INDIEcent Exposure #29: Birds of Chicago, Iron Age Mystics & more
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(photo: JT Nero and Allison Russell, creative core of Birds of Chicago; submitted photo) Iron Age Mystics • Birds of Chicago • Bitter's Kiss • Joe Mansman and The Midnight Revival Band Birds of Chicago—Winter Migration In this episode, we speak with JT Nero, who, along with Allison Russell, makes up the creative core of intracontinental Roots treasure: Birds of Chicago. We hear "Barley," "Dim Star of the Palisades," and "Kinderspel" (Child's Game) from their 2016 release, Real Midnight. When we first made contact, JT and the band were making their way East in the bus, just passing through Gary, Indiana. Headed for the Word Cafe Live in Philly, the first stop on their 2017 tour, JT talked about where the creative fire all comes from, the band's origin story, their latest release, "Real Midnight," and what's in store for fans later this year (hint: summer release). With limited East Coast dates on this tour, you're probably going to want to grab tickets now. if you want to see Birds of Chicago live (and you DO want to see Birds of Chicago live—I have it on good authority that the full band is on that bus). If you're a citizen of Greylock Nation, either the few openings left at The Parlor Room in Northampton, Mass., or at Hudson, New York's landmark venue Club Helsinki Hudson are probably your best bet. Of course, The West Coast dates are none too shabby, so if Spring in SoCal or Santa Cruz seems like a sweet dream to you, Birds of Chicago would make for one fine soundtrack. And check out the Birds of Chicago YouTube page for a great video of Kinderspel. Birds of ChicagoSaturday, February 11; 7:00 p.m.Parlor Room @ Signature SoundsNorthampton, Mass.Sunday, February 12; 7:00 p.m.Club Helsinki HudsonHudson, New YorkCheck for ticket availability Iron Age Mystics—insurrection between your ears Iron Age Mystics in action; submitted photo. We have played tunes off Iron Age Mystic's latest release, "Pride Before the Fall," on our live streaming station, Greylock Nation. If ever there was a good time to jam to my angst, it's got to be right now, you know what I'm saying? And THIS WEEK is the episode I knew I HAD to treat you all to some top shelf tunage that will absolutely pump you full of the rebel fury you're going to need to get you through the next four years. I give you... Iron Age Mystics. And I know, I know. I said I don't do reviews. Didn't someone say the exception makes the rule? And these guys are definitely worth making an exception. Enjoy the title track off their recent release, "Pride Before the Fall." In the realm of myth and fable, at the moment when all seems lost and Dark Forces are poised to blot out the last ray of hope, a band of heroes nearly always appears to rally the people, restore courage, and save the day. Well, here in the neo-realist nightmare of 21st Century Earth, we’ve been waiting. And waiting. And waiting some more. And now that the Iron Age Mystics have FINALLY freaking showed up, we want to say first and foremost, “where the hell have you guys been the last couple decades? We’ve been getting killed here!” Wielding “Pride Before the Fall,” IAM charges right up to the front lines of the struggle to reclaim Meaning and Purpose in Rock ‘n’ Roll. With precision, laser-sighted lyrics, these songs take aim at the corruption and abuses of power running rampant in the corporate oligarchy that the Western world has degenerated into. Diametrically opposed to simpering, hand-wringing collections of whiny “woe is us” victimhood dirges I could name, this release is defiant, daring, and demanding. The title track itself is an anthem to the rebellious spirit in us all that makes tyrants know fear. Put on your headphones, close your eyes, and smell the burning tires. Feel the crunch of glass under your boots as Greg Mount’s driving, zero-tolerance percussion propels you along dark and chaotic streets with the growing throng of resistance all around you. Sure,
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