Transition: Bears defense is carrying team
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Laurence Holmes welcomed on Danny Parkins for transition, where they discussed the Bears' win against the Panthers on Sunday and the continuing theme of the Chicago defense carrying the team while the offense struggles.

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Blackhawks Talk Podcast
Blackhawks Talk Podcast
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Darryl Belfry on how Patrick Kane became a superstar
Think you know everything there is to know about Patrick Kane? Think again. Darryl Belfry - who has known Kane since the superstar was just 9 years old - stops by the Blackhawks Talk Podcast to discuss his new book: “Belfry Hockey: Strategies to Teach the World’s Best Athletes.” Belfry goes in-depth with Pat Boyle and Charlie Roumeliotis about Kane’s offensive growth at a very young age, his dynamic scoring and passing abilities, his philosophy on puck touches, and so much more. (5:05) - Darryl on the first time he met a 9-year old Patrick Kane and what he saw in Kane as a youth player that would translate so well to the NHL. (9:26) - Darryl talks about the time he took Kane out of a game because he was scoring too many goals on his own (no, really.) Belfry thinks this was a major turning point in Kane’s early hockey career. (19:42) - The Belfry Hockey Tactics and Tune-Up Camp has brought together All-Stars and future stars in a way seldom seen before in hockey. Darryl discusses how the camp started to take off and his philosophy working with players like Kane and Auston Matthews (33:08) - Darryl discusses his communication process with players like Kane and how it can change throughout the season. (40:17) - Darryl talks about Patrick Kane’s dynamic scoring ability and how he became a true elite dual-threat scorer. (45:20) - Patrick Kane’s goal for puck-touches per game used to be a simple number. But thanks to Belfry, Kane’s “puck-touch philosophy” has shifted to an entirely different level. It’s all about improving the quality of the puck-touches by problem solving sequences. (You may never watch a Blackhawks game the same way again.) (52:58) - Darryl shares his thoughts on how long he thinks Kane can continue to play at an elite level. Darryl says he wouldn’t bet against Kane playing until he’s 50.
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