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Hey, whazzup, dogs? Thanks for tuning in to Episode #40 of INDIEcent Exposure. I’m your host, the mongrel, and this week’s show is absolutely bustin’ at the seams with great tunes. I love featuring interviews, but I also kinda love an episode that’s just front to back music. In fact, I’m going to save the opening monologue and get straight to a block of tunes I’ve been waiting forever to unpack.

Editor’s Note: Musicians’ bio info comes from the artists, their websites, or their publicists. Click on names below to visit their websites where you can get the full story, photos, and very often video.

Singer songwriter, and rising Dark Pop phenom, Annelie Elina, splits her time between Los Angeles and her native county of Sweden. She brings us the track “Recover” from her latest  EP Purity. Despite the name, and despite her tender young age of sixteen, do NOT be fooled. It’s a welcome relief from the cotton candy tracks being spun in other sectors of the pop world. Or rather, if her wispy trilling tricks you into thinking you’ll be tasting sweet fluff, a couple of earfuls quickly educate your soundbuds that the gossamer strains carry flavors of longing, disillusionment, fearlessness, uncertainty, self-assurance, and vulnerability. This release represents a very, very promising start to the career of a new artist. 

Annelie Elina

” One of my biggest goals when writing is to create something that my listeners can connect to. With this in mind, I really think about how the lyrics, beat, and vocals will make my audience feel. Some of my biggest inspirations are Billie Eilish, Julia Michaels, Lennon Stella, LÉON, Madison Beer, Alec Benjamin, Clairo and many more!

I wrote my first original song “Staring at the Sun” after coping with losing somebody very close to me…Made me feel calm and relieved after writing about it. I wrote 4 more original songs that year in 2016 and you can find them all under “annelie” on Spotify, apple and all other streaming platforms. They all have official original videos on annelieVEVO as well!!”

Annelie Elina; photo by Hana Adams.

Next, we’ll hear from an artist whose work I also want to to see. The band is Carlos Frias & Círculo Social from Bloomfield New Jersey, and they perform some of the tightest, most smolderingly intimate Latin music I’ve heard in a while. In fact, I’ve vowed not to listen on any day they have a show, because that would almost guarantee an impromptu road trip to Jersey in search of the fire. If I did make the trip, though, I’d want to get there in time to find a gallery nearby that’s exhibiting any of his visual art. A painter and printmaker, his use of bold, super-saturated color make him my new go-to guy for a midday modern art fix, although I admire his restraint when it comes to subdued tones  when the focus is on lines and movement. I provide the link in the shownotes, of course, and urge you to check it out. If I had a band, I would totally commission him to do my album art. All of it. I asked him what he thought of the song, “Tirra Va Temblar,” for this episode, but he suggested the title track, so “Aprendiz de Poeta,” so that’s whats you get.

Carlos frias & circulo social

Carlos Frías is still working on putting a music bio together, but we were pleasantly surprised to discover that he

“Carlos Frías is an artist currently living in New Jersey. As primarily a painter and printmaker, Carlos utilizes a variety of media in his works to pinpoint the origin of legacy. Carlos often travels to the Dominican Republic, where he also creates and exhibits new works.

In 2013 Carlos has exhibited his prints and paintings at the Segal Gallery in Montclair, NJ and at the Therese Maloney Gallery at the College of Saint Elizabeth in Morristown, NJ. Over the past year Carlos’s works have been in a number of galleries in New Jersey for group and solo shows.”

Carlos Frias & Circulo Social; submitted photo.

Featured in the Episode

Kelly & Kat • “Nobody Knows” • single
Annelie Elina • “Recover” • Purity
Carlos Frias & Círculo Social • “Aprendiz de Poeta” • Aprendiz de Poeta
John Otto Young • “Anymore” • Sunset Tour
Loser Company • “Blueberry Skies” • Blueberry Skies
The Warp/The Weft • “A Sun-Filled Room” • Dead Reckoning
Screamin’ Deal • “Screamin’ Deal” • Big Deal!
Mind Cell • “3 Worlds” • Absolute
Echoes In Ashes • “Echoes” • single
Post Death Soundtrack • “Chosen Sons” • It Will Come Out Of Nowhere 
John Cologon • “Sick” • Reality?

Right now though, opening up the show are Kelly & Kat, a sister act from New York, New York. They’re fairly new to the scene, but their honeyed voices blend like the harmonies were etched in their DNA — which they may well have been. Siblings can be like that sometimes, you know? Warming up this episode is their single, “Nobody Knows.”

Kelly & Kat

“Kelly & Kat are sisters, songwriters, and sisters from New York.
Their debut singles One Day and Nobody Knows were released this spring/summer 2019. Their full EP New Girl, produced, co-written by Adrian Young of No Doubt, is set for release in 2020. It includes songs with driving beats and harmonies.

Kelly & Kat are an exciting new duo based in New York. Their unique sound comes from the various genres they incorporate into their original songs, including rock, pop and jazz, and is defined by their signature harmonies.”

Again, that was Frias & Círculo Social with “Aprendiz de Poeta,” which translates to “The Poet’s Apprentice. Before that we heard Annelie Elina, with “Recover,” and kicking off the show was Kelly and Kat with “Nobody Knows.”

Kelly & Kat; submitted photo.

