Happy Masturbation Month: Making masturbation magic with Michelle Kasey
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Happy Masturbation Month! Here's an episode highlight from season 2 all about how to do like a pro.

I’m talking to Michelle Kasey. She’s a holistic sexuality and conscious love luminary who coaches clients to transition out of sexual shame, shutdown & trauma into holding a liberated relationship with their erotic self. So, in this episode, we are talking about the magic of masturbation. 

It releases chemicals that make us feel good, it reduces stress, eases pain, helps us to learn about our bodies and it has the potential to feel really, really good! Yet, regardless of all its benefits, historically, masturbation has had a bad rep and is still considered a shameful activity by many. And there are all sorts of reasons for this. Parents, churches, terrible sex ed in schools and being made to feel embarrassed about it by our peers. 

While we can’t go back in time and change how we learnt about masturbation, we can change how we talk about it now and hopefully help out our future generations a little. Because in the words of our queen Ru Paul, if you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else?

In this episode, we discuss why sexual shame and particularly shame around masturbation is still so pervasive, offer tips for pushing past this shame and provide some ideas for making your masturbation practice magic. 


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