iBB Podcast #5.2 - Katy Savelyeva @KatyEbru - Q&A
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For the fifth episode of our podcast, we invited a marbler from Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Katy Ebru showed us several marbling patterns right during the recording - you can see them in the first part of the video. This part is dedicated to Q&A.

Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JGdaewcqk08

See the timestamps below if you want to skip to some particular part of our talk.

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=== Q&A ===
00:18 - Working with major Russian libraries
01:28 - Recreating existing patterns

03:17 - Question from Karen @indigo_craftroom: Katy's favorite paper to work with
04:33 - On the thickness of the paper

07:35 - Question from Eva and John Baines: Do you ever do tiger eye or sunspot patterns? What recipe do you use to get it?

10:53 - Question from Eva: Do you use oil or turpentine for certain patterns? How does that work?

11:16 - Question from Shannon O'Blenes: I would like to know what type and brand of paint the professionals use to get such bright colours.
11:44 - Making tiger eye pattern with acrylics

13:26 - Some differences between Turkish and Western marbling
14:16 - Marbling objects different from paper / Marbling fabrics
15:14 - Books covered with marbled cloth

16:03 - Question from Itzmalli Coca: How to fix color once printed?

18:21 - Question from Susan Burrows @susie_kitchens: Have pretty much tried every size and type of paint and just can't get a satisfactory result. Really wish I could get it right!

19:07 - Video tutorials and other videos from Katy

20:10 - Question from Janet Mente: Some days when I am marbling, things just do not work. I know there is a German book by a 19th-century marble entitled in translation "My struggle with Oxgall" so I know these things happen.
So my question is: what do you do on those days? Do you give up? Start from scratch? Or try to fix the mix and, if so, how?
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