Startup Hustle
Startup Hustle
Oct 22, 2020
Animal Instincts
42 min

Host Lauren Conaway and Tammie Wahaus, Founder & CEO of ELIAS Animal Health talk about what it’s like to lead a life sciences company through a pandemic, the impact of ELIAS cancer therapies in pets, and how Pipeline entrepreneurs helped shape the journey of this life-saving organization.


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Episode One  "3D Models"


Episode Two "Life After Acquistion"

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App Marketing by App Masters
App Marketing by App Masters
Steve Young
Braavo's Mark Loranger How to Fund App Growth The Smart Way
This week's guest is Mark Loranger, Co-Founder at Braavo. You will discover how different types of funding can be used for different purposes, how to raise money for your apps, and what to consider before funding your app's growth.   Topic Covered: 03:49 When to start investing in app growth 05:44 What metrics to focus on before app growth 08:15 What’s the minimum revenue to qualify for Braavo 09:31 Braavo’s two financing products 12:42 Braavo vs bank loan 13:23 What are the most effective app marketing channels for Braavo customers? 29:25 Thoughts on Google Search ads 29:36 Lucky Keno Numbers App Audit 35:42 Should we hire an agency to run paid marketing? 37:35 Hicast App Audit 46:25 English Hero App Audit 56:05 Fitimage App Audit  ***************   Get your app audited: *************** Check out all our latest Virtual Summit Videos here: *************** SPONSORS SocialPeta is the world’s leading advertisement creative spy and analysis platform, dedicated to offering top ads creative and marketing strategy for both advertisers and publishers. Serving as an essential ad and marketing intelligence platform, SocialPeta focuses on Ad Intelligence, Cost Intelligence, and Ad Creatives. SocialPeta has more than 200 enterprise clients including Google, Supercell, Fun Plus, Bigo Live and 37games. Checkaso is an analytical ASO platform that provides you with up-to-date data on keywords, competitors, ratings, and reviews. It also rates your ASO level and gives you custom tips on how to improve it. This way, you can increase your app page visibility, organic traffic, and installs with every update. Try it now for 7 days for free at *************** Follow us: YouTube: Instagram: @stevepyoung Twitter: @stevepyoung Facebook: App Masters ***************
1 hr 5 min
The Student Mindset Podcast
The Student Mindset Podcast
Brandon Zhang
S2E20 "Ari Lewis - Starting a Newsletter in the Attention Economy"
Today, Ari Lewis joins the show to talk about why everyone should start a newsletter, actionable lessons from Disney and Barstool, and what he learned from hiring a writing coach. Ari helps companies and thought leaders earn attention without paying for it. He hosts the podcast, “The Attention Economy,” where he talks with entrepreneurs, executives, and industry leaders on how they capture the scarcest resource on earth. Links: 1. Ari's Twitter 2. Ari's Website 3. Brandon's Twitter 4. Brandon's Website 5 Key Takeaways  * I had around 1200 Twitter followers and I had zero people on the email list. So I just started to write, my goal was to write twice a week. As I began to grow, I realized there were like, all these advantages and to have you know, an audience. A lot of people they talk about, you know, build a product and go find an audience. And I'm really big on like, if you have an audience, you can sell them anything, you can figure out the product later. (Attention Merchants by Tim Wu)  * What I'm beginning to realize is like, yes, growth hacking works, but it only works to a certain extent, if you don't have good content, or if your content is not like serving a purpose, you're just not going to grow at the end of the day. And if you don't know how to growth hack, but you do have good quality content, you will grow in the long run.  * If you become like “The Everything Bundle", a great example, they're really turning into a traditional, “publication." They have like six or seven writers. Now they have multiple newsletters, multiple sections, they're doing events, they're doing podcasting. Well, how much money are you willing to give this up substack, how much does it cost is build out the same features internally and be able to personalize it.  * What barstool has done in a very similar way to Disney, is that they're not just good at creating content. They're good at monetizing their IP. * If you want to play college sports if you want to go to the pro level. you need many coaches, right? You need a fitness coach, you need a coach for the sport, you need maybe a wellness coach, you know, there's all these coachings you need? And well, what's the difference with running a business? If arguably running a business, there could be more money on the line, then, you know, playing a sport. So why wouldn't you have a writing coach? Why wouldn't you have you know, a psychological coach? Well, you have all these different coaches.
