INDIEcent Exposure #33: INTERVIEW —Kevin Connelly of Iron Age Mystics
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PLUS: Six other artists you should be listening to.  * EXPLICIT * Welcome, my INDIEcent legions of new music addicts, to episode number 33 of INDIEcent Exposure. I am you host the mongrel — every bit as INDIEcent on the inside as I am on the out. You may be wondering, ”What the hell have I signed up for with this episode? Is the mongrel going to push some history lesson on us? Nahhh…well, actually yes and no. What I really have in store for you is the long-awaited conversation with Kevin Connelly, lyricist and lead singer of the Iron Age Mystics — a band that perfectly personifies my own pissed-offedness with the system, except that they manage to channel my rage against the machina into coherent, harmonic anthems of resistance. Genuinely ass-kicking, politically aware Rock ’n’ Roll is so rare these days, you may feel subversive just humming the melodies once they get stuck in your head. In this Episode Iron Age Mystics • "Save It for the Revolution" • Pride Before The FallIron Age Mystics • "What Ya Gonna Do about It" • Pride Before The Fall Tanya Gallagher • "Dark Side" • One Hand On My Heart Brandon Perry • "Across the Way" • Night and Day Pilgrim Speakeasy • "Plan D" • Freak DecoRad Trads • "My Place" • On TapRacoon Racoon • "Dawn Chorus" • The Dodo's NestMarti West • "Give Me Light" • single You can go back and read my review of their latest release, attached to Episode #29, but you’ll really get more out of hearing Connelly describe, in his own words, why the Iron Age Mystics have put out a collection of tracks almost guaranteed to put a watch order on their activities. The explanation is simple: freedom-loving artists have a responsibility to plant their art on the right side of history. ADVERTISEMENT I’m going to do something kinda weird with this episode. I’ve never done this, but, because there’s kind of a flow to the discussion, instead of selecting some of the most delicious quotes my guest utters and sprinkling throughout the show (and Connelly utters rather a lot of very quotable things), instead of doing that, I’m going to play the first half of my conversation with Connelly during this episode. After you get finished with the episode, you’ll be plenty primed to hear more of our talk. kind of a method to the madness I know you’ll enjoy. I promise you: if our discussions of the military industrial complex and mass surveillance and warmed-over Machiavellian manipulation that we get into during the first half of the interview got your nads tingling, the second half of our discussion will convince you that the underground has returned and our jams are way better than anything oozing out of the MSM feeds.  Before we take that deep dive down that political rabbit hole of empire and oppression, let’s get into the spirit of dissent with a track I thought about saving for later, but couldn’t muster the willpower, so let’s have a listen to “Save It for the Revolution” right here on INDIEcent Exposure. Iron Age Mystics Interview with Kevin Connelly If you listened to the first half during the episode, continue at 22 minutes. Remember to go back to listen to Part II of my conversation with Kevin Connelly via the embedded audio player in the show notes. Just look for the embedded player in the shownotes under the bands name. You can pick up right where we left off at just about 22 minutes in. So…inspiring stuff, right? Kevin’s like a motivational speaker for dissidents. With vocal cords of steel. And there, threaded throughout the conversation is the implied question, “You see what’s at stake, now what are you going to do about it.” Well, the Iron Age Mystics aren’t going to assume that you’re good at taking hints, so here they are again, asking that very question, in this next track, “What Ya Gonna Do about It?” Ahhh. Man. If I could manage to write an entire album like Pride Before the Fall, I’d be like “Mic Drop! Okay, where’s my check?
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