian Monica Association and I promised to give them out to anybody in the next two weeks, who signed up to the Patreon. No one signed up to the portrait, a framed portrait of King Charles no one signed up I think I think I've done the testing. I've done the American market research. This audience does not care about King Charles we are not we are definitely not going to be covering this kind of 

I'll hang it up behind you all hang out on my wall here. I've got a nice space here.

I mean, how many spaces okay, but there's not enough room for his hands, his hands, he's fat fingers really take up a lot of space.

His ears take up the whole coin as well.

But cup 28 in Dubai, it's one of the not one of the big cups. So I don't think we would have been going there either. But I think there's there will be a cup and a couple of years in Australia. And we are actively going to get behind that to get a cup to Australia. So I'm really looking forward to that. That's for me in terms of cops coming up getting the cop to Australia, the Pacific countries in Australia co hosting a cop potentially in Brisbane. I reckon that's a great way to get active and get meaningful action on climate when it's in your own country. I think that's going to be pretty good. And as Australia's still probably one of the worst fossil fuel exporters one of the worst scope three emitters probably second or third to Russia and Saudi Arabia. That is that is the number one priority. You know, imagine if we could use that cup to limit fossil fuel exports and and wretched back fossil fuel exports over the next 10 years that will be something meaningful for the world. It's pretty interesting, but can I play you a hello Darius wacky clip. I don't know if you found this yet. This is a climate related wacky clip. This is from liberal Senator Alex antic, who's asking a question of the Home Affairs boss, Mike Zullo, where the department's focus on climate change as a national security risk is parody accommodate this, this is really quite enjoyable from Alex antic,

to Missoula. your opening statement here, which sort of front of me, you made mention of the fact that the department's work extends to dealing with the effects of climate change? Yes. And to better position Australia to deal with the increasing exposure and vulnerabilities into nationally significant crises, including those due to climate change with the greatest of respect, is it? Is that comedy parody? Or is that serious?

I'm not are you referring to a question that you've asked me? I don't understand. I

don't know the suggestion that the Department of Home Affairs is somehow prioritizing. The issue of climate change is that I'm not sure

if you've noticed, the increasing frequency and severity of weather events were responsible in supporting the Minister for emergency management happens to be at the table with policy and legislative advice. My colleague, the coordinator, General of NEMA that was questioned this morning then delivers programs I genuinely don't know how to respond to or other oddly put question, you asked me whether it's comedy, it's my job, but I don't really understand what you're asking.

They're just amazing. It's like everyone's house is being destroyed. Not an issue of national security. Taking tweezers on an airplane very important issue of national security.

Yeah, and the millions of people that are going to come to Australia after they become climate refugees, definitely not part of Home Affairs. No, no, no. This is a here's another great clip from that said it estimates as well. Senator antic again.

Well, Mr. Padilla Is it safe then to say that the department has been captured by leftist ideology?

I'm looking forward to hearing this answer.

Yes, the Department of Homeland affairs is akin to the greens you might as well have Adam bet running the Home Affairs Department.

Oh my goodness, that was them laughing not us. Like even they felt.

That was that was my Palooza laughing at the dumb question.

And before we go, that I think what's going to be the biggest issue of the year it's looking like inflation and interest rates. How do we how do we stop inflation from going out of control, any tips, any thoughts, any ideas,

you need to speed up on the spending Dylan You need to spend more and one way you can spend more is going to patreon.com forward slash irrational fear and drop us $3 A month of your hard earned cash and we kick the show on the road or more.

You can choose a higher amount you don't have to choose one of the tiers you can choose a higher amount yet.

Yeah, that's right. I hear there's a there's a famous comedian in the US they have a Patreon they would say earn like $300,000 a year on oh sorry, $300,000 a month. And the top tier is called the Rothschild team. We don't have that. But you know, if you pay us $500 a month, we will come into a show live for you somewhere.

All right. So just plug well. What's coming up with irrational fear in the near future. There's some we're going on tour. There's some great gigs coming up and what's the rest of the year look like as

well. You can go catch us in Adelaide at the Adelaide Fringe Festival. And then you can catch us at Brisbane in queue pack for the World Science Festival. Dylan, we have got incredible guests at that festival, including yourself Louis harbor. Mel Buddle is doing that show also Mark Humphries and we have a very special scientist from NASA joining us her name is her name is Dr. Christiansen Dr. Jesse Christiansen and she worked on the JW S T. The James Webb Space Telescope and she currently is building a habitat for exoplanets. This is incredible data set where all the data for every exoplanet they discover goes into this huge database. And people can look it up and find exoplanets and learn more about them which is amazing. So it's it's incredible. We're going to talk to her about aliens, life forms, looking into deep space and working on database T and working at NASA. She's Australian, so it's very exciting to have her on the show. Oh yes. And then of course April 2, we've got the Melbourne International Comedy Festival that is a huge show with call that show. irrational fear has too many guests because it's a 60 minute show, and we have too many guests for 60 minutes. Everyone's going to be limited to about five minutes each. But we'll figure out how that goes as we go along. We've got Luis myself. Andy McClinton is DJ Viraj and is doing sketches we've also gotten that's what I recommend Gabby bolt and Alice phrase and also, Grace team is joining us again as well semi Shah. So another huge, huge show that shows already About 30% sold, so please get you tickets to that one that's gonna definitely sell

out. And everyone stay subscribed because you'll have news faders on here monthly as well, including Big wrap of the New South Wales State election next month. Dan, thanks for having me on. As I'm having you on. Congratulations.

As you say me podcaster you su casa. You've heard Sue podcast. Yeah.

All right. Thanks, Dan. 

Good to be with you. 

Alrighty, that's news fighters for February 2023. Don't forget you can catch us every month here on the irrational fear podcast feed or watch us on YouTube at youtube.com/news fighters. Don't forget to hit subscribe and leave a comment or review. A big thank you to Dan Ilic for stopping by and also thanks to Tom Huaville for our sparkling new graphics. As always, these photos is written and produced and edited by me Dylan Bane for irrational fear. You can follow me on Twitter at dylabolical or email me Dylan at newsfighters.com. Don't forget, if you like the show, please support the show to keep us running by chipping in at patreon.com/irrational fear that's now patreon.com/irrational Fear and if you want to listen to one of our 120 old episodes, search for news photos on your podcast feed or you can buy our bonus Patreon episodes at us fighters.bandcamp.com. You can also find us on social media we're on Twitter and Instagram at newsfighterspod or on Facebook. But who cares about Facebook and if you hate social media, we have our own little newsletter saying what I'm up to which you can subscribe to for free at newsfighters.com All these links and the transcript are in the show notes. See you next month when I'm gonna be wrapping up and previewing the New South Wales State election. Thanks for listening, keep fighting. And bye for now.

This is News fighters where we fight the news so you don't have to.

Is there any time of the day when it kebap isn't appropriate?

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