42. How to Prepare for Coding Interviews
Nov 4, 2019
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Parker Phinney runs Interview Cake, a company with an online curriculum that prepares candidates for programming interviews. He's interviewed by Julián Duque, a developer advocate at Heroku. Interview Cake offers advice on communicating your intent, tips for navigating various decisions, and computer science concepts such as data structures and algorithm efficiency.

Parker explains that he was inspired to create this site after helping a friend with her programming interview over the course of a weekend. He realized that while most coding bootcamps do teach eager students how to program, they don't do as well teaching soft skills, as well as more academic programming concepts. He built up his curriculum by partnering with bootcamps in San Francisco, teaching students directly, and assessing which parts of his lesson plan worked.

Links from this episode

  • Interview Cake teaches candidates how to solve programming interviews
  • The Imposter's Handbook is a book recommended for a brief introduction to computer science terminology and concepts
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