46 min
Below the Line with James Beshara
Below the Line with James Beshara
James Beshara
#DeepDive — The Age of The Newsletter — With Lenny Rachitsky
"The most exciting new podcast in the startup world.” - Eric Ries, Founder, and NYTimes bestselling author Books: On Writing Well - Writing Down the Bones - Draft #4 - Top Posts: How the biggest consumer apps got their first 1,000 users - How to Kickstart and Scale a Marketplace Business - My favorite product management templates - What is good retention - Today's episode is with Lenny Rachitsky. It is a #DeepDive episode on creating a successful newsletter — in a world where newsletters are becoming more mainstream, more lucrative, and more appealing to the expert at the top of their field themselves vs the journalist on the side-lines. On a high level, Lenny is making more with his newsletter, a year and a half in (and only about six months into introducing a paid version of the letter) than he was making from his salary at Airbnb. Yes, six months into introducing a paid version he is making more than he did as a product leader at Airbnb. He is a brilliant product and growth thinker, and he writes one of the most insightful newsletters in the startup ecosystem. It is a great episode on the "Below The Line" version of what it took to get the newsletter to this point, but also what it's like putting out insightful content every single week. We cover everything from the strategy of starting free and then turning it into a paid newsletter over time, to the deliberation before he started the newsletter, to the skill sets that he thought would be really critical for a newsletter (and which skill sets *actually* ended up being critical for a successful newsletter). We cover all of that and more with Lenny. About your host, James: James Beshara is a founder, investor, advisor, author, podcaster, and encourager based in Los Angeles, California. James has created startups for the last 12 years, selling one (Tilt, acquired by Airbnb), and invested in a few multi-billion dollar startups to date. He has spoken at places such as Y-Combinator, Harvard Business School, Stanford University, TechCrunch Disrupt, and has been featured in outlets like the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Fortune Magazine, and Time Magazine. He’s been featured in Forbes, Time, and Inc Magazine’s “30 Under 30” lists and advises startups all around the world. All of this is his “above the line” version of his background. Hear the other 90% of the story in the intro episode of Below The Line. You can email James questions directly at or follow us on Twitter @ — “Below the Line with James Beshara" is brought to you by Straight Up Podcasts LLC.
1 hr 31 min
The Small Business Show
The Small Business Show
Shannon Jean & Dave Hamilton
Traci Reuter - Founder of Divine Social
There’s so much to figure out with digital marketing on social channels like Facebook and Instagram. Techniques for finding success need to be continually measured and updated since what worked a few months ago may no longer have an impact. Finding a trusted source for help can be a challenge. Joining us today on The Small Business Show is the Founder and CEO of Divine Social. Traci Reuter has decades of sales and marketing experience and now focuses her expertise on helping companies create and focus their strategies for digital marketing success. 00:00:00 Small Business Show #303 for Wednesday, November  18, 2020 Creating Facebook, Insta, Pinterest campaigns with Traci Reuter from Divine Social Entrepreneurship: Start out of necessity, continue for the freedom (or flexibility) The allure of predictability Evergreen advertising funnel - Three pillars Building audience Create engagement Generate conversions Bring your customers into your ecosystem first SPONSOR: Headspace. You deserve to feel happier, and Headspace is meditation made simple. Visit to get started. SPONSOR: Linode. Instantly deploy and manage an SSD server in the Linode Cloud. Get a server running in seconds with your choice of Linux distro, resources, and choice of 10 node locations. Visit to start with a $100 credit.  Warm Up your customer before you convert “I have yet to see a business where video doesn’t work” 80% of all video is watched with the volume off When it’s screaming at you, trust your gut. With Amazon (and others) “You don’t own the customer relationship” Action: Create a video with a call to action, then let it run for a month “Just because it fails doesn’t mean it didn’t work.” If you’re spending more than $3k/month on social Email Traci: for your free 15-minute call Traci Reuter from Divine Social Review SBS (please! :)
55 min
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