Evangelism as Exiles
Evangelism as Exiles
At the beginning of Peter’s first letter to believers scattered across Asia Minor he describes them as elect exiles. Chosen by God the Father, set apart by the Spirit for the purpose to obey Jesus Christ. Peter encourages believers in their difficult environment that their citizenship, their home is in heaven and that Christians are temporary residents and exiles on earth. He encourages and urges them to live for Christ their exiled king, as they live as strangers in this land. Peter urges believers in Asia Minor and us today that our whole lives are on mission live for Christ, we always want to be ready to give a reason for the Hope we have in Him and to declare the Better Life we have in Jesus.

Verse: 1 Peter 1:1-2

From the Evangelism as Exiles series - 1 Peter is written to Christians in Asia minor facing all kinds of challenges… Social ostracism, exclusion, being mocked and maligned and there was therefore, a seductive allure to return to their old pagan way of life. Seeing others in their fellowship backsliding. Encountering the enemy’s fiery darts must all have caused them to doubt the goodness and faithfulness of God. These believers were elect exiles, they didn’t belong, and they knew it!

Fast forward to 21st century Birmingham there’s a similar feeling. John Mark Comer in his book ’Live no lies’ describes a concept sociologists call being a ‘cognitive minority’ where our values, practices, and social norms are at odds with the world around us. There’s been a shift in our culture, where previously the church was held in honour it is now a source of shame. Church teaching and behaviour can often be seen by our world as a problem and not part of the solution… It’s easy to feel ‘dislocated, uneasy, and uncertain about the future. A fight just to stay saved. To stay faithful to Jesus, let alone happy and at peace... It can leave us asking ‘am I crazy to believe what I believe?’ (Comer) If you’re a Christian hanging on and in need of encouragement then 1 Peter is for you! This series will bolster and strengthen your faith that God is good and fully trustworthy. That we have a ‘living hope’ found in the person of Jesus. An inheritance that is imperishable, undefiled, and unfading. And it may even give you confidence to believe that we have some seriously good news to share with those around us!
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