59. All About the Cloud
Mar 2, 2020
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Giorgio Regni, the co-founder and CTO of Scality, and Robert Blumen, a DevOps engineer at Salesforce, cover the basics of on prem, public cloud, private cloud and multi-cloud. The discussion covers business drivers, use cases, division of workloads, architecture, and networking concerns present in each of these categories.

For enterprises, there is no "one cloud fits all" approach to building applications. The public cloud is more than an experimental platform for non-critical applications and unproven products - nor is the path of all computing migrating to its final home in the public cloud inevitable. Instead enterprises are arriving at the right mix of on premises private clouds which are increasingly containers providing APIs, and one or more public clouds. The motivations for selecting a cloud type can be vertical best-of-breed based on the offerings of a specific cloud provider, distributing peak capacity at lower cost, off site disaster recovery, or choosing a mix of vendors to avoid lock in.

This mixed model works conceptually, but it also introduces issues around security, privacy, and the ability of enterprises to meet service level agreements. Increasingly, companies are grappling with integrating authentication solutions for these disparate locations. As a cloud storage provider, Giorgio provides his insights on how companies are building out these infrastructures and the tools they use to solve their problems.

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