Oct 23, 2020
Big Ten football returns; life as a Black Michigander in 1800s and now
50 min

Today on Stateside, Big Ten football returns this weekend. A sports columnist talks us through what collegiate football games will feel like amid the spread of COVID-19. Also, a look at what life was like for African American people in Michigan prior to the Civil War. Plus, a Black family wonders whether they’re still welcome in their home Up North.

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Film Vault
Film Vault
Top 5 Courtroom Cliches: Sound of Metal//Belushi
Anytime a scene is to take place in a courtroom you can count on seeing a number of familiar cliches and tropes. This robust topic was brought to us by lawyer and this week's Decider Florence Bruemmer.  Sound of Metal and Belushi both get flickfessed.  NEW MERCH PAGE is HERE!  Listener Art: Drake Duchman Featured Artists: Manatee  HAVE A CHAT WITH ANDY HERE ATTY & ANDY: BREAKING STUFF WITH THE TINY DESTROYER CONECT WITH US: Instagram: AndersonAndBryan Twitter: @TheFilmVault THE COLD COCKLE SHORTS RULES OF REDUCTION MORMOAN THE CULT OF CARANO Subscribe To Anderson's Youtube Channel Here Please Give Groupers a Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score Here Please Rate It on IMDB Here The Blu-ray, US The Blu-ray, International Groupers is now available on these platforms. On Amazon On Google Play  On iTunes On Youtube On Tubi On Vudu   Flickfessions: Sound of Metal (2020) PRIME Slasher (2004) on YOUTUBE Belushi (2020) SHOWTIME   Florence's List: 5.  Jury Selection Based on Something Innocuous—The Devil's Advocate—Keanu Reeves character, Kevin Lomax, picks a juror based on the prospective juror's shoes.  Juror selection is such a mystery.  You get so little information during juror selection, and shoes are not going to be the decider. 4.  File folders with a few pieces of paper and a photograph—Lincoln Lawyer—Matthew McConaughey—almost every scene.  Real files are hundreds, if not thousands of pages, and come in numerous boxes.  Lawyers in movies always have a skinny folder with a couple of sheets of paper and a photo.  I practice in Arizona and I've walked down the street during the summer in heels carrying a huge file.  I would love to have a file with huge sheets of paper.  Maybe I need my own driver too to help me cart around all my files. 3.  Crushing cross examination where witness folds—Legally Blonde—Courtroom scene with Reese Witherspoon and Linda Cardellini where Reese Witherspoon gets her to breakdown and confess.  These moments are the "Perry Mason moments" that don't exist in real life.  Cross-examination is like pulling teeth and easy confessions do not exist. 2.  Judges drinking whiskey in chambers—Rounders—scene where Matt Damon is watching the judges play cards in chambers and drink whiskey.  There is no whiskey in chambers, and you are never offered a drink by a judge.  Believe me, I would take one if that was a thing. 1.  Gavel rapping—My Cousin Vinny—Judge Chamberlain Haller (Fred Gwynne)-whole movie.  In 21 years, I've never seen a judge tap a gavel.  I've never even seen a judge WITH a gavel.  One judge showed me a gavel in their desk one time, but it was a novelty gift from her friend.   Gambling Film: Nomadland Anderson: 92% Bryan: 85% Actual: 97%
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