Quiet quitting - a gen z phenomena?
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In this episode we explore quiet quitting, what it is, how it is impacting people and whether or not it's a gen Z phenomenon.

The conversation flows toward boundary setting more than once as we discuss the reasons people are disengaging in the workplace. And we talk about the different demographics who are choosing to quiet quit.

  • 04:36  – what is quiet quitting?
  • 09:03 – sticking to your boundaries
  • 11:58 – only 1 in 3 managers are engaged in the workplace
  • 15:32 – is quiet quitting only a Gen Z thing?
  • 23:19 – feeling in control of your career
  • 25:57 – the How To...

As always we share our top takeaways and in this episode we ask want you to think about how you are engaging your workforce in and around purpose. We also share a reminder not to make assumptions about who in your workplace is in a quiet quitting frame of mind.

In this episode we reference research by Gallup  https://www.gallup.com/workplace/398306/quiet-quitting-real.aspx


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