So, I have to give a shout out to all of you keepin’ up with the show on the socials — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest…nah, I’m just fuckin’ with you about the Pinterest thing. BUT never say never, right? But seriously, although where I want to be is right between you ears, I know that sometimes it helps to drop little reminders for you to tune in everywhere you’re likely to see them. So if you’re NOT following us on the platforms, you really must because this podcast really should be omnipresent in your life and thoughts.

Also, I want thank some brand new friends of the show who’ve joined our Discord server, many of them talented musicians themselves, for helping my navigate that strange new landscape and turning me on to some amazing new tunes. So, gracias a Kat Daniels, Moonshine, Pax Libertas, dbk, Trexjones, bug, Mr. Meatball, neon_m, and rainforest. Also if you see her in the Discord server, be sure blindly obey our very first moderator, Thunderbumble, who will serve both as your caring guide and merciless overlord depending on your behavior.

A’ight. Back to the tracks.

You know how sometimes start out kinda low-key and then ratchet it up for a few songs before I bring it all safely back down to something soothings and mellow. Yeah that’s not gonna happen today. From here on out, we’re just keep squirting more and more lighter fluid on the grill until your brain feels flame-broiled.

And we’re going to ease into that with a tune from John Otto Young off his album “Sunset Tour.” John Hails from Shelton, Conn. — the first town I really remember as home, though I didn’t know that when I selected the song for this episode. He’s a versatile musician who I think is at his most comfortable in classic rock mode, while he effortlessly incorporates jazz and hints of classical in his well honed craft. This track, “Anymore,” convinces me that I have to find a way to bring back more artists for repeat appearances, rather than just lovin’ ‘em and leavin’ ‘em, ya know?

John Otto Young

John Otto Young is a native Connecticut keyboardist and songwriter who has been playing, writing, and recording in a number of projects over the last 6 decades. He started his musical journey in second grade when he started taking accordion lessons from Naugatuck Valley legend, Sal Ferla.

Years later he would transition to such unique instruments as the Ace Tone organ, the Hohner Pianet, and a Hammond CV organ, playing with local bands the Cliff Dwellers, Blues and Novelty, the Poem, and Bigfoot.

In the mid-70s, John married the love of his life, Camille, raised two boys, coached little league, ran a marathon, got his Masters degree, worked as a computer programmer and IT director, and in general lived the all-American dream, with music retreating to hobby status. But it always remained his most fervent passion.

John Otto Young; photo by Paul Gabriel.

That was “Sexual Harassment,” by Screamin’ Deal, off their album, Big Deal!, which we have featured before, back in Episode #36. And that album is so full of mad freakin’ genius, I promise we will hear from it again, even if that means the band becomes somewhat overrepresented on this podcast.

Screamin’ Deal

“Crafting some of the smartest and most diverse indie rock this side of the internet, Screamin’ Deal is a Canadian indie rock band based in Ontario.
Founded in late 2017, the band features Giles Collins (drums), Paul Lahey (voice, rhythm guitar), Kirill Maximov (guitars, piano), and Matthew Shepherd (bass, keyboards).

Though its sound is difficult to pin down, the quartet’s mishmash of nervy indie rock and lush pop sprinkled with post-punk influences shaped its debut album, “ That Ain’t No Screamin’ Deal ” (released March 2018).

Refining its raw sound, Screamin’ Deal released its second album, ” Neato Mosquito! ” in October 2018 — 15 songs of distinctive post-punk pop delicacies — and their third album, “Big Deal!,” on October 1, 2019.

Screamin’ Deal; submitted photo.

Before that, we heard from The Warp/The Weft, who based in New York’s lovely Hudson Valley, are kinda/sorta almost neighbors of mine. They who brought us “A Sun-Filled Room” off 2019’s Dead Reckoning

The Warp/The Weft

“The Warp/The Weft, active since 2012 in and beyond New York’s Hudson River Valley, has earned praise for its uniqueness and song-crafting from casual and devoted listeners alike. Blending traditional and avant-garde styles, the warmth of a good wool sweater and the sometimes-bleak cold of an upstate winter, the progressive folk and psychedelia that the band brings to bear is propelled by poetic lyrics and a “spirit-conjuring” lilting tenor that prompted psych-folk legend Tom Rapp (of Pearls Before Swine) to ask, “Can I have your voice when you’re through with it?” The band released its third LP, DEAD RECKONING, in August 2019.”

The Warp and The Weft; photo-by-Melissa-Clark.

I’ve also been dying to share a track or two from another L.A. based act, Loser Company, who get their INDIEcent debut here on the show. This duo, comprised of Will Saunders and Mas Kihira, released their EP, Blueberry Skies, I think, just this past December.

Loser Company

Headquartered in Los Angeles and founded in 2018, Loser Company is Indie Rock with a Nouveau-Grunge, Alternative twist; a balance of infectious melody, heady lyrics and harmonic grit.

Loser Company; submitted photo by Reena Antonishak.

And, of course, starting off that set was John Otto Young, with “Anymore.”

It’s a pretty wild ride from here on out, so if you need to press pause while you go find your smelling salts, I’d forgive you.

In this next chunky block of tunes, metalcore band, Echoes in Ashes, based out of Phoenix, Arizona brings their single, “Echoes.” They say, quote, “We have been living in Phoenix, AZ for too long, “ end quote. I’ve only stopped in Phoenix once, on my bike, and that was just long enough to sell plasma so I’d have gas money to make it to L.A., so my memory of the town is maybe a little tainted. The band also says they “bring a whole new meaning to metal,” and I’d have to say that’s absolutely correct.


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