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How to replace your entire skincare routine with 1 product
Jul 22, 2019 · 23 min
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What if you could replace your entire skin care routine with just one single product? Well, Ross Macdougald has found a way to do exactly that, and it can actually transform your skin for the better. Ross is a highly experienced chemist and the founder of Biologi, a unique and innovative range of single-ingredient serums made from Australian native fruit.

Biologi’s secret lies in an innovative extraction method, which actually allows them to take the liquid matrix which flows inside plants and bottle it up for the most potent and powerful skin care possible.

In this episode, it’s revealed that most other skincare products may only contain 2% active ingredients, while Biologi delivers pure, natural and stable nutrients, such as vitamin C, direct from the plant to our skin.

A true expert on all things chemistry, Ross discusses the benefits of each serum in the Biologi range, exactly how to use them, and how to choose correctly based on your skin type.


Key takeaways:

  1. Biologi is the world’s first single-ingredient serum which delivers stable, natural Vitamin C – directly from a plant
  2. Your current skincare might not be anywhere near as powerful and active as you think
  3. The nutrients found in Biologi are vastly different to man-made ingredients
  4. Make sure you choose your serum based on your skin type
  5. If you experience sticky skin after using Biologi, it means it’s working!


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