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Why acai bowls aren’t just a trend
Feb 3, 2020 · 19 min
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Acai — tricky to pronounce on the first go, but keep practising because I’m here to tell you that this incredible superfood is here to stay! No doubt you’ve seen the acai flags outside cafes about town. Well, I’ve got the man behind them on today’s show and he’s a wealth of knowledge on all things nutrition and supplements.

Dwayne Martens is the founder of Australian-owned, certified organic company ‘Amazonia’. Their products include supplements, nutritional powders and proteins. Dwayne personally discovered the incredible health properties of the acai berry back in 2008 and in the beginning, he sold freeze-dried acai powder at the Fremantle Markets. Fast forward to today, and his company is not only going the extra lengths to make sure their protein is the cleanest on the market but also helping to preserve habitats in the Amazon where their acai berries are grown.

In this chat, Dwayne tells me all about pre-fermentation, how Amazonia’s products are heavy metal tested, and just how acai berries travel from the tree to their processing facility. I’m obsessed with their ‘Sugar Crave Release Spray’ and Dwayne explains the science behind the product that’s helping me combat my chocolate cravings!


Key takeaways:

  1. Protein isolate is the most concentrated protein available.
  2. Acai is pronounced “Ah-Sigh-Ee”.
  3. To ensure their protein powders are easily digestible, Amazonia has sprouted and fermented their protein. That means it’s pre-digested and easy to process.
  4. Amazonia acai berries are hand-harvested on swamplands in the Amazon.
  5. Amazonia vitamins come from a wholefood source (like sea buckthorn juice) and contain no synthetic vitamins.


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