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The problem with microfibres
Nov 11, 2019 · 33 min
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According to a recent study, a single fleece jacket can release up to 250,000 microfibres in just one single load of washing. Those fibres are going straight into our waters and into our food chain, which means that we could actually be eating our own clothes!

Rachael Z. Miller has found a way to fight the microfibre nightmare, one laundry wash at a time. Creator of the Cora Ball, a device that helps to catch the micro-plastics from your laundry water, Rachael is big on little acts of sustainability.

In today’s episode we talk all things ‘global plastics crisis’, zeroing in on micro-plastics. We chat about her incredible invention and how it’s designed to help anyone who wears and washes clothes to reduce microfibre pollution.


Key takeaways:

  1. Throw the Cora Ball into your washing machine and it will catch the microfibres, stopping them going down the drain and ending up in our waterways.
  2. The device's design was modelled on coral! Coral feeds by catching little objects as water washes through and past it.
  3. The Cora Ball can catch up to 26% of the fibres that would otherwise wash down your drain!
  4. If you have a big washing machine Rachael recommends using 2 or 3 balls.
  5. Any textile (clothing, bedding, curtains, etc), even natural fibres, is vulnerable to breaking down in the wash.


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