33. GopherCon 2019 Spotlight, Part 2
Sep 4, 2019
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Aaron Schlesinger is the core maintainer on Athens, an open source on-prem module proxy. He walks through the history of packages and modules in Go, and introduces how Athens satisfies the needs of developers. Go modules allow you to serve up a Go project's dependencies via an API; Athens implements that API--and integrates with other implementations of the API as well--to simplify dependency management, no matter where the code is stored.

Beyang Liu is the CTO and co-founder of Sourcegraph, a company that focuses on developer tools. They use Go to build high-performance code search, code intelligence, and jump to def functionality that works across repository boundaries and across entire code bases. Their role at GopherCon 2019 is to live blog all of the talks for interested parties who were not able to physically attend the conference.

Liz Rice is a technology evangelist with Aqua Security. It's a container security company, and she came to GopherCon to teach a workshop that introduced people to the concepts behind containers. She also recently became a Google developer expert in Go, which certifies her as someone creating interesting content that the community can look towards for education and inspiration.

Johnny Boursiquot is an SRE at Heroku, and a long time gopher. He gave the closing keynote at GopherCon, and his singular focus is on ensuring that the Go community is truly diverse and welcoming to new members. Every year, new developers attend GopherCon, and he wants to encourage veterans to embrace this growth as a positive change. He also provides a wealth of resources on listeners who are brand new to Go and eager to learn more about it.

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