Ep: 098 - Beavers to the Rescue: Restoring Ecosystems and Mitigating Climate Risks
Play • 16 min

Welcome to this week's episode of Environmentally Speaking! In today's episode, our hosts Marisa and Clarice dive into a fascinating topic - beavers! Prepare to be amazed as our hosts uncover how beavers are being recruited to fight drought and wildfires. These furry engineers are proving to be essential in restoring ecosystems and replenishing water sources. Join us as we explore the innovative ways that researchers and wildlife organizations are harnessing the power of these industrious animals. From analog dams to habitat relocation projects, we'll uncover the remarkable impact that beavers are having on combating climate change. So grab your headphones and get ready to learn about these furry friends on another exciting episode of Environmentally Speaking!

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