Increasing Our Capacity To Focus
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Recorded long before the pandemic hit, this episode seems rather fortuitous given the biggest challenge I'm currently facing in lockdown: focus.

My dear friend and fellow bookworm Jen Hoffman joins us to share her incredible tips for cultivating the practice of focus.

Yes! Focus is a muscle that must be cultivated but that muscle can atrophy in our high tech world. Our devices are incredible tools that are keeping us connected in these crazy times, but their ability to keep us in contact with others comes with a cost. 

Today we'll explore this concept together and discover simple practices that we can weave into the fabric of our day to help us increase our capacity to focus.

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About Jennifer Hoffman

Jennifer Hoffman is a Certified Personal Trainer-Restorative Exercise Specialist (CPT-RES) , a Registered Yoga Teacher (eRYT-500), and founder of
Jen has worked with thousands of students sharing tips to help them make lasting improvements to their health and wellness. Everything she teaches is based on one crazy truth: that you don’t need to exercise to be healthy. Instead, for lasting wellness, she encourages us to weave Healthy Moving into the fabric of our day so we can feel amazing in and about our bodies.

To learn more about Jen and her work, visit

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