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Understanding Therapeutic Ketosis with Dr Dominic D'Agostino
Apr 30, 2019
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Is the ketogenic diet suitable for everyone? Today we are joined by Dr Dominic D'Agostino who is an associate professor and research scientist with interests in neuropharmacology, medical biochemistry, physiology, neuroscience, and neuropharmacology.Dr D'Agostino is a world leading expert in the scientific applications of keto nutrition, his laboratory develops and tests nutritional strategies and metabolic-based supplements for neurological disorders, seizures, cancer and metabolic wellness. Dr D'Agostino's expertise in ketosis has led to him working with astronauts, athletes and the military. In today's episode Dr D'Agostino shares how the body uses ketones, the difference between pathological and therapeutic ketosis and the reasons why not everyone may be bio-compatible with a ketogenic diet. Find today's show notes and transcript here: https://www.fxmedicine.com.au/content/understanding-therapeutic-ketosis-dr-dominic-dagostino *****DISCLAIMER: The information provided on FX Medicine is for educational and informational purposes only. The information provided is not, nor is it intended to be, a substitute for professional advice or care. Please seek the advice of a qualified health care professional in the event something you learn here raises questions or concerns regarding your health.*****
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