Naked City
Naked City
Aug 11, 2020
Peter Dupas: Stalking a serial killer
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Peter Norris Dupas is the worst type of serial killer -  a man who stalked women for decades and, police suspect, randomly killed six strangers. Convicted of the murders of Nicole Patterson and Margaret Maher he was the prime suspect in the murder of Mersina Halvagis, stabbed to death in 1997 in the Fawkner Cemetery tending her grandmother’s grave.

It would take homicide investigators Jeff Maher and Paul Scarlett 13 years, two trials and a shock witness to get their man.

This is the inside story on the pursuit of Peter Dupas and the fight for justice for Mersina Halvagis. Andrew Fraser, a lawyer police loved to hate, would become the star witness. We hear from Fraser, the police and the prosecutors on the 13 year journey that led to Dupas’ conviction and life sentence.

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True Blue Crime
True Blue Crime
True Blue Crime
The Russell Street Bombing
Inside the watch house across the street, which housed the cells of the nearby courthouse, constables Dave Yeoman and Angela Taylor had just fed the prisoners. It was their own lunch time now, and they could smell the fresh sandwiches emanating from the canteen across the road. ‘Whose turn is it to get the munchies?’ asked Angela. The 21 year old rising star was dux of her class at the academy; she had a bright smile, and this was her last shift before going on holidays. ‘I’ll toss you for it,’ Dave said with a smile, before he guessed correctly on the heads or tails and ordered a ham, cheese and tomato sandwich from Angela... Join Shaun and Chloe as they discuss Melbourne's devastating Russell Street bombing in 1986. Join our Patreon community for access to exclusive extra content: Patreon - Link to one-off Supporter donations at the bottom of show notes Website - - includes our merch store Facebook - Instagram - Email - This episode was produced by True Blue Media using the open source materials referenced below: * The Russell Street Bombing by Vikki Petraitis * Forensic Investigators S2E6 * Crimes That Shook Australia S2E5 * 60 Minutes - * * * * * * * * Support this show   See for privacy and opt-out information.
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